Earning her place

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Earning her place

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T JUST MOVE IN?!” Sissi shrieked incredulously as she stood in front of the Hermitage’s residents in the living room “you’re telling me you don’t want this hot piece of ass here on your beck and call?” she added spanking herself hard to add to her point

“As tempting as that is” William started “you didn’t pay for this place, we all shilled a lot of savings into buying this place for ourselves and it wouldn’t be right to just let someone move in for free”

“But you have plenty of extra rooms!”

“That you didn’t pay for” Yumi added “if you want to move in you can at least pay rent and by the fact you came here because you were evicted from your apartment for not paying your rent”

“Work had been cutting my shifts, you’d think blowing the landlord would get me an extension on my rent due date” Sissi sighed “so what? You’re just going to leave me homeless just because I can’t outright buy a room straight away”

“We didn’t say that, when you first called us about this we decided that if you want to live here so bad you can earn it” Ulrich interjected

Sissi’s expression lightened at Ulrich’s words bringing a smirk back to her lips “earn it huh? What’re we talking about here? Blowbang? Gangbang? You guys using me one at a time? You know I can take anything you throw at me”

“We’ll see about that” Sam then chimed in with a lustful smirk “come with me, you’re going to need a wardrobe change for what you’re going to be doing” she stated as she walked up to take Sissi by the hand, leading the whore out of the living room and towards her basement bedroom to which Sissi eagerly followed

Upon reaching the basement Sissi found three outfits laid out for her on Odd and Sam’s bed, a slutty maid, a slutty nurse and a slutty schoolgirl, all three eliciting filthy thoughts from Sissi as she imagined herself getting roughly used in each one “good choices” she purred as she ran her eyes over each outfit repeatedly “but I think I’ll go with dirty maid, I’m much better at making messes than cleaning them” she then stated as she proceeded to strip naked and pick up the maid outfit to put on “god damn I can’t wait to get on my knees in this”

(Ten minutes later)

“This was not…what I…fucking meant!” Sissi hissed as she furiously scrubbed the floor of the second storey hallway, her bare tits jiggling as she scrubbed as the maid’s outfit had no ‘chest’ to it 

“You missed a spot” she then heard Ulrich speak from behind her making her blood pressure spike
“You want to come over here and fucking doGGGPHLLLK?!” Sissi snapped back only to be cut off as Ulrich shoved his cock straight down her throat mid-bitch, Sissi’s hands grabbing at Ulrich’s waist but instead of pushing him away she dug her fingers into his hips as she glared up at him, her tongue poking out to lick at his balls as her love of cock quickly overrode her anger at just being grabbed and used after being forced to be their maid

“Come on, you thought just cleaning a few floors would earn you a room?” Ulrich smirked down at her as Sissi’s drool began to run over her lips to drip down onto her tits, making them glisten as she started to gag and choke on his dick

This only urged Ulrich on though as he then firmly grasped Sissi’s head and started to thrust hard and deep down her throat, making it bulge around his girth over and over as he began to pump her head along his thrusting dick, making her tits jiggle and bounce in tandem as she gagged and sucked sloppily, her tongue working every inch it could reach as she continued to glare up at him

Pulling out of Sissi’s mouth Ulrich then turned her head to start thrusting against her lips, poking into her mouth every few thrusts to bulge her cheek out as she continued to lick and drool all over his cock, the slut still glaring up at him angrily as his precum began to coat her tongue and get smeared all over her lips

His breathing getting heavier Ulrich suddenly pulled away and started to stroke his cock, aiming it at Sissi’s face to which she sat up on her knees with her mouth wide, her tongue outstretched ready to take the facial despite still glaring daggers at him

“Fuck yeah, take it bitch” Ulrich then grunted as he hit his limit, his cock erupting in thick streams of hot jizz streaking across Sissi’s face, tits and into her hair, one of the cum streaks forcing her to close her left eye as it splashed across it, the slut still moaning heatedly as a good half of his load landed in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed

When his release finished Ulrich simply smirked down at Sissi as he did his pants back up “you missed a spot” he then pointed out, Sissi turning around to see several streaks of cum that had missed her now splattered on the freshly scrubbed floor

“Oh god damn it! Learn to aim you asshole!” Sissi snapped grabbing the scrubbing brush to start cleaning again as Ulrich just smirked again and took his leave

(Two hours later)

“Fucking shit…how much crap do these guys have?” Sissi cursed as she was now on her hands and knees with her upper half buried deep in a closet, rearranging the items inside as her actions caused her hips to sway, basically advertising her bare holes as she was too preoccupied to hear the approaching footsteps behind her

It was only when she heard the all too familiar sound to her of a zipper being undone that she stopped, trying to look back in the cramped space to see who was there until to stop as a wave of ecstasy made her eyes cross as she felt a fat cock push into her exposed cunt “oh my fucking god!” she cried out, her tongue quickly hanging out of her panting mouth as she was then thrust into hard and fast from behind

Gripping her fat ass from behind William smirked as he felt her desperately trying to buck back against his hold to take his cock deeper into her slutty cunt “eager today aren’t we lass?” he grinned giving her ass a firm spank eliciting a muffled moan from her from inside the closet as her ass clapped loudly from the hit

“Fuck me!!!” Sissi’s whine echoed from inside the closet, her hips starting to harshly buck back as she fucked herself along his cock, her hips gyrating and shaking showing off the skills she had learned as a pole dancer “break me!”

“Crazy slut” William grunted as he felt her cunt clench tighter around his cock, the Scotsman reaching in to take hold of Sissi’s hair and using it to pull her out of the closet until her back was pressed up against his front, her tits bouncing hard as William’s cock completely dominated her wet fuck hole, his arm snaking around so that he could wrap his hand around her throat making her eyes roll back from the dominant hold on her neck

“Tighter…choke me daddy…” she whined, feeling her groin tighten by the second “I’m gonna cum for you!”

Smirking William drove into her harder setting off the sluts orgasm, her eyes widening as his climax hit at the same time, his cum flooding her insides and womb with his thick load making her back arch and her tongue hang out as she was reduced to a quivering wreck

When his climax ended William released Sissi simply letting her slump forward back into the closet, pulling out of her cum packed cunt to finish the last few streams of his jizz all over her fat ass before proceeding to leave her there

(Three hours later)

Groaning as her entire body ached from the hours of cleaning the entire Hermitage along with the rough face fuck from Ulrich and cunt pounding from William, the slut deciding to get a quick shower before giving up for the day, maybe just ask to stay the night before moving back in with her dad the next day, to her it was obvious that the group had just been stringing her along, most likely as karma for all the shit she had put them through in the past

Upon reaching the shower room she found that it was already in use, peering in to see Yumi standing under the shower, her back against the wall as she vigorously fucked herself, pumping a dildo fluidly into her dripping pussy as she moaned and cried out shamelessly with bliss

Smiling dirtily at the sight Sissi proceeded to strip naked before taking the shower next to Yumi “did I really drain your husband’s balls that much earlier? I thought his refractory period was much shorter than this” she teased before moaning as the hot water ran down her body, washing away the dried cum that still stained the skin of her face and ass

“Someone’s a girl just needs some me time” Yumi moaned back, biting her lip as she eyed Sissi from top to toe “on the other hand though, now that you’re here…” she then trailed off before suddenly pouncing upon the other girl, pinning her to the wall and showing that her dildo was double sided as she forced the other end up Sissi’s still aching cunt making her gasp with pleasure

Within seconds the sounds of the girls moans of bliss began to echo throughout the shower room, Yumi keeping Sissi pinned the the wall as their hips worked frantically, fucking themselves and each other with the dildo as their breasts rubbed together, their moans being muffled every few seconds as they repeatedly shared passionate kisses, their hands exploring and groping at each others bodies

Just as quickly as they had started both women hit their joint orgasms, falling in a heap of twisted panting limbs as the showers spray continued to fall down upon them, both of them lying there for several minutes before they eventually rose to finish their showers before drying off

Being the first to get dressed Yumi then rummaged through the pocket of her jeans pulling out a small metal object “hey, Sissi, catch!” she then stated making the other woman jump as she then threw the object at her with Sissi only narrowly catching it out of sheer shocked reflexes

“What the hell bitch? You could have hit me in the eye with that!” Sissi hissed before looking in her hands only to find that she had caught a house key “what…is this?”

“You can move your shit in tomorrow, you’re in the room next to me and Ulrich, I want you ready and available to deal with his morning wood whenever I can’t, understand?” Yumi explained to which Sissi eagerly nodded “good girl, you’re bunking with us tonight as well, we can fix your room up tomorrow”

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