Reviews for The Eager Surrogate

BY : Fairy-Slayer

  • From WritingDude on January 27, 2016

    This was actually very good; a few spelling and grammar errors, but overall a good read from start to finish.

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  • From MrPunch on December 15, 2012

    Indeed, well done. It's been a whole eternity since I watched Hey Arnold!, but as far as I remember this is well in-character for the two girls. It was a rather sweet display of affinity from both of them, and the plot itself was also quite good. Endearing even! The thing is a plot for me doesn't have to mean excessive action on the outside a fine, simple interaction between two characters we know and love is more valuable than a vast unexplored territory of outside influences. In this case two girls act and are not acted upon from the outside, and I always enjoy that sort of thing. Just two people being there for each other, no great events or Gordian knots. Thus you have succeeded in writing a story that suits my tastes, and I congratulate you for it. Helga's romantic feelings towards Arnold were quite obvious, as well as Phoebe's wish to help her confront her feelings in a safe setting. The sex itself was also finely written and came about rather naturally and smoothly, with no break or grinding halt of the initial setting. I think that's rather hard to achieve, and I always struggle with that. The ending was also very fitting and in accord with Phoebe's nature, and in a way it also gives a semi-closure since Helga discovered and accepted her love for both the girl and Arnold. That's a mark of a big heart.

    So, well written. Jedem das Seine as the saying goes, and though I'm primarily interested in boy/girl stories this was also very nice. Actually, scratch that it's just that I can't write lesbian stuff very well (it bores me) so I use that as a cop out (rofl). Reading about it is a whole different thing. Thus, this readers needs were met and satisfied in the appropriate manner. Once more, well done!

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  • From marcos on October 16, 2010

    Very, very good!
    I already told you how much I liked this story...

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  • From kisakimiko on October 12, 2010

    Great read! I liked that Helga finally lets loose, you get the feeling from her character that it is always something that could happen at any time. Her resistance in the beginning was very funny and I could totally see her saying those things and acting all huffy about it. You have a very fluid style and it is enjoyable.

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