White Shirt

BY : KittenCut
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White Shirt
By KittenCut

Disclaimer: The Simpsons is owned by the Fox television network.

Note: English isn’t my first langue, so please be nice.


It had been raining all morning, but now the sun was shining from a cloudless sky, much to the children of Springfield Elementary’s delight. Martin Prince was sitting under a tree studding ahead when somebody shouted “Hey Martin! Think fast!” and out of the blue a ball of mud came flying and hit him right in the face.

“Bullseye!” Bart yelled and highfived Milhouse.

“That was fun!” Milhouse laughed and took a second look at the overweight boy who was desperately trying to save his book.

“Yeah, but I know something that will be even funnier” Bart said with an evil smile while discreetly pointing in Principal Skinner’s direction.

Seymour was standing on the top of the stairs leading to the entrance of the school, slowly scanning the playground. He was like a surveillance camera as he only observed but didn’t actually register what he saw. Only a fight or a child in some kind of distress caught his attention.
He was trying to figure out what to do about the graffiti behind the bicycle shed as it was impossible to wash off, and it would be too expensive to repaint it. Only Superintended Chamlers would ever notice it, but that was reason enough to do something about it.

“Principal Skinner! Help” the sound of his name brought Seymour back to the playground immediately and he quickly located where the voice was coming from.
Milhouse was hanging upside down from a tree, looking quite helpless. “I’m stuck!” the boy shouted ”Please help me!“
Skinner started to walk down the stairs, but then abruptly stopped. Milhouse was Bart’s friend and had often been his partner in crime. The young Simpson was probably hiding somewhere, waiting for him, but on the other hand he couldn’t just let Milhouse hang there, so he moved to the middle of the stairs and slowly walked down, but he had only taken a few steps when a sudden rattle from one of the bushes made him jump. He lost his balance and before he knew what was going on, he fell into a big puddle of mud. His clumsiness was quickly followed by children’s laughter.


Skinner looked up. It was Bart. Of course.

“And I was just going to throw a handful at ya’” the boy said with a smile as his principal got up.

The entire front of Seymour’s suit was completely covered in mud. He tried to get it off, but his hands were even more dirty.

“Here” Bart smiled, handing him what looked like a towel. Skinner eyed it suspiciously, but it looked clean enough and he really didn’t like the feel of wet dirt in his face so he grabbed it.
When he was done rubbing his hands and face with it, he realised it wasn’t a towel but a white shirt. He gave Bart a questioning look, but the boy just smiled at him. Then the bell rang and all the children ran inside, leaving Skinner still standing in the puddle.
The shirt looked way too big to be Bart’s but not big enough to belong to his father, so he had probably stolen it from someone.

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