Reviews for Chipmunk Development


  • From Jake Collins on July 08, 2020

    This is a very skilfully crafted story that takes the dynamics of the Chipmunk/Chipette couples and showcases them at a significant and interesting point in time. The definite yet differing progress of all three couples is judged exactly right and alludes to one aspect of the multifaceted title, as 'chipmunk development' in all its forms happens at different rates for different chipmunks, exactly as human development happens for humans. The physical aspects of this are just as important to the story as the emotional ones. Both the Chipmunks and the Chipettes (the girls in particular) are shown to have a very interesting and believable mix of human and chipmunk physical characteristics, which fits in perfectly with what we already know about their anatomy, and it's all used to great effect.

    Alvin and Brittany are one of the very few couples (in any universe) who manage to pull off a volatile relationship successfully, mainly because their interactions are clearly fuelled by feelings of tremendous passion for each other rather than anything remotely negative, and it's absolutely certain that these two would be the first to develop a sexual relationship. We can see that Theodore and Eleanor aren't far behind them, which I also agree with totally, and Simon and Jeanette won't be there for a while yet, if they get there at all. This story leaves things completely open for these two, and it's helped me to realise that I could really see Simon and Jeanette having an asexual romantic relationship, which I don't think I could truthfully say about any other couple I support.

    The carefully realised locations (especially the treehouse) and the interactions of the grown-ups (Dave, Miss Miller and Vinny) with the kids and with each other combine to complete the chipmunks' world perfectly. I would like to see a sequel where Theodore and Eleanor get it on, combining their tremendous passion for great food with their equally tremendous passion for each other's bodies and souls.

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