Reviews for Terms for Jasmine (An Anon E. Mus Tale)

BY : Magmos

  • From DJJ on August 12, 2019

    More please and show the other girls off please make it a bit more like the Kim one more one or 2 girls getting anon

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  • From Lunarsilver on April 24, 2017

    Maybe next time when Jasmine is eager for another Anon moment because Aladdin has been to busy with sultan stuff that she wants Anon to fuck her ass while he spanks it plus Anon could have her in bondage gear and blindfold Jasmine and take her to the balcony but say they're in her father's throne room with Aladdin and her father in attendance then Anon says to Jasmine "Tell Aladdin who's the best" so Jasmine says it's Anon and Jasmine says​ that comparing Aladdin to Anon is like comparing a boy to a real man then Jasmine says how she's sorry to her father but this is who she truly is that she's Anon slut then she cums hard, after Jasmine came out of her fucked until she saw heaven face (eyes roll up mouth open and tongue out) she finds where they really are and Anon kisses her and says that he's so proud and happy she gives him such high regards that no one else can top but Jasmine didn't care about Anon's​ super acting skills to make her beleve they were really in the throne room having sex in front of her husband and father and saying what she said was only the truth so she's not mad at Anon for what he did because she not only enjoyed it but it also added more intensity to an already mind blowing ​sex she gets from Anon without any gear or trickery.

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  • From kalaong on April 13, 2017

    Oh, I am REALLY enjoying this fic. Any chance you'll finish it with a descriptive birthing scene, with Anon present? I love that stuff where the woman described going through labor, transition, crowning, birthing, etc - not in a painful sense, but portrayed erotically as a man admires her.

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  • From Lunarsilver on April 13, 2017

    Aww that's sweet of Anon to get Jasmine exploding powder although I don't know why because Anon and his harem now including Mulan make Jasmine burst in pleasure, especially with Anon's big stick of TNT. Lol

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  • From Lunarsilver on April 08, 2017

    Another amazing chapter especially the display of how much Jasmine liked being displayed and fucked helplessly in front of citizens of another kingdom, maybe next time if this kind of display with Jasmine happens again it could be in the palace for Anon and his other harem girls amusement only, like for example imagine Jasmine standing up then bends down at a 90° angle with her arms tied with rope behind her back and the rope that's has her arms bound is attached to the ceiling so she will stay in the position she's in while Anon or one of his harem girls go to town on her ass so not to hurt the baby and there can be a full body mirror place in front of Jasmine so she can feel the humiliation of seeing how erotic her face she looks when getting fucked especially by Anon.

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  • From SailorNemesis on April 08, 2017

    Chap 4, not really my thing, also it's pretty obvious at this point that Jasmine is gonna marry him.  She needs to marry a sultan and she adores him and he needs a wife.

    I totally agree with you about sharing your woman, who the hell wants to do that.  It's especially bad when a guy is blackmailing or otherwise forcing a girl and he brings in his buddies.  The more people you have, the harder it is to keep a secret and the more likely the whole thing will implode.  But yeah, it's just stupid and counter to male instincts to boot.

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  • From Lunarsilver on March 31, 2017

    This was definitely worth the wait, now that Jasmine has come to terms with her new life in the harem, now Jasmine will probably want to do anything that Anon or his other girls do to her and get turned on by it like maybe public humiliation and I don't mean sex with Anon while her harem sisters watch or join I mean public as in citizens of where Anon lives see Jasmine walking on all fours naked like wearing a collar with her name on it and a leash attached to the collar.

    I do have an event idea that involves all Anon harem girls but let me know if you want to hear it.

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  • From Lunarsilver on March 25, 2017

    Another very well done chapter especially with Jasmine trying to deny she likes the way Anon is treating her, can't wait to see how Anon will make Jasmine feel more humilated about her situation and how ashamed she is about how much she loves it.

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  • From SailorNemesis on March 25, 2017

    Chap 2 was good.  Looking forward to preggo sex.

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  • From SailorNemesis on March 21, 2017

    Good stuff, hope to read more.  Jasmine needs to be dominated!  If you want to sneak in another girl, you could have Mulan visiting from the east.

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  • From Lunarsilver on March 21, 2017

    It's was very much worth the wait, maybe the day of the first water to arrive Jasmine couldn't help but think of Anon and what happened for the water, Jasmine thinking he's more qualified and gifted especially in one area to be her husband then the suitors that keep coming the day after the deal, Jasmine saw that Anon arrived with the water and upon seeing him she felt like the pleasure he gave her was drug and she needed a fix and would do anything ​humiliating and/or kinky like the book she currently finished about bdsm (if that's ok with you) to get it even marrying him to live and drown herself in pleasure.


    Hope you like the idea enough to use it.

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