Isabella's sexual fantasies

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Isabella woke with a smile on her face.

thinking about the love of her life phineas flynn fletcher.

Isabella begun to play with her pussy. she was gradually getting progressively wet as she made round movements around my clit. It felt so great! Crap! Isabella settled the score more wet at the possibility of the saw coming at me. Isabella began to slide my fingers in my opening. OOOOOoooo! It was so great! The inclination got increasingly extraordinary, I'd never felt such a lot of delight!

A light groan left her lips when feeling against her groin with simply her fingertips. Rapidly, she pulls her fingers dependent upon her face, gaze at them and smile intentionally. As yet unchanged… She thought at seeing her softly tacky fingers.

Goodness god...oh Fuck yes… " Isabella groaned as she hotly scoured her clit for her pleasure, turning over and propelling herself up on her knees with her face to the sleeping pad as she flaunted her delicate youthful screw openings to the camera all while proceeding to invigorate her touchy clit


She squeezed the toe of one shoe against the impact point of the other and pushed it from her foot. When it was far removed, she started the other shoe off and stood up. Feeling the delicate floor covering under her uncovered feet, Isabella folded her arms and grasped the sew of her shirt. She watched herself in the mirror, looking as increasingly more of her stomach and chest became presented to the outdoors as she lifted the trim towards her jaw. The orange shirt was pulled over her head and threw to the side. She fingered her accessory, in the end choosing to keep it on. A delicate shudder when through her body as her hands contacted and slid over her exposed chest. She moved her thumbs into the belt of her skin-tight shorts.  Gradually, she tested them down her sanity. Each foot in turn, she got out of them and kicked them to the side. She appreciated her bare body in the mirror and partook in the sensation of her delicate touch. She shut her eyes and envisioned that they were Phineas' fingers wandering over her skin. She let out a delicate moan as she sat on the floor.

Isabella painstakingly pulled her fingers over her clit prior to pushing her pointer inside. She let out a delicate moan as she twisted her back. She licked her lips and moved her other forefinger to her clit. Step by step and attentively, she spread her lower lips segregated.     

With her legs spread, her hands moved back  to her pussy. She delicately hauled her fingers over her cut prior to pushing her forefinger inside. She let out a delicate moan as she curved her back. She licked her lips and moved her other forefinger to her clit. Gradually and cautiously, she spread her lower lips separated. In the mirror, she could see her dim pink internal parts and she got a whiff of her excitement.


Isabella continues to stroke herself while pushing the remaining digits in and out of her pussy faster.  With her forefingers touching themselves, and her fingers slowly stretching each part to their fullest extension. With each thrust into herself, she closed her eyes. Slowly but surely, she increased the rhythm of her hips and the movement of her fingers.

Her mouth opened into an 'O', releasing a small gasp. Isabella's eyes widened as she found that her clit had been fully lubricated.

She smiled slightly to herself as she continued to move her fingers and her toes against each other. She felt very sensitive, she was beginning to get a little aroused. She felt the pleasure growing bigger every time she touched herself. 

With her fingers still in contact with herself, she moved her forefingers up and down her entrance. Her eyes remained open, she was focused on herself and everything about herself. Isabella continued to finger her clit and her hips moved quicker and faster, she was feeling intense pleasure now.


With her fingers firmly in place and still moving, she took two fingers from between her lips and slid them over both her nipples. This elicited a louder moan from her than the previous ones.

Slowly, she added a third finger, she was increasing the speed of her movement and the amount of pressure on her clit was decreasing. Slowly, she reached for two fingers from between her lips.

As slowly as possible. Isabella began to move her fingers in and out of her vagina, she placed her index finger inside of her own vagina at first, then two fingers from her mouth as her other hand was occupied with her clit.

She repeated this process until her hands were free of hers and she held them at her sides. As she did this, she brought her legs up so she was squatting.  The angle of her hips was different, she needed to adjust.

With her eyes closed, she began her final stretch, her hands were at either side of her head and her hips were raised. Her legs were now straightened. As she moved, her hips began to shake. 

The first finger slipped in between her cheeks. She moaned softly. Slowly she moved the first finger in and out of her ass slowly until it entered the second finger. She sucked on her clit hard enough for her face to flush red with heat. Her breathing came quick and shallowly.  The pressure on her clit was just enough.

The third finger slipped into her ass. She felt herself twitch at the intrusion. She pushed forward with both hands. Her breath hitched, the sound of skin slapping against skin filled her head. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes tightly, she felt like she would pass out if she kept them open.

She took one more deep breath before fingering  her clit again. She released another moan and let out a long sigh. She leaned forward letting out a shaky exhale.

Isabella placed her hand on her belly and rubbed slightly. It felt good, so good. She smiled contently as she continued.

her fourth finger slid easily, she arched up into the fingers that slid into her. The feeling of being penetrated drove her wild. She gripped onto the bed covers. 

her  fifth finger came in quickly followed by the sixth and seventh. 

Each movement sent shivers throughout her body. She couldn't get close enough. The pressure on her clit intensified.

Her lips pulled back from her teeth as she clenched down on the bed sheets below her. Her hips rolled uncontrollably as the pleasure coursed through every inch of her. 

her fingers rapidly entering and entering her pussy. Every thrust seemed to send lightning bolts shooting through her spine. Her legs wrapped around her thighs and she felt her orgasm build, her toes curled into the comforter, the tears started to fall from her eyes, her whole face contorted into a smile of pure bliss. Her back arched off of the mattress as her entire body shook violently, her nails dug into the comforter, the tears fell faster, she moaned deeply. Her body trembled and jerked under the touch. Her hand went in deeper and further down her throat until her fingertips hit something. 

yes yes oh fuck yes she moans as she continues fingering her pussy. she can feel her fingers sliding down inside of her. she starts sucking on them as she feels the tip of her tongue slide along her folds. her finger tips enter her mouth but she only uses one. It slides up the length of her clit slowly. She closes her eyes at the sensation and moans again. Slowly moving her fingers in and out of her pussy she begins hitting the spot that makes her come so much.

“fuck” she says softly as she moans. She continues pumping her fingers inside of her cunt as she watches how beautiful her pussy looks in the light. 


Isabella carcasses her fingers as they pleasure her own clit.

her moans echos in her empty house as she she furiously fingers herself.

Her hands move faster and faster, until Isabella finds herself losing control. 


“Fuck! Oh fuck, yes!” Isabella exclaims loudly to the empty room with her eyes closed, as she throws herself onto the bed that has no one in it. 

She reaches between her legs and rubs herself harder. She lets out a loud moan, as if she could feel the pleasure coming from herself through the walls. 

Isabella's breathing becomes quick, desperate, almost frantic.

As much as she wishes her friends were here, she wants this more than anything.

She continues her orgasmic moaning. Her body shudders and her hips start vibrating while her fingers pleasure her pussy. 

Isabella feels her whole body is going numb, but she still continues to move her hand as fast as possible.

She keeps her body in a high energy state as she continues moving her finger inside of her.  She continues to move her thumb in circles, while sucking on her fingertips.

Isabella is finally feeling so many different things at once that her eyes are watering.  She continues bobbing her hips while moving her fingers and thumb faster and faster as she releases her juices.  She bites her lip and grunts while moving the same way.

She lets go of one arm that has been covering her eyes and brings her hand to the back of her neck, trying desperately to contain her moans. Her fingers continue to pump herself as her moans fill the entire apartment. She moves one knee upward while continuing to move her fingers in and out of her own pussy while holding her hand out to keep her balance. When she is sure she has her rhythm going, she moves one of her hands down to her stomach.

As she strokes herself she moans loudly while keeping her head turned to the side. She bites down hard on her lip, while grinding her thigh on the bed, not caring about getting any hair on the covers.


She continues stroking her body as her body bounces slightly.

she moans, her eyes rolling back to the wall.

Her head dropped sideways onto the bed and her fingers stopped moving inside her, but her hand continued to move.

she moans louder and louder and with every moan her hips rise more and more to the edge.

Her head drops back as her arms fall from behind her to the bed. She lets herself fall to her side, while raising her knees and pressing her breasts towards the bed. As she presses her breasts together, the wetness of her nipples rub against the thin fabric and the soft flesh of her breasts press against each other

Isabella pulls a long dildo out of her  nightstand drawer and place's it inside her pussy. 

Isabella groans as the sensation spreads across her clit and down her vaginal walls, as it enters her anus.  It pulses as it passes through her vagina and into the deepest part of her anus. Her entire body jolts slightly at the sensation and she cries out loudly. She grips onto the bedsheets tight with her fists, her elbows dig into the bed and her knees push upwards as she pushes herself completely onto the bed.

isabella moans in pleasure, her hips still bouncing as her fingers continue moving faster and faster into her pussy.

Isabella grabs hold of the pillow beside her.

Isabella uses her dildo in her ass while her fingers continues entering her pussy.  Each thrust sends shiver waves through her body and her eyes roll backwards into her head, she throws herself into climax without ever stopping her movements.

“faster” she cries out weakly as she clenches around her finger repeatedly. Her voice rises above a whisper but she cannot stop. She needs release, she will do whatever it takes to achieve that release. Her hips continue to jerk and tremble.

Isabella collapses on the bed as the dildo rapidly enters her anal cavity and her fingers enters her pussy.  The dildo pumps her clit wildly.

her fingers moving inside her pussy. Isabella groans softly to herself, “faster!” She whines loudly, wanting more.

Her hands move up from her thighs and she pushes her legs farther apart. The head of her dildo goes further into her vagina and she screams loudly as it hits her cervix with a huge thrust. Her body jolts from the force but still she continues, “ah, yes! Ahh--!! fuck me hard!” She moans, “faster please! Fuck me harder!! Fuck me!!!” She continues to scream and shout. As the dildo comes out of her pussy. 

Her breathing picks up and she starts panting as she moves faster, her nails now digging into her thighs hard enough that a small cut is formed. She bites down on her lower lip to keep from screaming, and continues to pump the digits inside until there are none left, and she can feel her clit start burning and throbbing with pleasure from all the friction against it. She closes her eyes and lets her head fall back onto the pillow as she lets go of her hips and grabs for her other arm, holding it tight over her head. She continues to move her hips like this, not wanting to stop, but needing to control it somehow. 

It's too much for her right now. 

Her body was being flooded with pure pleasure, she felt every nerve end in her body burn as she moved faster, thrusting faster, her breath was coming short and quick.  Her chest was becoming heavy as she pumped harder. Her nipples were so hard, she could feel them sticking through her shirt, her breasts were starting to get sore. There was no time to stop.

once more she placed the dildo into her anal cavity and started pumping it in and out of her ass. 

Once again she continued to slam her fist into her mattress and scream, her voice echoing throughout the room. Once again she grabbed for one of her arms, gripping it tight with both hands and biting down hard on her lip and scratching her nails down harshly on the back of her hand. The blood running down her hand made her release some pressure off of her clit, but only momentarily. 

She screamed once more and continued to thrust into the bed, her nails going deep scratches down her thigh, the pain making her forget about everything else for just a moment. She didn't even bother stopping for a second or pulling herself away from the bed.

She kept moving, hitting harder and deeper, moving faster and faster, not caring about her pain anymore as her fingers slipped, and she began losing feeling in her arms. She didn't let up for a second though, instead she squeezed her legs even tighter together, trying to make sure that nothing would come out of her cunt, not yet anyway. 

As she moved faster, harder, she felt her heart beating faster than ever before. Everything around her seemed to blend together, sound mixing in with her moans, and she felt like she was flying high and free as she screamed and cried out to herself, her whole body shaking and her body pulsating from all of the sensations coursing through it. It was overwhelming for Isabella.

she continued to moan louder, faster, her throat hurting as she did so. She knew it wasn't healthy, her screaming, but at that point it didn't matter. She didn't care. 

Isabella continues to stroke herself while pushing the remaining digits in and out of her hole faster. The pulsing between her legs and the tingly sensations on the top of her vagina increases.  She doesn't want to cum yet, she feels like she is too close to that point where she won't be able to hold back the spurt anymore. The tingle is becoming unbearable and she continues to reach her climax, her moans are now loud and deep.


She holds herself as she feels her orgasm fading, but it did not last very long.

she lets out one final gasp, before the world turns dark and silent.

the sounds of heavy breaths fill the silent room. The room is cold and quiet, no longer full of the noise of the outside world or the muffled noises of people walking down the hallway. Only silence fills the room.


tomorrow I'm telling Phineas I love him...

Isabella says panting.

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