Allison comes to stay

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Allison Comes To Stay

By SasaMisa & Twisted Odin

Chapter 1: 'Sibling Secret'

"Oh hello, Allison. You're here early, aren't you?" Marge asked the young girl, as she opened the door."

"Hello, Mrs Simpson. Yes, my parents decided to leave for their holiday a little early," pretty brown-haired Allison replied politely.

"That's fine dear. Lisa is upstairs in her room if you'd like to go up," Marge added with a friendly smile while she led Allison into the Simpson home. The young girl smiled back and followed her in. She had been looking forward to this weekend and all the fun she was going to have with her best friend.

"Here, let me help you with those," Marge offered, noticing the sleeping bag and small carry case Allison carried, one in each hand.

"It's okay. They're not that heavy really," Allison said as she mounted the foot of the stairs. She had only brought a few things with her, save the usual rather grown-up looking attire she was wearing.

"Alright, if you're sure. Go on up and get unpacked while I get dinner started. I'll call you girls down when it's ready," Marge told Allison as she began slowly climbing the stairs to Lisa's room, before promptly walking back toward the kitchen.

Meanwhile, having eventually reached the top, Allison went swiftly to the door of her friend's bedroom, noting out of the corner of her eye that her brother, Bart's room was empty, the door wide open.

"Hmm, looks like Bart isn't here," Allison sighed to herself, a little disappointed. Secretly she had developed a small crush on Lisa's cool older brother and was looking forward to maybe getting to know him a little better this weekend. It was while pondering on such pleasant thoughts that Allison suddenly became aware of voices coming from behind Lisa's door. This was strange as her friend hadn't mentioned anyone else joining them for the overnight stay this weekend.

"Hey Lisa, who are you talking to?" Allison asked as she pushed the door open with her foot, then stopped dead in her tracks, frozen at the sight before her. To her utter amazement, there was Bart, completely naked, standing right next to his sister with her panties down and her dress pulled up, both fondling each other between the legs. At Allison's entry though, they hurriedly pulled their hands away, not that it stopped her from continuing to stare at the noticeable bulge extending out in front of the boy's body, which her friend appeared to have been stroking moments before.

Soon though, the shock wore off. Lisa hurriedly pulled her panties up as Bart grabbed the towel off the bed behind them and held it in front of himself, both of them blushing furiously. For several seconds, they all stood in complete silence, fidgeting nervously. Then, Bart hurriedly made a bolt for the door, leaving Allison and Lisa alone in the room. For a while, the two girls just stood there, not daring to make a sound, the few minutes seeming like hours as the tension filled the room. Until finally, Lisa's voice broke the air.

"Um... You're early!?" she said, smiling uncomfortably.

"Um, yeah!" Allison replied, equally as uncomfortable.

A few more moments passed before the two girls looked at each other again. "I want..." they both suddenly said together and then stopped.

"Uh, heh! You go first," Lisa said, thankful for the extra time she would have to compose herself.

"Oh, I just want to apologise. I shouldn't have barged in like that," Allison said a little sheepishly.

"No, it's okay! I knew you were coming today. I should have been more careful," Lisa responded at once. "I just got carried away, like I always do when Bart comes in here looking for me," she added. "Oops!" Lisa then thought to herself, realising she had just said more than she should have, while Allison looked at her with a slightly confused look on her face.

"Always do... You mean you do this a lot!?" the baffled girl asked.

"Well, not all the time really. Only recently in fact," Lisa explained. "It sort of just happened one day after I came back to my room from having a bath."

"Just a second," Allison said as she placed the items she had been carrying on the floor and sat up on the bed, then motioned for her friend to continue with her story.

"Anyway, I was about to put my clothes on when Bart suddenly stormed in asking if I'd seen seen his lucky red hat or something. I don't think he expected me to be naked because he just stopped and stared at me," Lisa continued.

"Oh, what did you do?" Allison enquired curiously. "Weren't you embarrassed!?"

"I was furious at first," Lisa grinned, "but that soon changed when I noticed how interested he was, not at all like when we were younger."

"Interested... in what?" Allison asked, her naive question making her friend giggle.

"You know, down there!" With this, Lisa motioned towards her crotch. "It was only when I realised exactly where he was looking that I noticed the bulge growing in his shorts," she explained.

"Bulge!?" Allison queried, looking a little worried since truthfully she had never seen a boy before, not up close anyway, and certainly not erect.

"Yeah, I didn't know what it was straight away either," Lisa said with an understanding smile. "At first, I thought there was something wrong with his, you know, thing, but it was actually getting bigger because he liked looking at me."

Allison was completely confused now. Why would something awful like that happen to Bart if he was happy to see his sister. "Did it hurt him then, this swelling?" she asked worriedly.

At this, Lisa fell back against the bed and burst out laughing. She clutched her tummy as she rolled about the bed, wiping a tear from her eye. "No, it's supposed to do that!" Lisa cried, her sides still aching from the mirth her naive, little friend had evoked.

"You mean they get bigger? Oh my..." Allison exclaimed, putting a hand to her mouth.

"Yeah, they do. When I asked Bart if there was something wrong with it, he said it was fine and he'd show it to me if he could get a better look at mine," Lisa recounted. "I don't know why but I really wanted to see his as well, so I agreed."

Allison still looked a little shocked at what her friend was saying. However, her curiosity soon got the better of her. "Um, how big... did it get?" she asked innocently, although Lisa saw straight through that in an instant.

"Oh, you!" she mocked, playfully patting Allison on the shoulder, gladdened that the tension between them had eased somewhat. Naturally, Lisa's younger and apparently not quite so experienced school pal felt the same way, smiling happily back at her and waiting for her to continue.

"Well..." Lisa began, pausing for a moment to think how best to put it. Then, going to her cupboard, she brought out one of her broken Malibu Stacy dolls that Bart had once pulled the arms and legs off. "Um, it was about this long," Lisa continued, showing the body of the doll to Allison, "but only about this thick," she concluded, making a circle with the finger and thumb on her right hand around the doll's head.

Allison was confused again. "Why would it get so big!?" the younger girl asked.

"I'm not sure about that, but I know it gets a lot more sensitive when it does," Lisa replied with a smile.

"How do you know that?" Allison asked with a giggle.

Lisa looked at her a bit more suspiciously, wondering if her friend knew more than her innocent demeanour would indicate. However, with a grin she said, "Well, after Bart and I looked at each other for a while, he asked if I wanted to touch it in return for letting him touch mine."

"I saw you doing something like that when I first came in. What did it feel like?" Allison inquired.

Lisa could tell the girl was finally getting in the mood too, so she continued without hesitation, becoming more and more frank with her answers. "Um well, it feels hard in the middle, but soft on the outside... and it's warm and smooth too," she related, trying her best to describe the sensation.

Allison was truely fascinated now, nodding her head, waiting for her older and seemingly much more experienced friend to continue, even though she still had no idea what it all meant. "Anything else?" she asked eagerly.

"It did appear to throb too, especially when I held it tightly," Lisa added.

"Didn't that hurt him?" Allison exclaimed, thinking to herself that if someone squeezed her somewhere like that, it wouldn't be very nice.

"No, not at all. In fact, he was smiling the whole time and even asked me to squeeze it a little more," Lisa said excitedly.

"Wow!" Allison thought, then pondered on her next question. "Um, did it feel good when he touched you?" she asked suddenly, blushing a little.

"Oh yeah, it felt really nice!" Lisa cooed, now completely devoid of any embarrassment herself. "I've touched myself there a few times, but it's just different when someone else does it for you," she added.

"It is!?" Allison enquired, finding herself imagining what it would be like to have Bart touching her between her legs too. Then, blushing even more, she added, "Um, do you think he would want to touch me down there?"

Lisa was completely taken aback by this unexpected question from her usually more reserved pal. "Um well, I don't know, but I think he would," she answered truthfully after several moments deliberation.

"Okay, do you think you could..." However, before Allison could complete her sentence, there came a loud shout from downstairs.

"Kids! Dinner's ready!" they both heard Marge cry.

Allison was about to speak again when Lisa stopped her with a knowing smile. "I'll ask him to come to my room tonight. It should be even more fun with the three of us," she said, her smile changing to a broad grin, before opening the door for them to head downstairs together.


Chapter 2: 'I'll Show You Mine'

During Dinner, Allison and Lisa continued their conversation, often putting their heads together and glancing over in Bart's direction. Each time they did so, they would both giggle a little, which naturally perplexed the boy as he was sure they were talking about him. Although Bart didn't know it yet, it was going to be a very memorable night for the three of them.

After they had all finished eating, Allison offered to help Marge with the dishes giving Lisa a chance to take her brother aside and let him know what they had planned. From the kitchen she could see Bart's eyes go wide as Lisa whispered in his ear, with him then whispering back to his sister before receiving a nod from her. It was quite clear from the smile crossing his face that he was more than happy for Allison to participate in their little game, which Lisa confirmed as she re-entered the kitchen.

"Bart can't wait!" she whispered. "He'll come to our room once mom and dad have gone to bed." To which the younger girl merely smiled and nodded.

They spent the rest of the evening in front of the TV, playing games, and generally having a good time. It was the weekend, so they had all been allowed to stay up later then usual. Soon, however, it was time for bed, with Bart catching Lisa winking at Allison letting her know that the fun was about to begin. Saying goodnight to Marge, plus Homer who had only just returned from Moe's, the kids all got washed up and then went to their respective rooms, all of them waiting impatiently for the grown-ups to do the same and the lights to go out in their bedroom.

Eventually, all fell silent in the Simpson home, although Bart himself waited another ten minutes or so just to be safe. Then, he quietly opened his door and tip-toed down the hall to the girls' room. Arriving at the door, Bart knocked softly, hearing muffled giggles from the other side. Understandably he was a bit nervous, not because of his sister but because Allison was there too, an unfair advantage to be sure.

A few seconds later Lisa gently opened the door for her brother and ushered him inside with a friendly smile. "This is gonna be so much fun!" she whispered, keeping her voice down until the door was closed and all three of them were in the room together.

Allison was sitting on Lisa's bed dressed in a pretty, light green nightie. She visibly blushed when the older boy's eyes's fell on her. "Oh, hi Bart!" she said, trying not to look too embarrassed by his presence.

Bart wore his usual, bright green pyjamas, which were already beginning to feel a little tight around his crotch. Lisa, dressed in her blue nightie, looked at Allison and then at her brother, a mischievous smile crossing her face as she did so.

"Hey, Bart! Why don't we start with you showing Allison your thing? She really wants to see it!" Lisa chirped.

"Come on, Lisa! You know I didn't say that, not exactly," the younger girl cried, a bit too loudly for comfort perhaps.

"Ssshh! You'll wake our mom up," Lisa warned, putting a finger to her lips. Bart nodded, knowing full well Homer wouldn't disturb them if a bomb went off next to him, but that mom was a different story entirely.

"Ah, heh! Sorry guys," Allison said sheepishly.

"That's okay," Lisa said, "but we'd better try and keep it down from now on." All of them nodded in agreement.

Bart then looked across at Allison with a smile. "So, Allison... Do you really wanna see it?" he asked.

The pretty, little brunette pondered for a moment, flushed a bright shade of red, then squeaked, "Yes!"

"We can't hear you," Bart and Lisa both said together, tickled pink by her sweet innocence.

"Oh come on, you know I do!" Allison said, a little louder than before.

"Okay, if that's what you want, but you've got to show me yours as well," Bart grinned.

Allison's face remained red as she thought about his offer. Then, looking down, she said in almost a whisper, "Alright..."

"Alright what?" Bart and Lisa asked together, both grinning broadly.

"Alright! I'll show you mine if you show me yours," Allison said with a giggle, scarcely able to believe what she had just said.

"Promise?" Bart asked.

"Yes, I promise!" she replied.

"Okay, here it is," he said, unabashedly pulling his pajama bottoms down a bit and taking it in his hand to show to the girl.

Allison blushed a little again, but she didn't look away this time. Then, totally out of the blue she said, "It looked bigger before, didn't it!?"

Now it was Bart's turn to be a bit embarrassed as the young girl's rather frank outburst elicited a giggle from Lisa. "Um, actually it will get bigger," she said, grinning at the bashful expression now on her brother's face. "It's just that it hasn't got hard yet. You'll see what I mean in a minute."

"Oh, okay Bart. Can you make it big for me?" Allison asked innocently.

Unlike with his sister earlier in the day though, Bart was clearly feeling a bit self-conscious. Lisa wasn't sure why it wasn't happening like before either, but she wasn't about to give up now.

"Maybe it needs a bit of help this time. Go on, try touching it, Allison," she suggested, knowing full well this is what the enthusiastic girl wanted to do anyway.

However, Bart had other ideas. "Hey, wait a minute! You said you'd show me yours too, remember?" he said, just a little annoyed.

"Well, I did say that, so alright," Allison said, her openess surprising Lisa who hadn't even got round to suggesting yet that she show him hers as a way to get her brother more in the mood.

"I guess I may as well take my nightie off as well," Lisa said as her eager pal reached down and began pulling hers up over her head, then allowing it to fall to the floor, the older girl hurriedly doing the same so as not to be left behind. Although both of them were still undeveloped, having virtually non-existent breasts and hips, this didn't stop Bart from watching them intently.

Next, Allison put her thumbs under the waistband of her pretty white panties and pulled them down to her knees, the crumpled material slipping the rest of the way down of their own accord. Then, stepping out of them, she turned and faced Bart, displaying her private parts almost proudly to the boy. By this time, Lisa had also done the same, her older brother now finding himself confronted by two of the loveliest flowers he had ever seen. In fact, both girls had such perfect vertical lines, he couldn't decide which one he liked best.

"I think he's in love," Lisa said, smiling at Allison. Both of them couldn't fail to notice the way Bart was oogling them, particularly between their legs, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. However, despite the mouth-watering sight before him, not to mention the pleasant churning in his stomach he often felt with his sister during these intimate moments, he still remained flacid down below.

"Hmm, still nothing," Lisa noted, looking at Bart's limp penis. "Well, I guess we'll have to take matters into our own hands... or rather, we'll have to take you into our own hands," she smirked, winking at her brother.

"No, let me do it!" Allison interjected, hurriedly taking a step towards Bart.

Lisa could see her friend was genuinely interested now, so she let her have her way. "Okay, be my guest," she gestured, smiling broadly.

"It's alright, isn't it, Bart?" Allison asked, the young girl's hand just inches away from his boyhood.

"Yeah, go ahead," the older boy replied, still a little nervous himself, though he had no idea why since he never had a problem with his sister before now.

Upon hearing this and no doubt sensing Bart's uneasiness, Allison looked down again, gingerly reaching out and briefly touching the shaft of his rather small penis. Then, after a moment or two, she reached in again, gently taking hold of it in her hand.

"Ah!" Bart murmured, twitching a little at Allison's soft touch, making her wonder if she was being a bit too rough.

"Are you alright? I'm not hurting you am I!?" she asked, a look of concern appearing across her face.

"No, keep going! That feels nice," Bart answered with a reassuring smile. His body seemed to indicate the same since Allison felt his boyhood begin to grow in her hand.

"Oh look, Lisa! It's getting bigger!" she said gleefully, moving aside so her friend could see better.

"Well, try stroking it then. He likes that," Lisa grinned, knowing full well how much Bart had seemed to enjoy it the few times they had fooled around together.

"Okay, I will," Allison said, turning back to face the aroused boy. Smiling down at his rapidly hardening member, she began slowly sliding her hand up and down the shaft, feeling all around it with her fingertips. With each motion, it grew noticeably in length and thickness.

"Wow! Look how big it's getting!" Allison said excitedly, "and it's getting really hard too!" the young girl continued. Then, rather boldly, she took it within her hand and gave the now stiff rod a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, that feels good!" Bart moaned, reacting much more noticeably to her attentions.

"It does?" Allison inquired, bringing her gaze back up to meet his. Bart nodded his approval, indicating clearly that he liked what she had just done. So, even though she still wasn't entirely sure what she was doing, Allison began to move her hand up and down the firm and apparently very sensitive member, momentarily squeezing before noticing that it was the motioning Bart seemed to enjoy best of all.

Meanwhile, Lisa was a little surprised that her brother was having such a strong reaction to Allison's touch, maybe even a little jealous too. He seemed to be enjoying it even more than when they had messed around. It wasn't just the light moans either, Bart looked at her friend differently, not just at the space between her legs but all of her as she enthusiastically went on playing with his now seriously hardened tool.

"Oh my! It just twitched in my hand!" Allison cried suddenly, elated that she was getting so poignant a response from her older and more experienced partner.

"What! That never happened to me before," Lisa cried equally as loudly, completely forgetting what she had said earlier about keeping the noise down. Moving in for a closer look, she could indeed see Bart was reacting totally unlike the way he had when they had done it on previous occasions. The expression on his face too was altogether different, almost as if he were in pain or something.

"Mmm! Aah!" the highly excited boy moaned, almost pitifully, while Allison's hand continued massaging his throbbing erection. His breathing was beginning to labour too as it rapidly increased in pace with the level of excitement he was experiencing.

"Bart, are you ok?" Lisa asked, concerned for the welfare of her brother. "I think you should stop, Allison. The end is going all purple... and there are veins sticking out of it!" she said worriedly to her friend.

"No, don't stop! It feels so good!" Bart puffed as he took hold of the young girl's hand and kept it wrapped around his boyhood. "Do you think... you could do it even faster?" he asked, motioning her little hand with his own.

"Um yeah, sure!" Allison replied with a smile before starting to jack his bulging penis with even more ferocity. However, also noting the concerned look on Lisa's face, she knelt down in front of him to get a more direct look at things.

With Bart making more and more noise, Allison continued to pump his organ, hurriedly pushing skin over foreskin. Although she couldn't be sure, Allison didn't see how it could be doing him any harm, not when the boy seemed to like what she was doing so much. To her, it seemed almost like when you scratched a dog's belly, with its leg moving on its own the more you did it.

"Oh! Ooh!! Allison!!!" Bart groaned loudly with both girls looking up at him to see what was happening. The expression on his face was strained and he was sweating profusely now. Clearly something was about to happen, though neither girl could possibly have imagined what it was at this point.

Dropping her gaze once more, Allison opened her eyes wide and looked directly at Bart's tool as she felt it begin to first swell up and then pulsate in her hand. Then, to her complete and utter surprise, moments later, a large, thick gob of white liquid suddenly shot out of the end, hitting her straight in the eye.

"Eeeww!!" Allison squealed, hurriedly letting go of his bulging meat, just in time for a second shot to squirt right across Lisa's face next to her causing both girls to fall back in shock.

"Nnngggghhh!!! Oh man!!" Bart grunted, grabbing his still twitching member and furiously jerking it off in their direction. With the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced surging through his body, each new squirt landed somewhere on either Allison or Lisa's naked bodies. Over and over came the warm splashes, even as they both frantically tried to wipe whatever is was from their faces.

Eventually though, whatever had just happened to Bart appeared to lose its vigour. With just a few dribbles oozing out of the end of his pole now, he released his hand from it and sank to the floor, breathing hard. Seeing this, both Allison and Lisa temporarily forgot their own shock and quickly moved over to him to see what was wrong. At any rate, the poor boy appeared to be quite out of it, barely even aware they were there.


Chapter 3: 'Pull My Finger'

"Bart, are you alright?" Lisa asked as she wiped the remnants of the fluid from her cheek. She was annoyed still but nonetheless concerned for her brother. She was quite surprised as well to see a large satisfied grin suddenly crossing his face.

"I'm... fine," Bart panted. Then, looking up, he couldn't help but chuckle at the two girls wiping the sticky goo from their faces, even though he still had no clue as to what had just happened to him either.

"I'm glad you're alright too, Bart, but why did you pee on me!?" Allison asked, more than a little annoyed herself.

"I don't know," the boy said sheepishly. "I just had this urge to keep rubbing. It felt so good, especially at the end," he added.

"You mean you didn't do it on purpose?" Lisa asked, not feeling quite so angry at the often inconsiderate boy anymore.

"No, it just sort of happened. I couldn't help myself and I couldn't stop it either. I've never had anything like it happen before," Bart insisted.

"Hmm, you know, it doesn't look like pee," Allison observed. "It sure doesn't smell like it either," she continued, carefully sniffing at it. Then, she stared intently at the liquid again as she rubbed it between her fingers. "I wonder?" Allison thought to herself, seconds before popping both digits into her mouth.

"Eew! Allison! How could you put that in your mouth!?" Lisa exclaimed, shocked at her friend's actions.

Allison looked back at Lisa, her fingers still in her mouth. "You know, it's funny, but it just feels like the thing to do for some reason," she replied.

Lisa was intrigued by this. "Um, what does it taste like then?" she asked inquisitively.

"It's a little bitter, but not nasty or anything. I actually quite like it," Allison beamed. "Here, try some!" she said as she scooped some off the older girl's leg before casually offering it to her.

"Hmm, I don't know, Allison..." Lisa began to say, pausing to think about it for a second. Nethertheless, not wanting to be left out, she soon took her pal's fingers into her mouth anyway, and cautiously licked the fluid off. "Hey, you're right! It's not that bad after all," Lisa cried happily.

Bart was bewildered by this point. He still didn't know what it was he'd just covered his sister and her best friend with. Regardless of this, it was a real buzz watching the two naked girls licking and sucking at each other the way they were. In fact, Bart found his gaze drifting slowly down to their private areas again, all kinds of thoughts going through his mind about what had just happened to him and whether or not it might be the same for them.

"Hey, Bart! Your thing went all small again," Allison suddenly stated out of the blue, looking down at the boy's now shrunken penis.

"Huh! Yeah, you're right. It does feel kinda different now. I guess it just needs a rest," Bart said, snapping out of it briefly at her words. Then, looking down at her genitalia once more, with a smile he asked, "Hey, so do you want me to do you now?"

"Okay!" Allison replied, noticing her recent partner in crime's face fall at the same time. "Oh come on, Lisa. Be a sport! You have done this before," she teased.

Lisa nodded and sat on the edge of her bed, holding back the urge to state matter of factly that Bart was her brother and therefore she should go first. Waiting impatiently for her turn, Lisa marvelled at her friend's naivity at what she was actually going to do. Although, in truth, even she hadn't gone this far with Bart before and was dying to see what would happen next, even if she had to be a spectator the first time around.

"Why don't we sit on the bed too?" Allison suggested.

"Okay, but this will probably be easier if we just sit on the side," Bart agreed as they moved over to it.

The young girl smiled happily. "Alright!" she said before propping herself up on the edge of the bed next to Lisa.

Bart sat down next to Allison on the opposite side to his sister, giving her a clear view of what they were doing. "Heh, um... could you open your legs a bit?" he asked a little bashfully, noticing she still had them positioned directly together.

Allison blushed a little as well, but did as he asked, uttering a giggle in the process to cover her slight embarrassment. "Heh, oh right, sorry!" she said, parting her young thighs which held all kinds of future promise.

Bart stared down in awe as he tentatively moved his right hand between Allison's legs, initially caressing the inner surface, then making her gasp when his hand finally came in contact with her soft, hairless pussy for the first time. Then, carefully studying Allison's reaction, Bart slowly began to rub his fingers up against her virgin mound, periodically cupping the area with his hand while he gently probed between her sensitive outer lips with his middle finger.

"Oh! Oh! Bart!" Allison murmured, quivering on the edge of the bed, initially overwhelmed at the totally new sensation she was feeling. She had never really touched herself down below before, certainly not the way he was touching her now.

"Gently, Bart! Gently!" Lisa suddenly chimed in. "Let her get used to it, like you did me, remember?"

"Oh right, sorry!" the thoroughly immersed boy apologised. "I guess I'm getting a little carried away here."

"No, that's okay, Bart... It feels nice... Just be a little more gentle," Allison sighed. Clearly his attentions were turning her on and turning her on good.

Studying Allison's reaction a little more closely this time then, Bart proceeding to fondle her privates again, tracing his fingers around her pubis. Once he was sure she was used to the level of pleasure it was giving her, he moved back to her crevice and began to trace his fingertips up and down it, almost as if he were teasing her.

"Mmm! Ooh!" Allison cooed as she revelled in the new sensations the older boy's skillful touch was giving her. Leaning back a bit more, she spread her legs further, which in turn slightly parted the outer lips of her sex. Encouraged by Allison's response, Bart put one hand behind the small of her back to give himself better leverage as he continued running his fingers through her silky, smooth folds. All this time, Lisa was watching intently, maybe even a little jealous that she wasn't the one being pleasured.

It was about this time that Bart suddenly became aware that his fingers were getting wet. Looking down to see if he was mistaken, he could see at once that it wasn't just his fingers either. Quite a fair amount of some liquid was beginning to trickle down Allison's pretty, little crevice too.

"Um, Allison..." Bart started to say, not quite sure how to put it. "Um, Allison... Do you need to use the bathroom?" he asked as tactfully as he could. "You've got a little bit of pee coming out down here. I can wait if you want."

"Huh, what?" the sexually excited girl exclaimed, although rapidly coming out of the haze of pleasure she had been experiencing now since Bart had stopped what he was doing. "No, I don't need to use the bathroom!" she retorted, "I didn't pee either!"

"Hmm, I wonder," Bart thought as he sniffed at the fluid on his fingers. It felt greasy to the touch, very slippery indeed, making him even more curious. Sniffing at it, it instantly reminded the boy of the seaside and it was an oddly arousing scent for him too. Pretty sure then that it wasn't pee, he even tried licking some of it off.

"What are you doing, Bart!?" Allison asked, not sure whether to be disgusted or not. Lisa was equally bemused by his actions.

"Mmm! You taste sweet, Allison," Bart said, licking at more of the juice on his fingers.

"I do!?" the confused girl enquired.

"Yeah, see for yourself," he suggested, covering his fingers in Allison's nectar once again and offering them to her.

"Ah! That's okay. I believe you," Allison said with an unsure smile, moaning a little and twitching anew at the older boy's touch.

"Oh well, more for me!" Bart said with a cheeky grin, putting his fingers in his mouth and sucking the remainder of her sweet juices from them.

"Hey look! I'm getting wet too!" Lisa announced suddenly, pointing down at her own slick pussy area with fascination.

"Here, let me see!" Bart said, moving closer to his sister. Allison stretched over to look too, temporarily removed from wondering why she was getting all damp in the first place, despite being sure she hadn't wet herself.

"Hey, you're right! Let me taste yours," Bart said as he moved his hand deftly towards his younger sibling's moistened crevice. Unlike Allison though, Lisa wasn't quite so repulsed, parting her legs a little more to give her brother easy access. With a slight murmur escaping from her lips as he felt her up, without hesitation this time, Bart then plunged a finger soaked with Lisa's equally valuable nectar into his mouth.

"Well, what's it like?" Lisa asked, eyeing him attentively.

"Heh, you taste different from Allison," Bart replied with a smirk.

Both girls blushed, neither of them sure if this was a good or a bad thing. Bart merely smiled at them, letting them know he didn't mind either way. A fact he made clear as he looked back and forth between the pair of them, still sucking fervently on a couple of his juice-covered fingers.


Chapter 4: 'Awakening'

Soon, no doubt eager to do more, Bart removed his fingers from his mouth and looked over at Allison again. "Hey, Allison! I'll carry on if you want, but can you lie down on the bed first?" he asked.

"Um yeah, okay," the equally enthusiastic girl agreed, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Allison was still eager to do more as well, despite what had happened earlier. "Like this?" the blushing brunette then asked as she lay back, parting her legs again. She had reason to blush as well because her pubic mound was clearly visible in all its glory to Bart now, who had knelt down in front of the bed to get a better look.

"Yeah, just like that," the boy said with a smile as he moved up right next to her. He was now just inches from Allison's sex, the mere presence of his face so close to that part of her body making her go all giggly.

"Oh come on, Bart! Don't stare so much," the young girl laughed, trying to cover her own embarrassment, not that she had anything to be embarrassed about. In short Allison was so pretty down below it even made Lisa stare. She had a perfectly smooth mound, no pubic hair yet to spoil the view, plus her outer lips were slightly puffed out from apparent arousal. Naturally though, Bart's gaze went straight to the center, to the dainty line running from top to bottom, a trickle of Allison's nectar seaping out from within.

Of course, it wasn't enough to merely look because Bart wanted to touch Allison's sex again, more than ever now. So, like he did before, he placed his hand against it causing the little virgin to quiver and moan softly as he began to once more stroke his fingers up and down her sensitive slit.

"Ooh, Bart!" Allison purred, reacting noticeably again to his attentions. Indeed, now that he could see much more clearly than before, this told Bart exactly what he needed to know too, that he was touching her in just the right places. Continuing to caress and fondle Allison down below, he marvelled at the sight of her small, soft lips as they parted at his touch, then came back together. With each passing moment, Bart became more daring, sliding his finger between them, more and more of Allison's slippery juice covered his digits as he did so, eliciting an even stronger reaction from her.

"Mmm! Yes!" the sexy brunette murmured, quivering all over and lightly kicking her feet. Although what had happened to Bart earlier when she had continued to rub him was still fresh in her mind, Allison still had no idea what was in store for her. She didn't care though. What he was doing felt good and she wanted more of it.

Bart meanwhile, continued tasting the juices on his fingers after each stroke through the soft folds of Allison's pussy. The taste excited him but much more noticeable now was the scent emanating from between her legs. It wasn't at all unpleasant, quite the contrary, it was driving Bart wild with desire, desire to do things he normally wouldn't even consider doing, and certainly not to a girl.

Naturally, both Lisa and Allison were watching him intently, especially Allison who couldn't understand why he was getting so close to her private place. "Erm, Bart..." she started to say.

Bart however, didn't acknowledge Allison's words. As he stared down at the glistening mound before him, an idea had suddenly come to him, like a light bulb had just been flicked on, something instinctive and one he couldn't get out of his head. Then, much to the young girl's horror, Bart suddenly moved his head down between her legs and touched his lips directly against her body, releasing them a second later.

"Eew!! Bart!" Allison cried. "Don't do that! It's dirty!" she chided, quite taken aback by what he had just done. Touching was one thing, but to want to kiss her there of all places. Lisa nodded disapprovingly as well, obviously thinking Bart had gone too far.

"Hey man, it seems pretty clean to me," Bart said with a cheeky grin, "and who says it's dirty! I don't think there's anything wrong with it, d'you? Not if it feels like the right thing to do," he added, echoing Allison's earlier words.

Both girls looked at one another, still not entirely convinced. Bart decided to choose a more direct approach to win them over. "Alright, did you like how it felt then?" he asked, smiling broadly.

Allison pondered for a moment and then much to Lisa's surprise bashfully nodded her head, admitting that she did. "Actually, it did feel kinda nice," she said, putting her hands to her mouth and blushing a fresh shade of red.

"Well, d'you want me to do it again?" Bart asked, still smiling, knowing full well what she was going to say.

Allison thought about this for a few more seconds, then answered, "Um yeah, alright. Just be gentle, okay? It's really sensitive down there now."

Bart nodded before hurriedly moving closer to her, Allison shivering as his head drew near her pubic area once more. She felt a tingle go up her spine at the sensation of his breath on her exposed femininity. However, this was nothing compared to what happened next. Ever so slowly, Bart moved his lips closer to those of Allison's love nest. Once he was close enough, he planted his mouth right onto her moist, virgin folds, holding it there. The young girl let out a gasp as Bart opened his mouth just a little and sucked lightly. Then, all at once, he removed his mouth again, licking his lips as he gazed at the awestruck look on her face.

"Aah! Aah!" Allison puffed as a renewed wave of intense sensation spread out from between her legs, not unlike when Bart had been touching her earlier but much stronger than anything she had experienced so far. Figuring he was on the right track, the enthusiastic boy put his mouth back against Allison's crevice and gave it a quick lick with his tongue, enjoying the taste of her sweet nectar again.

"Mmm! That's it, Bart! That's it!" she cooed, quivering at his touch. With her gasps rapidly changing to murmurs of pleasure, he gave one long slow lick from the bottom of her crack right up to the top causing the little virgin to shudder then moan loudly just at the instant Bart felt his tongue run over a slight protuberance.

"Oooh!! Bart!" Allison cried, so sexily even Lisa found herself getting turned on by it now, despite her reservations.

"Does it really feel that good?" she asked her friend.

"Ooh, it does! It does! Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, Bart!" Allison managed to say in between gasps of a passion she had never felt before.

Needing no further encouragement, Bart continued with long slow licks, his tongue tracing over Allison's engorged pussy lips making her shudder and writhe about on the sheets of his sister's bed. Then, anxious to savour even more of her sweet goodness, he gently placed his fingers on either side of her soft folds and slowly parted them. Underneath, Allison was equally as pretty, the pink interior veritably soaked now, fluid pouring out from a tightly closed opening near the bottom.

"Aah! Mmm!" Allison moaned, reacting even to the sensation of Bart's hot breath falling onto her much more sensitive inner parts.

Lisa watched intently as Bart continued to examine and play with Allison's genitalia. With each new sensation, soft moans escaping her friend's lips and her breathing becoming ever more erratic. She could also see the effect it was having on her brother as he was once again becoming fully erect. Lisa didn't know why, but seeing them going at it just looked so natural, with her earlier feelings of disgust melting away.

All this time, Bart was still admiring the incredible beauty before him. Allison's flower garden just looked so appetising and the scent was overpowering now. More than anything, he wanted to savour it, to savour her as deeply as he could. He still didn't know exactly what he was doing, but throwing caution to the wind, Bart pushed his finger against the sopping wet opening down below. Naturally, he was surprised when it initially quivered at his touch, then seemed to clamp onto his finger as it easily slipped inside, almost like it was gulping it down.

"Ooh, Bart! What are you doing? I can feel something going inside me!" Allison gasped, arching her back a little at the fresh sensation.

"Oh, does it hurt then?" Bart asked, pulling his finger out a little at her exclamation. "I'll stop if you want," he added quickly.

Surprisingly, it didn't, which had all three of them confused now. "What was this part of a girl's body for?" was undoubtedly a question on all their inquisitive, little minds at this point, particularly Allison who was actually in the middle of it all.

"No, it's not that. It was just a bit of a shock, that's all," she replied with a sigh. Evidentally, Allison liked what he was doing and she didn't want him to stop either, so Bart pushed his finger back in and wriggled it around inside, feeling the tightness of her vaginal muscles squeezing on his finger.

"Ow! Careful, Bart! That hurt a bit!" Allison cried suddenly, wincing as he pushed a little too hard too quickly.

"Sorry 'bout that," the boy said bashfully, carefully pulling his finger out of this curious opening she had. Bart marvelled at the line of fluid extending from Allison's pubic area to the end of his finger, which he then popped in his mouth yet again.

It was now that Bart noticed something else. The fact that something was protruding noticeably near the top of Allison's sex, where the soft outer lips of her pussy came together. After staring at the little nub for a few seconds, he slowly moved his fingers up a little, took the protruding part between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a light squeeze.

"Owww!!!" Allison squealed, slapping Bart's hand away. "What did you do that for!?"

Bart was stunned at her reaction. "Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you or anything," he said apologetically, a worried look on his face that he may have injured the young girl. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Allison had tears in her eyes now, to the point where even Lisa was concerned. "Bart! What have you done now?" she chided.

"Come on! All I did was gently pinch the thing near the top," Bart wailed. "Surely it can't be that sensitive!?"

"I don't know. It just felt so different from before, like ten times as strong!" Allison sniffed, placing a hand between her legs and feeling around the same area, trying to see if Bart had injured her in some way. The sensation had subsided, but as she drew near to the same area, she sucked in another sharp gasp of air. "Ooh!! I've never felt around this bit before, but it's really sensitive!" Allison moaned as she teased at the area, sliding her fingers around where Bart had pinched, but being extra careful not to directly touch the area in the center.

Lisa looked down at her own nether region, still a little worried, "Hmm, I don't know if I want to do something if it's going to hurt," she thought out loud.

"Oh, it doesn't hurt. Not exactly. It's just really sensitive. In fact, when I run my finger around it... Ooh! It makes me feel all giddy," Allison puffed, involuntarily raising her hips up and down. She then looked back over at Bart and said, "You can keep going if you want. It was starting to feel really good. Just be careful, especially around the top there."

"Um yeah, okay. How about I kiss it better," Bart said with a smile, glad that Allison was feeling better again. The young girl smiled back, putting a hand to her mouth, which was his cue to dive back between her legs and carry on where he had left off.

Being especially careful not to directly touch Allison's sensitive little bud then, Bart started off by deeply kissing her mound. Then, parting her lips once more, he began to lick and suck at the little virgin's glorious innards as the fresh nectar that was beginning to ooze out of her covered his mouth, an obvious indication she was becoming even more aroused.

"Ooh! Mmm! That's it, Bart! Right there!" Allison cooed, placing her hands on his head and fondling his spiky hair.

Lisa was also watching closely while Bart continued going down on her best friend. She didn't understand all of it yet, but she was feeling very strange, particularly between her legs. Almost in a trance, Lisa began fiddling with herself as well, clumsily running her fingers up and down her slippery crevice, gingerly sliding her fingers between her own lips. Remembering Allison's reaction earlier, she avoided the top of her pubic mound, instead dipping slightly into her vaginal opening. Sufficit to say, the tingling between her legs felt good, but evidently not as good as what Allison was feeling while her older brother continued his oral massage, much to Lisa's chagrin.

"Oooh! Ooooh!" Allison cried when Bart chose that exact moment to stick his tongue inside the tight opening of her vagina. With him much more aware of her responses now, he sucked hard at the entire area causing her to clamp her legs around him.

"Aah, Bart! Mmm, that feels so good!" the sexy brunette purred, absolutely loving the feeling of him supping hungrily on her engorged pussy, his tongue wriggling around inside her body. With Allison's ever increasing enthusiasm encouraging Bart all the more too, he began licking from her crack right up to her clitoris, carefully circling around it so as not to touch it directly. On account of this, the young girl once again arched her back and held onto her new found lover's head, although not hard enough to interrupt his actions while he slurped away at her special area.

"Aaagh!! Aaagh!!" Allison moaned loudly as the most amazing feeling she had ever felt began to well up within her. Each motion of Bart's tongue now was like an electric shock causing her to shiver and shake all over as he continue his oral massage.

Even Lisa was alarmed, not only for what was happening before her, but that her parents might hear all the noise they were making. "Um, Allison, not so loud!" she warned.

"Aah!! I'm sorry, I can't help it!! It just feels so gooood!!!" the highly aroused girl cried, her face now bursting with the most joyous expression Lisa had ever seen her with.

Meanwhile, it suddenly occurring to Bart that the same thing must be happening to Allison as what happened to him, With this realisation, he decided to go for broke and placed the flat of his tongue over her throbbing love button.

"Oooeeee!!!" Allison squealed, though not from pain rather from the burgeoning sensation between her legs. Something was about to give and there was nothing she could do to stop it. At Lisa's warning, the poor girl tried desperately hard not to moan at the top of her voice, holding her breath, but Allison's resolve finally cracked when Bart began wriggling his tongue across her now super-sensitive bud, sending her hurtling over the edge. As she felt an immense wave of pleasure taking over her entire body, the violently quivering beauty grabbed frantically for the pillow behind her.

"Mmmmmm!!! Mmmmmm!!!" came Allison's screams of insane delight, muffed by the pillow she had just got over her face in time, not seconds before the first shockwave of pleasure wracked her tiny frame. Down below, her love channel spasmed wildly, the intensity of her first real orgasm hitting hard. Much to Bart's initial surprise as well, Allison also involuntarily clamped her legs tightly around his head and began humping furiously at his face with her hips. However, the surprise turned to utter shock when a copius amount of fluid began spurting out of Allison's vagina, covering his face in her warm juices as she continued to moan loudly into the pillow, giving the impression it felt so good for the girl that it hurt.

This appeared to Bart to go on far longer than it did for him, but after what seemed like an eternity of body-shaking ecstasy, Allison finally began to slow down, her moans turning to short, sharp gasps as her hips humped less and less often at her would be lover's face. Eventually, she lay back on the bed, relaxing her grip on the boy's head, with him rapidly pulling away, gasping for air, his face covered in her nectar.

"Whoa! Now that... was intense!" Bart panted, his face still dripping from Allison's pussy juices, which even now he could still see trickling out from between her quivering outer lips. The girl herself was too dumbstruck to answer him, and she wasn't the only one because Lisa hadn't quite taken in what had just happened either.


Chapter 5: 'Long Night'

For a while, Allison could do little more than just lay there, flat on her back, panting heavily after having removed the pillow from her mouth. Sufficit to say though, she had a look of complete satisfaction across her face.

"You okay?" Bart asked with a smile, now sitting up on the bed next to the brunette, his own face still covered in her nectar.

Allison merely nodded to begin with, then smiled back at the boy who had just given her so much pleasure. "Yeah, I'm fine," she managed to say at last. "I've never felt anything like that before. We've got to try it again!" Then, with a smirk, Allison added cheekily, "Oh, and touche, Bart!"

Bart grinned at Allison's witty remark, not to mention her sudden enthusiasm so utterly different from the innocent little girl who had blushed bright red when she walked on him and his sister yesterday afternoon. "Well, at least I didn't get hit in the eye," he laughed, eliciting a further giggle from her, as if coming all over him was an everyday occurrence for them. Lisa however, let out a unhappy sigh while she sat on the bed behind the satiated pair, now feeling more than a little left out.

"Hey, what's the matter, Lis?" Bart asked, looking over at his sister who was staring blankly at the mattress in front of her.

"I suppose you're not going to want to do anything with me anymore, now that you've got Allison to play with!?" Lisa replied mournfully without looking up. The truth is she was feeling very frustrated now, visibly flushed even, her clumsy attempts at masturbation failing to alleviate the tension caused by their earlier antics.

"Don't be stupid! Of course I still want to do stuff with you," Bart said, moving a little closer to his younger sibling. "I never meant to leave you out. I just kinda got caught up with what I was doing with Allison," he continued. Then, feeling a little sorry for her, Bart put his hand on Lisa's leg and added, "I think she needs a break. If you want, I'd really like to do you now?"

Lisa looked all doe-eyed at her brother, with him looking back reassuringly at her sad expression. "Oh yes, Bart. I would! I still feel so strange from watching you two do that, you know," she replied anxiously to him. In truth, Lisa had been feeling rather ambivalent over the oral bit, tired of being left out and wanting to join in the fun, but at the same time, finding it hard to overcome her embarrassment to do so.

Unsurprisingly then, after a few more moments of Bart and Lisa staring lovingly at each other, you could cut the emotion between them with a knife. Not that anyone would have had much time to do so because moments later they embraced with Lisa pecking Bart affectionately on the cheek, like it was something they had practiced many times before.

"Oh come on, you two! Now that really weirds me out," Allison laughed, which was ironic after what she had just done herself, though she was obviously fooling with them.

Lisa looked over at Allison for a second, still hugging her older sibling, smiled, then closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of his body. This went on for several minutes before she finally moved away and said with a giggle, "Wow! I never thought I'd be doing something like this with my own brother!"

"Okay, lie down then and I'll do the same to you as I did to Allison," Bart suggested, winking at the younger girl still lying contentedly on the other side of the bed. Allison naturally winked back, her legs fully splayed open, it not bothering her in the least anymore that both of them could see everything down below.

"Um, okay," Lisa said with a coy smile as she lay back on the pillow Allison thoughtfully moved up the bed for her. Her heart thumping excitedly in her chest, Lisa then parted her legs, awaiting the pleasure that was hopefully about to ensue. As soon as she did so, Bart could see his sister's pubic mound was still glistening with copious amounts of juice from her earlier attempts to satisfy herself.

"Whoa man! You're even wetter than Allison was," Bart exclaimed, Lisa blushing a little at his words. She didn't say anything though, because the truth was, her pussy was throbbing so bad now she just wanted him to do whatever it took to relieve the serious tension that had built up there.

"You're gonna love this!" Allison said to Lisa with a grin while her brother moved between her legs, the mere sensation of his breath on her outer lips sending a shiver of delight up her spine.

"Oh Bart, hurry up!" Lisa cried suddenly, unable to stand the suspense any longer. All her earlier inhibitions seemed to have disappeared with her no longer caring how disgusting it had seemed before. Lisa wanted relief and she wanted it now, more than anything in the world, and she wanted Bart to be the one to do it for her. He obviously understood her need though, from his time spent with Allison, because after a nod and smile in her direction, Bart looked down again and plunged into his target.

"Nnggghh!! Uuggghh!!" Lisa groaned loudly, her eyes watering as Bart's mouth came in contact with her sex for the first time. Not wanting to be mean, he wasted no time in getting to work on her, his tongue licking hungrily at her soft vaginal lips. Barely giving his younger sibling a chance to get used to the new sensations, Bart then pulled them apart, moments later diving into the sweet center causing Lisa to arch her back and grip the sheets for leverage, pumping her hips into his face.

"Oh yes, Bart! Yes!!" Lisa cried, now drooling uncontrollably as a glorious sensation spread out from between her legs, the kind she had never felt before. Even Allison was amazed at how strongly she was reacting to her brother's attentions. Bart himself was more surprised at the amount of fluid that was now practically flowing from his little sister's honey pot, even more so than Allison who had been pretty wet herself.

"Oooh! More, Bart!" Lisa moaned while Bart continued to suck and lick at her sensitive inner core, savouring and then swallowing the river of sweet nectar she was producing. Then, remembering how much Allison had enjoyed it when he licked around the top of her crevice, Bart moved his attentions upward, replacing his tongue in Lisa's tight vagina below with first one, then two of his fingers as he did so.

"Aah! Aah!" Lisa gasped, her body quivering lightly beneath her brother at the fresh sensation of having her bud teased. However, her reaction wasn't quite as intense as Allison's had been, something Bart wouldn't forget in a hurry, seeing as she had slapped him for being too rough with her at first.

"Mmm! Oh yes, Bart! Put them in deeper!" Lisa cooed as the boy pumped his fingers in and out of her dripping hole, all the while licking her clitoris up and down. Each time he did so, his little sister's powerful pussy muscles involuntarily clamped down on him, almost as if they were enjoying the sensation too.

"Man! I need some relief," Bart suddenly thought to himself. Down below, his now rigid tool ached to be touched again by one or even both of them. This thought, combined with Lisa's continual pleas for more, brought a new idea into his head. Gently sliding his fingers out of her love channel, he stood up, taking his throbbing member in one hand, inadvertently smearing it with her slippery juices. Becoming more and more turned on himself by the sight of Lisa's dripping, quivering flower right there in front of his eyes, Bart gently stroked the sensitive tip. Added to that, the more he looked at it, the more he thought there wasn't that much difference between his thing and a couple of his fingers, something he then put to the two girls.

"Hey Lis! Um, would it be alright if I... put my thing inside yours?" Bart asked a little nervously, not sure how his sister would respond to such a question. Contrary to his expectations though, it was Allison who jumped at his suggestion.

"What! Put that huge thing inside Lisa? You serious!?" the brunette exclaimed, looking at just how big Bart was compared to her friend's tiny opening. In fact, to her, it seemed even bigger than before, far too big to get in surely.

"Come on! It's not that big!" Bart retorted, placing it up against Lisa's sopping, wet crevice and beginning to rub himself up against her, stimulating the pair of them. "About the same as two of my fingers in thickness really," he added.

"Yeah, but it's a lot longer than your fingers," Allison said, her eyes locked on the older boy's pole, thinking she probably wouldn't want it all the way inside her.

"Who cares! Just do something!" Lisa snapped, clearly getting very frustrated at being teased instead of seriously attended to.

"Heh, well if you say so, sis," Bart said with a grin as he pushed the tip of his rigid member against the opening of his younger sibling's vagina, parting her outer lips in the process. Allison looking on in alarm. "Alright! I won't push it in too far, I promise," he added, noticing her disapproving expression.

With that, Bart gently eased past Lisa's inner lips and into the wonderous depths that lay beneath, his stomach clenching as the warmth and wetness of her pussy surrounded the head of his rod. "Oh man!" he puffed, thoroughly enjoying the sensation of his sister's love tunnel twitching subtlely while he pushed himself further and further into her. Understandably, Lisa was tight, but so slick from all the juice flowing out of her, Bart seemed to be having little trouble entering her, much to everyone's surprise.

"Oooh!! That feels so goood!!!" Lisa moaned loudly as her brother's rock hard member penetrated her for the first time. She too was so turned on, she felt little pain, although even that was obscured entirely by the most amazing pleasure when the head of Bart's penis brushed past the sensitive front wall of her vagina.

All this time, Allison was watching them carefully, still worried that he was going to end up hurting his little sister doing what he was doing. Bart was more than aware of this though, and once his burgeoning erection was about halfway inside, he stopped and just held it there. He was really enjoying the pleasant squeezing sensation of Lisa's hot muscular walls clamped tightly around his rigid shaft, but in truth, not entirely sure as to what to do next.

"Ooh, Bart! Don't stop! It feels so nice you being inside me," Lisa gasped, raising her hips up slightly in an attempt to draw him in further.

Allison couldn't believe her ears. "Eh!? Lisa, what are you saying?" she exclaimed, still finding it hard to believe how far Bart was inside her friend already. Bart didn't need any further encouragement however. Seeing that Lisa clearly wasn't suffering any distress, he slowly withdrew from her, then immediately pushed back into her again, deeper this time, causing another moan to escape from his sister's lips.

"Oooh, Bart!!" Lisa cried, thrusting her hips up even higher to meet his. Despite how deep he was moving into her now, she seemed to be enjoying it more and more, not to mention the pleasure it was giving Bart himself. Each time he pulled out and then thrusted back into Lisa's hungry pussy, he went deeper and deeper, until the entire length of his shaft had been swallowed up all the way inside her body, his tummy bumping up against her pubic area.

Allison couldn't believe her eyes now, the fact that Bart had his entire penis inside his little sister. "How on Earth can it all fit inside!?" she kept thinking to herself over and over. "That great, big, long thing reaching right up into her tummy!? Yet not seeming to cause her any pain at all!? I just don't get it!?" she said in her mind before making her thoughts known to the others.

"Um, Lisa?" Allison said slowly. "Doesn't that hurt, that big thing going all the way up inside you!?" she asked, although it was obvious from the sexy noises her friend was making now that she was loving every minute of it.

"No, it's fantastic! You've got to try this, Allison!" Lisa puffed as Bart began to steadily and instinctively motion his hips, his stiff rod resembling a piston moving in and out of her very well lubricated love tunnel, making an unbelievably erotic sound in the process. Allison still had her doubts, but as Bart began pumping more and more rhymically, these were quickly dispelled. Not only that, but Lisa was clearly enjoying it more and more as her moans grew ever louder. With each instroke, she pushed her hips up to meet her brother's movements, his thrusts gaining more and more ferocity.

"Um, Bart! Lisa! You guys might want to keep it down a bit. We don't want to wake your parents," Allison warned as the moans of the two young lovers grew all the more intense.

"Ooh, I can't help it! It feels so good!" Lisa moaned as Bart pumped her with everything he had, sweat pouring off the both of them.

"Here, use this!" Allison said, quickly offering her friend a pillow.

"Aaagh!! No, I've got a better idea!" Lisa grunted before throwing her arms around Bart's neck and locking her mouth on his. With an almost animal-like lust, she kissed him passionately, their moans now muffled by each other's mouths. Down below, she had also twined her legs around his back, forcing him deeper into her. Every time he thrusted back into her, his pubic area mashed against hers, flattening her throbbing love button, sending her closer and closer to the ecstasy she so needed to experience.

Suddenly, Lisa removed her lips from her brother's momentarily to moan in his ear, "Oh Bart! I can feel something happening! Aaagghhh!! It feels so goood!!!" she cried. Indeed, down below, Lisa could feel the most intense feeling welling up deep within her, something Allison had already experienced and was glad to finally see happen to her friend as well. As Lisa's face contorted at the ecstasy of an impending orgasm, the younger girl smiled, knowing just how much she had enjoyed those intense feelings herself a short while ago.

Bart could feel it too, the fact that Lisa was getting tighter and tighter around him as he continued to rapidly thrust in and out of her, his own climax now just seconds away. "Nnggghh!! Me too, sis!" he cried pitifully. "Oh man, does this feel good! I don't think I can hold on much longeaaaaggghhhh!!!" he managed to blurt out, shortly before his expression rapidly changed to a grimace, brought about by the most amazing sensation exploding from deep within. Only partly aware of what was going on around him through the haze of pleasure rocketing through his body for the second time that night, Bart held onto Lisa for dear life. With his hips thrashing away like they had a mind of their own, he gritted his teeth as his balls tightened and fresh semen burst from the end of his violently twitching member, hurtling its way deep into his little sister's womb.

"Ooooh!! Baaaart!!!" Lisa screamed, her own expression hurriedly changing to a similar strained expression as she held her breath at the immense feeling overtaking her senses. Naturally, feeling that first shot of hot boy juice explode inside her, she was sent straight over the edge as well, her entire being finally being smashed by the intensity of orgasm. With her whole body rocked by the most delicious pleasure she had ever felt in her short life, Lisa arched her back and bucked her hips furiously back at her brother, forcing his spurting tool deeper inside herself. Like it had a will of its own, her rapidly contracting love channel milked him for all his worth, hungrily devouring Bart's seething passion as he continued to empty himself into her.

For what seemed like an eternity to them, but probably only a brief time for Allison who was still gazing on in awe at the scene before her, the siblings humped each other like a pair of rabbits in heat. Bart, still holding his breath, an almost pained expression on his face as he went on shooting his hot seed deep into his sister's womb, savouring every last ripple of her wonderful love tunnel while she went down on him again and again. Lisa, her eyes closed and her mouth open, shaking violently all over beneath him as she continuing to catch each splash of her brother's passion, savouring every last thrust of his rod of iron while it continuously nudged up against her insides.

Eventually though, Bart began to slow his thrusts, with Lisa following suit soon after. As the intensity of orgasm passed for the pair of them, they both stopped thrusting altogether, Bart collapsing on top of Lisa, his boyhood still buried inside her. With the pair of them panting heavily, it quickly became apparent just how hard they had both climaxed as they could do little more than lie there, almost in a daze, still reeling from the reverberations of a level of pleasure they had never felt before. Both of them were totally exhausted, but nonetheless very satisfied.

Allison herself was nothing short of gobsmacked at what she had just witnessed. The image of Bart's huge penis going in and out of Lisa was one thing, but the way they had both gone completely mad at the end was something else entirely.

"Wow! You guys must really have enjoyed that!" was all she could think to say at that particular moment. Unsurprisingly, both Bart and Lisa agreed, smiling weakly and nodding in her direction.

Then, now completely spent, a very happy and contented Bart rolled off a equally happy and contented Lisa, his limp tool slipping hurriedly out of her body and from between her legs, covered in a mixture of their incestuous juices. This fact didn't seem to bother either of them though, nor Allison who found herself staring at it, wondering what it would feel like to have it going in and out of her next. In fact, she couldn't help but feel a little turned on at the satisfied girl lying beside her as well, Bart's boy juice now leaking steadily out of her love hole.

After a few more moments of silence, without thinking, Allison leaned over and gave Lisa a kiss full on the lips. Lisa was a little shocked at first, but didn't protest, rather she just kissed her friend back, enjoying the feeling of the younger girl's lips against her own. Evidentally, she still wanted more.

Bart, trying to recover from the serious draining his little sister had just giving him, couldn't believe his eyes. "Heh, haven't you too had enough?" he laughed, still a bit on the weak side himself.

Breaking their kiss, both girls stared provocatively back at him. Unbelievably, even Lisa had apparently recovered a bit now, but more to the point, the shy, little Allison had awoken at last.

"Oh Bart, I don't think you're going to get any sleep tonight," she grinned, moving up behind him and placing her arms around his neck. For sure, it was going to be a long and very memorable night, for all of them.

The End

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