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Bart Simpson went to Moe's bar because he was bored. The bar had not changed as far back as he could remember. He had managed to scrounge a few dollars for booze. It was embarrassing to ask Flanders for money all the time. The first thing that he felt as he entered the bar was the overpowering stench of smoke. Say anything you want but Moe ruled the bar as he saw fit and would not bothered by any smoking law. The music played loudly in the background as the customers ignored it. When he entered the bar he got a few dirty look. "Man, getting my sister impeached has made me very unpopular." thought Bart.

"Hey Moe, one bottle of whiskey!"

"I see you are getting into the hard stuff these days, eh Bart."

"Never mind that, Here's the money." Bart dropped the money on the counter and went to the back of the bar trying to dissappear in the background. The days of calling attention to himself were long gone. He dropped on the seats at the darkest corner of the bar.

"Moe's sure an ass, no wonder he can't get laid."

He picked his bottle and took a long swig. The strong liquor felt as it it were burning a path directly to his stomach. He looked at the ceiling and felt somewhat better. He closed his eyes for a second and tried to forget all his problems.

"Not much action tonight hmm Bart?"

Bart open his eyed in the dark bar. He looked toward the voice and saw an old familiar face.

"Mrs.Kr..." He stopped and looked into her eyes. "Hello Edna."

Edna Krabapple had not aged well. Her face looked tired and her body had lost some of their curves. Yet, there was still that something that made her sexually attractive. Bart remembered that Edna didn't want to be addressed as Mrs Krabapple not after he had left school so long ago. For her part she didn't care for teaching anymore yet sometimes she would substitute part time. They both guessed that it was out of pure boredom.

"Hello Bart its been ages since we stumble into each other at this very same spot."

He remembered the time that she had shot him down. Edna preferred to think of it as letting him down with some dignity for both of them. The thing was that this night she felt very lonely and if Bart didn't screw up they would spend the night together. Bart didn't know what to say.

"Eh, yes its been a long time since we had spend some time together."

Edna moved and sat beside Bart.

"You know Bart, Seymour and I had another fight." She felt pathetic after all this years they had what would kindly be described as a dysfunctional relation.

"You should have dumped him when he refused to get married." Bart tried to be kind and encourage someone who was clearly depressed.

"I could use a cigarette."

Bart looked into his pockets and found some cheap smokes he kept in case of emergency.


"Thanks, you are a lifesaver."

Edna smiled. Bart knew that smile. He had seen it all the years they had been together in school whenever she was really happy. A smile that could not be faked.

"Hey, anything for the best teacher in the world."

Edna almost cried. It didn't take much to make her happy and yet all thorough her life she had never managed to get someone right for her.


Bart began to have an inkling of where this whole thing was leading. He would never denied that he had feeling for her. It wouldn't be the first time in history that a student had a liking for her teacher. Bart still had the sexy photo Edna unknowingly send him when he answered her personal ad. After all this years he still felt guilty for pretending he was someone that didn't exist. The look on her face as he left the movie house was something he could ever forget. He couldn't decide, she was still attractive but getting involved? He looked at her eyes and decided, why not?

"Anything for you, Edna."

She leaped forward and started to kiss him. A deep wet kiss that lasted for a long time.

"Man this is strange, I'm finally doing the fantasy of my school days."

Edna felt good again. Being with someone has been the only thing in her life that has done anything for her self-esteem. She missed having someone to talk, someone to send time with, someone to make love to. Bart hands quickly found her way to her breast which he found surprisingly firm for a woman of her age. Her had quickly found its way to Bart crotch. He could fell her hand forcefully rubbing his cock first then moving further down to his balls. After some time they left together for her apartment. The very same apartment that she had always had since first coming to Springfield. As they left the bar except for Moe nobody paid attention to the couple. It was 11:45 and the night air was quite cool. Edna Krabapple was in a good mood. She hated to be alone at her apartment.

"Here take my keys, you drive."

Bart took the keys, he was secretly thankful any dead time in the conversation could be blamed on the need to pay attention to the road. She snuggled against Bart. On this cool night it felt quite good.

"So, I heard your sister is being impeached."

"Damn, she still kept up with the news." thought Bart

"Yeah, I never expected that my screwing up would bring down her presidency."

"So it's true."

"Yeah it's true. Being broke all the time isn't any fun; never accept money from the red Chinese." Accepting monies from foreign government and not expect that something in return would be wanted was the height of foolishness. He had done Homer proud in his stupidity.

"I'm not judging you Bart, belive me I have my fair share of screw ups." She thought back at all the other men in her life and the fact that never could find someone that really loved her. Her loneliness was as big as a bottomless pit; the best she could do this days was trying not to think about it. Edna at the twilight of her life found it harder and harder with every passing day.

They arrived at her apartment at 12:03. She went to the to the bathroom. As he waited for her he looked around. Photos that showed happier days long past. On the wall was her Bryn Mawr college diploma. Newspaper clippings of her career abounded. One read to Miss Edna Krabapple teacher of the year... A whole lifetime condensed in a few square feet of wall. He wonder if he had been older or if she had been a tad younger there could have been something between the two of them.

"Edna and me."

"I kind of like the sound of that."

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice that Edna was beside himself. She had loosened her yellow shirt. He nipples slightly exposed. she got rid of her skirt and now was only wearing her pantihose which showed her lovely legs. Red shoes made her as tall as Bart. She took him by the hand and took him to her bedroom. She laid down and slowly opened her shirt. Her breast about the size of a full B. She then pulled her pantihose to the middle of her tight showing her shaved pussy.

"Damn, she has a better body than girls his age."

Bart love life had not been very good. Terri, the only girl he had ever liked, got knocked up by the same guy who also got her twin sister Sheri pregnant.

"Take your clothes off Bart, let me see the dick which I will play with tonight."

He slowly took his clothes off. Edna paid rapt attention to him. She smiled when she saw him hard as a rock. She leaned forward and took his cock in her hand slowly rubbing it.


"Let's take our time Bart. Let's not rush. With that she started to slowly suck his dick. In the semi dark room he could hear her breathing. As she got more exited her breathing became faster. Her tongue moved all over his penis. Then without losing a beat she moved further down all the way to his balls.

"This gonna be the best fuck of my life." thought Bart

He moved down and started to kiss her again this time taking all the time he needed to make her feel satisfied. Breaking the kiss he moved down to her right breast. Her soft nipples felt incredibly good. Her other breast followed. He looked down and saw her rubbing her pussy. Bart decided that her pussy needed his attention. Edna gasped as he licked her pussy. She was very wet by now. Bart licked Edna's pussy until he couldn't move his tongue anymore. As she laid on her back Bart slowly penetrated her. She was tighter than any girl Bart had ever been with. Her eyelids half closed showed how much she was enjoying the lovemaking by her former pupil. After about 10 minutes Bart pulled out and sat on the bed. He gently guided her to the top. A warm embrace followed. He helped her keep a steady up and down movement. Edna little moans never stopped. Several more minutes of this and her moans became louder. Trying not to come too quickly they changed position again.

"Edna, get on all fours!"

They swiftly changed positions. Bart moved behind her and inserted his penis again. Her little lovemaking sounds were driving closer to the edge. His hand unconsciously moved to her asshole which he penetrated with his thumb having wet it with saliva before going in. She gasped then moaned. Several more minutes of this and Bart was ready to explode.

"Bart, I want to see you when you come."

Bart pulled his penis out of her lover and ask her to lay down. He entered her again. Her face was flushed red. Bart could hold a any longer seeing her having her orgasm. He pulled his dick and moved forward quickly putting it in her mouth before he came. Edna looked in to his eyes and always smiling swallowed every drop Bart dropped exhausted beside Edna. She cuddled next to Bart.

After a few minutes he asked. "Why did you became a teacher?"

"I loved teaching Bart but the whole system is so screwed up that it will quickly kill anybody youthful idealism. Did you know that the worse a school does the more federal money it gets."

Some time later he said. "I'm sorry for all the hard times I put you through."

"Don't worry Bart after tonight you have redeemed yourself. Thanks for everything, you have made me really happy."

He slowly fell asleep. Edna always at his side. That night they both had a strange dream. They dream that Edna had meet Bart under totally different circumstances. They were the same age, they fell in love and got married. Children were born and this being a dream they have grown up then spend their old age together.

Bart was awakened by the harsh sunlight that came thorough the window. He yawned and looked at his side.

"Edna wake up, It's late" She didn't moved. "Edna, Edna please wake up." The moment of realization was quite short. He looked at her and simply knew. He leaned toward her and gently put her head in his neck. Sad tears flowed.

The inquest was short. Cause of death: natural. Bart was surprised to that he was named the executor of her will. Most of her money went to charity. Some of her books and papers were mailed to a sister she hadn't seen in decades. There was the occasional paper that mention him by name. It seem that of all the people she had ever know he was one of the few she cared to remember.

The funeral was a small one. Edna's ex-husband actually showed. An acquaintances of her, actually the very same woman she had seen Edna hang with while spending time at Moe's bar. Skinner(AKA: Armin Tamzarian) managed to convince his mommy to let him go to the funeral; Yes the old bat was still alive and still hated Edna with all her passion. The minister gave what sounded to Bart as a generic sermon. The last to leave was Bart, he kneeled at her tombstone and laid a red rose.

"May we meet again, Edna my love."

The End




After the news of Bart and Edna came to light President Lisa Simpson tried to cover up the whole mess and it was that that cover up that actually brought her down. Bart accepting money from a foreign nation was bad enough Bart accepting money from a foreign nation plus a sexual scandal tipped the vote. Lisa was not only impeached but also sent to dinosaur island. Her own arrogance was her undoing.




Well this is my Simpson story. Kind of sad ending but they way thing are on the T.V. show something like this could be expected for Edna. There are a lot of references to the show so if you find something obscure check Wikipedia you may find the answer over there. Hope those who love Edna and Bart like this story.


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