Manjula's bitch

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Lisa listened to Marge's problem. To her, it didn't seem that difficult a decision. However she continue to hear her mother's tale. "After spring cleaning when Maggie and I were left alone because the three of you had gone to various activities." (as Bart was spending time with his on again off again girlfriend Greta Wolfcastle, Homer was at Moe and Lisa was spending time with Alison Taylor, one of her best friends).

"I was feeling bored and restless. The house was sparkling clean, dinner was already ready and I had nothing more to do. Suddenly I got a phone call. It was from Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon my best friend. I didn't know why she called, but I was glad to hear from her so we went. We, which included Maggie and the octuplets, went to lunch and watched the greatest love story ever. Sleepless in Seattle 3: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan making another movie about getting together. It was even more romantic than Sleepless in Seattle 2: You've Got Mail and the original Sleeping in Seattle One: Love without Loyalty. And after the movie, we ended home. "O that was a wonderful movie. And when Tom Hanks told Meg Ryan that he loved her by appearing in a romantic place. O, that was so romantic." "I loved the part where they were communicating without ever seeing one another, just like the other two films." replied Manjula. As we put the babies into their cribs, where MAggie sleeping cuddling little Rahul, it was so cute."

"Anyway, Manjula then said something very strange. "Marge, there is something I was hoping to talk to you about." At first I thought it might be about what curtains she should use because the current colours were very umm... difficult to notice. "Marge, Apu and I have agreed that I should experiment." I was shocked. "Manjula, that's crazy. Drugs could ruin your life. Apu should be..." "I meant sexually, Marge. Not drugs never!" "oh! So Apu wants you to sleep with other men, that just seem so.... wrong." "Oh no, Marge. With a woman." "Oh, that makes more sense. But it still seem so terrifyingly new." "Marge" she suddenly held by hand "Apu cheated on me and that still hurts me. So we agreed to lessen the anger I still feel, I should sleep with a woman while he videotapes it and watches it later." "That doesn't seem well very much like punishment." "But I must admit, I have always wondered about another woman. Especially since I have only ever been with one man." "Really? Me too!" "And I have many friends, but only one could possibly desire. My prettiest friend, you Marge!" "Really? I'm your prettiest friend? hmmmhmmmhmmm, (folllowing that giggle, the disapproving nag sounds Marge makes) but sleep with another woman. That sounds like fun risk taking, and I don't um... think that's me me." "Please just talk about it with Homer, then please come back with answer. I have always wonder Marge, please think about it.""

"Then I went to your father. "So what should I do?" "Marge, so long as I get to watch the tape or you and Manjula, mmmmm Marge and Manjula (drool sound), then its fine. Besides a time should come in every married woman's life when she lets her husband watch her rock the kazbah with another woman. mmmmm Marge and another woman (drool sound)." "I'm just not sure. I mean what if changes thing between Manjula and I, or you and me, or Apu and Manjula?" "Marge, all that will happen, it that everyone has fun, and that I will get laid more often." (Marge makes nagging sound) "Look if you're not sure, you should go to the one person, I always go to for marital advice." And so here I am asking you for advice."

"It's no big deal, Mum. Kissing girls feels okay. You'll barely notice the difference." Lisa Replied.
"Honey, how would you know?" inquired Marge. "Come on, Mum, I'm 8 years old. I've kissed girls before." replied Lisa. "Who?" a surprise Marge demanded. "The first time was with my friend Erin. She was really a good kisser (Lisa giggles). That was before I was with Nelson Muntz. Then after that I kissed my close friend Alison Taylor who I dated for a while after Nelson Muntz. Then lastly was my cool companion Alex Whitney, who really knew how to kiss. (Lisa giggles)." "SO you kissed THREE girls?" a shocked MArge responded. "Yes, and it's no big deal. As for going all the way, obviously I've never done that. Although Alison and I did some things...." "Like what?" Marge demanded. "Mum, the point is you and Ms. Nahasapeemapetilon should just try it. Don't weigh up the pros and cons. If you're confident in your love for Dad and your friendship with Ms. Nahasapeemapetilon, there won't be a problem." "You're right, Lisa. Thank you for the advice." AS Marge went to walk away she turned back "Just how far have you and Alison...." "bye Mum" interrupted Lisa. As Marge made her to the apartment of Apu and Manjula, Lisa stood up. "Okay, next time, I tell Alison and Alex to use their hands, not a paddle!"
So what will happen next, tune in to the next chapter!

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