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BY : Jazz
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It was coming on night when it seemed to finally hit Jasmine that she was almost completely alone in the palace by herself.. Of course there where still the servents and such to take care of her, but she had all the privacy in the world.. Of course, this was only dimmed by the fact that she had no one to share that complete privacy with.. Although already 16, she had no husband, nor any lovers in which to speak, and this information reminded her of why her father was gone in the first place. The dear Sultan was traveling for a few days to search for her a suitable husband, one that he obviously couldn't find here..

Sighing as she thought on this, Jasmine walked to her room from outside at the dove pen, where she enjoyed caressing, and sometimes letting go of a pure white dove or two.. Her feet made soft patting noises as she traveled barefoot up her stairs and into her large room, closing the doors behind her softly, giving her total privacy away from the servants and maids, along with the thick rug that was pulled over the opening to her balcony, which blocked her away from the rest of the world. Incense candles where the only things illuminating the room, filling it with a calming scent..

Jasmine walked over to her reflective mirror and untied her thick black hair from it's bands and took a smooth brush to it, glancing around her room.. In the corner near the foot of her large bed was a rather large orange and black tiger, watching her contentedly from his lush pillow, tail curling once or twice, blinking slowly.. "Hello Rajah, how are you tonight?" she asked, setting down her brush and walking over to her large bed. The tiger answered with a low, rumbling growl and Jasmine smiled, pausing at the side of her bed. "Me too." she said, as if she had understood him, before easily starting to undress there before him. She tossed her light blue outfit away, completely nude, finding no comfort in sleeping in any sort of clothing..

Dark skin covered her whole body, which was well matured for her age; her breasts where full and perky, the dark nipples standing erect in the cool air of her room, and soft, but short black curls coated her most precious of area's. Pulling back the glossy curtain surrounding her large bed, she motioned for the tiger, "Come Rajah, sleep with me tonight." she told the large cat, whom immediately complied, raising from his place and padding over, taking an easy leap into her bed. Jasmine followed soon after, closing her curtains, shutting them off to the world once again. The young teen crawled over to her tiger, whom was sitting near the head of her bed, and leaned onto his side casually, taking a sigh. Rajah did not mind and mearly turned his head to look at her as she started to speak, taking in each word, as if understanding.

"Sometimes I think you are a better choice for me than any other men out there, Rajah. You are always there for me, and you listen. I wish I were a tiger, as you. I would happily give you many cubs." she told him with a smile. Jasmine had always said that, after her fathers attempt for her a husband had failed so many times.. Although she found that she was joking less and less each time she said it.. Rajah, of course, unknowing of humans or their custom, seemed to already think of Jasmine as a mate; they where always together, she came to him in all of her moods, and spoke to him more than anyone else, that and any other male, she shunned away, going to him instead. Nothing told him that she wasn't.. so she was. He purred this to her, and nuzzled the side of her head softly, tail curling around her waist.

Jasmine's eyes closed and she rubbed her cheek against his soft coat, and soon became lost in her touches.. Her cheek, arms and hands running over his fur softly, causing him to purr and relax deeply. Jasmine sighed and ran a hand down his furry chest, trailing her fingertips down until reaching his rather large cock-sheath. Her lips parted in a slight moan as her mind wandered to the many uses of what lay under her hand, and she soon shifted, working a hand up and down the long furry sheath until Rajah's red tip started to peak out, being coaxed by her hand.. "Rajah.." she murmured softly, starting to shift them both, so she could reach him better.. Keeping a hand on him, she situated him until he was partway on his back, legs spred wide, baring his white underbelly to her. Jasmine went to work again, working a hand up and down his soft-furred sheath while the other gently massaged his large fuzzy balls. "Oh Rajah.. my Rajah.." she purred, arching her back, coaxing him out..

Rajah gave multiple purrs and growls of pleasure, letting her work at him.. She had never touched him like this before, and he could smell the urge to mate on her.. The musk that called for him to mount her.. Finally, he would be claiming her, as he should.. Soon enough, Jasmine had coaxed out the red tip of Rajah's large head and she smiled. "Good boy.." Keeping her hands moving, she lowered her head and a pink tongue darted out and tasted the red tip that was slowly coming farther and farther from it's white sheath.. To her surprise, it didn't taste bad, and she claimed the growing head with her mouth, starting to suck him, draw him out using her mouth and hands. It didn't take long before he was fully extended and she was taking as much of him into her mouth as possible.. In a reflex, Rajah started to give soft thrusts, feeling his cock inside something warm and tight.. Jasmine moaned and squeezed the base of his firm length, letting him push more and more into her mouth.. With the force of his thrusts he went far into her throat and Jasmine couldn't help but to gag, tightening her throat around him. The tiger growled loudly in response, arching his own long back.. When the gag settled, Jasmine found herself able to deepthroat him and was bobbing her head up and down his massive length. It turned her on, and she felt wet between her legs, accompanied by a dull ache that made her moan against him.. She wanted her Rajah, her tiger to be deep within her..

Instinct told Rajah that he was to mount his mate and take her deeply, not lay upon his back.. So, although pleasure surged through his body, he started to move against her to stand, grunting and growling to her.. Jasmine heard this and lifted her head, mouth covered in juice that had laced his cock, and moved slightly, letting him up, she herself standing on all fours. "Rajah.." she moaned, rubbing her shoulder and side against his own shoulder and chest.. Standing, allured by her touches, Rajah stepped to her side, placing a velvet paw upon her back, teeth going lightly to her shoulder with a growl, commanding her.. Jasmine knew what was coming and knew of how animals like Rajah had sex; she remembered the first time she saw tigers mating.. it had turned her on, and just thinking of doing the same with him was equally stimulating.. She obeyed his growl and shivered with the contact of his teeth. Jasmine lowered herself and spred her legs obediantly, arching her back against his paw.. Rajah took this as his sign and slid his paw off before moving to her tail end and mounting her swiftly. She gasped at the sudden increase of weight, but only moaned at the soft fur at her back, the tiger's rough breath and tongue on the skin of her shoulder; she felt the firm prodding of his massive cock at her backside before he aligned himself and slid firmly into her arse.

Jasmine tossed her head back and had to stifle a scream at the sudden, large intrusion.. Feeling her distress, Rajah held still a moment, his paws wrapping around her waist, one covering her wet curls, a pawpad sliding between the folds of her cunt before becoming still at her clit. The movement made Jasmine moan and she moved herself back against him; the tiger took this as another sign and began to thrust deeply within her arse, slowly at first, before he started to gain force and speed. Jasmine gasped and lowered her head, her body adjusting quickly to him, and her hot cunt burned, aching to be filled. The movement against her sent Rajah's pawpad moving up and down her clit, making it even more pleasurable for her.. She moaned and groaned as he moved, his thick cock pumping, now furiously in and out of her, his pelvis forcefully ramming into her arse, burying his dick fully inside each time.. "Rajah.. harder Rajah.." she mewled, pushing herself back onto him with each thrust.. His claws extended in his grip and clung to her lightly, making her cry out in pleasure and pain.. the pawpad still moving furiously against her clit, joined with a prodding claw.. Pleasure rippled through her and she felt close, "Yes, yes.. fuck me hard Rajah!" she cried and Rajah almost roared in reply.. His body shuddered in pleasure and he felt himself grow thick and the pressure inside her small arse grew.. a few more thrusts found him pumping his seed deep inside her.. It was enough to fill her, and still more seeped from her as he pulled out, and dismounted her, panting. Jasmine whimpered at the feeling of her arse being filled with his seed, but was unsatisfied herself, her wet cunt having not been filled, nor having been pleasured to her own climax.. "Oh Rajah.." she moaned, looking over at him, staying on all fours.. The large male was panting, but was not totally spent, for his thick red dick was becoming full again..

Jasmine moved, rubbing her body against his alluringly, and Rajah's pants stopped and he nudged his cool nose to her, licking her shoulder and down the side of her body, cleaning the thin sheen of sweat that had covered her.. Going to her tail end, he could still smell her musk, her urge to mate still there.. Rajah, knowing that any male needed to instill cubs within his mate, was ready and happy to comply to her wish. He gave a loud growl as he leapt upon her again, paws going around her waist as he started to align himself and search for her opening.. "Easy Rajah.." she moaned, reaching back and grabbing his thick cock.. She pushed the head against the soft opening of her cunt and Rajah felt the entrance; reflex made him thrust deeply, and her hymen was shattered, making her scream. This time, Rajah paid no mind to her distress, only to his rough thrusts inside her tight pussy, feeling that this was where he was suppose to be.. Claws extended again and added to her cries of pain, which where soon changed to cries of pleasure.. Although his treatment was slightly rough, Jasmine started to respond positively, pleasure growing as she was filled again and again. "Oh yes.. Rajah.. yes.. harder!" she soon called to him, and he complied, his thrusts becoming more frenzied, and rough.. He grunted with effort and his growls seemed to command her.. His thick cock swelled, and he filled her completely with each thrust, her walls clamping around him every time he pulled out.. It was more stimulating, and he felt himself growing with release again.. His mear size and force sent Jasmine over the edge early, making her scream in her orgasm.. but Rajah didn't stop, if anything, his efforts re-doubled, and all of his force was put into each thrust, slamming her forward each time.. "Rajah, cum inside me! Deep inside me!" she screamed, wanting to feel his seed within her, the thick sticky cum lacing her hot walls.. She came again, and again before Rajah exploded within her with a roar, his seed filling every nook and cranny of her pussy.. Jasmine collapsed, and Rajah followed, thrusting shallowly within her, grunting as he pushed the last bit of his cum deep within her burning walls..

Within a moment he was laying by her side, satisfied and panting, his cock slowly returing to it's sheath, covered in her juices and his own sticky cum.. Jasmine was sighing against him, curled up comfortably beside him.. Lazily, he started to lick along her skin, cleaning her with his rough tongue and she relished in his attention. "Rajah.. I will take no other.. you will be my mate.." she told him with a smile. Rajah glanced lazily down at her, his licks pausing, having known this all along.

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