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BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From Fairy-Slayer on April 29, 2021

    (Chapter 9)

    What's the reverse gender of a "Wham bam thank you ma'am!" :) I guess I can't blame her for wanting to make sure he was cleaned up and out of there quickly enough to avoid suspicion. After all, you did a lovely job setting up her worries and desires as the encounter approached. Her pre-coital giddiness plus a touch of paranoia fits nicely with what she forgot to, uhm, fit in before Lincoln entered. ("She forgot to pay him to keep up the ruse, but she may really pay for it later"? ;) )

    Meanwhile Lincoln was quite the wonderful gentleman all the way through the encounter, and he probably doesn't mind since he's positive that he'll be "helping her again." And wow was that wonderfully intense help.

    Afterwards, it's interesting to see Lincoln's fears catching up with him more and more. Puberty messes with emotions enough for normal people, so for a Loud boy it could be literal agony at times. Heck, imagine when all these white-haired babies start popping up all over town. Thank goodness Clyde is so understanding… at least until he sees Lori in that infamous HFPS picture.

    Also, much as I worry about Mrs. Johnston's loose lips (when they're not some part of Lincoln's body) it was a fun little scene when she brought her colleague in on the secret. Besides the risk of getting caught, she should be careful that Lincoln will always have room in his schedule to fit her in (or, you know, vice-versa).

    Thanks for this delicious 4A foray into Miss DiMartino's depths.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on March 28, 2021

    (Chapter 8)

    So Cristina found Lincoln too creepy before (even if reasonably so)… but she's the one so horny that she can come up with such an elaborate plan to take his dick "around the world"? and managed to be reasonably casual as she reeled him in? :D You go girl!  She (and you) did an excellent job bringing it all together. I'd also like to thank Casey personally, but I guess her calendar is pretty full already. Lincoln's anxiety dream was also pretty fun, even if obviously a dream it did a great job showing his concerns about being caught – even if it also suggested he didn't think too highly of his male friends. (Zach could so date a mammal if he wanted to! ;) )

    Now I do have to say that the set-up for this chapter doesn't seem as polished as your usual writing: It felt like the situation from "Making the Case" came up more than it needed to, and the conversation in the car seems awkward to me. To be fair, both views are necessary exposition, and maybe I just can't "hear" the cartoon style of the show in my head after not having watched it for years.

    (I actually held onto this review for two weeks while going over the story again, but I still can't nail down why the opening of this chapter drags a bit for me.) 

    You did a fantastic job on their hat-trick escapades, plus Cristina's submission fetish – plus a feverish eagerness – made each round even steamier. It was also funny how Cristina could be pleasuring him wonderfully (especially for a novice) and Lincoln couldn't help but compare her to his sisters too. I wouldn't be surprised if that made him even hornier. Good thing that he didn't accidentally moan or otherwise let slip that her blowjob was on par with Lily's.

    Now I just wonder if Chuck kept a camera running to make sure they didn't break or steal anything… or because Casey wanted to examine and critique her sister's technique. Thanks for another fun romp.

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  • From Maxsteele1986 on February 07, 2021

    I enjoyed the story so far. I hope you release chapter 8 soon.

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  • From DoctorYnot on December 22, 2020

    Truly excellent chapter, I honestly believe it's the best one of the whole story so far. Did an amazing job at capturing the feel of the show and all the characters, which is especially impressive since it featured such an eclectic cast that you wouldn't figure could believably have reason to interact at length or have any chemistry with each other, but they totally did, not to mention being breathtakingly fun and erotic. I'll write a more comprehensive review later, but for now, I just wanted to say I loved it! I know I sat this a lot but as always, the greatest virtue of your work, numerous and varied as those virtues are, is just how perfectly you duplicate the atmosphere of the cartoon and the real essence of the characters. They really feel like themselves, even in such an erotic, depraved context. What an outstanding piece of work.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on December 20, 2020

    (Chapter 7) 

    Wow, that was a lot!  Action, fun, and new developments. It seems that everyone is eager to break the rules. It makes sense that Lisa would have deduced Lincoln's violations – or even calculated how long it would take him to give in – but it was actually a bit disappointing that Lucy blabbed (even though the joke worked – and I could actually see it coming). Now I have to wonder if Lincoln feels the same way or will just shrug if off in service of, uhm, getting serviced. ;) Either way, the more people who are in on the secrets the less it will matter in the end.

    …except with Darcy: Lisa should have known better than to let Darcy hear that conversation, but it's clear Lisa has a girlboner for her and it's making her a bit stupid. All in all I'm NOT complaining though. 

    I also have to wonder if Lori suspected something was off about Lincoln's tea party for the megalomaniac instead of the egomaniac and that's why she got Carol to join in. (Lincoln being so conscientious about proper preparation fit both the mood and made a nice opening for Lori's maneuver, IMO.) Considering how much more Lori was able to let go during and after Carol got a hearty dose of The Log was quite a breakthrough.

    Oh, and would Lori really be affected so much by the Loudamine, or was it just an excuse to get in ahead of Lisa, plus maybe have an excuse for being bolder? I have to wonder. (Or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it.)

    Darcy was wonderfully adorable with her eagerness to participate, even a bit giddy before the special tea, and great job keeping her child-like innocent intact (like starting to cry because her hymen wouldn't). Great job following the action around the room without losing momentum or your place with any of them.

    Thanks for letting us watch as Carol and Darcy become ever Kinky for Linky. (…Agog for the Log… Delight for the White, etc. etc.)

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  • From DoctorYnot on October 31, 2020

    While I really liked this chapter, I did have some thoughts on it. I thought maybe I could go into them a little and perhaps you'd get something useful out of it. In any case, I say all of the following very humbly and with respect, I'm sure you know that. This is just my perspective on things.


    I couldn't help but feel Agnes gave in too quickly. I know that women becoming subconsciously attracted to a male that has a lot of sexual partners is a real psychological phenomenon, but I think the chapter would have unfolded in a more satisfying way if that only opened the door and created the possibility for things to happen in Mrs. Johnson's case, rather than spurring the entire event on its own. I can't help but feel that this came off almost like mind control (I'm wondering if in fact that'll come up later, like maybe a side effect of this thing the Louds have is increased pheremone production in males). I think that perhaps it could have been more gradual, and made a little more use of the fact that Agnes has had such a long dry spell and is so repressed, to ease into everything psychologically. I mention this because all the stuff going on outside the Loud House with Lincoln, Jordan and Stella has come off pretty believably to me so far, and I think it's really valuable to maintain that if possible going forward because it helps immensely with immersion for things to feel so authentic even with such a sexual premise. In fact, kids ARE pretty reckless at that age, hormones raging and frenzied to try those things. At the very least I remember puberty being like that for me, that monkey is impossible to get off your back.


    But for Agnes, an adult, I do feel that if it were presented a different way you could get more out of her by tapping into more stuff from her circumstances, to draw out that same authenticity except tailored to her own character. For instance, say she stumbles upon Lincoln and either Jordan or Stella having sex, but they don't catch her. She stands there, rooted the spot, and watches them do the whole deed. She's a mature, responsible woman, but there's also that wild side to her we sometimes see hints of. The older woman knows in her mind that she should report it, that that's what she's bound by the law and school policy to do, but for some reason she doesn't. Maybe she talks herself into believing that taking care of it on her own would be being a good teacher, avoiding getting their parents or the police involved and get Lincoln and the girl to put a stop to all of this before someone else catches them and they ruin their future. So, she resolves to talk to her student alone and calls him into her classroom after school one day. Like, initially, the whole thing could stem from concern, and her demeanor would be stern, and Lincoln could feel nervous and afraid. She'd tell him she knows what he's been up to, and stresses to him that he's in danger of wrecking his whole life. That there'll be plenty of time to do the stuff he's doing when he's grown up but right now isn't the proper time. She demands details from him, asks if there's anyone else or just GJ/Stella. Once Lincoln admits to GJ AND Stella, you could have Agnes, stunned, inevitably ask 'and what exactly did you do with them?' and as Lincoln starts describing it and getting more and more explicit, she subtly starts rubbing her legs together, pupils dilating as she can't help but imagine the whole thing in her head, her long unsatisfied libido keening and bubbling and boiling just beneath her skin. She slowly, without realizing it, starts getting more into it, finds herself asking things that are less pertinent to the issue at hand and more voyeuristic and for her own gratification, like 'how did it feel?' and 'was she tight?' 'have they given you head' etc. I personally feel Lincoln is better as a sub, but in this case just like you did you could have him begin to sense what's happening and then turn the tables on her, tentatively asking her if, well, maybe she'd like to do it too...? Maybe she sputters a bit in response, frozen at first, but when she tries to say no he stands up from his seat, advancing on her, and she turns to putty when he puts his hands on her body, all those long suppressed feelings coming up to the surface in this incredibly debauched scenario where she's about to get fucked by one of her own students. She throws posh to the wind and kisses him and then the whole sex scene could unfold from there as you wrote it, with possibly just her being a little bit more surprised, more giddy at what she's actually about to do with a child and her own student, but otherwise identical.


    By tweaking the lead-up a little bit I think you could have gotten a little more bang for the buck and had it more, I guess, personalized to Mrs. Johnson as the responsible but repressed teacher, which I think would make it more satisfying in a narrower sense. But that's not to say the chapter was bad, I still liked it! It's just, like I said, another set of eyes that maybe could help look at things a different way. Anyway, I know it's incredibly presumptuous of me to even mention any of this, but you're an experienced writer so I thought that different perspective could help. Honestly, I'm not even sure I should bring it up since you do hint that maybe Ms. Dimartino is on the docket (REALLY pumped for that if true) and maybe you're saving that kind of approach for her, in which case I've just made a fool of myself...But, like I said, I feel the girls in this story have surprisingly behaved pretty realistically so far, so I thought it'd be wonderful if that mood was maintained. In any case, I hope you take this in the spirit in which its meant! I'm loving the story, and I'd like to thank you for sharing this new chapter. Like I said before, I'll try and write a better review when I can, I'm just a bit pulled apart at the moment. Wanted to get this down while I could!

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on October 30, 2020

    (Chapter 6) 

    The sad fact is that Lincoln probably got a better workout disciplining the woman than he would have in gym class, though I'm sure that's not what he and Mrs. Johnson were thinking about. I love how the teacher went from, "The girls have become very sexually inappropriate due to some influence," to "I want in!"

    It was fun to see how she clued Lincoln in to what she wanted, and both funny & scary how quickly an eleven year old boy was able to read her. To be fair, the mature ones seem to know that the thought of impregnating them drives Lincoln wild, even if not consciously. Also interesting how her inhibitions switched completely off even as she thought about the consequences – especially if she had a white-haired baby. Oops. :)

    Thanks for another fun romp and even ever deepening thrusts mystery.

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  • From DoctorYnot on October 24, 2020

    Sooo excited for the next chapter. It looks like it's going to be Miss Johnson, who I was seriously hoping you'd do. She presents such a delicious, erotic narrative opportunity. God I hope our kiddo impregnates that sexy pent-up fox, that womb of hers is just begging for a cute little white haired baby to be put inside it, and the idea of it being her own young student knocking her up is MADDENINGLY hot. I've always thought Agnes is legitimately one of the low key sexiest girls in the cast; her whole thing just does it for me, the done-up teacher's bun with a pencil through it, the stockings, the eyeshadow and, of course, those hips...There's a lot of passion seething within that chaste, frustrated older woman, if you ask me, and I think a chapter where we get to watch the normally mature, responsible Agnes fall for her cute little student's charm and it's all allowed to finally be released promises something very special. I'm really looking forward to it! Sorry about this not being a real review, I'll write one later, I just wanted to say this before anything else!

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on October 12, 2020

    I know there are rules against commoditizing household sexual activity (apart from every married couple ever), but I think Lucy owes Lana big-time for instigating Lincoln's quickie call.

    That was a pretty amazing double-whammy, and the hot super-incest talk and its effects made it powerfully satisfying. (As he ran down the list of sisters I was reminded of an HFPS picture that you probably should not look up.) Heh, Lincoln probably never expected that getting it off his chest would lead to Lucy revealing the pregnancy-craving beast within herself.

    Speaking of impregnation though, Lincoln knows the deal with his sisters, but he hasn't pondered about Girl Jordan's fecundity or the small-but-non-zero risk with Stella. Oops…

    In the end it was very sweet that he made known his appreciation in all the ways Lucy made him feel better. He couldn't ask for a better confidant. (And down the street Clyde just screamed out in unknown anguish.)

    BTW was it supposed to be, "his scent and body heat"? However, “I love that about you,” was purely fantastic. Thanks for an extra-intense bit of incestuous fun and love.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on October 01, 2020

    (Chapter 4)

    “…near the rear doors.” Mmm! That's good foreshadowing. :)

    The set-up for Stella in the last chapter and a little, eh, deeper exploration at the beginning here made the payoff even more exciting. Along with the lovely action their sauciness in getting to it was fast & hot… and it's interesting how that thought occasionally pops up here and there (only to be dismissed once something better pops up).

    It's really sweet how Stella is as concerned about remaining friends with Lincoln despite her powerful lust for him. That feels like a very natural thing for a 'tween. Now it'll be interesting to see if she can keep from letting anything slip about her new extracurricular activities – especially from Lincoln's other FWB. (And if she and Jordan ever did realize they were sharing him, would their reactions be different whether or not Lincoln was present at the time?)

    Lovely and fun chapter, and the title for the next one is rather intriguing too. Thank you for more very Loud fun.

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  • From Aegis999 on September 30, 2020

    YES RITA IS PREGGERS! I wonder if her sex drive is higher when she is preggers!?


    On other note....I really want to see lincoln x Agnes Johnson, maybe lincoln is her last chance of concieving?

    Plus having agnes in his pocket opens the door for lincoln to have a threesome with agnes and stella or jordan.

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on September 20, 2020

    (Chapter 3)

    Beautiful job making Lincoln's ultimate wish come true, and in such hard-pounding style. Though I do worry about his guilt even more after such an emotionally charged time with The Supreme Sexual Being in his life. BTW Lisa was cute with her self-control seemingly breaking down her logical mind a bit. Nicely done. Whatever (and whoever) comes next should be quite interesting. Thanks.

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  • From LotusFury on September 20, 2020

    Really looking forward to the next chapter 

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  • From shadowmaster on September 20, 2020

    This was entertaining. I don't hope for you to do this (because you must be busy doing your own things), but could you please show us this "girl time" that Rita has with two (or more) of her older daughters? 

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  • From DebbieCync on September 17, 2020

    And the kinks continue! Good chapter.

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