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Sally Rand / Lady & The Tramp (1955)

Sally Rand and The Tramp played on an illuminated stage with a large, crystal clear and round balloon, that were illuminated by the hundreds of light on the stage.

After the dog and the girl had pushed the balloon over to each other for a while, was Sally removing her clothes, and the girl began to sit and rode on the dog with the squeaking balloon between them for a while, as they moaned softly.

Then was Sally rubbing the balloon all over The Tramp's body, and it made Sally came for the first time, as her liquid splattered out on herself, the balloon and the dog.

The horny girl laid and rubbed the giant balloon against her bare genitals in some minutes until she finally released her juice again, and after the two friends had laid and relaxed, was Sally taking her clothes on again, and deflated the wet balloon.

The Red Balloon

Pascal had lost his red balloon that got steppe by by a kid from a gang, and as Pascal sat with his broken balloon, was over hundred of round and crystal clear helium balloon in all colours flying down to him.

The little boy grabbed the tows on all the giant balloons, and he became so horny and excited by all the balloons that he got now.

The boy gathered all the ballloons that lifted him over the city, and he climbed up on the long tow, and grabbed a tow with both his hands, as he gathered all the strings between his legs.

Pascal felt like he could come at anytime, and he caressed a yellow balloon that squeaked loudly, as the boy felt how his little stiff dick began to erect.

The sun on the clear blue sky illuminated thlloolloons, and under a lot of squeaks and soft moans, was the boy petting the huge ballloon, and soon was a big and black spot coming to sight in his pants.

Pascal was not finished yet, and he continued with caressing his soft balloon and stroke it gently, as his dick and his balls rubbed against the tow, and soon was Pascal spraying his load out again, as the black spot in his pants got bigger.

As the boy felt the beautiful aftermath, was he clapping the ballloon and enjoyed the sight of his wet pants.

The Simpsons

Guest star:Brie (From the homepage Brie's Bigger Balloons)

Up in the forest by Springfield was Brie inflating ten round and huge balloons that were dark blue, yellow, crystal clear and brown with a white inflator, as the spring sun shined over the quiet forest.

As the blonde girl inflated the balloons, were Maggie holding the balloons and gave them knots, and after all the balloons were inflated, was Brie, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Maggnd tnd the Simpsons family's dog playing with a round giant balloon, that was brown and crystal clear.

While Brie caressed the horny dogs long dick with the brown giant balloon, was Lisa sitting and riding on Maggie with a crystal clear balloon between them.

In the meanwhile was Bart and Marge playing with a brown balloon, as they both stood and masturbated.

The only sounds in the forest came from the singing birds, the squeaks from the balloons and the soft moans from the balloon lovers.

At last was Lisa and the baby riding themselves to orgasm, and Lisa's hot and white liquid ran down on the balloon and the baby.

Few minutes later was the dog coming, and his cum sprayed out everywhere, while a big black spot came to sight in Brie's pants, and Marge removed Bart's short pants and rubbed the brown balloon against his balls until he came too.

After the blonde girl and her friends had laid in the grass and relaxed, was Brie deflating the wet balloons and Bart took his short pants on again.

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