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Danny Phantom: IncubusChapter 1By: The Sorrow

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Danny slowly stretched head to toe in bead trying to shake off the last wisps of sleep from his body. Feeling the emptiness of the place next to him he knew that last nights visitor had long since left. The only evidence of her existence were the stains on the sheets and the lipstick she left on his cheek before she left. He didn't need to see himself to know it was there, it had been her trademark ever since they started their odd relationship. He seemed to be picking odd relationships left and right since the incident at the dig site.

Beginning his relatively new tradition he stripped off the sheets and sent them into the hamper. Pulling out a fresh set he set about tidying up his bed. After the first few times he had been caught without fresh sheets he learned to cover up his new night time activities. It wasn't as bad as it used to be but he still felt the need to keep his new life quiet. From his father at least.

After a few stretches he pulled on a robe and made his way to the bathroom. After a brief stop in the closet for a towel he entered the bathroom and tossed off his robe. Entering the shower stall he turned the knobs until he found a nice hot temperature and before stepping into the stream of falling water. He felt the steaming water heat his cold body... he was so cold nowadays. Not in the emotional sense, after the accident that turned him half ghost his body temperature had steadily dropped into dangerous levels. After a few frantic visits to doctors and specialists who yielded no answers, he had learned he could keep a semi-steady body temperature with exercise and by warming himself. Thankfully the temperature around Amityville was warm enough he didn't have to wear anything that would make him stand out.

The quiet opening and closing of the bathroom door did not escape his ears. Neither did the click that signified that the door had just been locked. Through the cloudy glass of the shower doors he could make out the unmistakable form of a women with red hair.

Pretending not to have noticed her he continued washing himself. The soft rustling of another robe being left behind preluding the shower door sliding open. He turned around, pretending to be shocked, to view the beautiful woman before him.

The nude form of Jazz Fenton greeted his eyes as her own sapphire eyes gazed back at him. Her long hair, no long held back, framed her face. Her long slender curves were a familiar and welcome sight to his eyes. Ample breasts that fit perfectly into his hands floated over her flat stomach that fell into her trimmed bush and womanhood.

“Hey Danny... do you mind if I join you?” Jazz said huskily, having long grown to Danny's game. “I miss the time when we were young and bathed together all the time...”

“And I suppose what we did yesterday had no bearing on this...?” Danny said with a grin, pulling Jazz into the shower with him. He tipped Jazz's head up and gently kissed her. “And the day before that...?”

“I miss those times too...” She said with a smirk, pressing her body against him. He embraced her leaning in for another kiss. Which was followed by another and another until Jazz found herself pressed up against the edge of the shower stall with her lusty brother lower his kisses down her chin to her throat. He licked the side of her neck, feeling her raised pulse under his tongue.

An involuntary groan left her throat as his mouth ventured south to sample her bosom. His tongue drew lazy circles around her nipple while his hand gently rubbed it's sister. The tongue flicked across as her nipple while his thumb did the same. A sudden nip drew a moan from her mouth as he continued his torment of her breasts. He planted a sudden kiss between her heaving breasts burying his face between them as her fingers ran through his wet hair.

Further south he went, running his tongue against her sweaty skin. He found her naval and swirled his tongue around it before kissing it. He lapped at her belly before kneeling before her, looking into her soaked sex. He looked up at her panting and flushed face searchingly...

“...please...” Jazz whimper and on that note Danny went to work. Starting with soft kisses on the insides of her thighs he slowly worked his way inwards toward her moist folds. He ran his tongue up her slit to her exposed clit. As his warm tongue reached her nub a long and deep shudder ran through Jazz. Gently pulling aside one of her netherlips he set his tongue against the soft pink flesh he found there. Jazz's panting was interrupted with another moan as he thrust his tongue deep into her sex.

As Danny continued his lapping of Jazz's pussy, her knees were slowly being reduced to jelly. Slowly she began to slid down the side of the shower stall before Danny reached under her to help support her. Soon his manipulation of her sex reached a crescendo as Jazz shuddered and arched her back releasing a cry as her orgasm washed over her.

Danny gently lowered his sister to the shower floor before jumping. Giving a glare to the now cold stream of water that he had accidentally entered. Turning off the water he turned to meet the embrace of his somewhat recovered sibling. She placed a kiss on him tasting both him and her own juices. She slipped her hand down to his rock hard member as she smiled seductively up at him.

“I'm sorry Danny...” she whispered into his ear. “I've been greedy. How about I help you with that.”

“Hey, I'm not complaining.” he said with a grin.

Jazz turned around and leaned against the wall, thrusting her ass out in invitation to Danny. He positioned himself behind her and lined his cock against her pussy. He then slid his hard manhood into the warm welcoming and familiar grip of his sisters pussy. A long drawn out moan exited Jazz's lips as he began his backstroke. Quickly his pace quickened as he set a rhythm as she gyrated her hips to meet it. The wet sound of flesh meeting incestuous flesh filled the bathroom for what seemed like an eternity. Danny thrust into his sister's snatch with quick and short thrusts at time before making long and deep thrusts into her. Some were gentle and slow eliciting a groan from her and sometimes his pace grew so vigorous that her whole body shook with excitement.

Soon it became too much for either of them and with a groan Danny joined his sister in climax. His seed filled her unabated as both slid to sit on the bathroom floor. For a moment only the sounds of their breathing filled the bathroom as Jazz curled up in her brothers arms.

Then a knock broke the silence of the room as both of them looked at each other. They both got up in unison trying to create as little noise as possible. Danny quickly gather the evidence of his presence as Jazz pulled on her robe and tried to tidy herself up. Giving his lover a quick kiss he phased out of the bathroom as Jazz opened the door.

Their mother Maddie greeted her from the doorway, causing Jazz to nearly sigh in relief. Maddie took one look at Jazz before quickly coming to the correct conclusion. Before Jazz could react, she dipped her hand under Jazz's robe and into her daughters sex. Withdrawing her fingers she brought the mixture of her children's sinful act up to her lips and sampled it, causing Jazz to flush with embarrassment.

“Not that I have any place to disapprove of this...” Maddie began, “...but can you two at least try not to let the shower run while you have your morning ritual? You use up all the hot water.”

Jazz grinned nervously as she remembered the past week of leaving cold showers for anyone coming in after she and Danny 'showered.'

“Or at least invite me next time...” Maddie said slyly, knowing what her daughters reaction would be.

Her daughter became decisively more nervous at her mother's comment. She still couldn't get used to the idea of Danny and Maddie's new found 'relationship' or her mother's easy going attitude toward it.

'It isn't any better then what Danny and I are doing, I suppose.' Jazz thought to herself. She nearly jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Don't worry so much, Jasmine. I know your not ready for that step yet...” Maddie said softly, before adding coyly. “And perhaps you should keep this time for you and him.”

“Thanks Mom.” Jazz said, releasing a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

“Well, you'd better go get ready. I'm going to start breakfast soon...” Maddie said, “And your father's oversleeping due to his recent super secret project again.”

Suppressing a giggle, Jazz wondered how her mother was able to turn a most unusual situation around make everything seem like it would come out alright.


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