His Lovers and Fullfillers

BY : Mallory
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Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This was a request on FAC from Divine Fire Wolf. I know she's got an account on here somewhere, she wrote First Time. Neway, I chose to do a Vlad/Danny/Dan pairing, so read, please comment, and enjoy!

His Lovers and Fulfillers

Dan Phantom, Danny Fenton, and Vlad Masters were alone in a room of Vlad’s choosing. It was dark, and moonlight streamed in through the sole window. Danny lay naked, his legs thrown apart on the bed. His creamy skin glowed in the moonlight, bouncing off of him and on to Dan and Vlad’s equally nude bodies.
“Would you like to play, Daniel?” Vlad Masters growled seductively, rubbing his rock hard member against Danny’s, creating delicious friction.
“Mmm…” Danny moaned in want and desire, bucking his hips up toward Vlad. Vlad automatically moved away from Danny, smiling. Danny groaned in protest, for his needs weren’t being attended to.
“Our little slut seems a little eager, doesn’t he Vlad?” Dan said, rubbing Danny’s nipple.
“Oh, yes. We should do something, shouldn’t we?” Vlad agreed.
“I’m not so sure. He looks so beautiful spread out like this for us. I could just sit here and look at him all night.”
“P-please…” Danny murmured, his voice dripping with need.
“Well,” Vlad began sarcastically, then moved forward to rub his aching cock against Danny’s again. Danny moaned in ecstasy, his hips bucking forward to meet the slick member. Then Dan moved in, all their cocks rubbing against each other. The men moaned in agonizing pleasure, moving their cocks faster and faster. Danny began to pant, his breathing become harsher.
“I’m…I’m gonna…mmmm…” Danny began, his stomach beginning to tighten at the feeling of his climax.
Dan and Vlad instantly pulled away again.
“Oh!” Danny said, his need to come obvious.
“We can’t let you come yet, Daniel.” Vlad said, his voice velvety and low.
“We don’t want you to come yet, Daniel.” Dan said, smiling.
Vlad and Dan moved towards each other, their lips locking in a hungry and passionate kiss. Danny sat up to watch his two lover’s tongues battle against each other, fighting for dominance. Dan moaned softly in Vlad’s mouth, searching for every crevasse in it, memorizing everything.
Danny felt his cock harden even more, if that was possible. His need to climax though had lessened, and he began to touch himself as the men began to touch each other, continuing to kiss the other madly. Danny pumped his cock as the other men pumped each others. Soon the men were moaning in lust and desire, putting on a show for Danny as he wanked off. And just as soon as the feeling of pleasure had begun, Danny was forced to stop as Dan and Vlad finished, leaping on to Danny’s thin body. They were far from innocent, their every touch demanding. Dan attacked the purple nubs on Danny’s chest while Vlad began to suck Danny off. Danny thrashed around on the bed, his body twitching violently. Waves of pleasure crashed over him. Danny moaned and cried wildly, but his voice was cut off when Dan put his mouth over his own. Their tongues battled each other madly. Vlad fondly licked the head of Danny’s cock, then buried his face up to the root. Danny’s hips bucked, fucking Vlad’s mouth. Dan pulled off Danny’s mouth, releasing the steady stream of moans and gasps of pleasure.
“VLAD! DAN!” Danny screamed as orgasmic waves of pure ecstasy crashed over him. His whole body shook, yet everything felt so good. Danny’s body thrashed as the shock continued, his body finally coming to a halt. Danny collapsed completely, draping his arms over his two lovers.
“Oh, you’re not finished yet Daniel.” Vlad said, referring to his and Dan’s still rock hard members. Precum oozed from the slits on the heads. Danny, still shaking from his orgasm, leaned over and began to suck on Vlad’s cock while pumping Dan’s at the same time. He heard Vlad moan, but was pushed away from the men, leaving Danny in dismay.
“What? Didn’t you want that?”
“No, you know what we want.”
Dan jumped onto Danny, flipping him over on his hands and knees. Dan reached for the lubricant, squirting it on his cock. Danny felt something cold on his arse’s entrance, then felt a finger slide inside him. Danny shivered from the sudden cold, and from pleasure. The finger moved around inside him, until it was joined by another finger. The two fingers scissored in and out, brushing against Danny’s prostate. Danny moaned in a high pitched voice, his cock hardening again.
Dan handed Danny the lubricant. Shaking, Danny smothered his own cock and began preparing Vlad for his entrance. Danny couldn’t help but be nervous, he had only recently lost his virginity. To his lovers Vlad and Dan, of course. Everyone ready, Danny slid his cock into Vlad, feeling Dan do the same to him. The tightness of Vlad and the fullness from Dan was overwhelming.
“Danny…you have to move…” Vlad gasped. Taking heed to Vlad’s words, Danny began to pump in and out of Vlad. Dan thrust into Danny at different intervals gaining more ground, and giving more pleasure.
“God, Danny, you’re so tight…” Dan gasped. Danny moaned as Vlad began to thrust his arse back at Danny at the same time that Dan thrust forward into Danny. Danny pumped harder into Vlad, feeling his climax steadily approaching. The whole bed was rocking, all three men were moaning desperately, their cries laced with the need for fulfillment and desire.
Danny grabbed Vlad’s cock and began to pump it, adding more pleasure to the man.
“Oh God, Danny, I’m gonna come any second…” Vlad cried.
“Hold it!” Danny pleaded.
He felt Vlad’s cock tighten with restraint, then told Vlad to let go. Vlad shot cum everywhere, it spread all over Danny’s hand and shot up Vlad’s firm stomach. The contraction of Vlad’s orgasm triggered Danny’s and Dan’s release, them spilling into each other.
The three men collapsed on to the bed, sweaty and weary, but happy. Vlad lay on Danny’s left, Dan lay on his right. Danny hugged them close to his body.
“Don’t leave me, okay?” He asked.
Vlad kissed Danny hungrily, ruffling his hand in Danny’s hair. Dan reached over and began to stroke both men’s bodies, his green tinged skin letting off an eery glow.
“Okay.” Both the men answered at the same time.
Danny smiled. His lovers. Dan and Vlad. His fulfillers. His partners. His best friends.


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