Balls of Graviry 2

BY : Nick
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Disclaimer: i do not own Gravity falls or it's characters. only orginal characters introduced are owned by me. I do not nor do i plan to make a profit off this story.

It's Highly Recommended that you read the first part but if you didn't and you want to continue please note that in this story there are Gender bender characters of the gravity falls characters and the main characters plus their counter parts are bisexual.




it had been a few days since the last Round...

Mabel wakes up rubbing her eyes.

she looks at her twin sound asleep...

she crawls over to dipper and removes his pajama pants looking at his dick.

she licks her lips before sliding it inside her throat.

she moans as she moves on her twin's dick.

dipper was in a deep sleep.

mabel licks his as she plays with his balls.

as he moans she starts to rub faster...

she grabs one of his feet moving back and forth slowly...

dipping  his dick  inside her mouth as she  deepthroat's him...


he is still deeply sleeping...

his body moves from side to side as he lets out a soft moan.

she looks down at him with lustful eyes licking his dick.

she licks her lips again taking it all in while sucking his dick.

as he moans she goes down on his length...

he grips her head moving it up and down...

she takes more of him than normal in her mouth moving in and out...

she starts to hum softly...

a small smile forms on her face...

she starts to move up and down on him faster now...

she sucks hard on the top of his dick...


he moans loudly...

his eyes are closed as he thrusts himself into her face...

he moves his hands in between them grabbing her ass...

he starts pounding into her like a madman...

she closes her eyes and continues moaning with passion.

she grabs two handfuls of his hair pulling his hair harshly making him look at her...

she smiles at him before biting his shoulder slightly...

he moans loudly as she sucks  his whole cock...

she moans in pleasure...

she moves her hands around his neck holding onto his shoulders.

he moans in his sleep louder as she slams her brother's dick deeper inside her throat.

they stay in position for some time as she keeps moaning while deepthroating  him.

dipper moans in his sleep as Mabel sucks on his sleeping Sweet tender cock. 

she swallows before sucking down again, taking his sweet dick into her mouth.

he lets out a moan louder as her tongue rubs against his length.

she pulls away and kisses up and down his shaft with one hand while the other rubs along his abs.

she licks up along his slit, sucking all the way up to his tip before pulling back.

she takes the tip of his member into her mouth as he begins to thrust.

She wraps a hand around his balls pressing it tightly against the inside of her cheeks.

as they continue kissing she starts to bob her head onto his cock. 

He moans loudly as he continues thrusting into her mouth.

"you feel so good," she moaned in response.

She continued bobbing her head, slowly grinding her hips into him.

He grunts at the pressure she was applying.

As she kissed up and down his shaft his breath quickened and he thrust harder and harder.

His legs began shaking and bucked as she started going faster.

She bit her lip as she sucked hard on his throbbing dick.

pleasuring her throat with his juicy cock.  

He groaned and moaned, his hands roaming over her shoulders, up to the nape of her neck. He kissed the back of her skull and she pulled away slightly. She looked up at him. 

"You've been so good," Dipper growled as he thrust into her, Mabel squealed loudly as his dick  filled her throat  The sound sent chills down her spine. A shiver coursed through his body as he thrusts  her mouth.  He felt the tip of his cock scrape against the back of her throat before he could pull out entirely. Mabel's tongue wrapped around the head of his penis, sucking gently as his arms rested on her shoulders. 

She had never tasted something like him before, but damn, did it feel good. It was so smooth and soft. Mabel sucked harder causing a loud moan to leave Dipper's lips as he pushed himself further into his sister's throat. Her hand gripped onto the base of Dipper's shaft as her own hand rubbed his balls lightly.

 The feeling sent chills down his spine making his whole being shake. His fingers tangled themselves in her hair and he started moving faster, pumping faster as he felt more pleasure building up inside of him.  When she let go of his balls to take the bottom of his dick she watched him close his eyes as he came. 

It had happened twice in a row now and he didn't need to be told that she would do anything for him if he asked her to. Mabel loved doing what she loved most.

deepthroating her brother's dick. 

Her mind drifted off from Dipper as she took him all the way to his prostate, sucking and kissing every inch of him. She felt the tip of his dick twitch and she smiled to herself knowing that this would give Dipper an orgasm.

His hips moved and his eyes remained closed but his hand squeezed hers, pulling her closer to his dick so he could push her face deeper into his dick and he thrust in and out, hard and fast,She quickly latched on to his member, sucking and licking. She kept on sucking and kissing the tip as his hands grabbed the side of her head and he kept face  fucking her.

When her tongue swiped his shaft, he moaned loudly and opened his eyes to look at his little sister. He stared deep into her brown eyes, his breath coming out heavy.

"Fuck..." he muttered and she licked his cock.


Mabel knew how much he liked when she used that tone of voice. So she continued sucking on his shaft.

He was so wet. He was throbbing in her mouth. Her little hands were rubbing his shaft in slow circular motions making sure she made enough friction against his hole which he loved.

"I love you." he mumbled and she smiled, nodding her head slowly at him.

Mabel licked up Dipper's cock wrapping her small hand around the bottom of his dick. She pulled him out slowly causing the girth of her mouth to envelop it completely.

smiling she started sucking on his balls.  She pulled his shaft in her mouth and pulled back almost to its tip. Mabel sucked harder and faster, her eyes staring deep into her brother's eyes.

she grinned at him.

Dipper's hips bucked upwards and he gasped for air. She was driving him crazy. She wanted him so bad.

His legs began moving rapidly under Mabel who was holding him in place with her tight grip on his dick.

"Fucking... fuck, baby." he grunted as her mouth kept on sucking his dick. She held on tightly to him as he slammed forward hitting the back of her throat with his dick. Mabel swallowed every inch, her cheeks becoming sore and pink. 

 She pulled on his dick making sure to keep the base at the top as she bobbed her head.

she mouthed at him.

her hands gripping his dick tightly. He moaned at her as she continued to suck on his dick and his leg twitched as she continued her movement on him.

Dipper reached forward and ran one finger in her ass cheek, Mabel whimpered softly at the roughness of his fingers against the soft flesh there. Mabel turned towards Dipper her mouth still attached to his dick, looking up at him with hooded eyes.

Dipper smirked down at her and he lifted her up by her thighs, lifting her up and placing her back down on her feet.

Dipper reached between them, grasping his dick as she continued to suck on him, moaning softly and smiling up at him.

"Good girl," he chuckled and Mabel grinned, biting down on her bottom lip.

she mouthed at him.

Dipper nodded his head and he grabbed her jaw, dragging her to him. He smashed his lips against hers roughly. His hands roamed up to her hair as he yanked her towards him even closer to him as she sucked his dick. moving her brother's cock down her throat.  He thrust deeply and harshly into her throat.

He moaned loudly as she sucked him.

she moaned back.


Dipper pulled her hair back and slammed his hips into hers repeatedly. Mabel moaned louder and louder as he pounded into her.

he growled at her. He stopped his movements and sat back, grabbing her by the waist as she continued to suck his dick.

Mabel's lips moved up his shaft, kissing his shaft hungrily.

Dipper grabbed her chin, pulling her mouth towards him. He kissed her roughly. She moaned at him as he slammed into her mouth again and again. Mabel wrapped her arms around him, holding him close to her as he facefucked her mercilessly.

he panted at her.

 His dick throbbed in her mouth as she continued to suckle.

 She moaned in pleasure at the sensation and pulled his shaft back out of her mouth, wrapping her hand around his shaft again and stroking him up and down. 

She looked up at him, smiling softly and he gave her a smirk before slamming his cock back into her mouth,  thrusting violently into her throat. He moaned loud and deep as he pumped into her.

Mabel continued to kiss his cock as she sucked on his shaft.

he gritted out.

Mabel's eyes darkened and she continued to stroke his dick, pulling him close to her again.

"Harder!" he shouted at her, pounding his cock back into her throat.

Mabel's eyes grew dark and she leaned back as he thrust into her once more, her mouth working on his cock while he drove into her again and again.

"Yes," he moaned loudly.

Mabel grabbed his cock and pumped her throat up and down.

"Oh god, Mabel! Fuck yes, yes! Keep going!" Dipper shouted and she complied with his wishes. She sucked his dick as he slammed into her and fucked her with his thrusts into her throat. He thrusted into her again and again 


"you're so tight, you taste so delicious," she mumbled in between licks.

She swallowed before moving back to his member sliding up and down as she bobbed her head.


He moaned deeply as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth.

She pulled away from his cock and licked her lips.

He grabbed her hair tugging roughly on it as he let go of her hair.

He then brought her head towards him, slamming his face into hers.

She moaned softly under his weight as he pounded into her again.

This time harder hitting harder thrusting quicker.

She moaned loudly as her head bobbed in sync with his thrust.

Her fingers tangled themselves into his short blonde hair as he continued pounding into her.

She moaned loud as he began to pump faster and faster into her throat.

Mabel used her mouth to suck on the sleeping Dipper. she rubbed and rubbed her tongue along the roof and bottom of his cock.    After a few moments of licking, Mabel licked all around her head and neck. It felt so good and Dipper’s body arched forward in response to the pleasure he felt. His face turned red in excitement, his fingers clenched tight into Mabel’s back. He was going to come soon and she couldn’t wait for it. She sucked harder onto him.  The taste was so good and her throat worked so well against him. Her hand held the back of his neck, her other hand gripping on to his cock as she continued to lick at him, taking him deep inside her throat. 




Mabel suckled on her brother's dick.

his moans of pleasure made her go faster.  Her tongue swirled around Dipper's long hard cock.

 She sucked harder and deeper, his fingers tangled in her hair as he pumped her head with his cock. 

"Fuuuuck Mabel." He thrust into her mouth and she bobbed up and down. His hand slid between her legs to grab a fist full of her hair. He ground his hips against hers. "Fuck baby, so good!"

He pulled out and slammed back in with vigor, his hands grabbing onto the bed frame for support. His hips jerked in her mouth. 


“Oh fuck baby. Fuck me, yes fuck me baby.” The words tumbled from him.

She continued sucking like there was no tomorrow. One of his hands gripped the edge of her jaw as the other held tight onto the pillow above her head. She could feel that he was close; she knew this was when it would happen.

His hand reached under her top and grabbed her breast, squeezing and rolling. He squeezed and rolled over the nipple until Mabel was gasping for breath.

Mabel winced in pleasure as one of Dipper's fingers enters her  pussy.

Mabel pushes his cock down her throat as he fingers her pussy. 

He pounds into her mouth as she sucks his cock, his balls brushing against her mouth.

Dipper slams into her, grunting and moaning at every stroke.

“Fuuuuuck.” His hips jerk forward and back with each thrust.

“Shit! Fuck my baby fuck me!”

Her brother's eyes roll in his head.

Mabel could feel how close he was.

“Fuuuck me baby! Don't stop fucking me baby fuck me baby! Oh yes.  Yes baby please.”

Dipper comes in her mouth.

His fingers pull themselves out of her pussy while Mabel's tongue continues to suck his cock.






When he finally pulls his fingers free of her mouth, Mabel swallows all of his cum down her throat. She sits herself back down in front of her brother and continues to suck him. He grips tight onto her head and pulls himself out of her mouth after a moment.

Mabel walks over to her beds and crawls into bed.

good night dipper she says closing her eyes.

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