Reviews for Lisa's Revenge (Mr. Burns last hope)

BY : Matthew Raven

  • From thegwenanobi on June 21, 2008


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  • From ANON - anon on September 21, 2005

    Like the story, one possible continuation would be that Smithers becomes a woman and Lisa becomes a guy and they choose to stay that way. They manage to keep it all under wraps till Smithers gives birth (boy/girl? more interesting if its a boy) then Marge and Homer find out. Alternatively they wont find out and Bart and Lisa will continue been secret lovers, at least until Lisa begins to look more like a guy as /he/ grows up.

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  • From ANON - Mama on April 02, 2005

    You are one sick little shit. I don't like your story. Except the part in the doctor's office. I like the fact that Smither's is pregnant. Is it a boy or a girl? Ohhh twins! Please be twins! Oh and make them look like Lisa please. Arigato.

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  • From ANON - anon on March 13, 2005

    just read your fanfic, interesting idea, you left it open for possible feedback on ideas for continuation, ive had a couple and i hope they help you somehow, its just a suggestion.
    smithers tells lisa about the changes in his body and lisa comes up with an idea about cloning some cells from smithers while he is still male then fast growing the clone to transfer the vital organs to smithers but then when the time comes , smithers gets sued to the idea of becoming a woman and the clone starts to have feelings for mr burns as well, thats all i can figure right now.
    i hope it helps.

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  • From LadyNightshade on January 13, 2005

    Interesting premise, that's for sure.

    If you could keep to the same verb tense, it's not half-bad.

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  • From ANON - Bio1590 on January 09, 2005

    Did he like cut Lisa's thingy-ma-bobber off or what?

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  • From ANON - PrincessLemon on December 23, 2004

    I am...most disturbed by this story. Even so, you have peaked my curiosity and I egarly look forward to what's going to happen next. Oh, BTW, Laos likes the story as well.

    *Laos grins and gives it two nbig thumbs up*

    As your princess, I COMMAND you to continue the story!!!

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  • From ANON - AJAngelique on December 23, 2004

    WOAH! You have one truely twisted mind...what's going to happen next!?!?!?

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