Reviews for Ember Reignited

BY : The Evil Fairy

  • From rolay7 on November 13, 2018

    So now that evil fairy is writing again you think there will be an update? 

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  • From Wormychan on September 08, 2017

    Oh wow this looks great im already loving it i hope you update soon i cant wait for more beautiful writing by the way really captures the characters

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  • From Fairy-Slayer on August 28, 2012

    Straight away it opens with a wonderful, tantalizing taste of forbidden sexual pleasure with Sam and Danny, but just after the sound, scents and feelings of arousal and planted in our mind there's a phone call from the mayor and everything changes. Danny and Sam's reaction was perfect, desperation to go "save" Dani, but I'm so freakin' happy that instead of glossing over the whole "I have a year or two old girl "twin sister" who's a pre-teen girl living on the streets." Yeah, down to every embarrassed detail like scratching his neck and trying to avoid answering for his utter negligence. To her credit Sam stuck by him in her shame, but she was also smart enough to drag Danny away from Maddie the instant they "made the sale" so he couldn't keep talking and make mom change her mind.

    Then back in the studio the action was fantastic. When Ember chided Dani that she should be practicing her music that seemed genuine and almost motherly. Actually, the still language of "guardian" and "charge" and Ember didn't really refer to her except by name (though I only listened a few times and gave a quick skim), which gives me the feeling that she's afraid to actually believe that Dani is "hers" (even though, damnit Jim, she's a lover, not a daughter).

    Perhaps after finding that her power could be not only sustained but so enriched by Dani has her a bit scared. Sure, lose a bunch of fans with a crappy second album and there's always a comeback, but she doesn't even need to "feed" on Dani because the little girl's true love nourishes her completely. Yet even after a year together, demanding, playful, hardcore, sweet, and filled with hot sex and tender moments she knows people change. Eventually Dan won't need her (especially since Ember believes she'll be a better player at least), for one thing, so that could be it; or maybe the very tantalizing mysteries surrounding Dani's post-coital tears and her inability to dress sexy are constant reminders that she's still shut out of some critical thing about Dani's life.

    But at least Ember knows how to get into her pants, throwing her into a frenzy both before and during. Again, you've set up more curiosity with Ember's insistence that Dani is perfect at giving sexually too. While Ember may find herself turning sweet on Dani, is the ghost girl the one being hardcore enough for both?

    Then the part about the camera was great: as soon as you say it won't happen, it happens, and the design you mentioned plus the pushy reporter make it obvious who's involved here; the psychiatrist Jazz is jazzed about confirms it, and I'm really looking forward to those "exercises" too.

    No matter which storyline you pick up on next it's going to be just like Christmas! Oh, and nice nod to the original Christmas story "The Little Matched Girl" too, by the way.

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  • From HenshinDaisuke on August 15, 2012

    Rather nice story, looking forward to reading more.

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  • From DandyRandy on August 11, 2012

    Ooh, a sequel. I always did like that other story. Can't wait to see more of this one.

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