How Aladdin repays favors

BY : Raikulxox
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Disclaimer: I do not make money from writing, it is purely a hobby. This if fiction. Disney owns Aladdin.

Aladdin was running through the streets of Agrabah, with the same mob of guards chasing him like every other day. After climbing a few windows, and jumping a few roofs, the guards lost track. He laughed to himself, slumping against a wall, eating a bite of break from the loaf. A squealing noise was coming from behind his shoulder.

He turned, smiling still. “Oh, Abu, you hungry?” He said tossing a chunk of break, the small monkey grabbing it and began eating. “Did you see those guards? How do they get keep there job!” He said laughing to Abu, the small monkey giggling with it’s mouth full.

Aladdin sat on the roof for awhile, eating his bread, thinking how he had to resort to this lifestyle to live. “I’d rather be a street rat than a stuck up snob, right buddy?” He asked reassuringly, as the monkey nodded. Aladdin stuffed the last bit of bread in his mouth and jumped down in an alley below. He patted his dust covered pants, and adjusted his vest. He raise his arm and smelt himself. Abu turned his head as if sniffing something smelly.

“Yeah, we need to get cleaned up huh. Let’s try to find someone who’ll let us bath…” He said walking to the bustling street markets. Passing through the crowd of people, he began asking one by one if they would let him take a bath. Most gave an excuse, some called him a street rat and others ignored him. While asking an old woman, he noticed a young woman eyeing him from across the street. He gave a grin her way, as she began waving, giggling to herself. “I think we found someone Abu..” he said walking over.

“Hello, ma’am.” He said casually, stepping in her direction. “I heard you asking people if you could take a bath, if you want you can come by and take one at my house. It’s just in an alley up the street.” She said eyeing the young man up and down. “Really? Thanks…err…” The woman laughed. “Mia, my name is Mia. There’s no need to thank me, I know you have it rough.” Aladdin nodded his head. “I try to make it. My name’s Aladdin by the way.” She smiled. “Nice to meet you, Aladdin. Let’s go now.”

Aladdin followed the woman to her house, eyeing her from behind on the way. The woman’s tight robe showed her good figure. Aladdin already noticed her busty breasts, and now noticed she had a sexy walk that showed her body off. He began to walk in a daze, daydreaming what the woman looked like naked. How her long brown hair would drape on her body.

After a few minutes, she opened a door, waiting for him to go in. “Welcome to my house. It’s nothing special, but it does the job.” She said playfully, as Aladdin walked in. There was one big room with a table in the middle with a burning lamp. There were two doors leading to other rooms. “The washroom is over to the right, if you want to be getting your bath over with…” She said staring in his eyes. He stared back, not saying anything for awhile. “Thanks..” He said, slowly walking in the room, giving her a quick look again before walking in.

She sat at the table waiting, thinking about how attractive the young man was. How his muscled chest could be seen, his toned arms, his dark hair. Finally, she saw him step back in the room. Without his vest on. He was drying his upper body with a long piece of fabric, giving a huge smirk her way. “Thanks so much Mia, you have no idea how long I went without a bath, heh.” She got up and walked over. “Don’t worry about it, Aladdin.” He looked at her again with a hard stare. “Is there anyway I can repay you? I don’t have any money or anything…but I can work or something for you…” He said hinting. She smiled, knowing where he was going.

“Let’s not play around, Aladdin. I know what your hinting at.” He gave a grin ear to ear. “Well what do you think about it? I know you’ll be satisfied, heh.” He said dropping the towel, folding his arms across his chest. She let her robe drape open and fall to the floor, revealing a tight fitting fabric dress hugging her curves and breasts. “Oh really? Someone sounds confident.” She said teasingly. He walked forward, cupping his bulge in one hand. “Trust me, you’ll be glad I’m repaying you…” He said as he began flinging his bulge, walking closer, pushing his lips to hers forcefully. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue access as she ran a hand down his deep abs.

He reached up and cupped her breasts with each hand, giving them a firm squeeze. She moaned inside his mouth and stepped back, closing her eyes. He gave another grin, grabbing her dress at the shoulders and pulling it down, getting caught on her breasts. He stared her in the eyes as he gave it a jerk, pulling past her breasts letting the big mounts flop in the air. He let go of her dress as it fell to her feet. “Your so beautiful…” He said slowly, staring her naked body down.

She didn’t seem shy at all, in fact she stood confident before him, staring right back at him. “You like breasts, huh?” She said playfully. “You have no idea…your melons are turning me on, Mia.” He said grabbing his visible bulge now, tenting his very baggy pants. “It look’s like they do.” She said staring at the bulge prodding towards her. “Do you want to fuck me, Aladdin?” She said stepping back, sitting on the table, her breasts bouncing as she jumped up. Aladdin followed slowly as if in a trance. “Your such a tease Mia..” He said grabbing his pants at the waist.

“Show yourself, back up your confidence.” She said as if giving an order. He stared at her, giving a huge smirk, slowly lowering his pants, revealing his deep v cut abs. She eyed the bronzed young man in front of her, as she reached a hand down below her legs, slowly rubbing her hairless clit. His pants revealed a hairy bush under his treasure trail, and a thick base as he went down. “It’s nearly as thick as my wrist!” She thought to herself, as she began to rub herself faster and harder, slowly inserting a finger. He saw she was enjoying the show, which gave his already huge ego a boost.

He got his pants down farther and farther, revealing the two large nuts hanging low beneath the base, as the thick cock snaked it’s way past, in fact longer than most flaccid. She stared as the pants slowly passed his mushroom shaped purple head, which was already leaking pre. As he let his pants fall to the floor, he began to thrust in the air, as his soft penis flapped against his legs. He smirked when he saw she was enjoying the show, shoving another finger in and out of her, as she let out a moan.

He stood straight up, his cock now half hard, and already longer than 8 inches. He put his hands on his hips, giving a playful grin at her. “Told you it’d be worth it, huh?” He said confidently. She scanned his body up and down, stopping at the organ between his legs each time. “I never seen one that big before…” She said slowly. He walked forward, his cock bobbing with each step, until his cock rest up against her crotch, and he wrapped his arms around her. He shoved there bodies together, her breasts being crammed against his chest, and his cock snaking up her leg. “So what do you wanna do now, Mia?” He asked seductively.

She stared at his face as she reached down and began pumping his cock up and down slowly with one hand. He winced from pleasure as he closed his eyes, thrusting his hips forward as his cock reached it’s full length of 10 inches. Pre was already leaking out coating her hand and his bulbous head. “I want you inside me, Aladdin. All of you.” She whispered in his ear. He opened his eyes, staring at her as he guided his head to her clits opening, tracing it slowly. “You sure? You think you’ll be ok?” He asked teasingly.

“You do owe me a favor, remember?” She said teasing back. He leaned forward, moving his head down and took one of her dark nipples in his mouth, sucking gently. Caught off guard, she moaned a little, until Aladdin slowly pushed his cock head inside her. The moan broke off into a slight yelp of pain as she grabbed his shoulders tightly. “Oh god Aladdin, don’t stop…” She said as he began to grind his teeth against her sensitive nipple gently, shoving a little more of himself into her slowly but steadily. She wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing more of his dick into her, feeling lost in pure ecstasy.
Aladdin began to thrust the rest of the way in, now switching to the other nipple, giving it the same treatment. He felt her soft skin reach his crotch, knowing he buried himself to the hilt. “Aladdin…you fill me completely, I can’t believe your inside me…” She said letting her head fall on his shoulder. He stopped his nipple treatment and began to kiss her forcefully. “Me either..your so tight I thought I wouldn’t fit in without hurting you…”

She threw her head back as Aladdin pulled all the way out and thrust into her with such force to make her breasts bounce without warning. He stared up at her grunting with each thrust, staring at her face which was filled with bliss. He sped up his pace with each thrust, hitting her sweet spot each time. “Aladdin, keep it up! This feels amazing!” She said as she held her head up with her eyes closed, her breasts bouncing right in his face. His heavy balls began to slap against her ass with each thrust, making a smacking sound. His grunts and her moans became louder with time, as his thrusts more powerful and fast.

Mia grabbed his thick hair with one hand as her body tightened, including her hole around his cock as she came. Aladdin didn’t stop however, in fact it didn’t interrupt his rhythm at all. He kept thrusting, now biting his lower lip, his face looking disfigured with pleasure, sweat forming on his forehead, as he gave one more powerful thrust that rocked her hard, and kept his meat buried deeply in her as he began to release his huge balls contents inside her.

Shot after warm, sticky, thick shot, he grunted. At first, he even shook in tune with his powerful orgasm. He held her tightly, her breasts being crammed tightly between them on his hard chest. After a few moments he raised his head up, looking her in the eyes as he gave a playful smirk, and laughed. “Heh, told you it’d be worth it, huh?” She looked down at him, amazed at how he could be so playful still, and smiled. “It was worth it, I admit.”

He pulled out of her, a trail of cum following his cock on the way out, falling on the table. He wiped his sweat covered brow with his arm, getting his pants. “Thanks again, Mia. If I want to take a bath again…can” was all he could get out before being interrupted. “You sure can Aladdin. Anytime you want. I may even have a hot meal waiting for you, if you can improve on this times.” She said playfully, and they both laughed together.

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