Candid Reunions

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Candid Reunions


Chapter one: The Grant Resort


The bright and hot sun was starting to hide beyond the horizon as it was done baking the white sands of Dimmesdale's most popular beaches, thousands of men, women, and children eagerly enjoyed the cool oceanic waters looking to refresh themselves from the summer heat. The orange skies created an ambiance that invited romance even with the cheerful yet constant laughter of children as they dashed across the beach, entire families gathered together to make a barbecue dinner while a few others enjoyed a casual beer in solitude near a fireplace.


Among these hundreds of tourists were Daniel Fenton and his family who looked in sheer awe as they arrived at the hotel’s front entrance where a valet parking staff took hold of the family car keys while a bellboy pulled out their luggage from the trunk. Maddie and above all her daughter, Jasmine Fenton, were most relief to have convinced the family patriarch, Jack Fenton to leave their RV back home despite his many protests as it would have scared the tourists and locals away due to how much it resembles a tank in favor of their daughter’s old convertible car that was more fitting with the beach as it allowed them to bake under the sun on their way.


The evening salty winds coming from the ocean were the first thing Maddie noticed upon leaving the pink car as it was soothing, relaxing, and mind-calming, so much that the woman hardly noticed the chatter of tourists as they walked past while eyeing her down with a lustful expression. It had been far too many years since Maddie last wore a cute white frilly dress, the red flowers around the base gave a more springtime allure to her attires though was still unsure if it was fitting of her, as she was normally seen wearing a skin-tight hazmat suit that showed off her curvy figure and perfectly embraces her large double J-cup breasts.


Maddie was unaccustomed to such breezy clothing and did complain that the dress might be a little too short for her due to it barely reaching beyond her large plump bubble butt, though was more concerned about the exaggerated cleavage yet was assured by her husband that she looked wonderful. Her daughter, Jazz on the other hand, who helped choose her mother’s new dress still wore her everyday outfit which consisted of a black V-shaped blouse that tightly hugged her equally large breasts along with a pair of skin-tight blue jeans that showed off her plump butt and finally a pair of black high heels.


“I want the entire Fenton clan bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we meet Masters”- Jack said with his overly cheery voice putting his arm over Maddie. It was then Jazz handed her backpack over to the bellboy with a smile before quickly turning her head over to her father partially covering her pretty face with red hair locks which she shoved away upon hearing the word “Masters.”


“Wait, wait, wait. Masters? As in Vlad Masters? Who was named Affluence Magazine's "Billionaire of the Year?"- Jazz asked while putting her hands up.


“That's the guy! In college, he was my best friend.”- Jack spoke proudly. “We were very popular guys back in the day. Roommates, lab partners, we did everything together.” The man shares a curious look with his wife.


Somehow Jazz and her younger brother had a hard time believing their father, who was a well-intention goofball to be popular or a ladies’ man as he claimed to have been earning some glares from his dearest wife. It was most likely that they were either bullied by their peers or completely ignored. A greater mystery was how Jack manage to land himself a woman like Maddie given his somewhat childish attitude that had been the same since his junior high school years, though that in itself could be charming for some women. As far as Jazz was aware, her mother was quite popular back in college even having a boyfriend meeting with Jack.


“How come you’ve never mentioned him until now?”- Jazz asked putting her hands over her wide hips.


“We started to drift apart after your mother and I started dating, but Mads kept in contact through emails and some Christmas phone calls.”- Jack said wrapping his arm around Maddie’s waist. “Ain’t that right DT Maddie”- the man continued.


“DT Maddie?”- The boy asked raising an eyebrow.


“Yeah… it means Daring Thinking Maddie…” the woman added while blushing cuing her husband to continue.


“He was hospitalized with a horrible case of ecto-acne. It devastated him... and killed his social life. We haven't spoken since that day though like I said Maddie stayed in contact. But the good news is, I think after all these years, he's finally forgiven me.” Jack said holding his fist to heart level as he recalled miscalculating and setting off the ghost portal before time leading to the horrible accident.


“That’s right, Vlad send you guys some nice gifts last Christmas, so make sure to thank him.”- Maddie continued with a smirk as they started walking towards the hotel. “I stayed in contact after graduating.”- She added while smiling at her man.


Both siblings seemed skeptical at the answer but let it slide as their attention was drawn towards the building allowing their parents to rush into the hotel, the place which was much grander than what either of them expected. So far, the biggest hotel they had stayed at was only a two-story high roadside motel during their last vacation, yet this one was over thirteen floors and wider than two city blocks making Danny wonder if they would be kicked out before even getting inside due to the hotel being far too high fashion with its brown wooden walls, thick columns and dark linoleum floorboards that composed the lobby making the interior resemble an old ship, several portraits of ships and other sea landscapes hang on the walls.


Yet the vending machines and several access points leading to the restaurant broke the illusion which was slightly recovered by the red couches and potted plants that were strategically placed around the lobby. Danny, the youngest member of the family froze on the spot as both his blue eyes gazed upon a small group of beautiful women walking towards him wearing very skimpy bikinis that left nothing to the imagination. The boy couldn’t help but follow the women as they carried on towards the main door, Danny gulped down upon seeing the sexy thongs they wore. Their steps were almost hypnotic but once his mother clear her throat was that Danny hurried back.


“I know you wanna look but don’t be so obvious kiddo!”- Jack’s voice boomed making his son blush.


“Look, I'm under a lot of pressure. You two have no idea what it's like to be a kid today!”- Danny retorted as his face turned bright red.


“Come on, Danny. That's the oldest excuse in the book. There's nothing you're going through that your father and I didn't go through when we were your age.”- Maddie replied while walking towards the front desk.


A pitiful expression was drawn on Danny’s older sister's face making him frown even more as she puts her arms over his shoulder making her younger brother cross his arms in front of his chest clearly annoyed, but unwilling to make a scene.


“The reason Danny doesn't think you can relate to him is that you never take the time to tell him about your childhood!”- Jazz said with a condescending voice.


The redhead ignored her brother as he called her out while she continued talking to her parents almost demanding to know how they first met, their first date, where they went to college, and if they were seeing other people back then. Naturally, Danny was blushing forcing him to yell out her name once more in a futile attempt to shut her up, the girl did go quiet though not because her brother asked her to but merely because the receptionist was looking at them with a smile.


“Ahoy, ma’am. Welcome to Kraken resort center.”- A woman with thick glasses spoke from behind the reception desk wearing only the lower part of a black bikini and a matching vest along with a tricorn hat as to not break the ongoing theme.


As expected, the wooden desk had an old Victorian-era style with its intricate designs, most notable were the two cutlasses place in an X form underneath what seemed to be a classic pirate skull followed by a pirate flag hanging behind the woman, yet the flat-screen computer, printer and credit card terminal broke the illusion completely.


“Hello, um, reservation for Madelyn Fenton.”- the woman spoke removing her sunglasses while looking a little worried that her conversation with Danny and Jazz was overheard.


“Vladdie, my man! It's good to see you again!”- Jack’s voice boomed as he hugged a man wearing a black suit breaking with the ongoing pirate theme.


At that moment Maddie and her two kids quickly turned over to see who Jack was so effusively greeting. It was a man in his early forties wearing a swelling hot black suit that screamed expensive all around, who the kids assumed was nonother than Vlad Masters, the old college friend of both Maddie and her husband Jack. The woman blushed as she gazed upon Vlad’s eyes lost in thought for a moment as she gave a cautious step forward while Jack released the man from his mighty grasp with a huge goofy smile drawn crossed his face.


“Maddie! You've never looked lovelier, my dear!”- Vlad said walked past Jack with open arms.


Danny twisted his lips as Vlad whom he had only ever heard of recently kissed his mother’s hand before taking her in a tight embrace, his arms wrapped dangerously closed to Maddie’s prominent butt. Her large breasts pressed against the man’s chest as her already short skirt lifted slightly showing her pink underwear, it was then that the boy looked over at his father feeling even more uncomfortable upon seeing his mother’s face so very close to that of Vlad. It was then that Jack wrapped his massive arms around both his wife and best friend accidentally pressing their lips together while calling Vlad an old fashion dog for kissing Maddie’s hand like in yesteryears.


Though Danny could have sworn to see his mother licked Vlad’s lips before pulling her head away while showing a light sheepish blush around her cheeks. From what little Danny learned in the last few minutes was that his parents were friends with Vlad since their college years. Worked together on several projects including a ghost portal with mixed results, but couldn’t shake off the feeling they're a lot more going on between his parents and this Vlad character, he had never seen his mother act like this, so timid. He could even swear under oath that his mother was acting like a lovestruck school girl due to her reaction to seeing Vlad, yet his father didn’t react to their close interaction meaning that he was probably seeing too much into things.


Adults did things very differently from teens, acting rational and calculating. Akin to his sister and her adult-like attitude, and mentality that more often than not got under his skin, but surely was a limit to everything. Vlad had been commenting on his mother’s beautiful body nonstop to the point of being creepy though avoided making any mentions of her massively large breasts and her round bubble butt yet kept his flattering to an almost childish degree. Vlad’s attention was suddenly drawn towards Danny and Jazz who was quietly watching the interaction between the adults. The man approached the children as Danny instinctively flinch once the man put his large hand over his slender shoulder.


“You must be Daniel, haven’t seen you other than in a picture.”- The man said lifting the boy’s chin. “And you, Princess, must be Jasmine, you’re just as beautiful as your mother.”- Vlad continued yet refrain from touching the redhead.


“What's with all the pirate stuff? You're a billionaire! Surely you could afford an interior designer”- Jazz asked soon after presenting herself properly.


Unlike her brother, Jazz paid a lot more attention to their parents’ daily conversations and though recently learned the man’s name, she also discovered that not only was Vlad the hotel owner but was also the proprietor of the entire resort along with many more such places around the world and according to her magazine was the CEO of VladCo industries which made her wonder how did the man manage to look after so many enterprises. The redhead loves her father deeply and dearly but couldn’t help question why her mother, a college professor with the highest honors and who was on the cover of genius magazine several times, would date someone as goofy as Jack while having a much better prospect around.


“I would have loved to design the hotel with my second greatest passion, the green bay Packers.”- Vlad trailed off for a moment.


“So…Football helmets, jerseys, cheese heads? Are you a Packers fanatic?”- Danny asked a little more defiant than what he intended.


“Oh, "fanatic" is such a negative word. But, yes”- the man concluded.


“I don't understand. You have billions of dollars! Instead of buying this stuff, why don't you just buy the team?”- Jazz wasn’t letting go of the subject.


It was one of Jasmine’s many flaws and at the same time one of her greatest qualities that had made her into an honor student, a very inquisitive mind along with a questioning nature that according to her mother would make her a great ghost researcher despite the girl not sharing that belief as she had her eyes over a large goal.


“Because the Packers are owned by the city of Green Bay and they won't sell them to me! So, I can’t use any of their paraphernalia without getting into a legal argument.” The man pats his chest and looks over to Maddie. “One of two things my wealth has not as of yet... been able to acquire.”- he continued while smiling.


A light pinkish blush forms around Maddie’s already pinkish cheeks as she innocently smiles at Vlad while fixing her short brownish hair and diverting her eyes like a lovestruck schoolgirl in front of her crush. This bothers Danny greatly as he turns over to his father expecting some sort of reaction from the large man, yet did nothing beyond showing his goofy smile which made the young boy feel much too worried. But seeing that his father was in a way approving of this behavior made him look the other way, Danny forced himself to believe nothing was truly taking place. Wondering if this was how adults interacted with one another. Jazz too didn’t seem to mind how their mother was acting with this Vlad individual, and as much as Danny hated the idea, Jazz was the more mature and understanding of both if not of the whole family.


“I understand it was a long trip and you would want to rest but I already made a dinner reservation.”- Vlad said while putting his arm around Maddie’s shoulder.


Without waiting for their reply was that Vlad snapped his fingers allowing for the bellboy to appear from the shadows taking hold of their luggage while he escorted Maddie towards the restaurant area as Jack followed close behind. Danny then noticed the bellboy had packed their luggage into an oversize trolley and headed towards the service elevator.


“Was he hitting on mom?”- Danny leans closer to his sister.


“As long as he's got working toilets instead of a poop deck, and mom keeps her legs close, who cares?” Jazz replied following her parents to the restaurant. 




Danny looked around the restaurant taking notice of more pirate-like paraphernalia scattered around the place, bones and skulls emblems pressed against the columns along with some more cutlasses and pirate flags that decorated the wall making him kindly want Vlad to have used the Bay Packer’s theme instead. Danny’s eyes nearly popped out of his face upon turning to his side and seeing the waitress was wearing only a black vest and a G-string along with knee-high black boots still playing to the whole pirate theme again, yet couldn’t help but wonder how much they were being paid to parade in public in such clothes or how Vlad managed to get the permits for it.


“This is us.”- Vlad said with glee as he slides the chair for Maddie to sit.


Rather than staying inside the restaurant as was expected, Vlad guided the Fenton family out into the balcony where Danny spotted a small square table with a red cloth and a couple of red candles. Surely one of the better tables at the restaurant given the wonderful view of the sea and the bright city lights which were breathtaking. Not a single cloud to block out the moon made the boy realize how late it was already, too many hours on the road.


As the whole family looked in wonder over the city landscape while waiting for the waitress to arrive was that Danny noticed the strange sitting arrangement, there were five chairs in total which wasn’t unusual or out of place. Yet only Jack and Danny were on the same side of the table while Vlad sat in the middle opposite to them with Jazz and Maddie sitting by his sides which Danny found most strange as the norm would be that his parents sat together and Jazz next to him while Vlad took the place of honor at the head of the table despite the small size. It was then that he noticed that his mother seemed to be blushing and wriggling on her spot as if she were trying to get into a comfortable position despite the chairs behind oddly soft, even Danny blush upon seeing his mother’s strange expression, biting down on her lower lip while looking away.


Out of nowhere three beautiful women wearing a tricorn hat and white loose blouses suddenly surrounded the table placing several plates in front of the Fenton which brought about more than one smile, yet Danny couldn’t help but look at the wonderful butt next to his face. The waitress knew that the boy was ogling her ass as she could feel his warm breath brushing her skin yet made no comment nor acted out, she even smiled at Danny before leaving which made him feel like a pervert.


“You really outdid yourself, Vladdy.”- Jack said taking hold of a fork and knife.


“You should really be thanking my head chef rather than me.”- Vlad said with a smirk.


Before the Fenton family laid steaming hot mouthwatering fried fishes along with shrimp cocktails which Vlad proudly said to have been fished in the ocean nearest to the hotel assuring its freshness. It took all of ten seconds for Danny and his father to start pigging out at the meal like a couple of starving wolves, though Jazz was far more discreet in her approach, nevertheless, still took large bites that hardly fit inside the mouth along with grabbing the shrimps with her bare fingers, yet Vlad gave them no mind as he watched Maddie take small bites with an elegant demeanor. Dinner was beyond heavenly, fish and shrimp-like never before was devoured by the Fenton who rarely ever had such delicacies, though under more normal circumstances would have been left hungry mainly due to the price.


Even though dinner was over a little too quick and the plates had been taken away, Vlad ordered a bottle of his personal wine selection to celebrate his reunion with his old college friends along with two large and fancy looking ice-cream servings that were placed before the two siblings who stared at the desert with fascination as they listen to his parents’ casual conversation of old memories from their college days, laughter was brought up as the conversations carry on, a few stories of Jack and Vlad first old ghost portal experiments were brought thought this also brought Danny a few nasty memories of his own.


“Remember that time we played strip poker at the college dorms?”- Maddie asked between giggles making her kids blush. “Or that time we end up running around campus naked… Oh! And remember that time when we did it on the football field all night long, we almost got expelled.”- She continued trying not to burst out laughing.


“Mom!!”- Both her kids yelled out in unison blushing madly. 


“Oh, please, you’re growing up too.”- Maddie retorted mainly encouraged by the wine she had been drinking throughout dinner.


Both siblings blushed madly at the image of their parents running around campus naked due to a silly college bet while their peers cheered them on, just picturing their overweight father and his fat lumps bouncing around was enough to make Jazz lose her appetite, worst yet was the mental image of their parents having sex in the middle of the football field which is a matter of speaking was rather impressive seeing that they were kicked out.


“Strange I don’t remember any of those things.”- Jack remark innocently.


Maddie suddenly went quiet as her children also stop eating their delicious ice cream, it was then that the kids turned over to their father who seemed to be concentrating as hard as he could, trying to remember what his wife was talking about, no matter how hard he tried there was no such recollection of him ever running around campus naked with Maddie or playing strip poker at the dorms and much less of having sex all night long in the football field.


“You were probably too drunk.”- Vlad confidently interjected. “I had to endure you talking about it all damn day.”- he continued with a scorned face. Both kids let out a sigh of relief once their father accepted his old friend’s version of the facts and continued their casual drinking, as far as Danny knew, his mother had only ever dated their father and none one else.




It had been a most interesting day, to say the least as never before had Danny ever stayed at a fancy hotel nor eaten foreign delicacies, the boy did wonder if the extravagant cooking would make him sick in the long run as he was unaccustomed to it. His eyes set over the room that he was forced to share with his older sister. It was an adjoined bedroom which meant they at least didn’t have to see each other when sleeping, though Danny quickly discovered the wall dividing the room was paper-thin.


 In place of a door was an arc located on the right side giving them access to both rooms, they also shared the bathroom which had two doors for more privacy, the boy made a mental note to lock both doors to avoid an accident. Each side of the bedroom had its own flatscreen, closet, and drawers along with a desk, followed by a few flamboyant portraits of what seemed to be pirate ships and oceanic landscapes decorated the walls which fell into the ongoing pirate theme.


Danny also noticed a few footballs on a shelf just above the flatscreen along with some more green bay packers’ paraphernalia in smaller quantity which completely wreaked the pirate theme Vlad was going for. Most impressive was the oceanic view through the window and a small balcony, Danny was more than sure his parents wouldn’t be able to afford such a luxurious lodging more so during the vacationing season. As far as the boy was aware, the hotel was fully booked due to it being summer, yet Danny couldn’t relax due to dear uncle Vlad giving the Fenton Family two rooms for their enjoyment completely for free making him feel like a leach.


Even so, he wanted to complain about having to share a room with his older sister as his parents were staying at one of the hotel’s penthouse suites but knew better than to look at gifted horse mouth, dear uncle Vlad was paying for everything without asking for nothing in return. The sudden sounds of the toilet being flushed broke Danny’s trance and made him look towards the bathroom door while sitting down on the bed soon to see his older sister standing at the doorframe while combing her long red hair.


“Don’t forget to brush your teeth, lil bro.”- the redhead almost ordered.


“You saw that Vlad was flirting with mom throughout dinner, right?”- Danny asked his sister.


The boy knew he was acting unreasonable towards Vlad whom he never met before and had been so far charming, Jazz remembers having seen him once during a Christmas celebration a few years ago, even bought them gifts, but her memory was too fuzzy. Nevertheless, didn’t recall seeing him again afterward despite their parents claiming to have a good relationship with the man, even so, Danny felt bothered by Vlad, and his strange attitude he had with his mother, stranger, was how she replied in a similar manner. It was as she was flirting back, almost as if her husband and children weren’t present at all, had that been the case Danny was sure Vlad and his mom would have been kissing there and then which made him feel disgusted.


“Chill out, lil bro. It’s not like mom’s gonna sleep with that guy”- Jazz said still standing in the bathroom. “He’s been cool so far.”- the redhead added with a smirk.


“He seems like some player”- Danny replied while crossing his arms. “I mean what if mom really falls for him?”- The boy asked.


Just picturing his mom making out with Vlad made the boy feel not only uncomfortable but also disgusted as his mind wondered further allowing him to imagine them naked in the bed hugging as was in his adult movies that he often saw late at night when everybody was sound asleep.


“Not gonna happen and if it does then we get a rich new daddy”- Jazz taunted her brother. “Here! Catch!”- the redhead tossed Danny a little something.


“Holy shit!”- Danny said after catching and dropping a small black wrapper. Jazz roars out in laughter as her brother blushed madly while staring at the unopen condom wrapper that had a green ghost drawn unto it though its ghostly figure resembled that of sperm more than an actual ghost.


“Complimentary condoms, lil bro.”- The redhead said in between laughter. Danny’s older sister loves to tease him every so often much to her younger brother’s disdain. There wasn’t a single opportunity either of them ignored to play a prank on one another, of course, in a friendly and bonding matter.


“Just a heads-up, sis, if you see a tie on the doorknob, it means that I have a lady over.”- Danny winked while waving the wrapper.


“Straight back at ya, lil bro.”- The redhead teased back.


The two siblings burst out laughing as they recalled hearing moaning coming from a room a few floors down on their way up, there was a red tie over the doorknobs and a couple of men giggling as they left towards the bar. With a loud yawn, Jazz headed to her side of the room while stretching her arms and warning her brother not to peak at her while she sleeps. Her brother scoffed mockingly as slides under the bedsheets while his sister heads over to her side of the bedroom still chuckling.




It was later that night that Jack Fenton was sound asleep on Vlad’s couch as he had drunk himself to sleep with his fancy liquor unable to hear the lustful sounds of panting and moaning just a few meters away from him, his dear wife and his best friend had their bodies lustfully glued together. Maddie laid naked over the bed flat on her back with her legs spread wide apart allowing for Vlad to aggressively penetrate her drench cunt as she moaned loud not worrying that her voice might awaken her husband, the man wasn’t able to hold his liquor since college. The woman was more than sure her man wouldn’t wake up even if a nuclear explosion took place.


Moaning reverberated within the particularly large bedroom as the bed squeaked loudly for it was unused to such ferocious movements. The shaking and bouncing threaten with breaking the bedframe altogether. Nevertheless, the couple didn’t mind in the least as they delved deeper into their carnal pleasure, lust filling their minds and bodies with each passing moment. A passionate kiss was shared between the two lovers allowing for their tongues to wrestle with one another for dominance.


“Oh, Vlad! I really missed this”- Maddie said as she wrapped her arms and legs around Vlad’s back.


It took all of Vlad’s mental fortitude not to ejaculate as he felt no different from a virgin having his cherry popped, he could feel his penis being peeled back as it if were his first time all over again. Maddie’s cunt was more than incredible, beyond words even, far better than any dumb blonde tourist bimbo or high-class escort. It was a gross understatement to say Maddie’s body was premium, with large breasts, a large round butt, and an amazing vagina. The way she moved her hips and squeezed her cunt could easily put a professional sex worker into shame, that was the difference between work and pleasure. She knew what she wanted and did not have qualms about getting it.


“My god! I’m surprised two kids came out from here.”- Vlad groaned his words, “It’s so damn tight!”- he added.


“AHHH! That’s very sweet of you… oh, t-to say… ahh!”- Maddie moaned in return.


Excitement grew ever more as Maddie smirked, her arms wrapping around before rolling over allowing for her lover to rest his already tired back unto the soft mattress, the woman giggled as begun turned around showing her back and more importantly her large round butt, moments later started circularly moving her prominent hips while her knees were pressed unto the bed which help the man relaxed for a few moments as he hands moved up and down her soft yet firm back, Maddie then readjusted herself by putting her feet firmly on the mattress making Vlad raise an eyebrow. The sounds of meat striking meat echoed within the bedroom joining the cacophony of panting and moaning from both lovers along with the soft rhythms of the creaking bed out sounding Vlad’s classical music.


It had been so long since Maddie was properly fucked despite her husband Jack having his moments every now and again, though never went beyond the basics and always ending the intercourse soon after he ejaculated, hardly caring for his wife’s orgasm afterward yet this was unintentional. Jack had always tried to be most romantic in his efforts to please his wife in bed, but had little endurance along with his lacking technique despite the many years of practice left much to be desired, most of their sexual relations never lasted more than ten minutes worst yet was that he refused to enter into any sort of fetish such as giving or receiving blowjobs.


The woman’s massive bottom slammed unto Vlad’s crotch with mighty force allowing for a deeper penetration which created lewd wet smacking sounds that filled their ears increasing their arousal, Vlad could see her tight anus clenching and loosening, almost as if it were winking at him asking him to go inside. A lustful expression grew on Maddie’s face as she slowly pulled her hips as high as she could without pulling out and then slamming her back down with great conviction which make her gasp out loud as her man gazed at his darken and slimy cock as it was being enveloped by Maddie’s beautiful pink pussy.


“Your ass is so incredible.”- Vlad proclaimed as he slapped her buttocks making her chuckle.


The woman stopped her bouncing clearly tired as she twirled around and looked at her lover straight at the eyes with a flushed expression, the man then slowly put Maddie on the mattress as he once more started swaying his hips. Their bodies pressed tightly one against the other as they locked lips, both tongues wrestling for control in a shameless kiss, more lewd than romantic, one that she hadn’t shared with Jack in so many years. Her arms and legs wrapped around Vlad. A sudden pulsing warned Maddie that the end was near, true enough, Vlad spilled himself inside Maddie who insisted on not wearing a condom due to this being a special reunion but took a few birth-control pills just to be safe. Both lovers were left exhausted and covered in sweat as they slowly broke the embrace allowing Vlad to roll on his side, leaving Maddie in her position panting, legs still wide apart as cum flows out of her.


“Oh, dear! I really needed that!”- Maddie said as she pulled Vlad out of her.


The woman gave out a loud satisfied sigh as if she had dinner all over again, it was then that Maddie stood up with the intention of heading over to the bathroom for a shower after asking Vlad to call for a bellboy to help them take her husband to their bedroom as neither of them could stay at his suite not after fucking like rabbits, nevertheless, Maddie’s legs wobbled and making her lose balance before landing butt making Vlad laugh at the woman’s expense before getting up to help her back on her feet yet face the same problems as his legs trembled forcing him to craw towards Maddie who smirked at him in a teasing manner.


“Don’t be in such a hurry, my dear. Jack’s not waking up anytime soon.”- Vlad reminded the woman who didn’t relax now that she was coming back to her senses. “By the way my dear. I got you and Jazz some appropriate swimwear.”- the man continued.



The sounds of an alarm clock followed by the blinding sunlight struck unto Danny’s face announcing that morning had arrived which in turn forced the boy to turn around groaning as the bed was a world’s difference from his stone-like mattress back home and didn’t want to get up just, the constant ringing of the alarm clock finally force the boy to take hold of the cursed device with a death grip that could have easily crushed it.


“Get up, Danny!!”- his sister called out from her side of the bedroom acting as a secondary alarm clock. “Mister Vlad wants to have breakfast with us at the beach!”- the redhead continued excitedly.


It was then that the young boy got up from his overly comfortable bed with a loud yawn dragging his feet towards the bathroom, his eyes widened with glee as the room was much bigger than expected in the daylight. There was a large bathtub that could easily fit three people with room to spare placed by the corner next to the second door leading to the adjoining room, besides the bathtub was a rectangular shower with a glass door followed by the toilet and the sink, on the opposite side was a long counter with all the necessary toiletries and a mirror next to a wooden rack with a dozen towels.


Vlad truly didn’t spare any expense on his resort’s commodities making sure his guests got only the very best, though what caught Danny’s attention was a small black box nailed to the wall by the sink just in between the towel rack and the mirror. His sister wasn’t lying about the condom dispatcher which made him raise an eyebrow in amusement as he took one and examine it seeing that it wasn’t the kind that could be bought at the local store, a sudden knocking on the door coming from his redhead of a sister draw his attention making him drop the condom as she continued to hurry the boy who splashes some water over his face.


“Hold your horses, Jazz, Dad’s not gonna eat the whole buffet… I think”- Danny said as he exits the bathroom. “What the hell are you wearing?!”- the boy yelled out upon seeing his sister.


The redhead was standing on her brother’s side of the room wearing what’s commonly known as a sling bikini, it consisted of only three pink color strings starting from her crotch going over her large double J cup breasts, though only covering her nipples leaving the rest of bust exposed while the third-string slide down between her large meaty buttocks. It was an extremely daring swimsuit for a bookworm who spends most of her days with her nose buried in a book, never going out farther than the corner store for chips and soda. Ironically, Danny noticed a large book over the bed next to some sunscreen and a pair of dark shades.


“What? It looks great.” -Jazz retorted as she spins around.


“Don’t ya wanna wear something that covers a little more? Like that pink one-piece you brought?”- Danny asked trying to look away. “I’m mean you’re basically naked.”- he continued.


“That’s for kids and I’m an adult.” -Jazz replied falling into her delusion of being an adult despite having only turned sixteen recently. “Besides, mister Vlad said this is a clothes-optional beach so it would be even weirder to wear that old one-piece”- the girl added.


“Having big tits doesn’t make you into an adult, besides when did you buy that… string?”- Danny asked not sure to the swimsuit his sister was wearing counted as such.


“Mister Vlad got them for us.”- Jazz said excitedly while bouncing on her spot making her large breast do the same. “Catch!”- the redhead said while tossing a small black bag.


The boy blushed madly unable to believe his nerdy sister was so willing to walk around basically naked, Danny then turned back into the bathroom where he removed his clothes in favor of the articles within the bag. Danny felt somewhat uncomfortable knowing that his older sister was wearing a skimpy outfit an old man bought for her. Upon opening the bag, he discovered a pair of briefs within which only added to his discomfort. Naturally, the redhead’s exuberant body caught the attention of more than one man as she and Danny made their way to the restaurant, even her own brother had a hard time taking his eyes off her round bubble butt. It was especially discomforting as he also got more than one lustful look given his curvy body and cute face along with his round butt.


“Mom!!”- Danny yelled out upon seeing his mother.


The boy couldn’t believe that not only his older sister was basically naked, but his own mother also wore a purple micro bikini that left nothing to the imagination, it was just a small piece of cloth that hardly covered her crotch while the bra only covered her nipples, s upon turning around was that Danny noticed the thong wasn’t held by anything. Either the string was too small for him to see or this was some kind of new fetish ware.


“You like it? It’s called a C-string bikini”- Maddie said with a wink. “Vlad said this is summer fashion around Dimmesdale.”- the woman added.


It was at a table just outside one of Vlad’s beach restaurants that the family sat down to enjoy breakfast yet once more noticed how his mother sat next to Vlad while his father took a place at the head of the table, Jazz, on the other hand, sat next to her brother with their backs looking at the beach, nevertheless, a great many boys even adult men slowed their pace or stop completely to get a good look at the redhead’s bubble butt making Danny glare them away, especially after hearing a few clicks coming from behind. Breakfast, as expected, was beyond incredible which helped the boy ignore the erotic clothing his mother and sister were wearing, yet noticed that several women also wore similar clothes while a few more didn’t wear anything at all at the restaurant.


After breakfast, Vlad gladly guided the Fenton family towards the hotel own part of the beach where they could relax without the constant flow of noisy and unruly tourists along with random vendors trying to sell them some cheap items, even so, there was a handful of people who made Danny feel somewhat uncomfortable seeing that his mother and sister were almost naked in public, yet felt his brief tighten upon laying eyes over the absurd amount of beautiful naked women walking on the beach. Despite the alluring sights, Danny found himself more interested in knowing why his mother was holding hands with Vlad while at the same time was holding hands with Jack, it kindly reminded him of the schoolgirls around Casper High.


“Why is mom holding hands with him”- Danny whispered making sure he wasn’t overheard.


“Who cares, just have some fun.”- Jazz replied wrapping her arms around her brother’s shoulder allowing him to feel her soft skin, “Isn’t that what you always tell me, to lighten up.” She added.




True to Vlad’s words, there were hardly any visitors thanks to a tall stone wall that divided the hotel property from the main public beach to which Jack questioned its legality but Maddie simply shrugged him off as she followed Vlad further in. There were only a handful of visitors on the hotel-owned side of the bed despite the human mass over on the other side of the stone wall, nevertheless, one could hear the laughter and the chatter of people. With a needlessly loud groan was how Jack put down the cooler and produced several imported beer cans for himself, and Vlad while Maddie set up a few towels into the sand as her kids helped by putting up an umbrella.


“Come on, Danny, let’s hit the water!”- the redhead ordered as she pulled her brother’s arm without waiting or caring for an answer.


The boy couldn’t help but blush as he saw his sister’s plump ass sway side to side as she ran towards the ocean, he had been seeing that same butt all morning and couldn’t help but ogle at it. Both siblings gave out a loud yelp as their bodies touched the cold waters despite the unforgiving sun above their heads, Danny quickly dove deeper into the water as did his sister who swum like a fish. With grace and elegance though the boy didn’t lack any charm under the water as he twirled making his sister frown as he was starting to show off, a loud gasp escaped from the two siblings as they came back to the surface yet the redhead dive back inside a few seconds later.


While her kids were off playing at the ocean, Maddie sat down over the towel next to her husband as she took one of the beers, a slight feeling of guilt overtook her heart as she watched Jack and Vlad chatter as the old friends they are, it was true that she cheated on her husband without a moment’s doubt yet attribute it to the wine and the hotel allure making it almost impossible for any woman to keep their legs close. Her attention was drawn over to her kids who were avid swimmers, nevertheless, yelled at them to be careful as the ocean could be treacherous. Just like her kids, Jack was taking his vacation a little too seriously as he was already deep asleep over the hot sands thanks to a couple of the fancy foreign beers courtesy of Vlad, despite having drunk the previous night.


“Are sure it’s ok for you to be escorting us, I mean don’t you have to look after the hotel?”- Maddie said feeling a little more guilty for what she did the previous night, she saw Vlad taking the spot next to her.


“Don’t worry, Maddie, my dear. I already called in for my overdue vacations and have a substitute manager looking at things for me.”- The white-haired man said looking over at Maddie. “Besides, this needs my attention more.” The man as he pulled a string on Maddie's bra.


The woman let out a soft and playful giggle as she tried to cover her massive breasts without really wanting to give her lustful expression. Maddie peeked over to her man who was snoring loudly. It was then that the woman turned around and laid over her belly showing off her large and plump butt to Vlad who stared at it as if they were some sort of divine object, he knew how to take a hint. Without her bra and the C-string that didn’t cover anything save for her vagina was that Vlad poured sunscreen over Maddie’s back, gently spreading it over the woman’s soft skin as she wanted a perfect tan, free of any unwanted tan lines due to her skin being quite fair, though not pale. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence that she and her family were invited to a luxury resort with all expenses paid and wanted to make the best of it at least until the rest of their collogues arrive for the party reunion.


“I’m a little thirsty.”- Maddie said as she flips around showing her large breasts.


“Can I offer you another beer or a soda?”- Vlad replied feeling nervous.


“I was thinking more of some local milk if you don’t mind.”- the woman caved in to her lustful desires as she slides her fingers into Vlad’s crotch.


Maddie couldn’t’ understand why she was suddenly feeling so aroused, it was like if a strange heat engulfed her entire body, similar to the previous night. Her cunt was already dripping wet and demanded a cock along with her ever-growing desires for a man. It was then that Vlad smiled long and wide as Maddie pulls out his erect penis while making sure her kids were still far away in the ocean yet her lover slides the cooler in front so it would be harder for the kids to see their actions, most visitors were rather far and Maddie had been fantasying about sucking someone off in the beach since she was in high school.


As her tender lips wrapped around Vlad was that she recalled a little secret that she kept from her husband, she and Vlad had been dating during their college years, even lost their virginities to one another after their date, and were fucking like rabbits almost on a daily basis ever since, but a most unfortunate calamity overtook Vlad not long after their sophomore year. A new arrival to their scientific team named Jack Fenton proposed the creation of a “magic” portal able to not only see the realm of the dead but to travel to the other side, it fascinated Maddie to the point of spending long hours with the large man trying to create such a device which brought about great jealousy from Vlad.


Maddie let out a satisfied moan as she took in all of Vlad’s hard cock into her mouth, she missed the flavor so very much that it led to the woman having wet dreams about sucking him off again soon after she got the invitation for the college reunion. Her long snake-like tongue enveloped around Vlad’s cock which was much larger and thicker than that of Jack, Maddie was hardly ever impressed by bulking muscles but had to admit that Vlad was rather athletic despite being in his early forties. The woman then slowly and gently motions her head with the expertise only constant practice grants while trying to savor his precum as it flows out of him.


“By Nocturn! I missed this so much!”- Maddie thought as she continued sucking on the man.


“You haven’t lost your touch, DT Maddie.”- the man said with a smirk “Or should I say, Deep Throat Maddie?”- Vlad continued reminding Maddie of her nickname


Maddie blushed as she recalled her old nickname, one that she earned after shoving all of Vlad’s penis inside of her mouth reaching the back of her throat without so much as gagging once during a frat party along with impressing everybody, though her then-boyfriend was unaware that she repeated the same trick for at least a dozen men later that night at the bathroom and the “kissing closet.” Hot cum suddenly gushed out of Vlad filling Maddie’s puffing her cheeks with baby-making batter, a flavor that she so long for. Jack wasn’t all that interested in blowjob nor in partaking in other fetishes. Though in hindsight, Vlad didn’t have anything to write home about as he was just an inch longer than Jack and slightly thicker now that she looked at him well along with his technique still being rather basic, nothing like the quarterback who made her scream in pleasure all night long not a day after she and Vlad took a “break” from their relationship.


“Hey what’s mom doing?”- Danny asked squinting his eyes. All the boy could see was his mother sitting on the sand with Vlad kneeling just next to her side, after a few seconds of watching, he was sure that his mom was moving her head up and down, but the cooler was blocking more of his vision.


“Don’t know, let’s go back, I’m thirsty.”- Jazz offered though started to swim back.




The bright moon shined over the resort later that night Vlad watched his lover walk out of the bathroom putting on her skimpy bikini soon after taking a shower to rinse off the cum, sweat, and other bodily fluids after once more falling to her carnal desires while her husband was out at the arcade with their kids. With a passionate kiss was how they said good-night as the woman then exit the hotel suite and headed down to her own bedroom on the floor below. Only then was that Vlad walked over the balcony taking hold of a wine bottle and a glass though not bothering in getting dressed again, allowing the salty oceanic wind to embrace his body, his eyes set over the ocean.


“I see that you finally got your revenge and stole the fatso’s woman.” A strange voice coming from the side spoke.


“No, I merely seduce her into a simple one-night stand. Her heart still belongs to Jack.”- Vlad spoked turning around.


Standing over the edge of the balcony were three vultures, twice the average size, more notable were their green feathers, white hair around their necks and ears, red eyes, blue beaks, and talons. Each one wears a red fez with a gold tassel and gray skull logo. Vlad recalled having recruited the help of these bizarre creatures during his last experiment, despite being marvelous and unique creatures, merely used them to spike both Maddie and Jack drinks. A few sleeping pills for Jack while his wife got a taste of his ectoplasmic aphrodisiac making her especially horny, though now it was clear that he didn’t need such convoluted planning seeing how willing she was to sleep with him, even without the aphrodisiac.


“Remind me again why you hate this guy? And can’t you just pick another female from around?” A second vulture wearing sunglasses asked.


“Don’t get me wrong, she’s nice and all but that blondie you had last week was much better.”- A third vulture added with a chuckled.


It was then that Vlad slowly and most gently put his drink down while casually making his way towards the third vulture who looked at him with a playful expression drawn on its bird-like face. Without so much as a warning, Vlad took hold of the creature by its long neck. “That blonde bitch was just some hole, a piece of meat I picked up. Maddie is the love of my life, there is no one better than her!”- The vulture leader nonchalantly apologized for the rudeness on his peer’s behalf while the second vulture jump away from the man’s grip, just in case he too was a target of violence yet Vlad let go of the creature.


“That man, he only brought the idea but I made the portal and he took away my project, ruined my life, and stole Maddie’s love away from me.”- Vlad continued.


“What about the kids? Are you gonna bed the redhead too?”- The vulture leader asked.


“That sounds like a good idea, getting the whole family package sounds perfect.”- Vlad smirk as he took a sip of his wine.


To be continued

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