Reviews for Just One Rule

BY : GeorgeGlass

  • From The all seeing eye on September 15, 2020

    oh hell yes! i hope Lincoln knocks up all his sisters! hope they have the money for one more baby

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on September 01, 2020

    (Chapter 2)

    Lovely job making his horrid summer camp experience pay off here – and he really proved Jordan right on the confidence angle. Their feverish quickie was fantastic, and their mutual non-decision afterwards seems very in-character for their age and experience, plus it presents interesting story possibilities. Mentioning the Rubicon (with the cute reference to Jordan) did a great job expressing his mixed feelings at the chapter's close.

    It's kind of sweet that the girls at home got him all the comfy & sexy undies he could ever want, since he's an aficionado of sorts, regardless of their own motives. Of course I also enjoyed the day's set-up with all of Lincoln's musings for basically any girl he saw, regardless of relative age. (Including Darcy was a welcome touch… to me, anyway. Not sure what Darcy would think about it. ;) )

    Thanks for some great horny (outside of the) Loud House fun.

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  • From The all seeing eye on September 01, 2020

    welp one non-loud girl a bunch to go! do darcie next!

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  • From Jomahawk2694 on August 28, 2020

    Happy to be your beta for this one, Glass. Seeing how awesome the first one was, I can't wait to see what directions you take this one in. 
    As I said, reading that line "never ending summer" made me expect some kind of P&F reference, especially considering your repertoire here, but as you stated before, it would take a truly, TRULY sick bastard to try and mix Nick with Disney. 

    As for the lemons, you know I love Lingeire, and Lola, so that opening lemon pushed all my buttons. The Lynn one was good as well, but I truly do hope you have Lincoln give her what she wants. (Namely, his cock up her ass)


    Also, with Lynn's comment about getting grabby with boy butts on the wrestling team, are you implying that the girls are becoming slutty to the point they just want sex, period? Because I don't feel like NTR would be a good fit for this story. Just my humble (and perverted) opinion. 

    Keep em coming!



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  • From DebbieCync on August 23, 2020

    I like how in character they all are, even their kinks follow their canon personalities.

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  • From YamiNoKami on August 20, 2020

    Nice to see a sequel. But can I make a request?

    How about having Ronnie Anne pay a visit, find out about their new norm, get mad and bitch them out only for the girls to see/claim that she is jealous before they teach her a lesson. Like they hold her captive and tease her while she watches Lincoln bang one of them, being mocked that she'll never be able to handle Lincoln.

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  • From Pixel-King on August 18, 2020

    I see Fairy-Slayer has dropped by, excellent. You're another one of my favorite delightfully degenerate gentlemen.

    Glad to see a continuation of Sandboy, and it will be interesting to see where you take this.

    I'm so glad you keep creating content on this site! Mostly it's a trickle of mediocre material here, but you consistently deliver quality writing. It's a real skill to weave together smut and plot, and to do so while adhering to sound grammatical principles is admirable. You are definitely in my top author list.

    Ya' know, it's amusing on its own, but this show was basically designed to be the perfect fap-fodder for incest-loving lolicons, not to mention all the thicc ladies and myriad cuties his sisters bring home. Really hits all the fetishes and potential kinks.

    Never-ending Haareeemmmm! (Aah Ah Aaah, Ah Aaah Ah, Ah Aah Aaaah!)

    Eh-hem, excuse me, I was momentarily overcome.

    Keep on writing! I'm an infrequent commenter (my apologies), but a dilligent reader.

    Many thanks again!

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on August 17, 2020

    Good opening with a very intimate look at how things and attitudes had changed now that they had been enjoying the new system for a while. Lola's little quirk is kind of cute, but maybe kind of expected that she'd be "pushy precocious," but it's a little sweet that she tries to be more appealing to Lincoln. Maybe she's growing up in some very good ways too… especially how hot & horny she is. Nice that it's all still very exciting for her.

    Meanwhile it's not surprising that Lynn would bring sports into it, with the snap pose being a nicely suggestive way to start. It's cute how she's the one tryst of the day keeping ideas to herself and hoping to work them in over time versus Lola just going ahead full speed every time. (The fact that we get some insight on Lynn's thoughts but not Lola's suggests she's not interested in other types of lovemaking…yet. Oh the possibilities!) If she'd brought that up before sex perhaps Lincoln would have gone at it a bit harder, though maybe Lynn knew that beforehand too.

    (…or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it.)

    Both liaisons plus how quickly they all went for the jar is a nice reminder of how accustomed they are to boinking pretty much any time they want. Then along with Lola's special lingerie and how she gets them, the bit about Lori's ambivalence is a nice little bump in the road that seems perfectly in-character. I forgot though: Is Lori also bound by the Just One Rule?

    Great call using the end of summer as the catalyst for some new conflict, with the additional benefit of so much temptation. It'll be interesting to see Lincoln falling prey to the all-too-human tendency to take plentiful things for granted. I just wonder if he'll stop appreciating his new joys at home or, even worse, start to resent them. Lynn's comment about sneaking in some grab-ass was cute while also reinforcing how they've all gotten used to boinking any time they want. Restraint doesn't come easily to kids, but if that weren't true then we'd be out of a job.

    Thanks for a great running start into the next phase. It should be an interesting journey.

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