Mindy's Revenge

BY : JayDee
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Mindy’s Revenge

By JD joandoe@gmail.com

Description: Enraged at Homer choosing to stay with Marge rather than go with her, shemale Mindy Simmons takes bloody revenge on Marge Simpson. She enjoys herself too much, and kills again...

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Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don’t own any of Fox/Matt Groening’s characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content.

Mindy Simmons hated to lose. At anything. She knew she was better than Marge Simpson in all possible fields. The sexy redhead was younger, hotter, had stunning red hair and larger, firmer breasts. She also had a cock; eight inches of yellow shemale meat throbbing for Homer. Yet, he had rejected her advances for his wife.

That Bitch!

She’d turned to drink, growing more and more bitter. She beat off every night and sprayed her own breasts with cum while calling Homer’s name. She had to have him. The only way was to remove the one obstacle: Marge Bouvier Simpson.

One night she sat watching a horror movie, and as the bad guy slaughtered his way through the dumb teenagers who repeatedly backed into him, had sex or did drugs, she realised her cock was getting hard again. The killer was trailing a blue haired Gothic girl through the dark house, garrotting cord at the ready.

The little Goth was terrified, sweat and tears making her white and black make up run. Mindy unbuttoned her jeans and shuffled them down so that her cock sprang up. She lightly gripped her balls and began to stroke her cock as she eagerly watched the screen. Her soft hand had never felt so good against the silky foreskin as it did now.

The blue haired girl reached the door, seeing escape. She reached for the handle when the garrotte came down over her neck. The killer’s face was hidden behind a ski mask, but the Goth’s was wide with horror as she struggled for breath. She was a very convincing actress. Mindy’s hand flew up and down her cock as she watched the killed lift the goth off the air, choking the life from her small frame with an iron grip.

The Goth struggled violently to start with, causing her top to drop and reveal her pierced left nipple. The breast shook and shuddered while the masked villain impassively kept up the pressure. Mindy grunted, firing her shemale spunk high into the air as the girl’s struggles slowed. She kept jerking, spraying her crotch, jeans and the sofa and floor with her powerful climax while the girl "died" on screen.

She knew then what she had to do. She had to kill Marge Simpson – then Homer would be hers, filling her ass with his cock every night. Spraying her pretty red hair, her open mouth, her breasts with his cum.

Mindy beat off twice more that night, thinking about Marge Simpson. About killing the bitch!

Mindy watched from the bushes as Homer, Bart and Lisa piled into Homer’s car. The three VIP Circus tickets they’d "won" from a competition Homer didn’t remember entering would keep them out for hours. Mindy felt her cock twitch as she gazed lovingly at Homer.

The hot little shemale waited longer, as surrounding houses emptied of neighbours who’d also won different competitions (and Ned and family left to answer the call of a fellow Christian in distant Iowa). She also saw Marge Simpson put down the baby in one of the upper bedrooms, and then come downstairs. She watched through the window as Marge sat down to write a letter.

It was time.

Mindy’s cock was so hard as she thought about what she was going to do. She wore thigh length crimson leather boots with high heels, a red leather bra, and a full-head leather mask with holes on the eyes, nose, and mouth. Her red hair emerged from a hole at the back. She wore elbow length leather gloves with metal bars built into them, giving the effect of a loaded boxing glove. That gear, aside from the spiked leather dog collar, was all she wore. She carried a bag with a set of ‘street clothes’ (having changed in the bushes) and some tools in her left hand, and a key in the other.

Mindy checked the street. It was quiet. She walked around the front of the house and put the key gently into the lock. Quiet as a mouse, she opened the front door and re-locked it behind her. Copying Homer’s keys had been easy, she thought. In the bright light of the hall she looked down between the curves of her breasts at her straining cock.

Mindy walked into the main room of the Simpsons’ house, and around to stand behind where Marge was engrossed in her letter to the PTA. Mindy dropped her bag to the floor, and waited for the housewives reaction. Marge turned in her chair to be faced with the masked shemale. She opened her mouth to scream, and Mindy hit her right in it with a gloved fist.

Teeth and Blood were knocked from Marge’s face. Her head was jarred back on her neck, and as it bounced forward again, Mindy let her have it with the other fist. Marge’s nose exploded bloodily, splattering Mindy along with her own cloves. Marge slumped forward, sobbing through broken teeth.

Mindy twisted Marge’s chair round, and took a firm grip of the housewives blue hair. She drew back her fist again, and then Pummelled Marge’s eye with quick jabs. She sobbing woman grabbed ineffectually at Mindy’s arm, crying out in time with each blow.

Mindy was in heaven. She thought she was going to cum just from beating Marge. Just from taking her revenge on the bitch! SMACK! The whore! THUMP! The Slut, who’d kept Homer from her! BANG! BANG! BANG!

That was it. She kept her grip on Marge’s hair, but wrapped her hand around her cock. She pumped it twice, and then unleashed a torrent of shemale spunk into the bloody mess Marge’s face had become. She took care to aim into the woman’s swollen eye sockets and her open mouth. Marge choked when the Mindy’s cumshot splashed the back of her mouth, coughing heavily as her assailant finished off the powerful climax.

Mindy’s cock had only wilted slightly; she smiled under the mask. Marge clutched at her face and pleaded incoherently for mercy. She shemale reached into her bag with bloody gloves (the street clothes being sealed in a bag), and drew out a sharp knife. She turned back to Marge and slashed downwards. The blade cleaved down Marge’s green dress, leaving a thin red line the length of her torso.

The fabric opened to each side, her slashed bra hanging loose also, so that Mindy could see all the way down to the strands of Marge’s thick dark bush peaking over the elastic of her panties band. Mindy just knew the bitch dyed!

Marge yelped at the fresh pain, and tried to bring her dress back together. Mindy ignored her, instead using the knife to slash open the bottom part, to cut loose Marge’s panties. Once it was hanging it off, she slashed at Marge’s belly with the knife two, three times. Just because she could. The wounds were deeper than she intended, and blood flowed thickly.

‘Oh well,’ she thought, shoving Marge from her chair, to the floor. Mindy stamped hard on Marge’s ass. She drove a stiletto heel into the firm yellow flesh, and laughed as Marge wiggled on the end. She put the knife on the table, and reached again into her bag. Drawing out cuffs, she secured Marge’s hands behind her back, before rolling her over and sitting on the woman’s bloodied stomach.

Mindy took up her knife again, and sawed into the base of Marge’s left breast with it. Marge screamed hugely then, broken teeth be damned. Mindy ignored her, holding the woman under her weight, until the breast was separated from Marge’s torso. She dropped it to one side, and started on the other one. Marge’s screams reached fresh levels as the blood-spattered shemale removed her remaining yellow orb.

She held the bloody leaking handfuls of flesh up next to her own heavy rack and laughed. Marge had lost control of her bowel and bladder during the torturous mutilation, and a malodorous pool mixed with the blood on the floor. Mindy dropped the knife again, reaching forward eagerly to press her thumbs into Marge’s big eyes.

Marge, fired by desperation, managed to get her hands onto Mindy’s wrists. Mindy’s shemale cock twitched as she fought Marge’s strength. Marge never stood a chance, weakened from agony and blood loss. Mindy popped each eye, with mini-splashes of the clear humours within. She licked each thumb as Marge clutched uselessly at the holes in her face, and then stood up.

She grabbed Marge’s hair again and twisted the woman round so her face lay in her own shit and piss. The woman’s bloody wounds left smears across the floor which Mindy found quite artistic. Marge’s struggling had lessened considerably, but Mindy had a couple of tricks yet.

She sheathed the knife deep in Marge’s cunt, so only the handle emerged. The blade angled down enough that the point pierced out of Marge’s stomach. Mindy then pushed up the heavily stained remains of Marge’s dress – which still hung from her arms and back – and forced her thick cock into the dying woman’s ass.

Mindy leaned down close on Marge as she anally raped her. The small pain of the violation was lost in Marge’s total suffering. Mindy gripped her hands around Marge’s throat, choking off the air as she humped her ass. The shemale groaned, feeling the ring of muscle squeeze tighter about her invading shaft as she strangled Marge Simpson.

Mindy humped harder, wanting to cum as Marge died. She felt the spunk rising from her balls as Marge seemed to shudder one final time, and then came. She filled Marge’s bowels with salty shemale spunk, pumping her load deep into the corpse. She hugged the body close, glorying in her climax, even kissing Marge’s neck as she fired in the last few shots.

Mindy laid there atop Marge’s body for a few minutes, slowly coming to terms with the fact that she didn’t need Homer. Marge had shown her the way. She could just her intense intelligence and brilliant cunning to do what she now she knew she really wanted.

Her satisfied cock hung limply now as Mindy basked in the glow of the act, before setting about laying the charges that would - after a shower and change of clothes - reduce several houses in evergreen terrace to dust and annihilate the evidence. As she laid the sleeping Maggie’s carry cot down at a safe distance (the Hibberts’ porch) and looked back at the dark house, Mindy realised that the explosion would have to be a one off.

Marge Simpson wouldn’t be though; she started to think about the Indian woman, Manjula.


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