Keeping Incest a Secret

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Chapter 1: Sinful bliss

“Bart…mom and dad..” She stopped for a breath. “…will be home soon..”
“’re right Lis, I’ll just take this out for you..”
“No! Give me your dick…mmm…mm…” Her hot mouth resumed its masterful sucking, her lips swirling in circles around her brother’s 6 inch shaft. Her tits and the rest of her body bounced and swayed as she rhythmically sucked Bart off back and forth. He gently gripped her spiky head, urging her back and forth as his dick spasmed with pleasure.
The familiar loud car could be heard, or rather, the screeching of the tires, as Homer executed a donut for his own amusement (not particularly worried about Marge’s reaction) a few feet from the driveway, before hastily speeding up and having to put even more strain on the brake pads which should have been replaced years ago, stopping just in front of the garage door.
The kids knew it, and they had to be fast. Bart‘s little sister deep throated his cock, then stroked it, licking his balls, and moaning in the sluttiest tone she could muster. It worked.
“Lis…here…” Her curvy body tensed up; it was Lisa’s favourite ritual in her life so far, waiting for her brother’s dick to explode its cum onto her. Her mouth opened, she lay down and played with her tits to spur her brother on. “Oohh yeeaahh….!!” Inconsistent blasts of cum sprayed onto Lisa’s face, her mouth smiling eagerly before her tongue stretched out to lap up the salty streams.
“Mmm..!!! More… !! ..give it to me!! Oh Shit…Bart, we have to get to our rooms!!” No sooner had she said it than they heard that wooden door bang shut as their parents entered the house. Lisa grabbed her clothes and undergarments, her mind flashing back to the fondling and groping that had transpired before all of them were off, and dashed out of her brother’s room, into her own.
Without time to even put on a nightgown, Lisa turned off the room lights and leapt into her bed almost in one motion, with cum rapidly slithering down her body.
Bart, an expert at getting out of situations, calmly wiped off excess semen from his dick using a Kleenex, whipped on a new pair of undies (he left his clothes all over the room anyway, there was no suspicion to be had there), and climbed into bed, relaxed, arms bent back behind his head as he awaited those familiar footsteps climbing to the 2nd floor of the house.
Homer checked Bart’s room, since it was the closest to his own bedroom, while Marge took her pleasant leisurely stroll to Lisa’s room. Homer didn’t even usually bother to check, and only half heartedly glanced into Bart’s room, vaguely seeing the boy under his covers, still in a mental dialogue with himself regarding how lousy Flanders was compared to him, even though he had just lost a poker game to Flanders, who had never played such a rebellious game in his life.
Lisa had a bit more to worry about. Always the benevolent mother, Marge usually came to give her little girl a good night kiss, despite Lisa being way too old for such ‘cute’ habits. She struggled to keep her breathing normal. The cum felt so nice dribbling down to her tits, and she worried with deep breaths those horny erect nipples would be visible even through the blankets as they rose and fell with her breath. Her face was hastily wiped off with her hand, but beads of cum still accentuated it in look and smell.
Miraculously, Marge simply opened the door, saw what she thought was Lisa innocently sleeping, made an ‘aweee…’ voice to herself, and walked away.
Her cum soaked fingers began work on her snatch; Lisa and Bart hadn’t progressed as far as usual, and she needed release. It didn’t take too long; she just pictured herself being as sinful as ever to her own brother, and could see Bart’s eyes close in pleasure as he had no restraint towards showering her with sperm. Her pointy nipples were fondled and pinched with one hand as her hips thrust up and down, pussy juice gratefully released as she tensed up one last time.
Bart meanwhile was stroking himself, cleaning off some more cum as he remembered his sister just a few minutes ago, with those nice, developing tits being swarmed as her tongue impatiently waited for him to violate it. Although he couldn’t fully masturbate after such a huge orgasm, he nonetheless remained hard for a while, sleeping only after half an hour of fantasy played in his mind.
Bart was 15, Lisa, 13; both at the height of sexual excitement and experimentation in regards to both of their genders. Bart wanted to fuck, and Lisa wanted to be fucked. They experimented slightly a year earlier, but not anything serious; not even any nudity. But as they were both quick developers physically, they knew it wouldn’t last long. Lisa was becoming a blonde bombshell. Despite still being tops in school, she had shed her nerdy image in the past year, taking advantage of her tits and tight ass while many girls around her stayed in the shadows, flabby, drugged up, or too jealous to act.
Bart was..well, he was Bart. D minus average, but more than competent in any sport, making him popular as well. He and Lisa kept their sexual relationship a secret of course; he wouldn’t even mention a thing to Milhouse, who would die if he heard that Bart had access to Lisa’s nipples and pussy..whenever he wanted. Lisa was so easy to turn on; one of the things Bart loved most about her. He could randomly walk into her room, surprise her from behind and start fondling her, and she’d simply melt into his motions, driving his hand down to her wet snatch and assisting his manipulation on her b-size tits.


“Lisa! Go wake up your brother!!!” Marge’s scratchy voice flowed upstairs from the kitchen. How lucky for Lisa. Reluctantly slipping on her night clothes, she got up and stretched, then plodded to Bart’s room. She flustered as she saw one of his hands down his boxers resting on his dick; he probably had dreams of her sucking him off again…she smiled seductively, walking close to Bart’s bed, and kneeled down. Replacing Bart’s hand with her own, she slowly stroked his dick, feeling it harden and seeing her big brother squirm and moan.
“Oh yeah…just like that…ah..Aahh!!! Hey, sister!” Bart woke quickly, surprised but delighted that their attraction seemed to be getting even more intense, if that was possible.
“Good morning! Come eat!” Bart looked towards her pussy, licking his lips. “Augh! That’s….for later ;)” She winked at him, still stroking his cock.
“ can’t tease me like that! Well, whatever…” he lowered his voice. “ still smell like cum, sis..” He smiled at her, and could swear her nipples were already hard and poking through her nightgown.
“Well…if I’m gonna be your slut…I might as well smell like it…” She leaned forward with her tongue extended, and placed it millimetres from her brother’s dick, before pulling away. She lowered her voice even more. “We didn’t get as far as I wanted last night…you’re banging me this time…”
“Lisa!!” Marge’s hoarsely scream again.
“I’m coming!!” she shouted back.
“Haha, coming already? Wait a while Lis!” Bart teased his horny sister, then playfully shoved her out of his room, his dick on her ass as he fondled her breasts, almost hip thrusting her out of the room.
Lisa went to take a shower, not that her cleanliness would last long; she wanted her whole body covered with cum…

To be continued…

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