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when I originally wrote this chapter it had a set of rules that are now lost to the void.

there's the short of it.

there is no use of blood shit or piss in this story.

all characters used will be 12 and over.

any character that fits the "cartoon" title will be allowed. 

feel free to ask for gender-bender versions of the characters I already introduced.

this story will go on until I run out of ideas.

the first chapter will be an introduction to the camp characters.

 I  logged into all the stuff I use for my iPad on my laptop so there might be more chapters.

these chapters might be longer or shorter depending on factors I have zero control over.

Chapter 1:welcome to camp.


The air was warm on a hot summer morning. Today was the start of the first annual sex Olympics. Sarah walked to the docks of her island to wait for her contestants. She climbed the tower of her announcer’s stand. With a wave of her hand, a portal to the Cartoon Network universe opened. Hello, and welcome to the first annual Sex Olympics. Sarah spoke with a loud voice, "Please welcome from Warner Media’s Cartoon Network." Our female contestants are

Aelita, Anais Watterson, Artemis, Amy Gillis, Barbara Gordon, BlackFire, Carrie, Charlene, Connie, Courtney, Cree Lincoln, Crimson,

Dakota, Dawn, Dendy, Emma, Enid, Flame Princess, Frankie Foster, Goo, Gwen Tennyson, HandleBarb, Heather, Izzy, Jillian, Jinx, Juniper Lee, Kai Green, Katie, Kimiko, Lindsay,

and the males of the Cartoon Network universe Please welcome Adam Lyon, Ben Tennyson, Beastboy, Chowder, Cody, Craig Williams, Cyborg, DJ, Duncan, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Gumball, Watterson, Johnny Test, Mac, Mike, Nigel Uno, Noah, Odd Della Robbia, Owen, Rigby, Robin,

Steven Universe, Tyler, Trent, Ulrich Stern, and Wallabee Beetles. The smaller number of males exited their portals and started talking among the characters from their universe and others. For the Viacom expanded universe, please welcome.

Carlota Casagrande, Chloe Carmichael, Cindy Vortex, Dani Phantom, Ember McLain, Frida Suárez,

Girl Jordan, Jazz Fenton, Jenny Wakeman, Jinora, Katara, Korra, Lana Loud, Libby Folfax, Lola Loud, Lori Loud, Lynn Loud, Maddie Fenton,

Miko Kubota, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Sam Manson, Sam Sharp, Tootie, Trixie Tang, and Veronica  Please welcome Aang, who represents the males. Arnold Shortman, Bobby Santiago, Brad Carbunkle, Chester McBadbat, Chip Skylark, Clyde McBride,

Danny Fenton, Hector Nieves, Jack Fenton, Jimmy Neutron, Liam Hunnicut, Lincoln Loud, Manny Rivera, Nicolai Technus, Remy Buxaplenty, Sheen Estevez, and Timmy Turner.

Now for the final dimensional plane. Introducing the characters from the expanded Disney universe We will include characters from the House of Mouse, 20th Century Studios, Marvel, Lucas Films, and Pixar in this competition.

Adyson Sweetwater, Alex Whitney, Allison Taylor, Amanda Lopez, Amity Blight, Andrea Davenport,36: Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 37: "Thou shalt love the Lord your God with all thy heart, all thy soul, and all thy mind," Jesus said. 38:This is the first and greatest commandment. 39: And the second is similar: thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.40: two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." Anna, Anne Boonchuy, Ariel, Ashoka Tano, Bonnie RockWaller, Candace Flynn, Elsa, Ginger Hirano, Hekapoo, Helen Parr, Hera Syndulla, Higgs, Honey Lemon, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Jackie Lynn Thomas, Jeanne Ordonia, Jessica Lovejoy, Jillian, Josh Possible,

Kelly, Kimberly Possible, Libby Stein-Torres, Luz Noceda, Mabel Pines, Melissa Chase, Molly McGee, Pacifica Northwest, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu, Tammy Larsen, Terri MacBerry, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz, Violet Parr, Wendy Corduroy and Willow Park The ladies of the Disney universe appear out of portals, Endgame style.

For now, please welcome our male Disney contestants. and Tom Lucitor, Baljeet Tjinder, Bart Simpson, Buford Van Stomm, Dipper Pines, Django Brown, Ferb Fletcher, Lewis Clark, Marco Diaz, Martin Prince Jr, Milhouse Van Houten, Milo Murphy, Nelson Muntz, Phineas Flynn, Robbie Valentino, Rod Flanders, Ron Stoppable, Todd Flanders and Zack Underwood

Let me introduce our 3 impartial judges: Hedi Turner, Carmen Sandigo, and camp Campbell counselor Gwen. They will judge all of you on your sex drive, pleasure, and show. Please follow the stone path to your cabins. "Cabins!" again, Gwen yells, putting her hands on her hips. Tell me about it. Why did we even agree to this? Courtney asked. Chris isn’t the host of this one, and the pay is amazing. You know, even if we don’t win, we walk away with 20,000 dollars.

Tyler said, walking along with his friends. "There’s a lot of kids here," Starfire says, looking at the marching pit of contestants. Relax, sister dearest, they agreed just like you and I did. I only agreed to do this for sister bonding, StarFire said with a grunt. After a few minutes of walking, they finally made it to a cul-de-sac-type neighborhood. There stood six large, five-story log cabins. 2 cabins with an orange flag. 2 cabins with a dark blue flag, and 2 cabins with black and white flags.

Your cabins, everyone from the Disney universe, are the ones with the dark blue flags. One for boys and one for girls. Your cabins have the orange flags, everyone from the Nickelodeon universe, and everyone from the cartoon universe. Your cabins are decorated with black and white flags. Everyone gets their room, and I have made your rooms look just like your rooms back in your home dimensions.

Sarah says, showing them their cabins. It looks like my room from the tower. Beastboy expresses surprise. Raven says as she closes the door with her magic. The rooms are also soundproof, so if any of you feel the need for some late-night sex, please go ahead. Please take the rest of the day to meet your teammates and possibly make new friends. and before I leave. Sarah snaps her fingers and large tela towers come out of the ground. There are power-adapting transmitters.

They will more or less make all of you have an even playing field. Your magical or super powers will not work while you are in this dimension. Each cabin will have its wall phone that will allow you to talk to your friends and family back home. As long as they sign the same agreements as you did, you are more than welcome to invite them to join you here. With the second snap of her fingers, a couple of the younger cohorts start glowing.

Everyone here who was under the age of 12 is now 12 years old or older. The people here under 16 still outnumber everyone else, but there are now more than 14–15 years to make it look morally right. If at any time during this competition you get second thoughts and want to leave, then you can press the red button in your cabin's living room. Click on your home dimension and step through the portal. You will wake up in your home with no memory of what happened. Any questions? Beast-boy raises his hand. Garfield logan?

If those towers prevent our power from working, why am I green still? Your powers were given to you to save your life. You've been green since you were an infant. And yes, yes, Cyborg is still cybernetic because he needs it to stay alive. Sarah says, watching Beastboy put his hand down. "Where are we supposed to eat?" Tyler asks, raising his hand. Some of you might know that each cabin will have its Cafeteria where you will eat 3 square meals a day cooked by someone. Hello, campers. Two voices echoed. No, it can't be. Who exactly is it? I agreed to do this to get away from them.

They turned around to see chef Hatchet and total drama host Chris McLean. This isn't the Chris McLean you know. He did host total drama, but he was from a dimension where he did care for you. and this chef hatchet will cook meals normal humans can stomach. "If this isn't our Chris, I guess I'll let him go," Courtney says, releasing him from a headlock.

I have the rest of the day to explore the camp. The first event starts at 9 a.m. and the breakfast will begin at 7 a.m. The campers take the day to look around before returning to their cabins for the night.


I got a request for some missing characters so instead of just adding them like I did lucy I added their names here in this chapter.



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