Padme's slave

BY : HesaidShesaid
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Padme was sitting on her couch in her highend apartment on Coruscant waiting for her secret little sex slave named Ahsoka Tano to return back to Coruscant. Ahsoka who was a jedi padawan and was currently on some distant battlefront fighting in the clone wars. 

In front of her was a table with an all kinds of sex toys that she was looking forward to using on Ahsoka, on the table in front of her there were butt plugs, dildos, strapons ,anal lube, ball gags and a ring gag.

Padme just sat there in a simple black bra and panties hidden under a purple silk robe waiting and just staring at the toys and thinking of the orange skinned beauty she knew would be walking through that door soon and Padme couldn’t help wondered which toy would be the first of many to go up that sexy tight ass tonight.

Padme and Ahsoka have only been doing this for a few months, every night Ahsoka would sneak over to her apartment and they would always engage in either some light anal play or hardcore brutal butt poundings for the majority of the night with Ahsoka screaming in pleasure and Padme always made sure that she left with a smile on her face and a nice gapping asshole.

As she sat there Padme wiggled her ass on the couch feeling the 2 inch wide and 3 and a half inch long butt plug up her ass stretching her out, although not as big compared to the amount and size of all the toys she has shoved up Ahsoka's ass over the past few months but the difference was that she was not such a big ass whore like Ahsoka clearly was or at least what she had turned her into.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door breaking Padme from her thoughts and Padme was quick to get up and open the door to find her beautiful orange whore on the other end. Padme, unable to hold it any more, grabbed Ahsoka by the arm and pulled her into a deep kiss with both her hands pulling up the small skirt that was a part of Ahsoka's Jedi outfit and grabbing at her ass through her grey leggings that she always wore.

It had been a few weeks since they had last been together and Padme was just so eager to get her hands on her little orange Togruta.

"Turn around slut" Padme ordered and Ahsoka did as she was told with Padme getting on her knees and putting her fingers in Ahsoka's grey leggings to pull them down so that Padme could see Ahsoka's small sweet ass. When the leggings were all the way down Padme started to kiss and squeeze Ahsoka's cute little butt, then Padme pulled apart Ahsoka's ass cheeks "why don't you have your butt plug in slut" Padme demanded to know.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Padme, I didn't have time to put it in," Ahsoka pleaded.

But Padme was not having it "I dont want excuses slut, now spread your cheeks for me" Ahsoka did as she was ordered "there you go, good girl, good to know you still follow orders" Padme leaned forward and spat directly on Ahsoka's asshole and immediately started lapping away at Ahsoka's asshole with Ahsoka moaning like the anal whore that Padme had turned her into.

Ahsoka immediately started moaning as soon as the tongue touched her asshole "oh yes, please keep going mistress, please tongue fuck my slutty little hole" Ahsoka begged.

Padme loving the begging of her little whore obliged and sped up her tongue fucking and even tried to get her tongue inside her bitches asshole.But Padme was eager to move on to some ass stretching "go get me a nice sized plug from that table to stretch out your asshole slut" Padme ordered her and smacked her ass as she did.

"yes mistress Padme" Ahsoka straightened up and walked over to the table which had a whole plethora of toys on it , all of which Ahsoka knew had been up her ass at some point. After a few seconds of looking and examining she picked up a 3 inch wide and 7 inch long butt plug and coated it in lube before returning to her mistress and handing her the plug.

After being handed the plug, Padme inspected it and being happy with the size had Ahsoka turn around and spread her cheeks, showing Padme her asshole still nice and lubed up with her spit like a real nasty anal whore. Padme quickly spat on Ahsoka's asshole again to make sure that she is comfortable due to Ahsoka failing to do any preparation before she came over.

After seeing that Ahsoka was ready, Padme pushed the butt plug against Ahsoka's asshole and watched intently as the orange anal ring begun to stretch around the plug. Ahsoka was moaning as the plug got pushed further and further in her ass and getting stretched much deeper then she had in days. 

Once fully in Padme sat back to admire her handiwork for a couple of minutes before finally undoing her robe and removing her black bra and panties, but leaving the butt plug that she had in her own ass inside her. Padme then got up walked right past Ahsoka to the couch her ass facing Ahsoka showing off her butt plug to her Togruta slave. 

Once she was sitting on the couch Padme called out to Ahsoka "Take off the rest of your clothes and come here"

"Yes, Mistress Padme" Ahsoka said and began to follow her instruction as quickly as possible.

When Ahsoka had removed the remainder of her clothing she was pulled down onto the couch side by side with Padme into a hard deep passionate kiss. But Padme would eventually break it "now, before i reward your ass with a nice fucking, your gonna have to eat my pussy and make me cum, okay slut".

Ahsoka nodded “yes mistress, whatever you want.

Padme then got into a more comfortable position and spread her legs showing off her wet pussy to her “come on Ahsoka, if you do a good job the harder i will fuck that sweet ass of yours”

Ahsoka eagerly nodded "yes mistress please" and got on her knees in front of her and leaned forward to put her head in between her mistress's legs.

But before Ahsoka could Padme closed her legs “but if you really want to eat my pussy you’re gonna have to beg me for that privilege”  

Ahsoka looked up at Padme's face “please mistress Padme, please let me eat your yummy pussy. please Let me eat your pussy so i can earn a nice hard butt fucking, please mistress. Everyday I was away I was thinking about you, dreaming about your delicious pussy while training my asshole just like you taught me to”

“Hmm, i guess that will do, eh slut” Padme announced as she sat there waiting “well don't just look at it” and with that Padme with one hand pulled Ahsoka’s head in between her legs and pushed her face against her pussy “come on lick it you slut, lick my pussy thats all your good for” Padme demanded.

Although surprised at being pulled into her mistress' pussy, Ahsoka immediately did as ordered and stuck her tongue out and furiously began licking her mistress' cunt. Ahsoka was extremely determined to make her mistress cum as quickly as possible in the hopes that she would get a strap on and fuck her ass hard.

“Slow down baby, slow down” Padme moaned, petting her head, “i know you really want to get your hot little ass fucked, but you need to earn it first. Oh yeah baby, oh yes that’s it, nice and slow i want to feel that tongue on my pussy”

Ahsoka pulled her head up, her chin wet with her spit and Padme’s pussy juice “yes mistress” Ahsoka said then putting head back down to her mistress' pussy.

Unfortunately Ahsoka hasn’t been able to get much practice due to her being at war and on warships full of men while Padme stayed here on Coruscant. There were other women out there that Padme has said that she has been with such as senator Chuchi and Padme’s own handmaidens. But Ahsoka didn’t let that stop her and she pressed on trying to get her to cum.

Padme was happy with the job Ahsoka was doing on her as she kept a hand on the back of her head urging her to keep going “fuck keep going, come on lick me harder. Oh fuck yeah, oh shit yes do that again, mmmmmm yeah, you get better every time, but you still need more practice, remind me to bring my handmaidens over one day so you can practice on them, wuld you like slut” Padme asked.

Ahsoka looked up at mistress “yes please mistress, i want to become the best pussy eater ever for you, so i can please like this everyday”

“Then we can get that sorted, but for the meantime keep licking my pussy until i cum then we can move on to my oh, sorry our favourite thing in the world, would you like that slut, want to get that ass stretched open” Padme leaned forward and smacked Ahsoka’s ass to emphasise her point.

“Yes please mistress, i want you to stretch and fuck my ass” Ahsoka pleaded.

“Well then keep licking slut, oh yes just like that, come on make me cum” Padme moaned out and put her other hand on Ahsoka’s to join the first “come on Ahsoka, you agreed to be my whore now prove it by making me cum. Oh yeah, good girl just like that, oh, oh,oh fuuuuuuuuck, oh fuck yes!”

Ahsoka was bringing Padme to great heights making her scream, but Padme was not yet satisfied, so when Ahsoka tried to pull her face out Padme just shoved her face right back into her pussy and started grinding her hips up and down Ahsoka’s face with Ahsoka just sitting there as Padme just started using her face as a fuck pad for her own pleasure.

“Come on slut stick that tongue out and tongue fuck me. Oh yes, come on slut, make me cum all over that beautiful orange slutty face. Stop, slut i said stop, now sit back and open your mouth i'm gonna cum all over that pretty face” Padme announced. 

Ahsoka did as she was told and sat back, leaned her head back and opened her mouth. When Padme saw Ahsoka in position she hovered her pussy over Ahsoka’s face, just inches over her mouth and began rubbing her pussy furiously, feeling immense pleasure with the butt plug up her ass adding to her pleasure as her anal ring constricked on the plug, Padme did this until she started squirting her cum all over Ahsoka’s face and in her mouth.

Ahsoka had loved the taste of girl cum or more specifically Padme’s cum the second it touched her tongue a few months ago when Padme had seduced Ahsoka and then enslaved her to be her little anal whore to fuck when ever Padme saw fit. Now Ahsoka was completely addicted to getting her ass fucked and Padme fucked her ass almost on a daliy basis.

But at the moment Ahsoka was to focused on swallowing all of Padme’s cum that went into her mouth and moaning as she did so and Ahsoka was loving this, the loud moan from Padme as she came, the cum on her face and the taste of it in her mouth “mmmmmm, that was so tasty mistress, thank you for giving this whore the privilege of cumming all over my face”.

Padme, once she was done cumming, sat down, grabbed Ahsoka by her arms and pulled her down into a hard passionate kiss. Padme moaned as she tasted her own cum on Ahsoka’s tongue and in her mouth as she stuck her tongue in Ahsoka’s mouth and continued the kiss for a few minutes. 

Once Padme’s and Ahsoka’s mouths separated Padme grinned at her little slut “i think it’s time to fuck your tight little ass, would you like that slut”

“Yes please mistress Padme, please fuck my ass, please” Ahsoka begged.

Padme stood up “then go get me a strapon to fuck your ass with then you little anal slut”

Ahsoka immediately got up and went over to the table that had all the toys on it and Ahsoka picked up a 12 inch long and 4 inch wide strapon and covered it in lube before returning to her mistress.

“Well don't just stand there, strap it on to me” Padme ordered her slut.

“Yes mistress, sorry mistress” Ahsoka quickly obeyed her mistress and began strapping it around her waist.

When the strapon was finally around her waist, Padme grabbed the base of her newly acquired cock and put a hand on the back of Ahsoka’s head “come on slut, suck it, lube it up with your whore mouth” Padme demanded as she pulled Ahsoka’s head to her cock.

“Yes Mistress, anything you want” Ahsoka said and leaned her head forward and wrapped her lips around the head of the cock and began to lightly suck on it.

When Padme first seduced Ahsoka she had spent a lot of time having her suck on her cock and training her to deepthroat it by fucking her throat while having a nice big butt plug steching out her ass to prepare it for a day of ass fucking. That happened early morning every morning as Padme trained Ahsoka to be the perfect little anal slave.

“Come whore, get it in your throat” Padme urged as she put a hand on each side of Ahsoka’s head and and began to pull her head down the cock and the cock sliding into her throat as Ahsoka gagged loudly with spit coming out the counters of her mouth and landing on her small tits.

But unfortunately for Padme, Ahsoka’s throat wasn't as well trained or used to her cock going this deep as Ahsoka’s ass was. Even as she pushed Ahsoka’s head lower her lips were eventually able to get to the base of the cock with Ahsoka then gagging and choking on the cock even more then before. So Padme showed her some mercy and pulled Ahsoka’s head off her cock “can’t believe that's all you can do, looks like i'm going to need to train your mouth even more and see if i can make it just as slutty as your ass, for now just like the bottom of it then we can get to the ass fucking”

“Yes mistress” Ahsoka hoarsely said when the cock was pulled out and she stuck her tongue out and began licking the bottom and looking up at her mistress as she did so, before she stopped licking the cock and put it back in her mouth.

But Padme wanting to move on and satisfied with the blow job she had got pulled Ahsoka up, turned her around to face the couch, slapped her ass hard and put her arm on her shoulder and lightly pushed her, prompting Ahsoka to bend over the couch “bend over slut and show me that ass im about to fuck” 

“Yes mistress” Ahsoka replied before bending over the couch, arching her back and sticking her plug filled ass up in the air presenting it to her mistress.

Padme was practically salivating at the gorgeous site in front of her, which was a nice tight orange, butt plug stuffed ass just waiting to be filled up with strapon cock.

Padme got down onto her knees behind her slave and put both her hands on her ass cheeks groping and sliding her hands all over them, before inevitably moving her right hand down to the plug in Ahsoka’s ass and pulling it out to the widest part making Ahsoka moan softly then pushing it back in and then out again, just repeating the process a few times. 

Then without any warning Padme pulled the plug all the way out of her hole making Ahsoka yelp in surprise and Padme took advantage of her open mouth and shoved the plug into ahsoka’s mouth making her taste it.

Ahsoka, not needing to be told, started sucking on the plug moaning as she tasted her ass, a taste she had become quite accustomed to recently, while Ahsoka continued sucking on the plug she reached back and spread her cheeks showing off a small gape to her mistress.

Padme grinned as she stared at the little gaping hole Ahsoka was showing off to her, then Padme lent forward and spat on Ahsoka’s hole and watched her spit slowly travel down into her asshole, giving her slave a little more lube for the fucking that was about to happen.

Padme, now no longer able to wait, pressed the head of her strapon against Ahsoka’s asshole, paused to take in the sight and to savour the moment. Padme then began pushing forwards, slowly opening up her asshole, which was forcing Ahsoka to whimper and gasp quietly as her hole continued to stretch wider and wider around her cock.

Padme’s eyes were solely focused on Ahsoka’s asshole as it slowly stretched open for her, the head of her cock slowly passed through Ahsoka’s asshole which was surprisingly still tight after the almost daily butt fuckings.

Ahsoka did nothing but put her head down on the couch as Padme slowly continued pushing her cock up her ass with Ahsoka moaning softly. 

“Spread your cheeks bitch” Padme ordered softly but firmly’ “Mmmmm, yes show me my cock going up your sluttly little ass”

Ahsoka did as she was told and reached back and spread her cheeks, offering up her asshole like a good little slave does. Padme then pulled the tip of her cock out of Ahsoka’s ass and just stared at the small gape that Ahsoka was presenting to her, then Padme bent down to spit on Ahsoka’s asshole again and then pressed the head of her strapon against Ahsoka’s asshole.

Padme was continuing to slowly spread open Ahsoka’s asshole with her cock, slowly applying the right amount of pressure so that her tiny little hole continued to take that big cock that Padme was wearing. Padme slowly pushed and pushed until Ahsoka’s asshole had completely closed around the head of her cock.

Once the head of her cock was fully in, Padme again stopped to savour the moment “oh yes, how does this feel Ahsoka, how does it feel to be nothing but my little anal slut” Padme told her as she smacked Ahsoka’s ass. 

Ahsoka just whimpered and said nothing but kept her head down on the couch as she continued to let Padme use her asshole as she pleased. “You got nothing to say Ahsoka, huh, no, no you don't” Padme then slowly started pushing her cock into Ahsoka’s ass inch by inch with Ahsoka moaning like a anal whore.

When Padme’s hips finally came to rest Ahsoka’s spread little orange ass cheeks Padme held them there and leaned over to Ahsoka’s head with her tits pressing into her back. “You ready for a proper ass fucking now slut” Padme softly said to her as she kept her cock firmly embedded in Ahsoka’s asshole.

Ahsoka eagerly nodded “yes mistress Padme” she said.

Padme kissed Ahsoka’s shoulder and stood back up “good girl, now lets see how much you can take then, huh” and with that Padme began to slowly pull her cock out. When about half of the cock had been removed Padme slowly pushed her strapon cock back inside Ahsoka’s asshole, then he repeated the process and slowly began to fuck her bitch. As she started giving Ahsoka her first butt fucking of the night and weekend as she had cleared her schedule for the next couple of days to solely focus of Ahsoka’s tight little hole, the hole she was currently invading.

Ahsoka was also currently focused on nothing but the massive strapon cock her mistress was currently wearing, simply because it was impossible to focus on anything else other than that as she was once again being sodomised by her lovely mistress.

The feeling that Ahsoka got from being sodomised was nothing but pure heaven for her as her mistress misused her butt hole for both their pleasure and Ahsoka loved the fact that her asshole was giving her mistress pleasure. 

Ahsoka’s moans were getting louder and louder and Padme was loving it “yeah, that's it Ahsoka, moan louder for me, tell me how good it feels being my anal slave” Padme asked.

“It feels so good mistress” Ahsoka moaned out “i love having you in my ass and showing me my place as being nothing but your anal whore”

Padme grinned at her slave “yeah, you like that much” she said as she continued to slowly shove her cock up Ahsoka’s ass and pull it back out and she just continued this process over and over again.

Ahsoka nodded “yes mistress”

“Want me to fuck you harder” she asked

Ahsoka’s eyes lit up immidently at that suggestion “yes please mistress, please fuck me harder, fuck my ass harder with your mssive cock and make me scream your name” Ahsoka begged.

Padme then pushed Ahsoka’s hands off her ass and gripped her hips roughly and pulled her cock all the way out of her ass and then shoved it back in making Ahsoka both moan and lightly scream with pain.

Padme repeated that over and over again as she got into a steady butt fucking making both her and Ahsoka moan but her moans where just being completey outdone by the noises that Ahsoka was making. It just kept going on until the only noises in the room were the loud moaning and the smacking of flesh echoing throughout the room.

For Ahsoka it felt like Padme was lightly spanking her from the force of Padme’s hips just continually smacking into her butt. But if someone had walked in on them, the sound of someone being spanked would quickly be forgotten as soon as they saw the young orange togruta bent over the couch moaning loudly and a human woman wearing a strapon around her waist and thrusting her hips in and out of the orange girl's ass with great force.

“yes, you fucking love it don’t you slut” Padme laughed and all the while never ceasing the fucking for a single second “you just love me using your hole like a little slut” 

“Yes mistress, I love you using me like a slut, oh god” Ahsoka admitted as she does every other time she gets her asshole used.

Padme continued to grin and smack Ahsoka’s ass as they both moaned “only slutty little bottoms moan as they get butt fucked like this and thats because thats what you are now aren’t you Ahsoka” she asked.

“Yes mistress, im nothing but a slutty little bottom who loves getting but fucked by you” Ahsoka whimpered as she blushed at what he admitted.

But Padme wanting to change things up leans down and wraps her arms around Ahsoka and pulls her up keeping her cock in Ahsoka’s ass as she moved Ahsoka with her and Padme sat on the couch with Ahsoka sitting on her lap with her back facing her and Padme was now essentially a chair for Ahsoka and the cock never leaving her asshole, “time for you to do some work slut, now start bouncing on this cock” Padme ordered her slave.

Ahsoka was surprised at the change of positions as one moment she was leaning over the couch getting her ass pounded and next she was sitting on her mistress's lap with the full length of the cock up her ass.

“Yes mistress Padme, at once” Ahsoka obeyed and wasted no time in following her mistress’s orders as she slowly started lifting her ass up off the cock until only the tip of the cock was in her ass then she slowly lowered herself down until all the cock was back up her asshole then she did it again and again.

All Padme had to do was just sit there and watch Ahsoka fuck herself on her cock, plus she also loved the view of Ahsoka’s little orange ass cheeks slowly moving up and down for her.

Ahsoka continued to move at her own pace which wasn’t very fast but she was taking the whole 12 inch long, 3 and a half wide strapon up her asshole which greatly pleased Padme but she wanted Ahsoka to move faster “Come on Ahsoka move faster” she demanded as she smacked Ahsoka’s ass.

“Yes mistress” Ahsoka wasted no time as she put both her feet on Padme’s thighs and her hands on the couch behind her with Padme’s head between her arms as she started to lift her ass up and down at a much faster rate.

Padme was moaning at the increase in speed as Ahsoka went up and down which was causing the strapon to rub on her own pussy and when Ahsoka came down she put pressure on Padme and the butt plug that she had up her ass.

“Mmmmm yes, oh fuck yes Ahsoka” Padme moaned as Ahsoka kept bouncing up and down, her orange cheeks smacking on her waist.

But she was moving a bit to slow for Padme’s liking, so Padme grabbed at Ahsoka’s ankles to move her feet so they were planted on the couch on each side of her thighs and then she moved her hands up to Ahsoka’s hips and gripped them tight and at first slowly started thrusting up into her ass but she quickly gained speed and started hammering up into Ahsoka’s asshole making Ahsoka scream aloud.

“OH FUCK, OH FUCK, FUUUUUUUUUUCK MISTRESS PADME YOUR GONNA MAKE ME CUM” Ahsoka screamed hysterically as Padme was just hammering away at her asshole with no remorse. 

Padme, although she was a little caught off guard by Ahsoka screaming, didn't stop pounding Ahsoka’s asshole “yes Ahsoka, cum, cum for me you whore” she demanded.

Ahsoka screamed and screamed and screamed as her mistress pounded her ass so hard that her cum began squirting out of her pussy across the floor and she came so hard that her ass pushed the cock out of her as she screamed as she shot her cum out.

Ahsoka was so exhausted after her most recent orgasm that when it ended she was laying her back on Padme and breathing heavily just trying to catch her breath with her legs still spread and her asshole gaping wide open.

Padme to was in need of some rest as she had spent the last few minutes just absolutely hammering away at Ahsoka’s asshole non stop until she had made her slave cum and oh, did she cum, but no matter how tired Ahsoka was, she would most certainly know that this was not the end. 

Padme pushed Ahsoka off her and got off the couch and stood in front of her with her cock sticking out waiting for Ahsoka to clean it “come on Ahsoka, you know what you have to do next” she ordered.

“Yes mistress Padme, at once” Ahsoka said softly and moved as fast as her exhausted body could take her to get up on her knees, leaned forward and opened her mouth wrapped her lips around the head of the cock.

Padme moaned at the sight of Ahsoka sucking her cock “yeah, that’s it Ahsoka, suck my cock. Ohhhhhh yes, suck your ass off my cock slut” Padme said as she just stood there, verbally encouraging Ahsoka and petting the top of her head as she was getting all the ass juice on her strapon cock sucked off it. “Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, nothing but my walking, talking fuck hole, mine to use how i see fit. Now deepthroat my ass flavoured cock, yeah, take that cock which had just been up your ass into your throat.”

Ahsoka tried her best, but just like earlier her throat couldn’t handle such a cock. But no matter how hard she tried she was unable to keep the cock in her throat without choking and gagging fiercely until Ahsoka was forced to pull her throat off the cock entirely. So once Ahsoka was ready she again shoved the cock into her throat but just like last time she gagged and choked so much she was forced to stop again.

“I'm sorry mistress Padme” Ahsoka said as she fearfully looked up at her mistress, afraid of what her mistress would do to her.

But to Ahsoka’s surprise, Padme just picked her up and pulled her into a passionate kiss with both of them moaning almost immediately as they both got to share in the taste of Ahsoka’s ass.

“We're not done yet slut” Padme said with a grin when she ended the kiss with her slave.

“We aren't mistresses,” Ahsoka asked surprised.

“No we aren’t, not yet” Padme said before pulling Ahsoka closer and placing both her hands under Ahsoka’s thighs to pick her up. As soon as Ahsoka was up she wrapped her legs around Padme’s waist and leaned her head forward and they both started kissing again, something that Padme didn’t give her permission to do but was completely fine with it, besides, she can just punish her later.

While they were both distracted with the kissing Padme kept one hand under Ahsoka’s thigh while the other went for her cock and aimed it for Ahsoka’s asshole and wasting no time slowly started inserting it back up Ahsoka’s ass, which forced Ahsoka to break the kiss with her mistress and moan.

Inch after inch of strapon cock was shoved up Ahsoka’s asshole, Padme burying the dildo as deep as it would go into her slaves ass and then she held it there for Ahsoka to get used to the new position. “You ready slave” Padme asked her.

Ahsoka nodded  “yes mistress, oh yes, i'm more than ready for you to fuck me again” she said eagerly.

Padme wasted no time and immediately started bouncing Ahsoka up and down her cock, up and down, up and down , Ahsoka and Padme moaning as Ahsoka got her ass fucked again. 

Padme showing off to Ahsoka just how much stronger she had gotten and how much she had improved at fucking sexy bitch ass by just continually bouncing Ahsoka up and down the whole length of her cock and rapidly thrusting her young little slave’s asshole up and down the full length of her cock brutally hard and making her cum non stop with her cu squirting out onto Padme’s stomach. 

But now after all that, unfortunately for Padme and Ahsoka, Ahsoka had finally passed out while still up in the arms of her mistress and the cock still frantically ploughing her very stretched out hole as her head rested on Padme’s shoulder as she was just used like a fuck doll.

Now with Ahsoka unconscious Padme knew it was time to finally stop the brutal ass fucking, so she lifted Ahsoka up off her cock and it came out with a nice pop and then she was layed out on the couch. Padme then sat next to the unconscious body to catch her breath after the terrific sex they had just had.

Then all of a sudden Padme got an idea, she stood up, rolled Ahsoka over onto her belly and lifted her ass up into the air with her legs together showing Padme her asshole which was now a massive gaping crater and Padme could see straight into it seemingly becoming transfixed by the beautiful sight. Padme just stared at that gaping asshole for for a few more minutes, before sticking her tongue into that well fucked hole and massaging her slave’s brutally fucked open ass hole and rectum.

Ahsoka became dully aware of a long wet tongue going up her ass and she softly moaned and whimpered at the feeling of having her now massive open asshole rimmed by her mistress’s fantastic tongue. It was a feeling Ahsoka was well used to as she would usually get her asshole rimmed after a nice butt fucking.

Over the past few months Padme had done an extremely good job at training Ahsoka to be a good whore, but not just any whore, but her whore who, when possible would never say no to a good butt fucking which could last for hours and she was very proud at, not only herself but Ahsoka who was now a very obedient whore and always eager for her mistres to strapon a nice big cock to fuck and gape her wide open with.

“Oh mistress, that feels so good,” Ahsoka said, snapping Padme from her thoughts, “your tongue is so deep in my ass” she moaned.

Rimming Ahsoka’s gaped open asshole was always a great way to cap off a terrific night of butt sex especially when it was this open and loose which just made this even more nasty and then to make it even more so, Padme pulled back and spat directly into Ahsoka’s open butt hole and watched as it slowly dripped down into Ahsoka’s hole then Padme shoved her tongue back in Ahsoka’s ass.

When Padme decided she had satisfied herself and Ahsoka enough, she pulled her tongue out of Ahsoka’s asshole stood up and held out her hand “come on Ahsoka, lets go to bed and sleep, then as soon as we wake back up in the morning we can get right back to the butt fucking, hmm” Padme offered to Ahsoka as she helped her up.

“Yes mistress Padme, i would love that very much” Ahsoka said when she was up on her feet still holding her mistress’s hand.

Padme smiled “good, now let's go to bed” and with that they both went to padme’s room with Padme still wearing the strapon.

On the way to the bed room they couldn’t keep there hands off each other even after all the butt fucking they had just done. Padme then pinned Ahsoka to the wall and Ahsoka in response wrapped her right leg around Padme’s waist as they began to make out again.

While they were once again busy tonguing each other's mouths Padme reached a hand around Ahsoka’s ass and shoved two fingers in her still gaping hole “oh Ahsoka, you're still nice and open down here” she said as she began fingering her asshole.

Ahsoka moaned and nodded “yes mistress, i'm always nice and open for you” 

“Hmm, yes you are, but enough with this, as much as i love fucking your hot ass its time for us to go and get some rest, now come on” Padme said she pulled her fingers out of Ahsoka ass and Ahsoka unwrapped her leg from around Padme’s waist.

“Yes mistress lets go” she said and they once again started walking to Padme’s room.  

When they got to the bedroom they immediately got into bed with Padme laying on her back in the middle of the bed with her hand on her cock holding it still so it pointed straight up. 

Ahsoka knowing what to do, got into bed with her mistress, swang a leg over her mistress’s waist and reached her hand underneath her and aimed the cock for her still gaping asshole, although her asshole had closed up slightly, and with little to no difficulty she got the tip of the cock into her asshole and she then began to slowly lower herself down until her ass cheeks were sitting on Padme’s waist.

Padme loved watching Ahsoka lower herself down on her cock “mmmmm, yeah, good girl, get it all up there” she moaned.

“Oh fuck” Ahsoka moaned “oh, holy shit, oh my god, it’s so big” she exclaimed as she sat there for a few seconds, then she leaned down and kissed Padme, but the kiss only lasted for a few seconds, and when they ended it she rested her head on padme’s chest and Padme wrapped her arms around Ahsoka’s back as they drifted off to a blissful sleep after a night of beautiful anal sex.

Any feed back about the story i welcoe so i can improve


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