Afternoon sun after rain...

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"Afternoon sun after the rain..."
Chapter 0, pilot.

( Further chapters are in progress - some corrections were found needed, but it will be posted entirely soon ).

" - So this is Winter, once again".

As it never left to be. Because, since Olga either left and came back from all those longing years of teaching work - so far away from her home, she never could came back at least, for once.

Now she carried a pain on her chest. And that concerned to it, as well.
Knowing you why should she come home at last, it would be some small wonder - maybe a matter of pity, but she was, as much so many other things she wouldn´t ever told about what she passed through, some very well kept secrets, one that nobody would ever either figure out, neither she would certainly tell...but she was alone for now, and certainly nobody would be there for listening her.

It was raining out there.
A soft, calm but cold rain, almost silent.

Still, that echoed from time to time some long thunder, falling so afar - also, as the house was so silent though, she could easily hear the soft noise of the girls´ lips, nursing her bare breast off, while she caressed both beneath the blouse and suit she was wearing on.

She had unbottoned that already, exposing a bare right breast for the girl´s enjoyment and tickling by, under her skin caressed by those short reddish braids of hers - and so watched with sheer delight( while trying to stand against the guard of the huge bed against the wall, while they´re still hidden by its opaque courtains )the girl´s lips swallow it, so gently and softly - staring Lila thru her half-open green eyes, sensing the girl´s tongue twirl against the erect nipple, still inside her mouth, sucking it as delightfully she could ever imagine of...

Olga bites her lower lip, and whispers, climbing herself, making it an effort to make traction through her barefeet white stockings to climb the bed above.

The girl squirms, uneasy over her lap - still tightly embraced by the older one; as it was some cold outside, she still wore barefeet( just as Olga also does wear her barefeet stockings inside home )knee-high socks, along with her usual scottish-pattern dress; over that, she wore a soft woolen( a very very long sleeved one, that cover her hands )gray suit - so fit to her thin body...

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