Reviews for Narcissistic Tendencies


  • From Jake Collins on September 02, 2020

    There can be no denying that Alvin and Brittany both fancy themselves almost as much as they fancy each other, so this story makes perfect sense. We see how their narcissism manifests slightly differently at first, with Alvin revelling in the hotness of their sex while Brittany is more worried about Alvin seeing her in a dishevelled state, but because their overriding concern for each other's emotional and sexual well-being is always paramount, this story manages to convey a deeply loving relationship of which the narcissism becomes an understandable and fun part.

    Masturbating to images of yourself must truly be the ultimate form of narcissism, but this sequence also contains plenty of love and support as Alvin helps Brittany to get over her initial uncertainty once again, and the pair end up having a wonderful time getting off to the video. All the sexual activity between the two remains as steamy and sensual as it was in the first story about them; this is truly a relationship between two chipmunks who feel immeasurable physical and emotional passion for each other and, of course, for themselves!

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