Unlikely Babysitters

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Bahamut Dragons’ Comments:

I’ve not had the chance to write a lot of joint fics. I think the last one I write was about 3-4 years ago and I never was satisfied with the results. I think working with me is quite hard, because I’m very dedicated to my craft. That being said, I really like how this one turned out. I met Aviose hours before we decided to write something together. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I must say that I’m impressed with the results. I don’t like the ending, but that’s alright, I can conclude it my way next time. Team work involves giving in to other people’s ideas and so I did.

That being said, this was a very fun fic to write, even if I was sick for parts of it. I never wrote anything with a baby in it before, so that was new. Also, I never had my characters dry cum. It’s in those kinds of small details that I find the most interest, otherwise I find all of my fics to be quite similar as far as the sex is concerned.
In any case, this is set to be a series now. Maybe a trilogy, maybe more, it’ll depend on how much interest we end up having for the topic. It’s very different from my previous fic on Smurfs, where I did have a message. This one exists only for sexual purposes. I hope you will enjoy it.

So, if ever you want to contact me, you have several ways. To start, my yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bahamutshome. You’ll find all my published writings there, it’s the one place you can be sure everything I’ve ever done is stored. You can also contact me by e-mail at bahamutdragons@yahoo.com, or by instant messaging. Y!: bahamutdragons, MSN:bdragons@hotmail.com, ICQ: 11722319, AIM: BahamutSDragons. I hope to hear from you!

Aviose’s Comments: I've been writing and role-playing for many years, but lately most of what I was doing was reading. I was first drawn to Bahamut Dragons when I read his camping story, and that's what inspired me to contact him. The technique he suggested to collaborate on the story was new to me, and I was pleasd on how easy it was. As for the content, I wanted to write something different from the normal Bart/Lisa stories, and this pairing seemed to be perfect. It went really smoothly, and gave me further idea's for the sequel. I hope you all enjoy.

Unlikely babysitters

There was fear in Milhouse’s eyes. The sight was not unfamiliar as any sane person put into the same situation would feel the same. At least, anyone without as much guts as Bart Simpson, his best friend. But Milhouse, as always, had caved to his friend’s demand. He never could resist his friend’s influence. In many ways, the blue haired boy looked up to Bart. Though his couldn’t agree to his chaotic nature, Milhouse admired and desired the rebel’s spark of life and courage, and so he followed him everywhere, hoping some of it would rub off of him.

The scenery in the distance seemed still, but the ground broke the illusion as it sped along its erratic path. The radio controlled car, adorned with five powerful bottle rockets, raced past car after car parked alongside Evergreen Terrace. Milhouse worried that the small car might do some serious damage to them, but Bart cared not, instead cheering it on as it almost collided with Flanders’ humble Geo, swerving at the last moment through some flaw in the pavement.

Finally, much to the blue haired boy’s relief, it veered to the center of the street just as the explosives detonated, sending last year’s birthday present into a fiery oblivion. Bart wasted no time in rushing to the smoldering wreckage and Milhouse followed soon after.

“Woah, look at the blast marks in the pavement!” Bart said as he approached the melting plastic. It didn’t look like a car anymore, just a red and blue splatter of goo, the memories being all that remained of the toy. Bart took a deep breath of the fumes.

“Ahh. Smells like victory, doesn’t it Milhouse?”

But the boy didn’t want to take the acrid smoke in as he knew the dangers of plastic smoke. But he also knew that telling his buddy would have been useless and would just make Bart laugh at him and call his knowledge stupid, so he kept silent. In any case, the spiky haired boy wasn’t looking at him, he was too busy nudging the wreckage with his shoe. He was fascinated by the mess he had caused and briefly wondered if he could do some more reckless damage to anything. But failing to find anything suitable to destroy and growing tired with the plastic mess, he trotted over to the sidewalk in front of his house, waving to his friend to follow as he scrapped the sticky substance from his shoe.

“C’mon, let’s grab something to eat and play the new game Homer bought me. I want to see you bleed and blow up,” he added with his distinctive maniacal laugh and before Milhouse could even voice his agreement, the seemingly fearless ten year old was already slipping into his house. Milhouse caught up with him in the kitchen, just in time to hear him start complaining to his mother.

“You can’t be serious mom; I cleaned up my room like two months ago!”

“I don’t want to hear it young man. You promised you’d clean up and you didn’t. I’m sure you haven’t done your homework either.”


“Bart spent the whole night reading comic books,” they heard a familiar voice say from the living room. Lisa was watching Krusty the Clown with Maggie and had heard the whole debacle. She knew that Bart would either take the TV to play his games or be punished and since she could stay one step ahead, she did.

The few words only confirmed what Marge already knew and she pointed towards his room. “No more excuses, now go to your room and I don’t want you to come out until it’s clean and your homework is done young man!”

Milhouse watched the exchange silently, his own mother having had similar discussions with him before, even though he was a good and clean kid. He suddenly felt lucky not to have a sibling who would rat him out, though Lisa never was too far from his thoughts. Marge’s attention turned back to her cleaning and she missed Milhouse obediently following Bart up towards his room, though not before the rebellious boy gave a rather nasty scowl to his sister.

“Aww man, this blows.” Bart said as he threw himself on his bed, falling on his back and bouncing once or twice before remaining still. He had no intention of doing any cleaning up. ‘That’ll teach her,’ he thought. On the other side however, Milhouse had already started grabbing some of the toys and putting them in the closet. It wouldn’t be the best clean up ever, but he knew how to appease moms and if it could get Bart out of trouble, he was happy to do it.

“Milhouse! What are you doing?” Bart shouted as he saw what his friend was doing. Milhouse almost jumped out of his skin when Bart yelled, but quickly attempted to collect himself and his thoughts.

“I was just picking up a little, trying to get your mom off your back.” He replied after a momentary pause, to which Bart scoffed. Moments passed in silence, Milhouse just gazing at his best friend, unsure if he should continue or not. Then, as he was about to resume his cleaning duties, Bart slid off the bed and began rummaging through his drawers, pulling out the latest copy of “Radioactive Man”.

“It’s not like I’ve never been grounded in my room you know,” he said as he proudly displayed the cover page. Wanna read it?” But before Milhouse could even think of a reply, he added “Shhhh!”, placing a finger in front of his lips. The room now turned silent, they heard approaching foot steps in the stairs. Quickly, Bart hid his magazine again and jumped to join his friend, faking the cleaning of his room. As expected, moments later, the door opened, revealing his mom.

“Bart,” she said, “I have to go out to get your father. Moe just called and your father… needs some help to get home,” she concluded, purposely remaining vague but the exasperation in her voice all too familiar.

“Passed out again?” Bart asked, expressionless. Marge just ignored the question.

“I’ll also be taking Lisa to her band rehearsal, so I’ll need you to watch Maggie until I get back,” she added, holding the baby in her arm. She looked around at the dirty room, seeing a bit of work put into it but certainly nowhere near enough. “I expect to see a major improvement in your room when we get back, otherwise you can kiss all your video game privileges goodbye,” she added before handing the child to her big brother and disappeared back downstairs.

Bart waited, heard the girls leave the house and once the car had pulled out of the driveway, he made way towards the door.

“What are you doing Bart?” Milhouse asked. “Your mom said…”

“My mom says a lot of things,” he abruptly interrupted. “But she won’t do anything rough. She’s all talk,” he added with a grin. “Come on, let’s get back to that game!” And he dashed back down to the living room. Milhouse and Maggie looked at each other with a worried look. This could only end badly.

But Milhouse still obliged his friend and Maggie followed, sucking on her pacifier as she descended the stairs on her own with uncanny dexterity for a baby. Once she reached the bottom, Maggie toddled after her brother and his friend, tripping on her own dress as she often did on flat even surfaces. She got to the couch just as Bart began setting up the scenario which would all but ensure Milhouse’s demise and began whimpering to the two boys. Groaning, Bart looked down to his baby sister and quickly smelled the problem.

“Hey, go change Maggie for me while I set this up.” Bart said nonchalantly. He welcomed Milhouse’s distraction, it would help him hide all the handicaps he would give his friend in the game, but Milhouse was shocked. He had never changed a diaper before, not to mention even have to deal with a baby so matter of factly. He usually caved to Bart’s demands, but at some point, a line had to be drawn.

“You change it, it’s your sister after all,” Milhouse answered defiantly, his voice shaking slightly.

“What’s the matter Milhouse my boy, afraid of what a little pussy might do to you?” Bart smirked and winked at his friend. The term ‘pussy’ was still fairly new to him and he never used it around his parents, but it made for the perfect come back.

“Oh course not! It’s just… come on Bart, it’s poo!” The boy was clearly repulsed by the idea of handling excrement, and Bart was also a bit right as well, although unknowingly. Milhouse had no experience with the female gender and had never seen a girl nude. Even if she was just a baby, the idea of seeing Maggie naked made him nervous. He was about to add something else when the baby whimpered even louder, her eyes filling with tears now. Bart, clearly not in the mood to hear her bawl, quickly spoke up.

“Listen Milhouse, if you change her I’ll set your health to 150%,” he proposed, obviously not used to giving such a generous handicap to anyone. Milhouse’s gaze went from the television to the baby and after a few tense seconds he finally caved in and picked up the fussy baby, not because of Bart’s offer (he couldn’t care less about it) but rather because he knew that he would bend to Bart eventually. If he could at least avoid Maggie any further discomfort, he might as well.

Using the tip of his fingers, the boy brought Maggie back up to her room where her changing table and spare diapers were. He set her on the table and took a deep breath, wincing at the faint smell but trying to calm himself. He then undid Maggie’s blue pyjamas and set them aside, revealing the white diaper and tiny yellow belly button of the child. Bracing himself, Milhouse unfastened the straps of the diaper and let it unfurl, revealing Maggie in all her glory.

The moment the diaper was off, she became visibly more relaxed as the mess no longer stuck to her body. Looking down, Milhouse was relieved to see that although it did reek, it was a solid lump that was easily rolled into the diaper and discarded. Punching his nose with one hand and wrapping the wipes with the other, Milhouse gingerly wiped her hindquarters of any excess mess, before grabbing a second wipe and running it along her front side. In response, she cooed and moaned when the tissue and fingers holding it slid along side her undeveloped labia. The boy was surprised at her response and stiffened for a moment, before proceeding again, this time carefully avoiding her genitals and cleaning the rest off.

The fetid odor gradually dissipated with each wipe. Once he was satisfied with his work, the boy searched the desk for a clean diaper and found them all sorted out by cartoon characters represented on them.

“So which do you prefer Maggie?” Milhouse asked, pulling out a diaper in each hand. “Baby Looney Toons or Mickey Mouse?” The baby seemed thoughtful for a moment before choosing Mickey. The blue haired boy smiled and quickly went to work placing the diaper under her and fastening the straps. He then put her back in her pyjamas and he carried her back down to the living room, setting her on the floor next to her blocks. He was about to join Bart, when something peculiar caught his glance. Looking down at the blocks, Milhouse suddenly noticed a stack of them spelled out the word “sex”. He knew it was purely coincidental, but it brought back memories of the moan he had heard the youngest Simpson make earlier.

Shaking his head of the thoughts, he quickly snatched a controller and joined Bart, hoping the adrenaline rush of the game would help get his mind out of the gutter before his body reacted. True to his word, Bart had set his friend’s health to 150% but had set his own to 300%. Still, having Bart at only twice his health was a better advantage then he was used to and in normal circumstances, he might manage to score a few points. But no amount of game play could have brought the boy’s mind back from that moment in the bedroom.

“Come on Milhouse!” Bart finally yelled. “You’re not even trying!” Even though the spiky haired boy gave himself such unjust advantages, he still wanted his victims to fight for their lives and it was clear to him that Milhouse wasn’t.

“I’m sorry Bart, I…” but Milhouse could only turn his eyes away. “It’s getting late, I should get back home.” But Milhouse couldn’t have fooled anyone with his act, not even Bart. Besides, it was still early in the afternoon and there had been plans of him staying over for dinner. Putting his controller down, Bart fixed his gaze directly on the obviously distraught boy.

“You were never good at lying Milhouse so spill it,” Bart said, his voice commanding and final. Now backed into a corner, Milhouse stammered, his mind trying to come up with an explanation, any explanation… but Bart was right: he was not good at lying and you can’t lie to a liar, especially a master of the art like Bart. Taking a deep breath, he blurted out what had happened when he changed Maggie, her soft moan and the blocks spelling out that inciting yet taboo word: sex.

Bart walked up to the blocks and turned around them a few times.

“Milhouse my friend, I think you’ve finally lost it.”

Not understanding, Milhouse met with Bart and looked down as well. The only word he could find among them was DOG. Milhouse shook his head, looking around to see if he had missed something, but finally had to concede that his temptation made him see things.

A temptation. Until that very moment, he had not considered Maggie as such, but now he realised how deep the curiosity he felt for the baby went. He thought: ‘Maggie had obviously liked how his fingers had delicately rubbed her slit, so maybe I could…’ But he turned his head fiercely, as if he had received a blow. He wondered if this temptation made him a bad person or if it was just natural for a boy his age to be attracted to a naked female, even if she was just a baby. His eyes fell upon the now happy child, who was playing with some plastic hoops while sucking on her pacifier. He shifted his gaze to Bart, feeling the droplets of embarrassment sweat form on his brow. He didn’t know how Bart would take this new bit of information. Sure Bart knew how much he liked Lisa, but Maggie was uncharted territory. He probed his friend with his eyes, trying to make out his thoughts.

Bart couldn’t help but grin as his friend stood there, obviously scared, even though he didn’t need to be. Once more, Bart was no stranger to controversy and on more than one occasion, he had wondered himself how sex could feel. He had imagined it with the twins at school, Lisa, his own mother as well, and even with Maggie. He knew enough about sex to understand that full penetration was not possible, just contact with her genitals, but the experience was very enticing to him. He had never been curious enough to dare it before today, but now that he stood with his friend by his side, his curiosity took flame and he decided then and there to try it out.

“Alright Maggie,” he said, taking her in his arms. “We’re going to go have some fun.” Bart motioned to his friend to follow him and they both went to boy’s bedroom. Milhouse shut the door behind them and opened the window to hear the car if it approached. Once satisfied that he had done everything possible to ensure their privacy, Milhouse nervously joined Bart on the bed. He had already removed the girl’s pyjamas, and once Milhouse had joined him, he undid the flaps of the Mickey diaper, exposing her small body to the boys.

For a moment they both just stared at her, just lying down near her as if everything was normal. They were curious and curiosity was first satisfied by sight. Not surprisingly, it was Bart who made the first move and let his fingers slide up her leg before softly touching her undeveloped sex. The baby shivered and cooed at his touch and it encouraged him to act further, using his other hand to pass along the undeveloped mounts of her breasts.

Milhouse was surprised at how gentle Bart was with his little sister. Not that he had expected him to be brutal, but his friend was known to be chaotic and unpredictable in often destructive ways. But for this, for her, Bart was slow and soft and Maggie smiled in response, clapping her small hands and lifting her legs as if she wanted more.

Perhaps she did. At least Bart took the sign as encouragement and continued his exploration of the small body. He felt every inch of skin, felt each gentle curve and muscle, much to her continued delight. After a few minutes of exploration, Bart looked to Milhouse and offered the blue haired boy one of his natural cocky grins.

“Are you just going to sit there with a hard on or are you going to join in?” He asked, noting the prominent bulge in Milhouse’s pants. Milhouse felt his cheeks go red and clumsily ran his fingers down Maggie’s slit, just like earlier. He was rewarded with another, louder moan that was definitely one of arousal. His boyhood was now pressing painfully against his clothing, but he wasn't about to remove them first: he’d never hear the end of it. Besides, he was far too shy for that.

Instead, he kept satisfied with Maggie’s giggles of pleasure as the length of his index finger slid against her tight sensual lips. He enjoyed hearing Maggie’s cries of delight and forgetting his shyness for a brief moment, he pressed his face between her tiny thighs and slipped his tongue along her slit. It vaguely tasted of chalk at first, but once the talcum powder cleaned off, he could taste something else. The boy couldn’t describe it to himself, but the thought that he was tasting woman, even if she was only one year old, only aroused him more.

Bart, who had been sliding his hands across her chest, was shocked when Milhouse leaned in and began licking his sister. Now his own boyhood was begging for release, but he ignored the sensation. Sliding his right hand down the cooing child’s belly, he reached her nether region, making Milhouse raise his head. But Bart wasn’t trying to intrude and on the contrary, he gently spread her lower lips apart, giving him better access to it.

“Now try,” he commanded and Milhouse obeyed, his pink tongue sliding across Maggie’s virgin hole. He tasted her warmth again, the taste now much more potent than before. He enjoyed the taste, but was curious to see how Maggie would react to other stimuli as well. Raising his head again, Milhouse inserted half an inch of his finger inside the slit and began gentle probes into her warm insides. He didn’t push too hard, quickly stopping when he met some resistance and instead moved his finger in tight circles, making Maggie coo louder at the sensation. Milhouse never would have thought a baby to be so sensitive.

“Ok, my turn now,” Bart said and his friend reluctantly relinquished the place. Bart went straight to the pussy and tongue lashed it repeatedly, each strike making Maggie jump a bit and whimper but she was definitely not in pain. The baby had never felt like this before and her young age only intensified the experience. Milhouse watched in fascination at Maggie’s innocent face, her expressions of pure pleasure at her brother’s roving tongue was driving the blue haired youth crazy with lust.

And suddenly, as if on cue, Maggie’s hand brushed up against his throbbing boyhood. That act, innocent and unconscious as it was, driven by the pleasure her brother brought her, made Milhouse moan slightly and he instinctively moved his hips closer to the child in hopes of a second touch. He didn’t have to wait long, for as Bart continued to taste Maggie’s depths her hand reached up and took a firm hold on the cloth covering Milhouse’s raging organ with her small hand, bringing Milhouse to a moan of his own.

He no longer cared of Bart’s presence, of what the rebellious boy might think of his best friend. Bart had brought him to his young sister, shown him that in this place nothing would be taboo and Milhouse would take advantage of it. Without ritual or warning, he removed his pants and briefs and shoved them aside. He then approached the little girl once more, shaving his hips and balancing in boy pecker in front of her eyes, hoping that Maggie would grab him again, but this time more directly.

Bart smiled as he saw the aroused trance his friend was in. He had not expected Milhouse to go through such a drastic change, but he was proud that his friend was finally getting some guts. Moments later, his own clothes had joined the pile Milhouse had created With both boys now nude from the waist down, Maggie stopped her cooing to stare at them in turn.

She couldn’t understand how surreal the situation was, but could still feel that things were different. Milhouse and Bart were different, not only because they were naked, but also because of their demeanor. Her eyes followed Milhouse’s swinging hard pecker and she curiously reached her hand up to grab it, giving it a few tugs, and giggling at the funny face he made. It was then that she felt a new warmth on her body as Bart had laid his own erection across her sex and belly, his smooth sack brushing against her tiny slit. He did not try to penetrate, somehow aware of how harmful that would be, but had no qualms about rubbing his genitals against hers.

Maggie only felt curiosity and amusement at what was happening, enjoying the warmth of Bart and Milhouse’s boyhoods against her. She tugged some more at Milhouse and he pushed it a bit further in her hand. He was too young to produce cum, but the feeling still was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Now on autopilot of sorts, Milhouse pushed his maleness forward even further, the head of his prepubescent package stroking Maggie’s cheek. Cooing, she turned her head and let his cock trace against her lips, knocking the pacifier from her. She could have been irritated to lose her pacifier, but Maggie was mesmerised by the penis in front of her. She knew enough that it was a part of Milhouse, but it wasn’t a finger. She didn’t know what it was, but as a baby would, she decided to taste it.

The moment her lips wrapped around the head, a cry of “Oh god” escaped the blue haired boy. She seemed to enjoy the taste and began suckling upon the hot flesh with enthusiasm. Bart looked on in shock as his baby sister sucked the head of his best friend’s cock and all Milhouse did was hold her delicate head and hump his hips gently. Maggie enjoyed the clean taste of the penis in her mouth, it was very much unlike her traditional pacifier, as it ‘responded’ to the attention she gave it. And having no teeth, she could bite down and nibble on it safety, only sending further shivers down Milhouse’s spine.

Bart felt his own satisfaction down along her crotch as well. His thrusts, although never brutal, had augmented in pace and he had placed his hands on her tiny legs to spread them apart, giving him better access to her forbidden fruit. But rubbing against her crack was not enough to satisfy the spiky haired boy, not when his friend in front of him had a much better position. He slipped his stiff tool between the baby’s butt cheeks and although still not penetrating her, he imagined he was as he thrusted into the soft warm flesh of his sister.

Milhouse didn’t notice this change nor did he care: his mind was in another world. Maggie’s soft tongue was exploring every inch of his phallus, causing Milhouse to moan and his body to stiffen. He could feel himself growing nearer to climax and his breathing was getting heavier for it. The scene felt unreal to him, with Bart running his own cock between Maggie’s butt cheeks, both young males having discarded their pants entirely and with a baby no less. And he wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

Bart and Milhouse both felt something building up in their chest, something they did not fully understand, although the smarter boy knew a bit about orgasms. But his mind was blank, his body overtaken by instinct and arousal. He felt the orgasm growing and thrust his hips forward ever so slightly, forcing another half inch of maleness into Maggie’s mouth. Surprised by this, she gagged slightly before adjusting herself. Now with even more to suck on, she eagerly went to work, her hands still gently tugging at the length that couldn’t fit.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the boys, the smell of musk and the gyrations of Bart against her undeveloped sex were bringing about a similar warmth to her groin. Being a baby, confronted with new feelings she did what was most comforting to her: suck. This eagerness quickly took Milhouse over the edge as he was struck by his first orgasm, a loud moan escaping his lips at the same time. His mouth made sounds the likes of which he had never expressed, his unseeing eyes turned to the ceiling, his body crisp and his mind overwhelmed by raw pleasure. He was too young to cum, but his body reacted as if, jerking slightly to Maggie’s attentions. His knees were weaker and he had to brace himself on the table not to fall down. Every further suck from Maggie was like a tickle and in the end he had to remove his penis from her mouth to recuperate. He had the mind to take the pacifier and gave it back to her and Maggie took it reluctantly, not as satisfied with it as she had been with the penis before. He fell on a chair and turned to Bart just as he too reached his peak. With one final, overwhelming thrust, his orgasm hit him hard and fast, his hips spasming against the soft tiny flesh of his sister. After a few tense moments Bart too almost collapsed, his breathing heavy and a line of sweat forming upon his brow.

“That....was....awesome!” The spikey haired youth said after he regained some of his composure. “I should have started doing this sooner,” he continued, before his gaze went back down to the baby that still lay before them nude. Pressing his lips against her stomach, he made little fart noises and Maggie laughed. Milhouse smiled too, seeing how friendly Bart was with his sister. He was still panting but his mind was gradually recovering from the orgasm, starting to analyse what had just happened. Bart had said mentioned regrets of not starting this before and the blue haired boy knew that they would be having more fun with Maggie in the future. His mind wandered off to Lisa, wondering if they could have her join in on the fun.

Bart was still having fun with the baby, sliding his fingers up and down her sides, causing Maggie to erupt with fits of pure innocent laughter. Soon afterward, Bart dressed Maggie in her pyjamas once again and brought her down to the living room to play with her toys. Twenty minutes later Marge, and a rather drunk and bruised Homer arrived back at the house, Marge so upset with her husband that she totally forgot about Bart’s room, and neither boy reminded her.

The next day at school, Milhouse was still recovering from the day before. Bart and him knew better than to talk about it in front of everyone and so his friend was just chatting about what new scheme he was coming up to annoy principal Skinner. Meanwhile, Milhouse was busy getting his books from his locker, when he noticed an unmarked envelope. Given in to curiosity, he opened it on the spot. It contained a short message which froze him in horror:

We know what you did with the baby at Bart’s, We’ll see you soon….

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