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Disclaimer: I do not own The Simpsons, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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First real Simpsons fic; you don’t have to be gentle, I don’t care. This is slash, so don’t bitch to me that you weren’t warned or anything. I’m doing my best at the horror element, so this could be either good or bad, that’s really for you to decide.
I’m also sorry for the lame title.

Disclaimer- I do not own the Simpson or its characters, nor am I making any money off of this or them.

Warnings- Slash, and later will include rape, violence, gore, and death.


Milhouse stared past his blue bangs through the glass of the car’s passenger side window. The scenery that hurriedly passed by was nothing special, just that of old neighborhoods, children playing outside, and other cars zooming by.

He may not have looked like it on the outside, but inside, Milhouse was practically bouncing off the walls of his mind. Bart was taking him to their new house a few miles on the outskirts of Springfield. Milhouse hadn’t seen it yet; Bart had gone to the house a few weeks before and picked it out himself as a surprise for his lover. The two had previously been living in a small apartment in the middle of the city. Their jobs, a bookstore employee (Milhouse) and an up-and-coming musician (Bart), had started bringing in good money, enough for them to finally get a bigger, better place. At twenty years old, this was pretty good for them.

He lifted his head off of his bent wrist to take a quick look between their collected luggage in the backseats and Bart at the wheel in front. He gave the briefest of smiles and turned his glance back to his reflection back in the window.

His long blue bangs hung off to one side of his face, covering a flashing blue eye, while the other was exposed behind thick-rimmed red glasses. His eyes were thickly covered in eyeliner, which stood out against his pale skin. He was like what people would call the clichéd definition of an emo kid.

Bart squinted at the road ahead as he leaned back against his seat. The wind coming through his open window billowed the blonde hairs on his arm and head. He steered easily with one hand while the other tapped on the red-painted metal of the car door. He stole a quick glance at himself in the rearview mirror. His blonde, spiky hair spilled messily around his head and in his bright blue eyes. A wide, cocky grin was spread across his face. He lazily nodded his head to the beat of the music that blared through the speakers.

The car rounded a corner of the street and drove a little ways before it pulled into a large driveway and made a complete stop. Milhouse, as eager as he’d been since he’d first been told they were getting a new house, practically ripped his seatbelt off and threw open the car door, hopping outside. He stood still as he stared with wide eyes in amazement at the large, dark house.

“You like it?” Bart asked, stepping up beside him.

Milhouse’s lips quivered as he sputtered out an answer, never taking his eyes off of the building. “I…I love it…”

Bart shrugged, his grin growing wider, as he brought a hand up to rest on his lover’s shoulder. “I thought you would. I tried to find one that looked like somethin’ outta the Addams Family, you know, to suit your interests? Hope this works.”

“Oh God Bart, this more than works.” Milhouse said, as he ran to the front door, Bart following close behind. As Bart climbed up the three creaky steps, he fished a key out of his pocket and began to fiddle with the lock, Milhouse almost bouncing up and down on his heels beside him.

Finally, the lock clicked and Bart twisted the knob, pushing the door open. He let Milhouse in first and closed the door behind himself. They stepped into the center of the entryway and looked around them, the blue-haired boy’s mouth agape in wonder. He smiled broadly when he saw the spiral staircase and then ran to it. He slid a hand slowly up and down the smooth railing, a glazed look of pleasure in his eyes.

“I’ve always wanted one of these…a swirling staircase like this.” He whispered. Bart walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy’s waist. He rested his chin on top of the other boy’s head. He breathed in his scent as he murmured, “Well, now you finally got one.”

Bart could feel Milhouse sigh contently against him. Milhouse turned around in Bart’s arms and faced him. He leaned upwards a little and their lips met in a quick, loving kiss. Milhouse sighed again and he laid his head down against Bart’s shoulder.

Something upstairs creaked heavily and the both looked up and then back down at each other.

“Huh, wonder what that was.” Bart said, shrugging, that devil grin still splayed across his face.


Very short chapter, I know, but if you wish, I will continue. Hope you like. Reviews will be much loved and appreciated!


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