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Written in response to Insanity’s challenge.
It was a quiet day in the Flander household. Rod and Todd had gone off to Bible camp. Ned was upstairs in the washroom, cleaning the mirrors and mopping the floor while Maud was in the bedroom vacuuming.

Ned stared at his reflection in the mirror with satisfaction. He’d finally managed to scrub it to perfection. “Cleanliness is next to godliness!” he declared cheerfully. “Now that I’m done here, I think I should go help Maud,” he said thoughtfully. He left the bathroom to do just that.

He walked into the bedroom where Maud was straightening the blankets on the bed. She turned to Ned and smiled. “Finished with the washroom Neddy?”

“Sure am!” he said. “Anything left to do in here?”

“No no,” she said with a small chuckle. “Everything is in tip top shape here!”

They both paused suddenly as they heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Who’s there?” Ned called out, a bit nervously. Just then Snake burst into the bedroom, aiming his gun at the couple.

“What’s with you people?” he asked furiously. “There’s like, nothing of value in this house!”

“Well, I wouldn’t say nothing,” Ned retorted. “We have the Bible, and-“

“Shut up!” Snake yelled, now pointing his gun straight at Ned. Ned immediately stopped talking. Maud looked fearfully at Snake. Snake observed them both, and smirked.

“So you two, are like, into God?” he asked contemptuously.

“Of course,” Ned said anxiously. “He is the Lord after all, and we must-“

“Quiet,” Snake ordered dangerously, and Ned fell silent again. “You guys are like, hypocrites,” Snake continued, noticing a picture of the Flander family on a bureau. “True god followers like, don’t fuck.”

“Pardon?” Ned whispered. He was unfamiliar with profanity.

“Fucking! You know, screwing, having sex!” Snake said disbelievingly to a confused Ned. “You had to have like, fucked your wife to have those kids.”

“Well, God has forgiven us for that sin,” Maud said softly.

“That’s what you think,” Snake said with a devilish grin. “You people act like, so high and mighty. But you’re like, no better than anyone else. And I’m going to like, prove that!” And with that, he undid his pants with his left hand, still pointing the gun at the couple with his right. Crouching down, he took off his shoes, and pulled his jeans off completely, allowing his boxers to follow quickly. His erect cock sprung out, revealing his intentions.

Maud gasped in horror and turned away, while Ned stood in front of her. “That’s enough!” he declared firmly. “You leave my wife alone!”

“Very well then,” Snake said leering. “You can blow me instead.”


“Blow me, you know, suck my dick,” Snake said, shaking his head in amazement.

“I can’t do that!” said Ned frantically.

“Then your wife will,” Snake said. “Or I’ll blow your fucking brains out!” He shot at the ceiling to demonstrate his point. Maud screamed, and Ned knew he was dealing with a mad man. He knew what he had to do.

Reluctantly, Ned went over to Snake. “On your knees bitch,” Snake growled and Ned obliged.

‘All right Ned,’ he thought. ‘For Maud…you have to protect Maud…’

Gulping, he pressed his lips reluctantly to Snake’s stiff member. He closed his eyes so he could avoid seeing what he was doing. Using his tongue, he licked Snake’s dick. He knew he must have been doing well, because Snake made small gasping noises. Ned moaned in disgust as he realized he had reached the bottom of the shaft and was licking Snake’s balls. He started to go up again, but Snake grabbed his hair and forced Ned back to his balls.

“Keep going,” he said hoarsely. Ned had no choice but to obey. He nibbled a bit at Snake’s balls, and heard the villain groaned in pleasure.

Snake pressed his gun against Ned’s head. “You, woman!” he shouted to Maud. “Watch what your husband is doing. Watch him, or I’ll shoot him in the head!” Tearfully Maud turned and let out a despairing cry as she took in Ned licking Snake’s balls.

Snake grinned. Now that he had an audience, he decided to exercise more control. “Suck my cock bitch,” he said in a low voice to Ned. “Suck on it!” Ned cringed, and he took the tip into his mouth. He pulled away in disgust when he tasted Snake’s pre-cum but Snake pressed the gun sharply into his head and forced him back down again. Ned stifled a cry as he sucked on Snake’s thick throbbing dick.

Snake noticed Ned’s grief and he let out a raspy chuckle. “That’s it, suck! Faster bitch!” he ordered, and Ned quickened his pace. “Faster! Harder! Taste my sweat!” he roared, and Ned found that he was able to follow Snake’s orders with ease. He noticed horrified that he was gaining an erection of his own at being dominated.

‘Lord, how could you allow this?’ he thought tearfully.

Maud found herself aroused by the actions of the two men before her as well. ‘How can I be so sinful?’ she thought wildly. ‘How can I want both men? Especially that…that horrible man?’

Snake pushed Ned’s head all the way down and Ned gagged as Snake’s cock was forced into his throat. He tried to pull away, but Snake held him in place. “Oh no, you’re going to fuck me with your throat,” he said sadistically. Ned felt himself trying to scream, which only encouraged Snake. Snake started to thrust himself in and out of Ned’s throat, feeling the virgin throat swallow his dick. He let out a grunt as he felt himself close. He let out a primal cry.

“I’m cumming!” he said breathlessly. He pulled himself out of Ned’s throat, and out of his mouth. He felt the cum well in his balls, and he shot his load onto Ned’s face. He noticed his handiwork, and smirked as he watched his seed drip down Ned’s face, blocking his vision as it covered his glasses.

“Well God-Boy, it seems like, you were meant to be a whore,” he said bitingly. Ned merely whimpered, a broken man. Maud was transfixed. She couldn’t take her eyes off of either of them. Snake turned to her, and she gasped. “I guess your wife doesn’t mind either,” he said laughing, and Maud was horrified to realize that at some point she had reached between her legs.

“Well don’t worry chickee,” he said arrogantly. “I’ve still got enough left in me for that pussy of yours,” he said maliciously.

“No,” Ned intercepted. “Not her, please!”

“Shut it!” Snake said, brandishing his ever-threatening gun. “I’ll do what I want!” And with that he went over to Maud and shoved her onto the bed, where she cried out in alarm. He held his gun against her as he pulled down her pants. He felt his cock jump back to life, and he smiled at the fear in her eyes. He felt for her clit, and was rewarded with a passionate moan. He rubbed back and forth on it, and Maud felt herself becoming wet from his touch.

‘I can’t let him do this!’ Ned thought desperately, looking for a weapon of some sort. He spotted a lamp, and quietly went over to it while Snake was busy.

Snake meanwhile, pulled up Maud’s shirt and sucked on her nipples, nibbling and suckling, eliciting pleasured groans from Maud. He positioned himself on top of her. “Here goes,” he said demonically, and forced himself into her. Maud screamed, not from pain but from horrified pleasure. She started to hate herself for allowing this violation…for wanting this violation.

Snake groaned as he thrust, and his grip on his gun slackened. Ned seized the opportunity. He smashed the lamp full force against Snake’s head. Snake was out in an instant and he fell, pinning Maud down. With the force of Samson, Ned pulled Snake’s unconscious form from Maud.

Maud was crying. “Oh Neddy,” she said before dissolving into wails. Ned hugged her.

“It’s all over,” he whispered. He helped her up and the two made their way to the phone. Ned supported Maud as he picked up the phone and called the police. Chief Wiggum told them the cops would be there soon and to get out of the house. Ned helped Maud dress again, cleaned off his face, and the two made their way over to the Simpson house.

“What happened?!” Marge cried in alarm when she saw the two.

“I can’t talk about it,” Ned said shaking. “Can we please stay at your house until the police come?”

“Of course,” Marge said. “Homer is at work…” she said trailing off, deciding the couple didn’t really care at the moment. She decided not to pry, even when the police showed up outside the Flander home. She had an idea though, when the police were taking Snake away,

“I’ll get you!” he was yelling. “This isn’t over! This isn’t over by like, a long shot!”

‘Next time,’ he thought, ‘Next time I’ll fuck Maud, Ned, their kids, and I’ll kill them all!’

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