Bart the Ripper

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Bart the Ripper




Description: Lisa’s 18th birthday starts with her brother’s knife at her throat, and his hand on her breast.


Content Codes: M/F, rape, int, anal, nec, snuff, inc, gs, skull, first, 1FV, dis, gut, cann


Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don’t own any of Matt Groening's characters and make no profit from this story. I do not find Lisa the eight-year-old girl sexy, but in a few episodes she and Bart have been portrayed as adults and this version is hot. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.


Additional Credit: This story was entirely inspired by a user who no longer wishes to be associated with this kind of material.


Lisa woke on the morning of her 18th Birthday to a family surprise. After two years away, Bart had come back from prison for her. Lisa had testified against him at the trial, and Bart had sworn revenge. He’d waited two long years for the look in her eyes when she saw him standing over her bed, with the knife at her throat. He’d waited two long years for a piece of female tail, too, and as he eyed the firm swell of Lisa’s teenage breasts through her pink nightgown, he figured he was going to get some.


He could see that she’d had a growing spurt since her 16th birthday, up to 5’6, but was still shorter than Bart’s muscular six-foot frame. While he’d packed on bulging muscles during his time in the slammer, Lisa merely had a petite frame, the result of her vegetarian diet, with her large breasts and meaty well-rounded ass the biggest concentrations of fat. As she looked up into Bart’s angry eyes she realized that there would be no reasoning with him, no mercy for her.


"Sit up slowly, Bitch. We’re going to the basement. If you say a word, or scream, or struggle - I’ll cut your throat. If that doesn’t scare your big brain, then remember this: Fuck with me and I’ll kill Mom, too," The girlish voice of Bart pre-puberty was long gone; now his voice was harsh and hard and deep.


Lisa sat up very slowly, as Bart kept the cold blade on her throat. He pulled his 18-year-old sister from the bed and moved around to stand behind her. The blade slid against her throat without quite cutting into Lisa’s skin. She shuddered involuntarily as Bart’s free hand cupped her left breast through the thin fabric of her nightgown. He moved forward, pushing Lisa with him, but still held onto her breast from behind. He liked the feel of his sister’s firm curved flesh in his hand as much as he liked her ass rubbing against him through their clothes.


Once in the basement he ordered Lisa to bend over the wooden workbench. He had her put her hands down flat against it, and removed the knife from her throat. Lisa didn’t try to escape, too frightened about what Bart intended for Marge. Her lips were dry, and she felt hyperaware of her bladder, heavy with the night’s collected waste. She had to fight not to pee herself. Bart had a big ball gag and pushed it into Lisa’s mouth from behind, forcing her pearly white teeth open with the red ball. He strapped it too-tightly around her head, so Lisa’s short blonde hair was pressed out and around the straps.


Lisa screwed her eyes up tightly. She was shaking with fear and sadness. They’d been close as children, despite occasional fights, and Lisa had always believed her brother would be there for her. She remembered discovering that he had been responsible for the torturous mutilation, rape and double murders of the purple haired twins, Sherri and Terri, when he was 18. He should have gone to hospital, not prison. Lisa opened her eyes when she felt cool metal against her hand.


There was a ‘thunk’ and then Bart pulled the nail gun away to reveal the flat metal head of the nail against Lisa’s hand. The pain hit, and the 18-year-old blonde squealed into her gag. Bart used the nail gun to put another two nails into her hand, leaving a triangle. Lisa pulled on her wrist with her free hand, and tried to tear her hand away. The nails tore her flesh as she tugged, but she couldn’t break it loose. Blood dripped onto the workbench.


Bart knew Homer wasn’t going to hear the squeals; He’d cut the fat man’s throat half an hour before. Marge was hogtied and ball gagged on the bed with her husband’s corpse. Bart had told her he’d be back later, and left her between Homer’s legs, with her chin in his voided waste. Bart had always known Homer was full of shit. Twelve-year-old Maggie was spending a week at camp, so there was nobody to come to Lisa’s aid in the house.


Still. Someone might come by, and hear, and spoil his fun. Bart left Lisa, tugging on her hand and crying, and went over to the small portable radio Homer used – had used – while working on his crazy projects. He turned it on, and twisted up the volume. Billy Idol’s White Wedding blasted out on the oldies station and Bart smiled as he walked back over to Lisa.


"Hey little sister… SHOTGUN!" he sang along.


Lisa squealed into the ball gag as Bart grabbed her free wrist. His prison-trained muscles easily overpowered Lisa as he forced her hand flat down on the wooden bench. He reached past her for the nail gun and held it against the smooth yellow skin on the back of her hand. She shook her head vigorously, as he let the anticipation build. Seeing the fear in her eyes was so much sweeter than it had been with the twins. Lisa was his sister, his own flesh and blood.


He fired three nails into Lisa’s left hand, the same pattern he’d used in her right. Lisa screamed into her ball gag, the sound muffled by the ball and drowned by the music. Bart heard it though. He left the nail gun on the wooden bench and set to tearing off Lisa’s pink nightgown until her sweaty body was completely bare. He tossed it aside and stripped off his own clothes and shoes. Bart at 20 was a muscle man. There were amateur prison tattoos up and down his arms, across his back. His nine-inch, circumcised, cock stood up like a slightly curved iron bar.


"I want you to know something Lisa – I’m going to kill Mom, anyway. Remember that through everything you feel, now. Keep thinking about how Mom’s going to get it from her special little guy, too!"


Lisa cried harder when she heard this, knowing there was nothing she could do. Bart hadn’t had to outwit her. He’d just used a wickedly sharp knife and brute force, against which Lisa’s big brain had proved useless. She tugged on her nailed hands as throbbing agony traveled in waves up her arms. The teenage girl regretted not trying to make a run for it when she had a chance, as Marge was going to die anyway.


Bart reached up between Lisa’s legs from behind and poked his middle finger into her bush. He found her tight little hole and pushed up hard. He felt her cherry pop, and laughed; surprised that such a hot piece of meat had still been a virgin. Lisa felt the sharp little pain through the throbbing in her hands, and then the ticklish blood on her thighs. Bart smeared his bloody finger on her ass, and then rubbed his cock at her entrance.


"Wait a minute, Sis! I don’t want to risk you enjoying my big dick, do I? I’d best make sure you don’t!"


Lisa didn’t understand what Bart meant as he moved away from her. It was only when he came back with a pair of clippers in hand that Lisa’s big, fast brain began to work it out. She lashed out desperately with her foot, and knocked the garden tool from Bart’s hand.


"Damn it! Alright, you win!" Lisa’s heart leaped pathetically at Bart’s words, and sank again when he continued, "I’ll break your legs first."


Bart left the clippers on the floor and retrieved Homer’s sledgehammer. Lisa was terrified as she heard the metal head scrape on the basement floor. She tried with all her little strength to pull her hands free, but they were nailed solid to the workbench. Bart brought the sledgehammer round in a long two-handed swing. They both heard the crunching impact as it smashed Lisa’s right kneecap, and bent her leg unnaturally backwards.


The pain was so intense that Lisa wet herself when she felt it. Her scream of agony was loud even through the gag, and made Bart’s cock twitch as he watched Lisa balance unevenly on her good leg while hot piss streamed from Lisa’s urethra to the floor. Snot ran down Lisa’s face, around the red ball gag, and tears washed down her cheeks. She would never have believed such pain could exist.


Bart walked around to the other side, and swung the sledgehammer into her left knee. He judged it to have crunched more satisfyingly, as Lisa’s fresh screams sounded into her gag. He body crumples. Lisa’s calves were flat against the basement floor, while her nailed hands held her in an unnatural sitting position. The bruised flesh of her pulped knees bent up unnaturally. Bart thought about jerking off into Lisa’s agony contorted face, but decided his first load of the day belonged inside his sister’s pussy. He left the sledgehammer and retrieved the clippers.


Lisa’s pussy was still dribbling the last stored urine as she felt Bart kneeling, and reaching around from behind her. He pawed through her soft blonde bush until he found the little nub of flesh at the top of Lisa’s slit. She felt him pinch, and then stretch, her most sensitive nub even through the pain of her shattered knees. Bart clipped Lisa’s clit off with his other hand, and then hugged his sister’s body close to him as she writhed in fresh, incredible, agony. She smashed her head mindlessly back against the side of Bart’s face.


Bart groaned as Lisa squealed, his cock massaged by Lisa’s shuddering ass as she jerked in his arms. Bart popped the bloody nub of flesh into his mouth, chewed, and then swallowed it raw. He knew Lisa was in incredible pain, he knew he could rape her, dump his load inside her, and walk away. Leave Lisa to a life as a physical cripple, emotionally destroyed – forever reliving her 18th birthday in her mind. It wasn’t enough – he had to destroy her utterly.


Bart reached back around to grip Lisa’s left nipple in his fingers, and pulled it out as he had her clit. Lisa barely felt it amongst her other pains as he clipped the sensitive teat from her breast. Bart popped it into his mouth, and then clipped off the other nipple. He ate them both together as blood dribbled in long streams down Lisa’s firm teen tits. Bart wondered if Millhouse or Nelson would want her now, with blood streaming from her mutilations. He figured they would.


Time to fuck. Bart dropped the clippers and stood, pulling Lisa’s hips up with him. Her smashed legs dangled beneath her, and Bart knew from the way she shuddered that the fractured kneecaps were tearing into the bruised flesh of her legs. Bart entered Lisa without warning, consummating the torture with a brutal incestuous rape. He was amazed at how tight she was, and had to really fight to force all of his nine inches inside her, tearing into her cervix, before he came. He didn’t even have time for a second thrust.


Bart came harder than he’d ever done into his sister. He wished he’d thought of doing it years ago, before she had time to squeal on him for what he’d done to the twins. If only he’d raped Lisa a few dozen times when she was 16, and broken her to his cock, he wouldn’t have had to go to prison and fuck older men into submission. The sights and sounds of her hellish suffering amplified the deep pleasure of blasting inside Lisa’s pussy.


Bloody semen drained out as Bart withdrew his still hard cock. He let go of Lisa’s hips and let her drop to the floor. He grinned as her knees crunched again, drawing a momentarily louder wail from behind the gag. He pulled her short blonde hair back and wiped off his cock. He knew he was going to get messier shortly, and was after the silky feel on his shaft.


"You know, sis, you look like a total dyke with your hair this short."


Lisa barely heard him. She was locked in a prison of agony, desperately trying to lose consciousness. She felt Bart’s hands against her leg, pinching the hard muscle of her thigh, and then wire digging in. Bart whistled along to the radio as he made the makeshift tourniquet. He pulled the wire as tight as he could, so it dug deeply into Lisa’s thigh muscles. He enjoyed the way the skin changed colour around the wire, so he did the same to the other leg. Bart made a mental note to garrote someone, sometime.


"Dr Bart here! I’m going to have to amputate! Nurse – Chainsaw!"


Homer’s chainsaw had been borrowed from Flanders years back, and was a top of the line model. The fat man had proudly bragged that it would go through anything. Bart tugged the cord and revved it up, ready to test that boast on Lisa’s legs. The blasting radio and the chainsaw motor meant he completely failed to hear Lisa’s muffled screaming as he sliced bloodily through skin, muscle and bone. The wire hadn’t completely deadened the leg, and Lisa felt the whirring teeth and pressure as her leg was shredded beneath the blade. Bart grunted, forcing the chainsaw through all resistance.


Blood drained from the stump at the top of the leg, but the wire was so tight around Lisa’s thigh that it only oozed there. Both Bart’s front and Lisa’s back were spattered with gore. He barely paused before bringing the chain blade down on Lisa’s other leg, until it too was lying on the floor, separated from her oozing thigh. Lisa felt terrible pain in each stump, but also fiery phantom pain along the outlines of her amputated legs. She was still hanging from the bench by her nailed hands, while her stumps supported her in the pool of piss, blood and leaked semen on the floor.


Bart discarded the chainsaw and picked up one of Lisa’s legs. He tore off bloody flesh from the stump with his teeth and swallowed it; Lisa Tartare. The blood across his face and drained down his muscular chest as he tore, chewed and swallowed more of Lisa’s succulent 18-year-old flesh. His cock was throbbing again, needing fresh release, so he took one final bite and threw Lisa’s leg down.


She was still awake. She didn’t know how, and the pain was so all consuming she couldn’t even think coherently about it. She was shaking her head from side to side, but not even aware of the movement. Bart used the nail gun to blast some metal into her tits, laughing as the flat heads stuck out from the sides of the firm flesh. He decided that that wasn’t enough, and brought his knife down from above. He stabbed right through Lisa’s left breast and then tugged the blade, twisting it to cut through the meat and fat, and separated the titmeat entirely from her chest.


Bart decided to do the other from the back, and got back on his knees behind Lisa. He pressed his cock into her virgin ass, knowing how dry and tight it was going to be. He hoped she was aware enough to feel it as he forced his cock through her sphincter and into her rectum. Bart set about slicing off Lisa’s remaining breast as he raped her ass. She was even tighter and hotter in the back than she had been at the front, but Bart’s recent climax meant he had more time to enjoy it the second time round. He cut raggedly into her chest, unable to see what he was doing, and left fat clinging to Lisa’s bloodily exposed pectoral.


Lisa’s right breast dropped down to the basement floor and joined her left. Bart poked his fingers into the ragged, bloody holes on her chest. He reached around from one to the other, and tore away shreds of sweet fat to pop into his mouth. Blood smeared against the floor from Lisa’s leg stumps as Bart hammered his cock into her ass. The blood and shit soon made it easier and more pleasurable to slam his nine inch cock inside her.


Bart still held the knife, and sliced it deeply into Lisa’s stomach. He didn’t stop to consider he might cut his own cock, as he wasn’t able to properly ‘aim’ the blade from behind. He got lucky though, and cut through his sister’s stomach muscles and into her intestines with no damage to himself. He dropped the knife and forced both hands into the bloody gash. Bart was rewarded with Lisa’s by then near silent moaning increasing in volume again. He was sure she was nearly dead.


Bart fumbled inside Lisa, feeling his own cock thrusting inside her rectum, as her guts pressed tightly around his hands. He got a grip on a lump of slippery flesh. She was still just barely conscious as he strained and tore out her reproductive system. Bart couldn’t see around Lisa to tell what it was, and wouldn’t have known anyway. Blood poured from Lisa’s cunt as her womb hit the floor.


He was close to cumming, but managed to get a length of intestine in his hands. It was the last thing Lisa felt as the gratefully died on her brother’s cock. He eagerly began to tug the intestine out from the gaping stomach wound as his climax rose along the length of his hard shaft. Bart gripped the slippery purple tubing in his hands as he sprayed Lisa’s rectum with his sticky seed. He couldn’t tell when she had died, but he hoped her ghost stuck around long enough to watch him fire his load into her twitching body.


Bart was a little out of breath by the time he pulled out of Lisa’s corpse, but he wasn’t tired enough to stop just yet. He started up the chainsaw again and cut off Lisa’s arms, one after the other. They stayed nailed by the hands to the workbench as Lisa’s torso splattered into the mess on the floor. He heard one of her breasts squelch as fat was forced out under the weight. Bart deactivated the chainsaw again and set about gutting Lisa entirely. He loved the slippery hot feel of her insides as he pulled them out. Bart removed everything he could get his hands on; intestines, organs, muscle and fat.


As soon as his cock was hard again he knelt down on the floor and pulled Lisa’s face onto his crotch. Her body was a lot easier to manhandle without arms or legs. Congealing blood dripped from the gaping chasm in her stomach. He pushed down hard against her big left eye, and felt the orb squelch messily against his cockhead. It took all Bart’s strength to break through Lisa’s eye socket and into her brain, and then the still warm grey matter was caressing his thick cock. He slammed her pretty face down hard on his shaft, masturbating into Lisa’s brain. She always said it was her best feature. Blood dripped down to his balls as he hammered his sister’s dead mind until inevitably, he came again.


Thick semen dribbled down Bart’s bloody shaft from the gory hole in Lisa’s face. He was exhausted by then; Marge would have to wait, hogtied, for the next day. Bart pulled Lisa’s brain from his cock and dropped her torso to the side. The radio was still blaring, but he was too tired to turn it off. He laid his head into the pile of internal organs and intestines and pulled Lisa’s torso on top. Bart slipped his softening cock into the remains of her cunt, and kissed her slack lips passionately around the ball gag before drifting off to sleep.




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Author’s note: I would like to re-iterate that I have absolutely no sexual interest in the child versions of Bart and Lisa. Hypocritical as this may sound, I find the concept sickening.


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