The Ghost-Boy Chronicles

BY : Jayrich
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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles

“Hello. My name is Tucker Foley, and welcome to my Blog.” Tucker types in those words onto his computer, proud of himself for starting off his own Blog. Then his face changes to concern, as he wonders exactly what he’s gonna write about. “Aw, man. My mind’s a blank now. Good going Foley. Start a Blog about yourself to get the girls interested, then don’t have anything to write about.” He drops his head on the Keyboard, looking like he just failed. But a moment later, he raises it with a smile on his face. “Wait, I could write about my life! Oh, who am I kidding? My life sucks! Well, I could give out tips on how to repair & operate electronics…” Tucker thinks about that idea, then gets an image in his mind of him being bullied and pounded by Dash and the rest of the Football Team. “No…way! But I gotta think of something that will get the girls attention…and that’ll get me laid.” He looks around his room, seeing mostly electronics, his bed, an old poster of Ember on the wall, and his nightstand. On the nightstand sits a picture of him, Sam & Danny at a Fenton Family get together. Another idea pops into his head. He turns back to his computer and deletes the title ‘Foley’s Blog’, and replaces it with title ‘The Ghost-Boy Chronicles.’

“Why didn’t I think of this before? I’ll just put Danny’s adventures on my Blog, say that I’m his sidekick, the girls will flock, and I’ll get all of the booty that I can handle.” He starts to type his introduction on the Main Page. “Welcome to the Ghost-Boy Chronicles. I’m The Ghost-Boy’s sidekick, Tucker. Here, you’ll get all the information about Ghost-Boy and his epic battles. You’ll also get Premier Interviews with the Ghost-Boy himself, and special members will get Autographed Merchandise.” Tucker smiles to himself as he finishes typing it in. “Special of course meaning those who put out a little extra for me. Oh, yeah. I got a good feeling about this Ghost-Boy Blog.” Suddenly, a familiar voice shocks the hell out of Tucker. “Ghost-Boy? Have you been talking to Paullina again?” Tucker quickly turns in his swivel chair to see his friends Danny & Sam walking into his room.

Almost immediately, Tucker turns off his monitor, trying to hide his work. “I can’t let Danny know about my idea yet. Gotta break it to him slowly. And especially when Ms. Morality isn’t around.” Sam flops down on Tucker’s bed as Danny stands beside him. “Hey, Tuck. We came over to see if your ego has healed from what Valerie said to you.” Tucker begins to reminisce.

It was earlier in the day, He, Danny & Sam were coming out of the Movie Theater when Valerie, carrying a Specter Detection Device that she stole from Fenton Works, runs into Tucker, knocking them both to the ground. Valerie lands on top of Tucker in an awkward way, with his one hand on her breast, and the other on her Ass. Upon feeling this, she instantly pushes herself off of him and stands up. “HEY!” Tucker gets to his feet, realizing where his hands were. “My bad! I am totally sorry for that.” Sam interjects herself. “Wait, why should you apologize? She’s the one that bumped into you.” Valerie ignores Sam and goes over to the Movie Theater entrance. She activates the SDD hoping to hit pay dirt, but finds nothing. She shuts off the SDD & turns back to the 3, frustrated.

“Look what you did! I was so close to finding that Ghost-Boy and eliminating him, and you three screw it up!” Tucker approaches her, apologetic. “I apologize for my friends. It was totally our fault.” Both Danny & Sam stand in disbelief of what Tucker said. “How about I make it up to you with Dinner and a Movie?” He goes to put his hand on her shoulder, only to have her quickly grab it. “Listen here, you little worm. All the technology you have…in fact, all the technology in the WORLD would not be enough to have me go on a Date with YOU!” She storms off, still upset about missing her prime target, leaving Tucker to pick up the pieces of his heart.

Tucker finishes reminiscing and looks at Danny, still hurting but putting on a strong face. “Hey…it’s her loss.” Danny smiles and grabs Tucker, putting him in a headlock and giving him a Noogie. “Heh, now that’s the Tucker we know.” Tucker smiles back, then gets up from his chair. The two toss around play punches and mess with each other. Meanwhile, Sam gets up and hops in Tucker’s chair. “Thanks. I need to check out Kurosawa’s Website anyway.” She turns on Tucker’s Monitor, as Tucker realizes what she just said. “WAIT! SAM!!” The screen illuminates, showing the Blog Tucker was working on. Danny walks over and sees the name of it. “Ghost-Boy Chronicles? Aw, man. This isn’t another one of your plans, is it?” Tucker walks over, trying to explain. “Wait, before you get mad, I promise that this will in no way affect your Ghost-Hunting. I’ll just be filming you and…” “Filming me?” Sam turns herself to Tucker. “This Blog says that you’re Danny’s sidekick.” Danny gets fed up. “Uh-Uh! No way! Not gonna happen!”

Danny starts to walk out when Tucker steps in front of him. “Oh, come on. Just a couple of movies about you fighting Technus or Skulker. Nothing serious.” Danny counters. “Except that you might get taken hostage, or get hurt, or worse. And I can’t have that on my conscious” “OK. OK. How about just The Box Ghost.” Danny actually gives it a thought for a moment, before deciding against it. “No. Me hunting ghosts isn’t like an episode of Cops. It’s deadly business. And I’m not gonna have you, or anyone else, get hurt because of it.” Danny storms out of Tucker’s room, and out of his house. Sam gets up and walks out herself, but not before turning back to Tucker. “Look, Danny just means well. And no offense, but it is kinda stupid to risk your life just to get footage that might get you women.” Tucker frowns and pushes Sam the rest of the way out of his Room, before answering her. “Yeah, well you’re not the one having a getting laid.” He slams the door in her face, which makes her angry. She storms off down the hall, mumbling to herself. “Like you’re the only one not getting laid. Danny never even puts out for me, you don’t see me bitching about it.

Later that Night…

At the City Park, Danny is seen fighting Desiree, the Genie Ghost, and not doing a good job. She tosses him into a fountain, which breaks into pieces after the impact. Desiree floats over Danny, with a smug look on her face. “Why are you trying to stop me? I’m only granting wishes for the people.” Danny removes the debris off of him and flies back up to face her. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because all your wishes are Sick & Deranged?” Danny shoots out a Ghost Ray from his hand that blasts her backwards into a Tree. She fights out through the branches and lunges at Danny. A couple more trees over, Tucker is hiding in the shadows. He’s using his PDA as a Camera, and recording the battle that’s going on. He brings the camera down to face him. “This is Tucker Foley, live as my Partner, Ghost-Boy, is locked in an epic battle with the Dangerous Dream Granter Ghost, Desiree. Right now, my man seems to have the upper hand and…” A blast is heard, and Danny is sent crashing into the very bush Tucker is hiding behind.

Danny gets up, and sees Tucker with his PDA. “Tucker? Aw, man! I told you this was too Dangerous! You shouldn’t be here…you got to get out of here before…” Danny’s warning comes too late. Desiree appears and grabs the two boys by their throats, choking them & lifting them up in the air. “Now, I’M about to get my wish…your destruction.

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