Reviews for Avatar Kink Fics

BY : IconicPants

  • From Lunarsilver on July 25, 2022

    Will we see a continuation of this story involving Mai getting fucked in the ass, oh and she see's herself getting fucked in a full nelson with a standing full body mirror before making a fucked silly look, (eyes rolled up mouth open and tongue out) especially caused by Zuko adding humiliation from telling her how much of a slut Mai looks like and when the three hand maidens come back to replace the rug Zuko ordered her to tell the three how much she loves being his human cocksleeve and mean it with her heart, Mai barely does in between moans and wearing the fucked silly look then the two cum at the same time but not before Mai humiliates herself again by begging for permission to cum. After that she is mentally knocked out from the pleasure but Zuko can keep using her body making Mai physically continue to moan but is unaware Zuko continues to use her body exactly like a cocksleeve making the three maidens hope their boyfriends use them like that when seeing them later or they don't have boyfriends but want to be used like Mai by Zuko and I have an idea for that foursome while Mai is still in fucked silly face and mentally unconscious state but that can be in another chapter after this one

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  • From Gryphon on July 24, 2022

    I'd think it would be interesting to see Azula as a futa cuckqueen who likes to watch her girlfriends Ty Lee and Toph getting fucked 

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