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"Clouds and Rain"
chapter 0

The girl´s hips thrust forward, against the woman´s face.

Sandra´s lips are still on Olga´s labia, kissing it deligthted with its moisty scent against her tongue - thus, Olga squirms under that touch... delightingly, Sandra does even more with her movements; awhile she still slides inside her labia and sensing the erect clit against her upper lip and the tip of her tongue while she holds Olga´s tights by her both hands, struggling against the sweaty skin of hers!

Nevethless, Sandra wouldn´t release her at all. either because she actually was enjoying it so much, either because she really wanted that Olga had an orgasm, indeed - because she couldn´t help but love this naive girl.

Sandra helds her by embracing her hips, ignorong her squirming and pleads( for... "stopping" it )and, even, getting more closer to, while Olga gets moved by the woman´s moaning, by Sandra´s getting wilder.

Olga was laid back, with Sandra down over her between the legs - now, crawling over, embracing her hips SO tightly and moaning while still craved to her body but not leting her go!

Because, foremost she did, Sandra still wished to can give Olga the same way, and wouldn´t leave her until it was done! Now, it was her own urge - either as it was so delightful, to have her own tongue inserted into her, while the now erect clit could be so sensed against her upper lip, all twirled by the tip of her tongue - so, each time she darted inside, when Olga still squirmed beneath her with sheer delight... so Sandra could get separated from that "kiss" for a few seconds, though the only part of herself was still inserted inside Olga´s body, still embraced by the woman´s arms.

Olga tries still to to get some grip using her elbows against the sliding surface they were laid over, because she felt like her feet weren´t achieveing it - that was just too slippery.
Awhile Sandra herself was feeling wetter and wetter between her legs, at each one of the girl´s attempts to "free" herself from her grasp, though SO undecided between... !

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