Reviews for The Food of Love


  • From Jake Collins on August 09, 2020

    Unlike Alvin and Brittany, Theodore and Eleanor are obviously not the kind of characters to take a step like this with supreme self-confidence and only a few passing nerves, and I completely agree that food preparation is the perfect bridge to sex for this couple. As the story shows us very clearly, Theodore and Eleanor have a raging passion for good food and a raging passion for each other, and it only makes sense that these two passions should become inextricably linked at this critical stage in their relationship.

    After such a highly sensual account, readers should be left in no doubt that Theodore and Eleanor are just as sexy, sassy and stimulating as Alvin and Brittany, but in a different way that matches up with the differences in their characteristics. I don't see how anyone could come away from this story not secretly yearning for a jolly good feel of Eleanor's numerous voluptuous curves, and I was very pleased to find Theodore's cock described exactly as I've always imagined it: chunky, short and extremely cute, just like himself.

    Even without the sex, this would be a very strong character piece for Theodore and Eleanor, who really do deserve their undisputed status as the cutest Chipmunk couple. Alvin and Brittany are and always have been the hottest Chipmunk couple, as we are reminded in no uncertain terms here, even though these two are not the ones in the limelight this time.

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