Bart and Millhouse

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Don't own simpsons…darn…

Millhouse was upstairs playing video games when he heard a knock at the door. He walked downstairs, and opened the door to find Bart, standing in the doorway with his backpack on.

"Hey Millhouse…are you alone?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Look what I got!" Bart exclaimed triumphantly, retrieving a porn DVD out of his bag.
"Cool" Millhouse led Bart upstairs into his room. He sat on the bed whilst Bart loaded up the DVD. He sat back down next to Bart as they watched the action.

About a minute later, Millhouse saw Bart absent-mindedly rubbing his crotch through his shorts. Bart was really horny.

"Yeah Bart?"
"Do you mind if…you know…"
"Nah, go ahead."

Bart sighed with relief. He pulled down his fly, and eased out his 6" hard penis. He grabbed around the head and began pulling up and down slowly. A moan escaped his lips, and Millhouse couldn't help but stare.

"Like what you see?" Asked Bart
"Errr…" Millhouse didn't know how to react.
Bart let go and moved his hips in his friends direction
"Go on…touch it"

Millhouse eased his hand forward, and gently wrapped it around Bart's cock. A low moan gave him the confirmation he needed to start stroking up and down. Bart was soon in ecstasy, and precum started flowing down his dick, wetting Millhouse's hand. Bart soon wanted to go further. He pointed to the TV screen.

"See what that chick's doing"

She was sucking a guy off.

"Wanna try it?"

Millhouse moved round on the bed till his head was in line with Bart's throbbing 6"er. He slowly lowered his head till his lips rested against the head. He let his tongue run along the tip and was awarded a huge moan from Bart. Summoning up more courage, he lowered himself further, managing to get half the dick in his mouth. He sucked hungrily, his tongue playing with the head of Bart's penis. Bart started to hump Millhouse's mouth, moaning with each thrust. Millhouse began to bob his head in time with Bart's thrusts, licking the head every time Bart pulled back. A minute later, Bart held on to Millhouse's blue hair and held him in place as one… two…three…four…five spurts of cum filled his lover's mouth.

Millhouse swallowed it all, and both boys laid back panting. Once recovered, Bart began to stroke Millhouse's thigh. Moving up to the crotch, Bart said
"I guess it's time for you now"
Bart pulled down his friends zip and pried out his next meal. Millhouse stood proud an 6.5" and Bart wasted no time taking it into his mouth. He emulated Millhouse's movements, lapping at the head whilst bobbing up and down on the cock. He relaxed his throat and got further than Millhouse, his blue pubes tickling his nose. He enjoyed the fleshy taste in his mouth, and began to relax into it. Soon, however, Millhouse gave a cry:

"Bart, I'm gonna…ohhhhhhh"

Millhouse's seed flooded Bart's mouth. He savoured the taste…salty, but nice, before swallowing. He cleaned up Millhouse's softening cock before pulling off and lying back.



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