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Push and Shove

A week had passed and Arnold was frustrated. He may have been the school’s mascot for doing the right thing, but he was just a seventeen-year-old guy and he had needs too. Jacking off in the shower before school just wasn’t doing it for him anymore. Especially when you had cheerleaders like Lila and Sheena parading around daily in skimpy clothing, leaning over to ask him questions and hugging all over him, because to them, he was “safe”. He would never do anything inappropriate, not Arnold. He was the rational one, the moral one. He had ideals. And it wasn’t getting him laid.

Not that it mattered…normally. He tended to think things through and even in his past relationships, he’d thought it completely through before doing anything. Not to say he was a virgin, he wasn’t. Being on the baseball team had helped with that. The same relationships he had ended up sleeping with the girls, but they never lasted. And he was careful.

But this week, it seemed to him that it was “let’s-drive-Arnold- into-a-sexual-frenzy” week. The girls, his incredibly hot history teacher, everything. He’d been snapping at people more than normal and they were beginning to notice. And now to top it all off...
“No! Dammit!” He cursed loudly, rattling the locked door.
He’d had a tutor session with Prudence, the cheerleader he was helping in math, who’d decided to ask him what her boyfriend had thought of her. Her boyfriend being Charlie Michaels, a teammate of Arnold’s whose favorite activity was regaling his teammates with stories of his girlfriend’s favorite sexual positions. And seeing what Prudence was wearing that day, he could see why she didn’t live up to her name.
The plan was to go home and take a very cold shower. If that didn’t help, he was very seriously considering hiring someone to help him relieve his frustrations. Okay, maybe not, but it was starting to sound like a damn good idea.
The locked door was mocking him. He wasn’t going to go anywhere until he figured out how to get out of the school.
“Dammit!” He cursed again, kicking the door for good measure. He sighed heavily, and leaned his forehead against the door. This day couldn’t get any worse.
“Hey, football head.”
Correction. It’d just gotten worse.
Something inside him perked up, interested. Suddenly he was itching for a fight. And Helga Pataki was the perfect target. He might even get in a couple of barbs before she punched his lights out. At least it would take his mind off the raging hormones.
“What the hell do you want Pataki?” He growled out, spinning on his heels to face her. And promptly froze. She stood several feet away from him, dressed in her practice gear; a tee shirt that was too small for her and a pair of black shorts. Very short black shorts.
She’d joined the softball team about the same time and they saw each other almost regularly, but until that moment, he’d never really paid any attention.
She cocked her head slightly, and frowned at him.
“You know what? Never mind.”
She spun around, and began to stalk off, muttering something under her breath. Something snapped. He was still itching for a fight and she wasn’t getting away from it so easily.
“If you got something to say to me, you need to come say it to my face.” He snarled. She froze, one foot ready to step. She turned her head to look at him, a look of disbelief on her face.
“What the hell did you just say?” She asked, stunned he was even speaking to her this way.
“You heard me.” He left the door to stalk towards her. She turned around to face him head on.
“I’m not telling you shit while you’re in this mood. You need to get rid of some of that excess anger.”
He shoved his finger in her face. “You don’t get to tell me what to do.”
She slapped his hand away, her face furious. “What the fuck is your problem, football head?” She asked, gearing up for a good fight.
“You.” He stated, pushing her. She stumbled back a bit. “You’re my problem. Always telling me what to do, always picking on me, always tormenting me.” Each comment was accented by a push. “What the hell do you have against me?”
She’d braced herself after the first push, but she was losing her temper fast. “I’ve been doing it for years, why you suddenly now so pissed about it?”
“Because I’m sick of it.” He stated, pushing her again. She growled low, and shoved him, hard.
“Stop pushing me, or you’re going to find yourself on the ground, Arnoldo.” She spat out.
He braced himself, and motioned her to come at him. “Come on. Hit me. Do it, I dare you.”
“Have you lost your fucking mind? I am not going to hit you.” She said, pushing him again.
During the exchange, the anger changed into something else. Something more primal. Something that recognized the girl in front of him as an adversary, an equal. Someone worthy of being around. He noticed how the shirt stretched across her breasts, how the sports bra she wore underneath did nothing to hide her hardened nipples. She was excited. His eyes flicked back up to her face, and a slow grin slid across his face.
“What’s the matter?” He drawled. “Scared Pataki?”
She drew in a deep breath, her eyes narrowing. “Fuck you, Arnold.” She growled, pushing him again. “I’m out of here.”
During their shoving match, he had noticed the empty open classroom behind them. Instinct took over and he grabbed her arm, pulling her into the classroom, slamming the door and locking it as she stumbled into the empty room. She whirled to face him as he leaned against the doorframe.
“You have fucking lost your mind!” She yelled at him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
He said nothing, merely watching her as she stalked around the small room. He was interested, he was frustrated beyond belief, and he gladly handed over control to the creature in him who thought it would be a good idea to see how far this game with the other blonde in the room would play out. The uncontrolled wild creature in him seemed to think she had an untamed side waiting to be released. And he was more than willing to release it.
Her stalking led her to stand in front of him, chest heaving with restrained anger and frustration. “You need to move.” She told him firmly. “You need to move, or I will move you myself.”
That’s when he caught her scent. She was turned on. This entire battle of wills was exciting her. He looked up at her lazily.
“We’re not finished yet.” He said, his voice low.
“Move Arnold.” She said again. A sultry smile graced his features, and a small gasp could be heard in the quiet classroom.
“You like this, don’t you?”
“What are you talking about?”
“This entire fight, it’s turning you on, isn’t it?”
She frowned, and then glanced down at her shirt. “For the love of…” she growled. “News flash Arnoldo, it’s cold in here. Colder in here than outside when you’re running bases for an hour.”
“That’s isn’t it. You’re turned on."
The smile grew as he left the doorframe and walked slowly towards her. She shook her head sharply and pushed past him to reach the door.
“I can smell you.”
Her hand froze at the doorknob.
“You heard me.” His voice was sultry. “I’m willing to bet your underwear are soaked right now.”
She spun on him, her blue eyes wide. “Are you drunk?”
He leaned against a desk, eyeing her. “Admit it. This is turning you on so bad you can’t stand it.” He said, ignoring her question. “The way you’re standing, your expression. You’re going to go home tonight and get yourself off until you’re drained.”
She stormed towards him, stopping just out of arms reach. “You’re drunk. There’s no other excuse for being so fucking stupid.”
“Admit it. You’re hot. You can’t wait to get home." He shrugged, his eyes never leaving hers. "I hope you have something to take care of this problem you’re having.”
Helga’s eyes narrowed and she raised her hand and swung. He was expecting it. Sidestepping, he grabbed her arm as it went past and twisted, pulling her flush to him, their bodies pressed together, her back to a desk. Her eyes widened as she tried to move.
“Let go Arnold.” She said quietly. He shook his head slowly, watching her.
“So tell me Pataki,” he inquired quietly, watching as she sucked in a quick breath. “How wet are you right now?”
“Arnold…” she threatened, trying to move. One hand left her waist to rest on her shoulder. She froze. His fingers trailed slowly down the side of her body, brushing against the side of her breast. She gasped quietly, still not moving. He allowed his hand to trail all the way to her the waistband of her shorts, before climbing back up her body.
“I’m willing to bet you’re soaked.” He whispered next to her ear. His hand trailed over her ribs, skimming lightly across her breast, brushing the already tight nipple.
A groan involuntary left her throat and her eyes closed.
“See. You’re so wound up a simple touch is driving you crazy.” He said, his hand trailing back down across her breast, stopping long enough to pinch the tightened nub. She gasped, her head falling down against his shoulder.
“Please stop.” She groaned quietly.
“You don’t want me to stop.” He told her, his hand sliding down her waist to her shorts. She froze again as his hand ran lightly over her rear, then her hips, finally to the front. She gasped loudly as he touched the juncture of her thighs.
“Your shorts are soaking wet.” He whispered, his fingers sliding up the front of her shorts to slide under the material. “You can’t possibly go home in these.”
His hand touched her through her soaked underwear and she moaned.
“Oh God!”
His fingers rubbed in small circles as her nails dug into his arms. She panted against his neck, her breath hot in his ear.
“Tell me to stop.” He urged. “Tell me you want me to stop.”
“God, don’t stop!” She cried. He used his other hand to pull her away from his neck and he kissed her. She returned the kiss franticly, their mouths fighting for control. Her hands slid down to his jeans, cupping the hard bulge found there. He moaned in her mouth, and she broke away, panting.
“Two can play this game.” She gasped, continuing to rub him.
The wild creature took over him, deciding it was finished playing and it needed to mate. His hand left her shorts long enough to yank them and her underwear down to her ankles. He attacked her mouth again, lifting her up and onto the desk behind her. Her hands fumbled franticly for the button and zipper, undoing both and pulling down his pants.
“I need you.” He groaned against her mouth.
“Arnold please,” she gasped. “Just…”
He grabbed her hips and slid into her, interrupting her and making her cry out. Nothing in his life had ever felt so good. He moved against her, and she arched slightly, allowing him access, her legs wrapping around his waist.
In the classroom only groans and quiet cries of pleasure could be heard as he pushed into her, his mind only on reaching that peak. He tightened his hold on her hips and slammed into her hard, making her cry out and rake her nails down the back of his shirt.
“Don’t stop,” she panted, moving slightly. “Right there…please…oh God…just…”
He moved once more and her body convulsed, slamming upward and into him. She cried out as her muscles tightened around him. He gasped, his own body convulsing against hers as they both hit the peak at the same time.

He felt like he was flying, his body lifted up before finally floating down back into the empty classroom. He heard someone gasping for breath. Looking over, he watched Helga’s face, as she tried to catch her breath.

He’d just fucked Helga Pataki. In an empty classroom. After school. What in the hell was he thinking?
Still…it had been incredible. Mind blowing incredible. Who’d have known?

Detangling his limbs, he pulled from her slowly, watching her wince slightly as they separated. He pulled up his pants and fell into the chair next to her, gasping for breath. After a while, she managed to get off the desk and grab her shorts, sliding them on. Rubbing her face, she brushed her hair back and looked at him. He was still too tired to move.
Their eyes met and she smiled.
“What I was going to tell you before we…were interrupted.” She told him, her voice light. “The doors that lead to the gym outside are unlocked until seven.”
With that, she walked rather unsteadily towards the classroom door and unlocked it. Opening the door, she turned to look at him.
“See you tomorrow Arnold.”
He watched her stunned as she walked out of the classroom.
He’d completely forgotten about the door and the rest of the stupid day. Hauling himself out of the chair, he laughed quietly as he left the classroom.
This wouldn’t be a day he’d soon forget.

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