Lisa's Revenge (Mr. Burns last hope)

BY : Matthew Raven
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Lisa presses her face against the pillow hard as she can mustering all of her will power not to cry out as her butthole is being stretched to it's limit. The first time he did it was the worst and that time she wasn't able to hold back her screams of pain. It had been a very hot summer and she had locked her bedroom door after taking off all of her clothes to cool off. She lay on her stomach reading and article on her favorit instrument, The saxaphone when she drifted off into a light sleep. She awoke to the feeling of something pressing down on her back. After a few seconds her minds awoke enough for her to realize it wasn't a something on her back but a someone. She yelled at Bart to get off of her and tried rolling to the side knocking him off. He had put more of his weight on her making it impossable. That was when she realized that he was also naked. She called him a pervert and tried bucking him off to no success. He tells her to go on and yell if it makes her feel better. That there is nobody home. Just her and him. She stops yelling and decides to try a different tactic. She begs for him to get off of him. She promises to give him her allowance. Whatever he wants. He tells her in a strange voice that he doesn't need her permission. He can have anything of hers anytime he wants. That is when she notices something hard pressed against her lower back. It slides down her back as Bart lies down over her. Realizing what he is planning to do she attempts to buck him off of her begging him not to do it. That they are brother and sister and it is so very wrong. She doesn't cry. Not untill Bart has slid the head of his thing into her butthole. And then she lets out a sob and begs him to stop. That she won't tell if only he will stop. But he doesn't listen. He has given up control to a thing called animal lust. An incredible pain rips through her pelvis as he rams his penis deep into her. Her face is shoved into the pillow smothering her screams of pain as he pounds relentlessly into her taking away her inocense. She feels a hot wetness and realizes it is her own blood dripping out of her ass. The pain lowers to a deep throb as he continues raping Lisa. Before too long he starts pushing deep into her and a feeling of hot stickiness enters her butthole. She realizes that he has just came into her and begins to sob even harder into her pillow. Bart pulled out of her with a sickening wet plop. He freaks out when he sees the blood and fleas to his room. The blood had scared him as well as her. She hears him quickly get dressed and flea from the house. And after a few minutes pass she gets up and crawls to the bathroom. Feeling numb all over she cleans up her blood and takes a shower. Later that afternoon Bart shows up for dinner (meatloaf). He is a bit pale all afternoon. That whole week he in incredibly nice to Lisa afraid that she will tell. When she doesn't he decides he wants more of what he had done to her. She wanted to tell her mom and dad but she knew it would destroy them if they knew so she keeps the secret.

She felt his pace quicken and his thrusts becoming faster and harder and was silently greatfull when he shot his seed. And, like usual, he collapsed onto her. "I love you, Lisa." Bart panted into her ear. He pulled out his now limp dick and wiped it on her buttcheeks. She did not move when he got up and went back to his room. Little Lisa got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself of the mess her big brother had left for her. As she wiped his crusting seamen off of her she vowed revenge on him. Meanwhile on the other side of town......

Mr. Smithers pushes Mr. Burns down the hallway to his bedroom trying not to cry. It is getting to be very hard for the best scientists and doctors in the world to come up with ways to prolong Mr. Burns life. The very thought of living one day without Montgomery Burns drives Mr. Smithers to the bottle everyday. Deep in his mind he knows that Mr. Burns's death is only eventual but his heart will have none of that. As he tucks Mr. Burns into bed with a fresh oxygen tank he is surprised by Mr. Burn as he grabs hold of Mr. Smithers Arm with all of his might. "Smithers," Mr. Burns says (his voice rising barely above a whisper). Smithers leans in so Mr. Burns doesn't have to use to much energy. This is the first time Mr. Burns has spoken to him such a kind voice in such a very long time and he didn't want to miss a single word he spoke. "Smithers", he repeated, "I have waisted my time on this planet." He sees Mr. Smithers try to speak and hushes him. "Let me say what I have to say." He instructs Mr. Smithers, "Don't interupt me." I am dying and you darn well know it. I have seen it in your eyes for the past couple of years. I have been speaking to some Scientists from one of those other countries. Neptune I believe they said they were from. Anyways, they enlightened me on a new surgery. They said they would do it for a very small price. If you value my life then you will help me. This is what needs to be done." And so he confides in Mr. Smithers and tells him what he must do.

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