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This is a Bart/Lisa story, so beware: Incest, underage, oral
You have been warned! (-) indicates Lisa's thoughts

First Chapter: Lisa's first

Lisa's POV
Mom and Dad were out for the day: Dad was at work at usual, but Mom was off visiting Patty and Selma. With no adults, I could finally get back at Bart for what he did to me and at the swimming pool.
A couple of days ago, we were out for the dad. It was my turn to chose what we did, and I decided I wanted to get some exercise. Naturally, we disagree on what exactly exercise was, (I don't count bowling as a decent work-out) we managed to agree that the pool was a good bet.
It started off great. Mom and Maggie hang out at the shallow end, and Dad found a giant floatie and just drifted off. I was left with Bart, but he was being OK. I did a few laps, we raced, then Bart went off with his friends. I found Sherri and Terri though, so I wasn't left out.
Then it started. Bart had decided to pull a little prank. She snuck up on me, and pulled off my panties. I screamed in surprise, and practically everyone turned round. I blushed like mad and tried to get them back, but he throw them out of the pool. I had to climb out and walk over to them with EVERYONE staring. It was beyond degrading. Sure, Mom practically killed him, but it wasn't enough. If everyone saw me naked, they'd see him too.

I don't know when he started, but I knew Bart did something in his room that we weren't supposed to know about. I can hear him and night, groaning softly. Then I'd hear him get and go to bathroom. Whenever I ask about it, he just changes the subject. I figured out pretty quickly that he was masturbating. He seemed to be doing it more and more lately.And that's what he was probably doing now. Luckily, I have my trusty camera.

I crept up towards his door and quietly as I could. I couldn't risk him hearing me. I put my ear up to the wall: and sure enough, I could hearing Bart's moans. I stifled a giggle. His face when I walk in will be priceless. I held my camera at the ready and reached for the door handle. (Here we go). I grasped it tightly, then gently opened the door. I expected Bart to jump back in surprise, but he just sat there. I moved the camera from my eyes and saw that he was looking away from me. (He hasn't noticed me! I can really get him back now!).
Moving along the wall, I positioned the camera so it could see the front of him. I was amazed how absorbed he was in it. (How good could it feel? Maybe if I just have a look before I take the photo. If I just rotated slightly I could get round his desk and see the front of him)
I didn't know what I expected to see, but I was shocked. Bart was sitting there, his hand gently massages his dick. (Bigger than I thought...NO! Don't think about. He's your brother!) I couldn't help but stare. I moved again, trying to see more. I could make out his face now. A look of pure pleasure covered his face. His eyes were shut and he was licking his lips. I knew I shouldn't, but I wanted to go over to him. I was just about to step forward when a voice in my head shouted (NO! Take the picture and get out. The look on his face when his friends see that will be better than this). I knew what I had to do. I reached for the camera...and managed to knock it to the floor instead.
Bart jumped out and faced me, his dick still hanging out. "Lisa! What the hell!" I stepped back into the wall (Run, run, run...My legs won't move) He looked at me, then the camera, then back at me. A smile crept over his face. "Lisa, if you wanted to see it, you could just ask." (What?) He walked towards me. "Wanna touch it?" (!!!He wants me to..NO WAY!) Despite what my head was saying, I reached out and held it. It was still warm. "Mmmm. You got a great touch Lisa." He took my hand and led me to his bed. He sat down, my hand still firmly grasping his tool. He looked straight in my eyes, and saw soemthing he liked. "Go on. Play with it a bit". I had no idea what to do, but again my hand had a mind of its own. Mimicking Bart's earlier mtion, it gently ran up and down his cock. "Mmmm" It felt...well, it felt nice to touch it.
I kept my rythm, slowly increasing the pace. He began to moan more and more, and louder too. (This is kinda fun) I moved around and knelt before him. I had always wondered what giving head was like, every since I walked in on Mom and Dad doing it. I looked up and Bart. He seemed to be thinking the same thing. He gave qui quick nod, as if giving me permission.
(Here we go) I bent over and placed my lips on his head, then ran my tongue along the top. It tasted nice. I pushed my lips round it, taking him into my mouth, then backed up, and repeated. Each time my lips grazed his tip, I let my tongue wander again, gently lapping at the stream of pre-cum that had starting to emerge. Before long I had a definite pattern going, and I could Bart getting bigger inside my mouth. When I heard him begin to pant, I pulled my mouth. Bart released sigh of protest, but I ignored it.
Looking straight in his eyes, I stood up and slowly pulled down my dress and let it fall to the ground. I swear Bart got even bigger at the sight of me. I giggled, and hooked my thumbs in the sides of my panties, sliding them off. Putting my hands on my hips, I gave Bart the sexiest look I could, then knelt back down. I placed my lips back on his cock and resumed my motions. I felt him run his finegrs through my hair. The moans began again. I had started to figure out that it was more tongue more than my mouth that was pleasing him, so I pulled off again. Placing my mouth about an inch from his dick, I let my tongue gently lap at it. I could tell he liked it, so I ran my tongue up his whole length and repeated. Suddenly, Bart held my head and forced it down, choking me on himself. I could feel a pressure building up inside him. (Oh no. Please tell me he's not gonna...) Bart came inside my mouth. I flung my head back and coughed sending it flying across the room. Bart fell back on the bed, a huge grin on his face. "Thanks Lisa. I hope we can do this more often."

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