Master PC: Phantom Edition

BY : lb54
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Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom,nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer/Warning: No one under 18(yeah right). Danny PHantom belongs to Nick/Hartman. Annnnd, I claim the story as my, just not the characters in it! and I do not make any money from these writings.

Tucker had finally found it, the dream program for all tech-geeks everywhere! He had finally found the master PC! He was excited, he had read stories, and had fantasies of his own about the MPC.

"I can't believe it!" he said in joy, upon finally getting an email. He had to go through mail servers, and even hack a few servers, to find a download location. And it finally scanned as 100% virus free. He executed the program, and the installer did the rest.

"Well, I'll leave you to you duties." he said to the computer, going to get a soda. 10 minutes later he came back up with a soda and a meaty sandwich...its contents were unknown.

"Well, well, well." he said, as the installer finished, and MPC was at a registration window. He filled in all information, and hit ENTER.

When he did, instantly his body showed up.

"Hmm...well, I can modify myself later, I mean the point is to get chicks, not change yourself...though there is one thing..." he began to type

First of all, he improved his eyesight; he could pass it off as contacts. Next he decided some mind control was in order...whatever he thought, as long as he concentrated, the person on the receiving end would have to do. And last of all, he made it so all girls would not hate him, and even be mildly interested. He could have them just fall in love with him, but it would be weird to everyone else, and he wanted to keep some dignity and do some of the work. He wanted to be known as a cool guy, not just someone who sat back and let a computer make him cool...

"And done!" he noticed his glasses were blurry...he took them off.. "Dude! This must've been what Peter felt in Spiderman!" he said, relishing his new eyesight.

"Now for the next test...later..." in about 20 minutes his mom would make him go to bed...or at least usually she does.

"Tucker dear, time to go to.."

'You will let Tucker stay up tonight.' Tucker projected to her.

"Oh never mind, your old enough. Just set your alarm, don’t want you missing school right?" she said, smiled and left.

"Yes!" he did a little happy dance, his dream come true! Wait until Danny and Sam...wait...

'I wonder what the lovebirds would think of this...' he then had a grin on his face, he wouldn't just make them admit it, it was too fun, but he wanted to speed things up. The love was in place, but to add a kick...lust.

'Oh this will be fun' Tucker said, going to bed a few minutes later, dreaming of his fun filled day tomorrow...


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