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Chapter 1: Ownership.

Note: alright my doods! Here is another erotica for you and this is an idea I got from another story called Written Ownership and I find such an incredibly hot and sexy story that I feel compelled to do my own to see if I can produce something close to that. 


So while the base idea isn’t mine, the plot itself however is made between me and my co author so don’t flame us.


Not much else to say but enjoy the story.


Also before I start! I’ll explain the arc family girls because with the help of @1v2 we figured out the girls that are used.


The Mother is; Panchy Arc: Panchy Briefs is Crossed over from Dragon Ball.


The Second Eldest; Samus Arc: Samus Aran from the Metroid Video Games.


The Third Eldest; Lucy Arc: Lucy Heartfilia is from Fairy Tail.


The Fourth Eldest; Alice Arc: Alice is from the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.


The Third Youngest; Charlotte Arc: Charlotte Dunois is from Infinite Stratos.


The Second Youngest; Cecilia Arc: Cecilia Alcott is from Infinite Stratos.


The Youngest; Louise Arc: this is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière from The Familiar of Zero, except in this story, she has strawberry pink hair dye.


Now that you know who is who, we did this primarily because we were too lazy on building ocs to take the place of the arc family so this is a hell of a lot easier for me when I write because I know who I’m writing.


I know there hasn’t been much sexual content in this particular story but I decided to focus more on the build up because doing so lays the building blocks for the sexual scenes down the line.


Comment down any ideas you want added, to see if I can do so.



Jaune Arc wasn’t expecting much when he awakened his aura suddenly, a full week before the blonde knight is attempting to go to beacon after forging his transcripts that managed to bypass the schools processing.

So the blonde boy was sitting in his room staring at the ceiling with immense boredom while trying to think of ways to get out of the house in one week time, so in a fit of kiddy rebellion.

Jaune was also a good boy who always done to make his parents proud so now he wanted to do something delinquent just for the feel of freedom so the blonde boy got up from the bed and grabbed what appears to be a permanent sharpie from his wooden desk that was located on a couple of papers with randomized doodles all over the place.

It was apparent that the blonde boy was looking for ways to bypass the time, so Jaune opens the door and looks around to see if any of his sisters were nearby which by some miracle, they’re in their rooms doing their own individual things.

It was 8:38pm after all, dinner was served and eaten a couple hours prior and everyone was doing whatever they wanted until bedtime so it was an optional time for the blonde boy of 7 other siblings to write his name on the wall.

Sure, he may get told off by his mother sure but it would be worth it just to feel that exhilarating feeling of freedom.

The blonde boy who was in basic blue striped pj bottoms, Jaune tip toes down the hallway with the marker in hand trying to not make any sound as possible primarily because his sisters are vulchers and they tend to wrap him up in any situation they have, while it is fun to get into these situations, The blonde boy of the family was still a hot blooded man and needed his own private space.

Upon entering the living room which is pretty hectic for a eight member family with the couches and chairs looking worn but homely, the tv was a flat screen screwed into the wall.

The kitchen was adjacent to the living room alongside a long wooden table which is strong enough to withstand eight people of one man, 6 women and one girl.

Louise was the definition of ‘brat’ especially since she turned 13 a couple months back however despite her bratty nature, she had the arc stubbornness and upheld the one thing an arc upholds ‘Loyalty’

Anyway, Jaune looked around trying to find a good spot to write his name which was next to the old looking bookshelf that has numerous other non fiction books.


Jaune Arc’s House.


Jaune had a light chuckle before putting the marker away in his pocket then stared at his name in the wall, he blanched slightly as he should’ve used a washable marker so the ink could’ve washed off but now, he REALLY was going to get lectured about this.

“Oh Jaune!” Jaune flinched and turned around to see his mother standing behind him.

Panchy Arc, She had a womanly build coupled with a mother build despite having given birth to 8 children, her breasts were incredibly large, almost as large as Jaunes head and was a secret guilty thought for some evening masterbation sessions by the blonde boy, Panchy has curly blonde hair and her eyes are ocean blue much like the Blonde Knight.

“H-hi mom” Jaune stutters out while moving to the side that's closer to the hallway because while Panchy was rather easy going and really laid back but the Arc Milf can be REALLY scary when it came down to it and all of the arc children ALWAYS buckled under her mother hen mode.

Panchy looked at the wall curiously as she wanted to see what her only son wrote though it was until she read what it was is when she spoke “Sweetie, I just wanted to say how kind of you to let us all live in your house” she sounded so sincere that it caused Jaune to blank out.


“What” Jaune said, obviously unsure of what she was talking about.

She just smiled at him as if she was ignoring his obvious confusion “Ever since your father died, you were generous to let us stay in your house” 

Now Jaune was deeply confused about what was going on because all he simply wrote down was ‘Jaune Arc’s House’ but it was meant to be a joke.

“A-a-are you saying that this house is mine? Like all of it?” Jaune needed to be sure that this wasn’t just some harsh lesson about humility.

She tilted her head confusingly at her only son “Hm? Are you ok sweetie? Of course it is! It’s your house after all, is there anything you want? It’s only fair that I do things for you after you let us live here”

Jaune stiffened greatly as this was starting to sound extremely real to him and Panchy while known for her humorous personality, she doesn’t take jokes this far “ahh hah…ah sure! A sandwich sounds good about now” The blonde boy said as his eyes landed on his mother’s cleavage before looking over at the wall curiously as his thoughts on this.

Panchy seemed to smile at this “Of course sweetie!” She would then happily go into the kitchen to do what Jaune requested, the blonde boy however didn’t care much for the request but instead looked at his name etched on the wall, Biting his lip slightly to see if this really was a joke.


Jaune Arc’s House.


1: All rooms and material possessions within the house are considered to be property of Jaune Arc and the living family has full access to them.


Jaune paused lightly thinking that if his mother was not indeed joking after seeing this, he wondered if she will end up believing these ‘rules’ to his so called house though now Jaune kept thinking, he kept writing on the wall ‘rules’ 


2: All Requests and Actions done by Jaune Arc are considered Ok and Accepted.

3: Everyone will allow Jaune Arc to write on them if requested.

4: Jaune Arc is free to masterbate anywhere within the house and watching him is considered acceptable.

5: Jaune Arc is allowed into anyone’s personal space to do whatever he wishes without issue.

6: Any girl used for Jaune Arcs sexual gratification will find it flattering, natural and accepted.


Jaune sighs to himself as he returns the tip to the marker and pockets it back into his pants to see the list of ‘rules’ he set up because of this does end up being a massive joke then he can blame the sexual stuff on his teenage hormones.

“Ok sweetie! Here is the sandwich you wanted” Panchy walks out of the kitchen holding a porcelain plate with a basic ham and cheese sandwich with the crusts cut off.

Jaune would smile at his mother and accept the plate yet he placed the dish onto the table but he was more focused on the unique power he seems to have “Mom, just a quick request. Take a look at the wall, i've written down some rules for everyone to follow”

The curly blonde milf looks at the written ‘rules’ before looking and smiling at him “Of course, it’s your house after all sweetie so it’s only fair that I and the rest of your sisters abide by your rules so is there anything else you need dear?”

Jaune looked at the wall trying to determine if this was actually real so one last test “Ok, just asking hypotheticals for the moment because I’m tired right now. Since it’s my house…I can, I don’t know, take my pants off and swing my dick around all over…I won’t be in trouble?” Jaune asked curiously for an obviously inappropriate action especially when around family.

Panchy just smiled even more at the request with slightly red dusted cheeks “Of course hun, it’s your house after all so you shouldn’t forgo anything you want to do just because me and your sisters are living here! Just act however you want and I can promise you, I won’t mind what it is”

“So you wouldn’t care if I stood up at the dinner table and masterbated infront of everyone?” Jaune asked as his question soon got extremely raunchy trying to find whatever line this power has.

The Arc Milf simply blushed at this but nodded all the same “Yes Sweetie, it’s your house after all” 

‘Holy fuck…is this really happening?! I can do what I want and they will see it as normal just like I wrote? Ok ok, just one last test to see if this works then I may just have a fun week in place before I leave for beacon’ Jaune thought to himself especially since he blushed on his final test and his eyes landed on her loose muscle top that contained her large E-Cup Breasts

“One last thing mom…If I asked for you to take off your top and give me a titty fuck right in the middle of the living room?” He asked obviously ready to believe this whole night was a dream and ready to get bitched slapped.

“Oh sweetie…, are you backed up with cum? You don’t need to stop because of me, if you want to use my big titties as your personal fuck bags then simply ask and I’ll drop to my knees so you can use my big boobs as your toy” she simply exclaimed with no shame and almost started reaching for her top only for the blonde boy who was crimson red and a massive tent pitched in his pants to raise his hands.

“Mom! It’s ok! Not now! Just…do whatever you're going to do before you head to bed” Jaune said as he wanted to sleep as well because all of this had to be nothing more than just some hell of a fever dream.

Panchy simply smiled “Ok, I’ll be heading to the master bedroom hun so if you feel that you need to cum then I’ll be in bed naked so you have easy access to my big titties” She had left the living room as she didn’t just offer her tits to her young hormonal son nor did she see anything wrong with her sentence.

Jaune just stared at her leaving form with an open and slack jaw before shaking his head obviously settled on this whole thing on being a fever dream because nothing like this is supposed to happen so tomorrow morning, The blonde boy will wake up like normal and will continue on with his week like normal before he sneaks out to go to beacon.

“Ah, what a wonderful dream this would be but unfortunately there’s no way I can just claim ownership and impose obviously stupid rules” The blonde boy exclaimed with a smile as he grabbed the plate from the coffee table which he goes into the kitchen to dump it into the kitchen trash because the sandwich was just an after thought then returning to his room.

Two hours had passed with the blonde knight tossing and turning all over his rather comfy bed except the reason why the blonde boy is still awake because as he turned onto his back, a nine inch massive erection tent on his PJ Bottoms is quite visible to the arc boy because he tried to go to sleep from this ultra realistic fever dream but every time he tried to rest, his mother always came to his mind about offering her tits as his personal fun bags.

The boy's large cock twitched every time he witnessed that within his mind as it desired to be surrounded and gently crushed by the arc milfs pillowy canyon.

Jaune groans as he gets up from his bed and enters the hallway while also seeing if anyone was around which was unlikely since it’s now past ten and most of the arc children is sound asleep as well as every room in the house, likely the house itself, was sound proofed because the Arc Matriarch is a horny rabbit that birthed 8 children well before the Arc Father ended up getting killed.

The blonde knight slowly walks over to the master bedroom at the end of the hall but gulped slightly as this was the only room that Panchy Arc explained to never go in because she valued everyone having their own personal space and this applied to herself as well so no one was allowed to go into someone else’s room without permission.

Jaune hesitated about entering the room especially since he was given ‘express’ permission outside of Panchy saying she would sleep naked just in case the blonde man wanted to use her like some sex toy.

The boy inhaled slightly and exhaled before entering the room of his mother and was expecting some exaggerated things except it was rather normal for a currently single mother.

Panchy Arc was on the bed in the middle section while outside of the covers except that she wasn’t wearing her muscle top and her own polka dotted pj bottoms, she was completely naked with her exposed maiden hood glistening slightly, her large E-Cup Tits moved up and down slowly.

Jaune stared at his mother’s large tits like they were begging to be fondled, the boy pulls down his own pants which caused his erected cock to spring upwards from its confinement and twitched in excitement ‘Ok, I’ll just squish her breasts together, insert my dick between then and fuck em until I’m close then just cum in the toilet then I’ll head to bed and wake up from this dream though I gotta say, this is one of the best dreams I’ve had, so realistic and so vivid like I’m lucid dreaming’ 

Jaune also placed the permanent marker on the end table just in case he wanted to write something before he leaves this epic dream, the blonde man moved closer to Panchy and got on top of her and using her midsection as a sort of cushioned seat while resting his cock and balls in between her tits.

Jaune pants slightly as he grabbed his own mother’s tits feeling his fingers sink in the firm globes like marshmallows ’oh sweet oum this is amazing! So soft and squishy like marshmallows’ indeed it was, Jaune moved up slightly off Panchy’s person and squished her large globes over the boy’s erect cock causing the boy to groan at the sudden pleasure.

Now throwing subtly in the wind, Jaune started slamming his hips onto the bottom of her boobs while pushing his cock in between the flesh globes.

The blonde boy was panting heavily as he kept ramming his hips in between Panchy’s tits even picking up the past and strength, the constant thrusting of Jaune’s hip is causing the bed to squeak a lot and if the walls weren’t sound proof people assume he was making the arc milf his bitch.

The curly blonde woman slowly woke up as she felt her breasts being grabbed and being fondled heavily, her eyes opened to see a tip of a cock gets thrusted through her breasts then looking up to see her only son harshly thrusting his hips onto her big titties like they were simply his toy to play with, Panchy would simply smile as Jaune took her offer to use her tits like his own toys.

“M-Mom! Arg! I’m c-cumming!” Jaune exclaimed mindlessly only to feel cold when the naked curly blonde milf moved her head close to her tits and opened her mouth “Then let loose my BIG boy mmmm! Spray your essence all over me” she said then left her mouth open expecting to catch something.

The blonde boy grits his teeth as he slams his hips even harder then came, shooting out several small rockets of white cum that hits inside the Arc Milfs mouth.

Jaune slowly heaves and was about to get off and leave but he gasped slightly when Panchy licked the slit of his cock then he fell directly next to her on the bed obviously spent and happy.

The Arc Mother simply smiled and cuddled close to her only boy “You were so strong my BIG boy, go on, rest. It should be expected since you own the master bedroom so I shouldn’t have to say to come in here anytime you so desire if you wanted to have any fun, anytime you want or even anywhere you so desire” Panchy said as if she was speaking directly to Jaunes desire for sex and sexual hormones.

Jaune tuned her out as he wasn’t expecting to continue this because when he wakes up, he will be in his bed to proceed with his life like usual.

Except that he wasn’t expecting this power to be truly real nor was he expecting just how fun the remaining week is going to be.



The reason why Jaune is acting as if his Writing Semblance that takes ownership is just a dream is because it’s realistic, no man regardless of how horny they are will immediately assume something THIS good is either a dream or too good to be true kinda like reality raising you to the stars then kicking you back into the dirt.


Anyway, if anyone has ideas or rules that you want added into this series then don’t hesitate to give it to me because you doods are far more creative than me, all I have is the originality of a dead chicken.

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