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How Marge escapes the heat

by: Drake Defiant

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters of the simpsons, nor am I in any way affiliated with those who do.

It was a record breaking heat wave in Springfield this year. It was 11am, and the temperature had already hit 35 degrees (Celsius) with an 85% humidity.

Homer was at work, Bart & Lisa were in the school, with only two weeks till summer, and Maggie was having a nap in her room.

While everyone was busy with something else, Marge was busy vacuuming the living room, which was taking longer than normal because it kept overheating every minute or two.

"That’s it, I give up." Marge then decided to put the vacuum away after having overheated for the fifth time. "Its not like anyone else will notice if the job is only haft done."

Marge went to the kitchen, and got herself a nice cold glass of lemonade. She then went to sit on the living room cough. After she sat down, and adjusted the fan on the table next to the cough to turn, she grabbed the remote, and clicked on the tv.

"This is Kent brockman live with a special wheater report." "Oh great what now?" "Meteorologists say that the daily high for the next few days starting today is going to average around 43 degrees with this same humidity. Citizens are advised to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid sun stroke and dehydration. Citizens are also advised to drink as much fluids as possible, and if possible, to avoid using water in excess, due to the drought."

"43 DEGREES, its already boiling hot, oh, what I wouldn't give for a nice ice cold shower right now." Between the heat & humidity, all the sweat from the day's activities were making Marge’s long green dress stick to her skin. She wanted to take a shower, but couldn't due to the drought.

As Marge sat there, drinking her lemonade, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in her long green dress, she put down her lemonade, and pulled the front of her dress an inch away from her chest to let some of the sticky hot air out. That was when the fan that had been rotating back & forth, directed a gust of wind at Marge.

Marge's eyes shot open from the sensation of some of that cooler air finding its way down her dress. At first, this made her feel a little disgusted, this was from growing up in a very religious home, but when she though about it, it felt great having the cool air cross her body.

That was when Marge got an idea. At first it made her uncomfortable from growing up in a religious household, but the more she though about it, the more she liked the idea.

Marge went throughout the house, closing curtains, and locking the doors. After she was sure that nobody would be able to see her, or walk in on her, she went back to the living room where the fan was still going.

Taking a deep breath, Marge said to herself, "well, here goes nothing." and with that, she reached down to the bottom of her dress, grabbed the hem, and pulled the dress up past her hips, across her flat stomach, above her 32C breast and over her hair. She then let the dress fall to the ground, and feeling overexposed, despite the fact she still had underwear & a bra on, she tried to cover herself with her arms.

At fist she was nervous, standing there on display, but then the fan hit her with another wave of cool air, this time nearly hitting every part of her body. When she felt this, her knees gave way, and she just collapsed onto the cough.

"Oh my god, that felt nice." Marge just sat there for a few minutes, letting the fan occasionally cover her with cool air.

After a few more minutes of this, most of her body felt great, except where she still had on some clothing. Her bra was starting to feel sticky from the sweat that been there before, and her panties were starting to bunch up in a very uncomfortable way.

Suddenly she started thinking again, "well, I went this far, and it felt great, why not go all the way, besides who will know."

After the fan hit her one more time, Marge got up, and taking another deep breath, reached down. Sliding two fingers into each side of her panties, she slowly, and nervously slid them down her legs, when they reached her feet, she stepped out of them, and left it with her dress.

Taking a quick look around to make sure the windows were still closed, marge reached up behind her, and slowly unhooked her bra. Getting nervous, marge cupped her breasts in her hands, and let the straps slide down her shoulders.

Being the shy type, she stood there for a moment feeling more nervous than she had felt before. Taking another deep breath to calm down, she pulled her hands away from her breasts, pulling the bra with them. As she let her arms drop, and let go of the bra so it could fall onto the pile of clothing, the fan came around again.

Marge could only gasp as the cool air from the fan hit her body, and rushed towards every sensitive spot on Marge's body.

Unable to take the new sensation of cold air flowing around her breasts on a really hot summer day, Marge feel back onto the cough, gasping for breath.

While marge sat their, the fan continued to rotate, and several times, gave marge another burst of pleasure as it's breeze covered her breasts, each time forcing a moan of pleasure to escape her mouth.

After a few minutes of this new found pleasure, marge began to feel a new heat build up within her. It had been several days since she had any action what so ever, and that barely lasted long enough for her to take her bra off. Feeling this new need inside her, she slowly reached down her stomach with her right hand, until she found the treasure she was searching for.

She started rubbing her eager clit with the attention that she had long been craving. As she started to feel better & better from the sensation that she had not felt in to long a time, she slowly began to reach further down.

As the need for contact grew, she started running her finger along her slit. As her right hand continued to massage her entrance, which was now starting to grow wet, she reached up with her other hand, and began fondling her breasts.

While her left hand kept massing her breast, & pinching her nipples, her right hand slowly found its way into her moist entrance.

The pleasure that she had long since craved now forced to her to moan in pleasure. "OOOOHHHHH OOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH MMMMYYYY GOD, This never feels so good with homie, why haven't I been doing this all these years."

With a forgotten passion, Marge started sliding her finger in & out of her opening faster, & faster, while her other hand suddenly grabbed one of the cough pillows from the sudden level of pleasure.

She continued pumping, faster, sliding another finger in, she let out another moan, "AAAAAHHHHHH". Soon her hips began to buck against her hand, a shiver ran down her spine, and with an intensity she had never known, she came. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH GOD".

Marge collapsed on the cough, having just gone through one of the greatest orgasms of her life, she sat there, her juices running down her thigh. A shiver running through her body every time the fan bathed her in it's cool air.

End Of Chapter 1

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