The Realisation

BY : Twisted_Odin
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The Realisation

By Twisted Odin
Proofreading by SasaMisa

Lisa sat at her desk, writing in her diary.

Dear diary,

'I can't believe I'm saying this, and I know I shouldn't feel this way about my brother, but I can't help it, I can't lie to myself any longer: I think I've fallen for him, I've fallen in love with Bart!'

'The first time I felt something different, was when I was doing gymnastics with Tina and Carrie, and they asked me if there were any cute boys living at my house. I almost said Bart, and at first I dismissed it as a slip of the tongue... but ever since we became best friends, he's shown a side of himself I haven't seen before. These feelings have been getting stronger, and I no longer love him just as my brother, but as someone who I want as my lover... but I don't know if I can tell him. I know Bart loves me, but if he doesn't feel the same way about me as I do about him, and I tell him, it could destroy the relationship we have now, or worse yet, he might stop loving me altogether.'

'I don't know what I should do, but I don't think I can tell him how I feel just yet. I'll take my time, and watch him more closely. If I see that maybe he could feel the same way as I do, then I will tell him.'

Over the next few weeks, Lisa watched her brother intently for a look, a gesture - something he wouldn't normally say or do, any sign that he might have feelings for her, but he did nothing that might suggest that he did. It was almost painful to be so close to the person she wanted, and not be able to have him. However, it still made her happy when he smiled at her: his touch made her feel warm, and she would take every opportunity to give him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

A month later and Lisa's feelings for Bart where stronger than ever. One night, after Homer and Marge had gone to bed, the pair of them stayed up watching TV. Lisa smiled across the couch at Bart as they watched. It didn't matter what was on: she was just enjoying his company.

"I'm kinda tired. I'm gonna go to bed... Night, Lis," Bart said, as he got off the couch, and walked towards the stairs.

"Oh, okay! Good night, Bart," Lisa replied, a little disappointed.

Lisa sat on the couch by herself for about five more minutes, before deciding to go to bed as well. As she climbed the stairs, and walked down the hall, she noticed that Bart's light was still on. His door was still open a little too, and she decided to peek inside. To her surprise, there he was, in the middle of changing - and completely naked. It had been a long time since she had seen her brother without anything on, and even though it wasn't anything she hadn't seen before, she couldn't look away.

"Hmmm, Bart's grown since I last saw him naked," Lisa thought to herself, as she watched her brother change.

As Bart pulled his pajama bottoms up, Lisa slowly tiptoed back across the hall to her room, changed into her nightie, and got into bed.

An hour later, Lisa lay awake, thoughts of her brother still in her mind. Lately she had been having trouble getting to sleep, her unsatisfied desire for her brother had been keeping her up - and tonight was no exception. As she lay awake, thoughts of Bart kept coming into her mind. A smile crossed her lips, as she pictured him naked, sitting at the foot of her bed.

As Lisa continued thinking about Bart's naked body, she slowly moved her hand between her legs, and began gently rubbing her pussy through her nightie. She sighed softly, as continued to rub herself.

"Bart's even cuter when he's naked," she thought... "I wonder what his penis looks like when it's erect."

Lisa pulled up her nightie, then put her hand in her panties, as she began to imagine Bart walking over to her from the foot of the bed, his erection sticking out in front of him. She had never seen a penis erect before, but she knew that they got bigger and stood up.

With the thought of Bart standing naked in front of her, Lisa began slowly rubbing her pussy up and down.

"Oh, Bart!" she sighed, as she slipped her middle finger inside herself. Then, Lisa slowly dragged her finger in and out, as she imagined herself making out with her brother, his hands touching her, making her feel good.

After what seemed like hours, and as good as it felt, Lisa still couldn't make herself climax. Something was missing, and she knew exactly what it was.

"I can't take it any longer," Lisa thought to herself... "I have to find out if Bart feels the same way about me, as I do about him."

Lisa carefully slid off her panties, pulled her nightie down, and slipped out of bed. Then, as quietly as she could, she opened her door, tiptoed across the hallway, and entered Bart's room. Her stomach was full of butterflies, as she walked over to his bed and looked down at him. He looked so peaceful she wasn't sure that she wanted to wake him, but she had to find out how he felt.

"Bart! Bart!" Lisa whispered, as she shakily tapped him on the shoulder.

"Wh, what! Oh, it's you, Lis. What's wrong?" Bart said, as he looked up at his sister through glazed eyes.

"Er, um, Bart?" she didn't quite know what to say... "Um, I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?"

"No!" he replied, seemingly annoyed.

"Pleeeese... I'll give you my dessert tonight," she offered.

"Climb aboard," Bart mumbled, as he slid the covers back, rolling over to one side.

"Thanks Bart," Lisa whispered, as she lay down next to Bart, pulling the covers over them.

As Bart's breathing settled, trying not to wake him, Lisa slowly rolled onto her side facing Bart, and gently wrapped an arm around his waist, pressing herself against his back. Cuddling up against him, feeling his warmth, it felt nice to be so close to him.

Then, Lisa moved her hand down to Bart's tummy, and began to rub lightly.

"Mmm, this is nice... but it would be even nicer if Bart was touching me," she thought, "Maybe if I..." Lisa smiled, as she got an idea.

Being careful not to wake him, Lisa began to ease Bart over onto his back. She smiled down at him, and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.

"He's so cute," Lisa mused.

"Now this might be a little trickier..."

Lisa then pulled Bart over onto his other side, facing her. As he rested on his side, he stirred, then put his left arm around her, and pulled her against him. Frozen and a little flushed, she stared wide eyed at him, his face inches from hers, and his breath tickling her nose.

After a few minutes without moving though, Lisa began to relax a little.

"Good, he's still asleep. Now if I can just..."

With this, Lisa moved back a little, lifted up Bart's arm, and rolled over onto her other side. Then, while pressing up against him, wrapped his arm back around her, his warmth and his breath on the back of her neck giving her goose bumps.

Lisa smiled a little cheekily, at the thought of what she was going to do next. Nethertheless, she took Bart's hand in her own, guided it down between her legs, and began gently rubbing her pussy with his fingers, through her nightie. Lisa closed her eyes, as she continued pleasuring herself with his fingers.

Suddenly, Lisa's eyes flung open, as Bart's hand began fondling her pussy.

"Oh my God! He's rubbing me himself!! Has he woken up!?" she wondered.

"Um, Bart! Are you awake?" she whispered.

"Nothing! He must be dreaming," she concluded.

Then Lisa's eyes widened, as she felt something poking her in the butt.

"Is that what I think it is!? Oh my God! He has an erection!!"

Her body tingled, as Bart fondled her nether region.

"Mmm! Oh, this feels so good," she moaned softly.

"Hmm, I wonder who he's thinking about," Lisa thought to herself, just as Bart mumbled, "Mmm! Oh, Lis! You're so hot!"

"What!" she exclaimed, then covered her mouth, but not before waking him up.

"huh! Wha, waaaa!!" Bart yelped, as he realised where his hand was.

"Lisa... Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I, I didn't mean to... I, I..." he spluttered, quickly pulling his hand away.

"Bart, I..." Lisa started to say, before being interrupted.

"I didn't know! I, I, Oh, Lis... I'm sorry!"

"Bart, no. It's alright," she said, trying to calm him down.

"No! It's not alright! I'm not supposed to think about my sister like that!"

Bart began to shake tears, forming in his eyes.

"Please don't hate me," he stuttered, turning his head away from his sister.

"Oh Bart" Lisa cried, as she flung her arms around his neck, pressing her lips hard against his.

Bart froze in shock, his eyes wide open, as Lisa kissed him hard on the lips. After a few seconds however, he closed his eyes, gently wrapped his arms around her, and began kissing her back. Then, he lay back down on the bed, holding his sister tight, soft moans escaping her mouth, as they kissed passionately. Next, he moved his right hand to the back of her neck, as he began to pry her lips open with his own.

Lisa moaned into Bart's mouth, as they shared their first open mouth kiss. His confidence growing, Bart began slowly sliding his tongue into his sister's mouth, touching hers with his own, then pulling it away, testing her reaction. She didn't know quite how to react at first, it felt a little strange, but she kind of liked it.
Deciding that she wanted more, Lisa opened her mouth a little wider, licked Bart's tongue then pulled hers back in her mouth, coaxing Bart's tongue back with it. Not needing further encouragement, he pushed his tongue back in, licked her tongue as far back as he could, then up to the tip, this time leaving his tongue in her mouth just a little, so he could play with hers.

Lisa was a little taken back by this, but she by no means objected to it - in fact she was enjoying it, the feel of her brother's tongue rubbing against her own, was quite exhilarating.
But if you had told her a just few months ago that Bart would be putting his tongue in her mouth she would have thought it the most disgusting thing she had ever heard.

Bart closed his lips around the tip of her tongue, sucked lightly, as she wiggled it just a little then, opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around hers. Lisa then did the same to her brother, sucking on his tongue, then wrapping her lips back around his.

Bart was thoroughly enjoying his sister's mouth: the taste of her saliva; the texture of her tongue; the little moans that would escape her mouth ever so often, as their tongues played across each other.

Eventually, Bart let his left hand slowly drift down to Lisa's butt, giving it a gentle squeeze, then opened his eyes, as he realised something. Removing his lips from his sister's, just for a second, to whisper in her ear.

"Hey, Lis! You're not wearing any underwear."

Lisa giggled, kissed Bart on the lips, then whispered back, "I know."

Smiling seductively, Lisa pulled her nightie up, so that it was just above her butt, straddled Bart's waist, then resumed kissing him. At the same time, he brought both hands down, and began running his fingers over the curves of her butt. Sliding his hands down to the back of her thighs, he ran his fingers down between her legs, then back up over her butt, letting his finger slide between her crack, each hand coming to a stop, cupping a cheek.

Lisa held her brother tight, stuck her tongue deep into his mouth, and moaned as he squeezed her bottom with both hands. Bart was really enjoying her butt: it felt so good in his hands, the smooth skin and firmness of each cheek, as he squeezed, separated, then let them bounce back into place.

"Hey, Lis! Let's take all our clothes off?" Bart groaned, as Lisa's now uncovered pussy rubbed against his confined cock.

"Okay," she said, rolling off her brother.

Then, without further ado, Lisa pulled her nightie up over her head, and dropped it to the floor. Bart just stared in awe, at the mouth watering sight that lay beside him, Lisa now completely naked, gazing across at him through half open eyes, with the cutest little smile on her face, while softly rubbing her left nipple.

"Your turn!" she whispered, pulling him from his trance.

"Oh yeah, right!" Bart answered, then pulled his top over his head, and threw it to one side.

Lisa's eyes locked on the bulge in Bart's pyjamas, as he put his thumbs under the waistband of his underwear, and began to slide his pants down. Her smile widened even more, as he pulled his pants down to his knees, his penis springing from the confines of his underwear. In any case, he brought his knees up, slid his pants the rest of the way off, and dropped them to the floor.

Now both completely naked, Bart and Lisa just Lay there, admiring each others bodies, until Bart decided to make the first move. Rolling on top of his sister, he stuck his tongue back in her mouth, while gently rubbing her hips and thighs. However, it was now his turn to moan, as she took hold of his cock, and began massaging it with her hand.

Bart's breathing deepened, as Lisa pumped her hand up and down the full length of his shaft. Naturally, her excitement was growing, and as she played with her brother's cock, it felt nice in her hand, not least because she could see the pleasure that it was giving Bart.

"Um, you'd better stop! I don't want to finish in your hand!" Bart said, as he pulled his sister's hand from his throbbing erection.

He then took her other hand, and brought them up above her head.

"Could you keep them up here for a while?" Bart asked, before he wrapped his lips back around Lisa's mouth.

When Bart let go of Lisa's hands, she kept them there as he asked. Then, slowly, he ran his hands down her sides, over her hips, and as far down her thighs as he could, without removing his mouth from hers.

After Bart repeated this a few times, as he got to her hips, he stopped, and began rubbing in circles with his thumbs just below her belly. He then ran his hands over the smooth skin of her stomach, up to her chest, and cupped her undeveloped breasts.

"Mmm, dat ees nice," Lisa tried to say through Bart's mouth, as he rubbed her nipples with his thumbs.

Bart gently pinched Lisa's nipples, one after the other, as she cooed softly, enjoying the pleasure her brother was giving her. While still rubbing and pinching her left nipple, he slowly slid his other hand down her body, till it rested just above her pussy. Staring deep into his sister's eyes, his mouth still locked on hers, he then began to slowly slide his fingers from the bottom of her crack, up her pussy lips, to the top of her mound, then back down again.

Slowly but surely, Bart's fingers traced the contours of Lisa pussy, lightly playing across the lips, sending a shiver up her spine. She moaned softly as he gently slid his middle finger into her warm, moist pussy. Then, with his entire finger buried inside her, Bart began to slowly pump it in and out, all the time, rubbing her lips with his index and pinky fingers.

Lisa started to bring her hands, down but Bart stopped her, whispering in her ear.

"Not yet!"

Then he pushed her hands back up with his free one.

"Ohhh, but it feels so good!" Lisa said, now slowly pushing her hips up to meet Bart's finger.

With his left hand groping her pussy, and his right playing with her nipples, Bart began to kiss and suck on Lisa's neck, sending another jolt of pleasure through her body. She moaned loudly, as he began gently nibbling on her earlobe.

"Shhh!" Bart whispered in her ear, "We don't want to wake Mom and Dad."

"Oops!" Lisa said, with a sheepish grin on her face.

Bart began to drag his lips down Lisa's neck, over her collar bone, and down to her left nipple. He then began running his tongue over the nipple, licking it a few times, biting it softly, then sucking it in his mouth.

Lisa rolled her head from side to side, as her Brother pumped his finger in and out of her pussy and sucked on her nipples, every so often changing sides.

"Ohhh! This feels so much better than when I do it," Lisa thought, as she fought to stay quiet.

Bart pumped his finger a few more times, then pulled it out of her soaking wet snatch, his finger now covered in his sister's juices.

"Oh, Bart! Don't sto..." Lisa began to say, but Bart stopped her, flashed her a cheeky grin, then stuck the wet finger in his mouth.

"Eeww, Bart! That was in my vagina!" she giggled.

Pulling the finger from his mouth, he whispered, "Where do you think I'm going to put my mouth next?" then instantly began kissing down her stomach.

Further and further down he went, running his lips along Lisa's smooth skin until he got just above where her clit was now noticeably poking out, then he stopped. Then, placing a hand on each knee Bart pushed his sisters legs further apart, and moved his mouth over her pussy. As you would expect, her eyes were now firmly locked on his face, as she anxiously awaited the pleasure she was about to receive.

Suddenly, Lisa let out a gasp, as she felt Bart's wet tongue come in contact with her extremely sensitive pussy for the first time. Taking a single long lick, from just above her crack all the way up to her clit, he then removed his tongue. Lisa held her breath, as she waited for Bart to continue. She wasn't disappointed, because he then kissed her pussy lightly, followed by two more long licks, this time not removing his lips from her pussy whatsoever.

Lisa lay there shivering, as Bart began lapping at her vagina, licking it over and over again. Soon, she removed her arms from above her head, and gripped the sheets at her sides, as he locked his mouth around her pussy, and began sucking harder and harder. In fact, as Bart slid his tongue inside her pussy, and began wriggling it around, she couldn't help whimpering - it was just so hard not to make noise, when her brother was making her feel so good.

Bart looked up at sister, as he happily ate her snatch, sucking and licking at it, enjoying the taste of her juices. This caused Lisa to thrust her hips into Bart's face, squealing, as he slid his tongue across her clit.

At this, Bart stopped to check on his sister.

"Lis, you okay!?"

Lisa just smiled and nodded, then pushed her brother's face back between her legs. Bart immediately went back to attacking her clit with his tongue. Finding it too hard to control herself, Lisa grabbed the pillow from behind her head, and used it to stifle her moans.

Continuing to moan into the pillow, she thrusted her hips into Bart's face, as he flicked his tongue over and over her clit. Then, he moved his hands up, and began pinching her now rock hard nipples. Finally, he put his whole mouth around his sister's clit, and hummed into it, the vibrations sending her right over the edge.

"Oooohhh Goooooood!!!" Lisa screamed into the pillow, as the most intense orgasm of her life hit her like an out of control freight train.

Thrusting furiously at his face, Lisa clapped her legs around Bart's head, his mouth filling with her sweet juices, as they burst forth from her quivering pussy. For a few brief moments, Lisa was in heaven, her mind ablank, as the most amazing feeling flowed through her young body.

Then, as Lisa's orgasm subsided, she relaxed her hips, removed the pillow from her face, breathing deeply. She looked down at Bart through half-open eyes: he was still between her legs, smiling up at her, his face covered in her nectar.

Soon though, after wiping Lisa's juices from his face, Bart crawled back up from between her legs. Kneeling above her, he leaned down with his now rock-hard penis in his hand, readying himself to take his sister.

"Bart, wait!" Lisa said, just as he placed his penis at the opening of her still dripping, wet vagina.

"What's wrong? You don't want to!?" Bart asked, a little puzzled.

"I've never wanted anything more in my life, but..." she replied.

"So, what's wrong?"

"Well, I..." Lisa started, as she moved closer to Bart's face, "I want to, but not here. For our first time, I don't want to hold back."

"Whaaat!?" Bart asked with an even more puzzled look on his face.

Lisa looked into Bart's eyes and said, "I don't want to be quiet: I want to scream your name as you sex me."

Hearing those words from his sister made Bart's jaw drop. It was the single sexiest thing he had ever heard.

"But since you made me feel so nice, I'm going to have to give you a special reward," Lisa said, sliding her hand down to caress Bart's cock.

Whereupon Lisa kissed Bart on the lips, then pushed him on to his back, giggling.

"Now it's your turn!"

So, while rubbing Bart's cock, Lisa moved down his body, till her head was in line with it, then she began licking his balls, all the while jacking him off. Bart simply lay his head back, and closed his eyes, enjoying the moment, as his sister continued to fondled his cock and balls.

Becoming a bit more daring, Lisa let go of his cock, licked up the shaft, then took the head into her mouth, and began sucking gently on it. Bart groaned, her warm, wet mouth continuing to suck at his cock, bringing his hand down onto her shoulders, as Lisa began taking more of his cock into her mouth, wanting to give her brother as much pleasure as possible.

Lisa then took the whole thing into her mouth, and sucked hard. At this, Bart moved his hand to the back of Lisa's head, and began slowly pumping his cock in and out, the head lightly tapping the back of her throat. He could feel her tongue licking up and down the sensitive underside of his cock, coating it with saliva - it was fantastic, like nothing he had ever experienced alone.

"Uhh, Lisss! My thingy is goooing to squirt its sstufff soon!" Bart gasped.

Hearing this, and contrary to what you might expect, Lisa began sucking Bart's cock as hard as she could, all the while, rubbing her tongue hard against it.

At that moment, with a grunt, Bart thrust his cock right to the back of Lisa's throat, and held it there, as the first stream of cum burst from the tip of his cock, and struck the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but kept on sucking, letting it squirt down her throat, eventually swallowing it. In fact, she kept the whole thing in her mouth, swallowing every drop of her brother's sperm, continuing to suck until his cock went limp in her mouth.

Then, letting it slide out, followed by a thin line of drool, Lisa giggled as she locked up at the huge grin that was now across her brother's face.

"Mmm! That was really nice!" Lisa said, as she crawled up next to Bart.

Snuggling up next to Bart, she smiled, and gave him a kiss on the lips, before resting her head next to his.

The end.

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