Marge the Raper

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Marge the Raper.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of these characters sadly :'(


'Wow, that movie was.. good?' Marge thought aloud. She was glad that she put the kids to bed early. But she hoped that homer would have been w/ her instead of that stupid bar.

'Moomm.. why did that guy force the people to have sex with her?!' Lisa whispered hiding behind the couch.


'Soorry! I was but i needed to go to the bathroom and I heard people moaning and stuff.'

'Sigh LISA, get to bed! NOW!' Marge exclaimed annoyed.

Marge quietly checked if anyone was behind her after lisa went upstairs shocked w/ the movie plot. She sat on the couch and spread her legs apart, not wearing any underwear she dug her fingers into her wet pussy. She havnt had sex in a few weeks now due to homer and work, and his obbsession with beer! She quickly put herself in an orgasm trying not to moan and wake anyone up.

20 minutes later she stoof up and glanced at the clock. It was past 1 am.

'Siigh, I wanted homer to get back early so we can do it! The movie made me so horny! I should get a dildo or an egg anything!' Marge whispered to herself, she walked past barts room and glanced through the open door. There bart was sleeping peacefully on his bed.

She snuck in quietly and picked bart up and carried him to her own room. She locked the door and placed bart on her bed. She grabbed the handcuffs frm the drawer. 'Luckly homer was a cop before!'

She handcuffed barts hands to the bed posts and called Moes.

'Hello? Moe?' she whispered into the phone

'Yeah this is moe!'

'Hi, Is homer there?'

'Yeah hold on a sec.'

She waited quietly as a drunk home asnwerd the phone.

'Duuhh hello?'

'Hommie? When are you coming home?'

'duhh marge?'


'Not sure? do you want -burp- me home now?'

'uhm no, Come back at 3 am!'

'Awsome -burp- Duuhh see you in two hours' Home said as he hangs up.

Marge sighs as she leaves the room and gets a glass of water. She puts in a sleeping pill and climbs the stairs.

She enters Lisas room and quielty nudges her awake.
'Lisa drink this water!'


'Do it , uhh it'll help you sleep better!'

'huh okay' Lisa drinks the water down and immedainty falls into deep sleep.

Marge smiles to herself as she walks back into her room and locking the door. She took of her dress and shivered standing there nude. She uickly stripped bart down trying not to wake him. She cut off his pj top thats when he woke up and stared directly into his moms eyes, shocked than he looked down staring at his moms boobs, nice and round.

Marge ripped off his top and smiled nervously at bart as he tried and freed his hands.

'WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING MOM?' Bart yelled at her, keeping his eyes at her boobs.

'She quickly stuffed a ball of cloth in his mouth.

'Sorry hunny. But I am so horny and theres noone to fuck but you' she said sweeetly she smiled down at Barts erection. 'Looks like your kinda enjoying this!' She said as she rubbed it.

She stood , her cunt at barts face.

'what the hell is she gonna do?' he thought as he stared at the blue public hair. and her dripping pussy. He sniffed the air it smelt like roses.

She quietly took out the cloth. 'noone can hear u fi you scream bart. Just sit back and enjoy this'

Bart closed his mouth and stared. 'Noo this is wrong! I cant enjoythis' he told her.

Marge kissed bart and than smiled at his shocked face. 'But i gave birth to you, just let me do this.' She kissed him again.

She stuffed her boobs in Barts face, He looked at the round balls he opendd his mouth and started licking one.

Marge moaned but it stopped when bart stopped. 'The hell i'll please you, you old hoe!'

Marge got up and stood staring at him. She then went to her closet and took out a wipe. She swung it hard across his chest.

-Smack-You-smack-WILL -smack-DO -smack- AS -smack- I -SMACK- say!!!

Bart started crying over the pain that was forming over his chest. He closed his eyes and shut his mouth tight.

'Good son!' She put down the wipe and placed her face up to his cock as she placed her cunt in his mouth(69) 'Lick mah pussy'

He felt her cold body ontop of his. He opened his eyes and stared at her red cuntand blue hair surrounding it. Marge slapped his thigh signally to do it. He pressed his tounge lightly to her clit, more tears forming on his eyes. Marge than started licking the head of his hard cock and than going deeper and deeper. Bart groaned w/ marge as they both went deeping it each others privates. Bart spread his whole tounge on her pussy as he cummed. He moaned loudly as Marge licked his cock clean. Bart continued lickly her pussy till she reached her own climax. Through moans Marge ordered Bart to lick her pussy clean.

Bart did it, he loved the taste of her cum, he wodnered if everyones cum tasted like it.

Marge turned her body , her head towards barts head. She started frenching her as Bart wrapped his legs around hers pressing his cock on her body.

'I'll free your hands if you promise you wont do anything bad, she whisper into his mouth 'Or else!'

Bart nodded quickly, getting tired of his hands over his head. Marge reached up and quickly opened the handcuffs. And than went back to kissing him. She quietly placed her cunt over his cock and than slammed down. They both moaned in enjoyment.

'I cant believe i'm enjoying this!' Bart thought as he switched postions with Marge and started slamming his cock into her wet pussy.

He played with her boobs w/ each thrust into her red cunt. Not that long till they reached an orgasm together. Marge screamed as Barts hot sperm sprayed into her. Marge held onto Barts neck as he continued slamming his hard cock into her and sticking fingers into her asshole. Marge moanded loudly each time they both reached an orgasm , 'I could do this forever!' she thought but Bart couldnt. Soon Bart grew tired one last thrust into her he took his cock out of her wet cunt and lied beside her and fell asleep right away thinking one thing before he went away; 'I cant believe i fucked my mom.'

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