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Note: Betty is Hamster Girl, but her real name is Molly Beware...Betty is her middle name, as in Elizabeth.... Molly Elizabeth Beware

Newlyweds Brick and Molly, or Betty, just got back from an outing at the beach, walking hand in hand. Yes, Brick left Blossom a while back for Hamster Girl, and has remarried Molly Elizabeth. And yes, they are on their honeymoon somewhere in the Pacific, on a tropical island. Betty is a very beautiful and classy woman that Brick fell in love with years ago, back to kindergarten. They just both made bad decisions about previous mates, but that is behind them now. Betty married Mike Believe for the wrong reasons, just as Brick married Blossom for the wrong ones as well. has has on a yellow tube dress that is skintight, wearing nothing else but the necklace that Brick gave her for her birthday; and a pair of large hoop earrings. Betty wears her wedding riroudroudly on her hand as Brick does on his. The tube dress she wears greatly shows her cleavage, her large 38C breasts ready for Brick’s attention, tittilating Brick even further. Betty shows him her “come hither” look as they are about to go inside. Brick has on a pair of red shorts and is wearing a white T-shirt that reads “I-heart-N.Y.“. So they go into their home, and after they close the door, they immediately start to intensely French kiss, with increasing passion by the minute. Like I said earlier, there is no turning back! These two newlywed lovers just can’t keep their hands off each other at all. One of the most sex crazed couples I’ve ever met, although one of the most beautiful couples. Brick and Betty continue to intensely make out, then break from their kiss, especially since she feels Brick’s hard on poke her soft body. Betty reaches down and starts to caress his throbbing cock, as she feels herself getting turned on and very wet after they kiss.

Betty: Oh Bricky! It feels soooooogoodgood to finally have you in my life, as my loving hubby! I love you so much!

Brick: Yeah baby! I love you, Molly Elizabeth Beware-Keane!

So Brick proceeds to scoop Betty up immediately, resulting her to let out a giggly squeal of pleasure as she is raised to the bed. But she has another idea.

Betty (very excited): Um Bricky? Could you put me down for a sec, baby? I’ve got something much better in store for us! (giggling)

Brick (confused): Huh? What? Okay, whatever you say, babe.

Betty (enthralled): Take your clothes off for me...I want to see you wearing nothing at all! I mean Everything, Bricky!

Brick: Okay, baby!

So Brick proceeds to strip down totally nude, showing off his body and his rock hard cock springing in front of her. Betty then proceeds to plant another deep French kiss on his lips after he gets totally nude for her, as she still has on her tube dress. Brick is very excited to see her large breasts in front of him, showing off her cleavage. So Betty then giggles, and playfully shoves him on the bed, as he lands on his back. Betty then kicks off her heels, then comes up to him on the bed. She feels his rock hard cock on her body, which gets her very wet by the minute. She proceeds to come to him, kissing his lips even deeper, letting out a series of sultsultry moans as they do so. Her breasts press against his chest as he pulls her to him. She then moves to his ears, kissing them softly, then down to his neck, moving down slower, then to his chest, his stomach, then she gets between his legs, and still has on her tube dress. Betty admires his beautiful cock as she kisses his body. She then proceeds to kiss his cock softly, then takes it in her hand, giving him a soft, loving handjob at first. Brick gets very excited at this sensation.

Brick (very excited): (gasp!) That feels sooooooooo good, Betty!

Betty (giggling): I need to take you into my mouth, Bricky! This is so beautiful, I need you inside me later on! Just relax and let mama make you feel better, okay? Let me take care of you, honey...

So Betty slowly inserts the tip of his cock into her mouth, letting it enter between her beautiful lips. Betty proceeds to perform another one of her long, wet, loving blowjobs on him as he lay there with a very content grin on his face. After a few minutes of kissing and licking the shaft, she proceeds to insert almost all his cock between her lips, into her mouth. She then moves up and down on his shaft, sucking on him in a very loving manner. Brick is really enjoying the blowjob his wife is performing on him, laying there and smiling at her. Brick then takes his hand and lovingly strokes her hair as she sucked on his cock. Brick continues this feeling for a while, as she picks up speed on his cock. Betty then almost gags from having his cock all the way down her throat. She looks up at him and smiles very lovingly at him, pausing to say “I love you” to him.en sen she proceeds to continue her blowjob on him, until he feels something is about to explode deep within him. After about 20 minutes, he feels that he can hold back no more. Brick was buckling and arching his back as he felt her lips and tongue go up and down on his cock, until he can hold back no more.

Brick (very hot now): Oooooooooooohhhhh Beyyyyyyyyyy!!! I can’t hold back no more! I’m getting ready to come soon!........

Betty (very turned on): I want you to come in my mouth, Bricky! (continues sucking on him)

Betty continues her blowjob on him, until that moment he comes into her mouth. So after he comes, she continues sucking on him, then swallows his come. Afterwards, she continues for a few minutes longer, until she gets all of his come into her mouth. Then Brick pulls Betty up to him for another French kiss. So she comes up to him, ramming her hot tongue into his mouth. Brick and Betty moan softly as they kiss again. Brick moves his hands onto her breasts, undoing her dress. She then unzips it from behind, letting it fall freely. All she has on now are her silk panties. They continue kissing until she is now on her back, ready for his treatment. Brick then does the same she did to him, moving down toward her panties. He moves his way down, until he gets there.

Betty: Mmmmmmmmm, Bricky! I want you to take them off, with you teeth!

So Brick takes her panties into his mouth, pulling them off slowly, until she gets them off, showing off her neatly trimmed auburn pussy. Brick is very excited to see Betty totally nude again, that he is very compelled to eat her pussy out again.

Brick: You have such a beautiful pussy, baby! I just have to kiss it again!

Betty (in a very low sultry moan): Mmmmmmm, Bricky! That feels sooooo good! You know EXACTLY how to treat me, and how to make me very hot for you! I’m NEVER letting you out of my life, EVER!

Brick moves down between her legs, eating her pussy as he loves to do. This is one of the reasons that she fell in love with him. He knows exactly what to do in order to extend her orgasm. Brick continues to merrily eat her pussy out, as he kisses her pussy lips, moving for her clitoris. Brick takes her hips with his hands and pulls her toward him as he eats her out for the longest time, until she comes.

Betty: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm......oh Bricky...Mmmmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh....

Brick continues his treatment on her until she is ready to come. Betty proceeds to softly caress his body and face as he eats her out, then strokes his hair, putting her hand on his head. Brick feels her body quivering, showing that she is about near orgasm again. Brick feels how wet Betty is after a while. Brick continues to eat her pussy for about 45 minutes until she is ready to come. Brick is very turned on by Betty’s intoxicating feminine scent and the scent of their lovemaking.


Betty then comes on his face, quivering as she does so. Brick pulls her closer to him as he continues to eat her pussy out. So after a bit, her orgasm subsides and she lay there with a very content grin on her face, lovingly stroking his hair as she pulled him up for another kiss. Brick and Hamster Girl are laying down together on the bed after making love, holding hands, exchanging a loving gaze after making love. It seems though Brick has grown far more attached to Hamster Girl as we planned. As Brick lay down on the floor facing the ceiling as he held Betty closely, she stroked him as she enjoyed his warmth. But let's see what these two lovebirds are up to.

Betty: That was so beautiful, Bricky! I have never had anyone treat me the way you do, which is why I have fallen in love with you...not even Mike would hold me like this after making love!

Brick: I know what you mean baby. Lately, it's kind of turning into a wam-bam-thank-you-mam with Blossom, because she's too busy with her damn career as a hotshot lawyer! Lately she's become arrogant as hell, and I can't stand that! But with you, it's always great!

Betty (inching closer to Brick): It sure is. (caressing his leg with her bare foot) I have to get cleaned up now. I'm going to get ready for a shower. (gives him a very seductive look) Would you care to join me, Bricky? (caressing his cock)

Brick (enthralled): Would I? Hell yes! Lead the way!

Brick proceeds to pick Betty up, leaving her in surprise. As he scoops her up in his arms, she lets out a giggly squeal as she holds onto him. But Brick, growing a lustful grin, decides to change plans. Instead of the shower, he heads to the bedroom carrying her in his arms. This also takes Betty by complete surprise.

Betty: Um, Brick? The bathroom's that way!

Brick: I know it, sweetie! But plans have changed! Heh heh!

Betty: Oh, what are you doing? No! That tickles! And I...(biting her lower lip) mmmmmmmmmm........that feels good!....

Brick just sucked on Betty's nipple as he carried her to the bedroom, gently dropping her on the bed as he lay atop her. As Brick sucked on Betty's swollen breasts, she lay there with a very content grin on her face, caressing his hair and holding him closely. After a while, she starts to get wet again, and then pulls him up to her to share another deep French kiss. As Betty and Brick are engaged in their liplock, she wraps her leg around him as he lay atop her. Then Brick "accidentally" slips his rock hard pecker deep inside Betty again, causing her to gasp in pleasure, surprising her again. Betty tries to hold him back, to no avail because her orgasm is greatly overpowering her ability to say anything. So Brick proceeds to thrust in and out of her again on the bed. As Brick fucks Betty in the missionary position, she lay there trying to speak, but moaning at the same time.

Betty: (gasp) What are you...aaahhhhhhhhh....doing, Bricky? ooooooooooo....

Brick: Sorry honey, you're so beautiful, and seeing you naked like that, I just couldn't resist! (grunt) Want me to stop?

Betty:'t....stop.......aaaaahhhhhhh! aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! That.....feels....sooooooo... aaaahhhhh ... mmmmmmmmmmmmm........that feels good!

So Betty lay there with her eyes closed, slightly arching her back as she lay there with a content grin on her face as Brick pumped her pussy very slowly while atop her. As they both made love on the bed, Betty outstretched her arms. So Brick reached for her hands and took hold of them as he slid in and out of her very slowly. As Brick slowly fucked Betty's brains out, their lips met for another kiss. As their lips made contact together, they both felt a slight electrical surge, which aroused them both. Now, Brick and Betty are engaged in beautiful lovemaking, as she lay there with her legs spread on her back, Brick atop her sliding in and out of her very slowly as they both held hands, and with the lovers in yet another soft tender kiss. After a few minutes, they both break from the kiss and get a good look at each other as they share a loving gaze while making love.

Brick: Betty?

Betty (in pure heaven): Yes my Bricky? This feels so nice!

Brick: I think I love you! No, let me retract that! I KNOW I do love you! You feel so good! This is so special to me!

Betty: Awwww, the feeling is mutual! The chemistry between us is overwhelmingly there, no doubt! I really, really love you! (gasp) mmmmmmmmmm....that feels good!

Brick: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, Bettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

As Brick and Betty tried to hold a conversation while making love, they found that they both had not much luck because of the heat of passion, which always prevails for some reason. So they both stopped chatting and decided to enjoy the moment immensely of slow, beautiful lovemaking. Brick and Betty continued as she lay there in the missionary position. For a good portion of the night, they never made it outside. They spent the majority of the night making love like this, at a very slow pace, even when Brick would come inside her. After a few, he would get his erection back after kissing, and then continue. So then Brick's thrusts started to once again get deeper and faster as he fucked her brains out. He lets Betty know that he is nearing his orgasm quickly.

Betty: Are you about to come, (gasp) Bricky?

Brick: Yeah baby! Oh shit! I'm getting ready to!....

Betty: I want you to pull out (gasp) and shoot it all over me! Please! Ooooooohhhh!

Giving in to Betty's request, Brick pulls his pecker out of her pussy, and she immediately grabs hold of him, jerking him off as he shot his love wad all over her nude body. Brick was moaning in utter pleasure as he shot his love glue all over Betty's stomach and breasts. Betty was getting very turned on at watching Brick come all over her. So after he comes, he grinds his cock against her pussy, arousing her further. So then she takes her hands and rubs his come gently into her skin, smiling seductively at him as she did so.

Betty: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, I felt like I died and went to heaven, Bricky! I love feeling your hot come on my body! It makes a great skin conditioner!

Brick (gasp): Oooooooooooooh don't stop Betty! Are you ready for more?

Betty: I...(gasp)...Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I love it!

Just before Betty is about to speak, Brick slides his cock back into her drenched pussy. But before he gets a chance to fuck her brains out once more and after a few thrusts in and out of her soaked pussy, she pulls away, gets him on his back, and gets an idea as she still has a hold of his stiff cock in her hand, all drenched from her love nectar and his love seed.

Betty: I love making love to you Bricky, but I want to make you feel good!

Brick (distraught): Awwwwwww, you feel so good Betty! What did you have in mind?

Betty leans to him and kisses his lips softly. Brick lay there enjoying the scent of their lovemaking as well as her feminine scent. So as he lay there, she stroked his rock hard pecker in her hands. Brick slightly grimaced from pain and tenderness on his cock from fucking her earlier, so she sympathizes and decides to start her treatment on him.

Betty: Awwww, my poor Bricky hurts? Let me make you feel better sweetie! Just lay back and relax okay?

As Brick lay on his back, Betty took his sore cock into her waiting mouth slowly. She inserted the tip of it between her lips, moving slowly and gradually down the shaft. As she started another one of her blowjobs on him, Brick's moans of pleasure started to slightly intensify. Betty kissed the side of the shaft up and down, causing Brick to shudder some more in sheer ecstasy. As Betty sucked on his sore, throbbing member, he could feel the relief from her lips and tongue kick in quickly. So his _expression goes from hurtful to content quickly as she sucked on him. He tries to speak, but she would not let him talk. Betty just wanted him to relax and enjoy the blowjob she was performing on him. So as Brick lay there gasping and moaning in utter pleasure, Betty caressed his skin then took hold of his hand. After a few minutes, he felt something about to erupt within him. Now, Betty had all of his love rod between her beautiful lips.

Brick (in sheer ecstasy): Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh! Oooooooooooooh gawd! I'm getting ready to!..........Oooooooooooooohhhhh Bettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Betty continued performing her blowjob on Brick even though he was about to come. So she took his cock out of her mouth, and jerked him off softliminiming for her breasts. So as she jerked him off, he squirted his come all over her breasts, covering them almost completely. So Betty used his pecker to rub his semen into her chest, slowly and softly. Brick was immensely enjoying Betty's treatment on her. As she did this, she took some of his come onto her fingers, and inserted them into her mouth, one at a time. Betty was really enjoying the taste of Brick's love glue on her fingers. As she sucked on them, she gave Brick a very loving gaze. Still having hold of his cock in her other hand, she moved up to him, her pussy near his still hard pecker, ready to re-insert it back into her.

Betty: Oooooooooohhhhh, Bricky! I'm sooooooooo horny for you! I need you back inside me again! (inserts his rod slowly into her) (Gasp!) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels good!

Brick: Ooooooooh, are so beautiful...(caressing her face as she held his hand)

Betty proceeded to ride Brick as she straddled him. After entering her slowly, inch by inch, Betty felt all of his love rod deep inside her, causing her to gasp and shudder in utter pleasure as she smiled seductively at him, on their cousin's bed. As Betty was riding Brick for a while, he took hold of her breasts and fondled them. Betty proceeded to place her hands on his as he fondled her.

Betty: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels so good Bricky...I love you so much!...I want you so bad!..Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Betty continued riding Brick slowly and softly, making this moment very special. Brick then moved his hands down to her hips, guiding her as she rode him for a bit. Betty was feeling another one of her orgasms coming as she did so. Although Brick was enjoying Betty straddled atop him as she rode him, he preferred that he hold off on coming again. So, with his pecker still deep inside Betty's sweet honeypot, he got up, and placed his arms around her waist, stabilizing her. Taking her by complete surprise, she let out a giggly squeal, wrapping her arms and legs around him in response.

Brick: I wanna shower with you , Betty! I love it when we take showers together!

Betty: Mmmmmmmmmm...I know it....we'll NEVER get out of there Bricky! Let's stay like this forever!

As Brick carried her to the shower as she was still wrapped around him, with him still inside her, she held onto him tighter. With every step he took to the shower, she felt his manhood penetrate her pussy deeper, causing her to moan louder.

Betty (moaning): so.....oooooooooooooo.... nice! (gasp) Let's....ooooooooo...make .... mmmmmmmmmmmmm... love forever, Bricky!...(gasp)

So after a bit, Brick proceeded to set up the shower as he fucked Betty at the same time.

Brick: I could stay inside you like this forever Betty! It's like my cock and your pussy are meant for each other!

Betty: Exactly my thoughts, (gasp) Bricky...a perfect fit! I love it!...

So Brick and Betty got into the shower, ready to take a very long one together. So after Brick pumped Betty's saturated pussy, she got off him, and them embraced him tightly, planting a very deep passionate French kiss on his mouth. Brick then placed his arms around her waist in response. Betty's pussy was so wet that she was literally dripping her love nectar, which Brick saw that really turned him So BSo Brick and Betty spent a good portion of the evening and throughout the night in the shower, engaged in their serious liplock in the nude. Brick was playing with her breasts, as she was playing with his hard but sore cock. As Brick massaged her pussy with his hand and fingers, she kissed him deeper, embracing him tighter. So Betty, still in her liplock with Brick, grabbed the soap and proceeded to scrub his body and back while he was in her arms. Brick rubbed soap all over his front, pressing himself against Betty, rubbing his body against hers, as they felt the slipperiness of their bodies touching. Brick and Betty were so involved in their passionate lovemaking that they forgot that they were tired, and that they both had to get to work the next morning. Brick slipped his member deep into Betty as she raised one leg, without her noticing. Betty gasped again.

Betty (in surprise): (gasp) What are you doing, Bricky?...ooooooooooo...

Brick: I told you I could stay deep inside you forever, baby...boy this feels great...!

Betty: (gasp) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that feels sooooooooo good! you can put it in me anytime Bricky!....ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh...

Brick proceeded to fuck Betty again in a standing position. Betty, with one leg raised, embraced Brick and contined their deep kiss as they made love in the shower together. Betty's moans were slightly suppressed by their kissing. With every thrust Brick took in and out of Betty, she responded by embracing him tighter and kissing him deeper and more forcefully. Brick and Betty made love in the shower again, for most of the night, until about 4 am, just two hours before they had to get to work. So then they stopped their shower, shared a soft kiss on the lips, and then without toweling off, Brick scooped Betty up, causing her to squeal again in pleasure. Brick then hovered to the bed with her in his arms. Brick's pecker was still rock hard this time, so he gently placed her on the bed, getting a very good look at her wet, wet pussy...begging for more of his hot loving. So, without warning, he got atop her again, and slid his cock deep inside her pussy. Betty seemed to feel more loose, but that was only because she was so wet that there was no friction at all! Betty's pussy was so well lubricated from her love nectar that he had no trouble going in and out of her, feeling how loose she was. Then she pulled him closer to her, causing him to thrust even deeper inside her. After continuing to fuck Betty's brains out, he proceeded to slow down. So then Brick slid in and out of her pussy very slowly, roughly one thrust every three seconds inside her. This relaxed Betty so much that she took hold of his hands once again, having her moan and sigh in pleasure.

Betty (relaxed): Please kiss me Bricky....that really relaxes me....don't stop...I love feeling you deep inside me!....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I love you Bricky...

Brick: All the better to put you to sleep with, my dear!

So Brick and Betty proceeded to slowly make love, as he slid in and out of her very slowly. They both did this until it was time to get ready for work, even though he repeatedly shot his love seed deep inside her deep love tunnel. Brick and Betty stayed in this position for the rest of the night, in a deep soft French kiss as she embraced him, her legs wrapped around him.

Cut to: The next morning, bedroom.

We see Brick and Betty cuddling very cly aly after making beautiful love for the whole night. Both of them were very sore from the night before. So Brick, getting up before she did, admired her beauty closely as she lay there with a very broad smile on her face, still asleep. Brick really enjoyed seeing Betty lay there, totally nude, luscious, her firm breasts ripe, covered by her long auburn hair. So then Brick proceeded to move between her legs, and to love the intoxicating feminine scent that she was emitting. Brick, still rock hard, feeling the warmth of Betty's body, softly kissed her all over, moving down to her pussy. Betty, feeling his tongue on her pussy, slowly regained consciousness. Brick dove his tongue deep into her already soaked pussy as he held her hips to him closely. Brick proceeded to kiss every inch of her pussy lips and then circled her pussy with his tongue very slowly. Betty, moaning in pleasure in response, started to caress his body with her hands and bare foot. Bewas was still regaining consciousness as Brick ate her pussy out that morning to wake her up.

Betty (waking up): Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....I love you Bricky....that feels wonderful...

Brick: Good morning precious...did you sleep well?

Betty: Only with you Bricky...I love it! Ooooooooooo....mmmmmmmmmm....don't stop!...

Brick proceeded to eat her pussy out that morning for quite a while, even though she let out a long series of multiple orgasms. After her final orgasm, Brick wanted to make love to her again that morning.

Part II of their hot sexual escapade coming soon...


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