The Dark in the Island

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The dark at the island


Chapter one: The arrival.


The evening cold sea winds gently brushed Danny’s face as he and his friends arrived at the port of Casper, a modest size town on an island located six hours from Amity Park via a boat ride just off the west coast famous for their fishing and oceanic tourism. It came as a huge surprise for everyone upon hearing from mister Lancer that the school had won an internal prize for a field trip to such a wondrous paradise, most students were already eager to feast on the famous octopus’ dishes that the sea town was known in yesteryears, the girls came prepared with their best swimsuits in order to plunge into the crystal clear waters under the blazing sun despite the main reason being a school activity that included several visits to the town museum and the old fort, clearly an attempt on regaining lost popularity.


Danny and company turned over to the front as the boat comes to a full stop and the students rally at the center of the ferry ready to enjoy their impromptu vacation which the teachers constantly reminded them to be an actual field trip and to be on their best behavior. Several senior students led by the school honor student, Jazz Fenton help organize the lines while barking orders around and making sure that everyone had their belongings at hand while doing a roll call so no one would be left behind since this was the case during the previous field trip in which a couple of students were left in the bus asleep for the duration of the trip, unfortunately, the boat was not to remain for long at the port, therefore, anything that was left would be considered as lost.


“Watch your footing as you get off the ferry and form a line at the dock!”- Jazz Fenton yelled out while holding a clipboard with all the students’ names. Her thick sunglasses and soldier-like attitude meant that she was having a power high.


As all one hundred students climb off the ferry led by thirty teachers in the company of their student aides, several disappointed groans could be heard echoing throughout the crowds, forcing the redhead to turn over to the port just above the mass of students, her expression darkens as she laid eyes over the dated buildings and wooden cranes that were clearly in use since the start of the century if not earlier making her wonder if the captain took them to the wrong port. Dozens of fishing nets were scattered across the port reaching both sides, the foul stench of decomposing fish was strong making more than one kid gag, stranger even was the hundreds of crates being packed into trucks.


Mister Lancer discreetly as he could ask one of the crewmen if they arrived at the wrong port yet was told this was the only port in town, it was then that the ship captain appeared behind the overweight teacher scaring him slightly yet came assuring him that everything was alright and that their busses were waiting for them on the main road just beyond the warehouses. The students then marched in line showing off their colorful clothes that were a stark contrast to the ever-present grey across the port making them feel extremely out of place as many men and women wore plastic overalls and water boots while the students in the majority were already regretting having worn flip flops rather than shoes and shorts.


“This place looks like a dump.”- Paulina spoke loud and firm catching the attention of more than one port worker.


“There’s fish on the ground”- Dash added while indiscreetly pointing over to a rotten fish by the warehouse wall. 


 Jazz Fenton on the other hand watched in utter delight at the aquiculture as she felt like having travel back in time, to the 1800s now that she could look closer to the buildings and the road that were mostly made with stone and concrete, she smiled upon laying eyes over the oil lanterns in place of actual street lamps. It took all of her willpower not to jump in glee, as even the townsfolk dressed according with their old-fashion button shirts that seemed to have come out from the 1900s, this thought was shared among the rest of the students and teachers who felt horrible out of place with their modern colorful clothes that cough the attention of several people.


A flash caught Jazz by surprise as her mother Maddie Fenton, took a picture of the harbor while commenting on how old the place looked, along with the possibility of there being ghosts or other specters hidden in such a place, the woman then pulled out a large handheld sonar that beeps every four seconds as it was searching for paranormal entities and making her daughter blushed in embarrassment along with being thankful that her father didn’t follow them as the two would make a scene, even now, Maddie was drawing far too many eyes due to her skin tight plug suit which embraced her entire body while showing off her natural curves.


“You’re making a fool of yourself, Maddie.”- an orange-haired woman said.


“Well, excuse me, Pamela, I have a passion that goes beyond shopping sprees and cocktail parties.”- Maddie retorted in a playful manner, soon both women started to giggle.


Paulina Sanchez watched bemused as a group of six young girls perhaps in their early twenties looked at her as if she came from another world which might as well be the case. The girls dressed in long brown and green skirts with baggy beige blouses, while the Latina on the other hand showed far too much skin with her booty denim shorts that run up her butt and pink blouse that left her firm belly fully exposed along with a pair of stiletto high heels and finally a pair of very expensive sunglasses.  It was then that one of the younger girls walked up to the cheerleader who quickly noticed her pale skin, lack of makeup, and tired expression.


“Excuse me, miss. Were you robbed? Or attacked?”- The girl asked in a meek voice.


“No… just got off the boat”- Paulina replied as she lowered her sunglasses.


“Then why are you in your undergarments?”- the girl continued.


“This is the hottest trend, girl. You should try it!”- A blonde girl interjected while hugging Paulina from behind wearing a nearly identical outfit.


It was then that the two girls turned around after hearing their teacher calling out to them, with a wink was that Paulina and Star rushed over to the bus swaying their large round butts making the small group of teens talk among each other unable to believe people were willing to dress in such a crude manner with no respect for common decency. Nevertheless, these girls watched attentively as Paulina boarded the bus impressed by how her classmates treated her as if she were royalty despite her clothes. It wasn’t something they were accustomed to seeing,


As the bus began its ride down the cobble streets making everyone bounce around much to the delight of the boys who stared at the jiggling breasts of their female peers, Danny blushed as he saw his older sister who was standing by the front of the bus breasts bounced up and down. The trip took roughly an hour due to the poor street conditions despite the island being on the small size, harboring less than five thousand inhabitants including those who chose to stay at the farther sides of the island and the navy crew on the opposite side making Danny wonder why anyone would venture to such a far-off location.


A vast forest could be seen beyond the dirt road just under the ocean line, it was not deep enough for someone to get lost local or tourist, nor was there enough space for there be any large wildlife other than some rabbits and perhaps a deer if it wasn’t already hunted down to extinction already. Everyone gasped in awe as they approached a monumental building that resembled an old castle more than a hotel as mister Lancer claimed it to be, the place was surrounded by tall trees and bushes giving the already dilapidated place an even eerier look upon crossing the tall stone fence and iron gate that creaked as it was open for them.


“I hope this dump has electricity”- Paulina declared as she marched into the hotel lobby.


“They probably still use candles.”- Star added with a smirk.


Yet everyone gasped out loud as they laid witness to the most impressive sight ever, the foyer was imposing with its large circular lobby and intricate floor design surrounded by two tall columns that held the upper floor in place. A sign to the far right told the student that the restaurant was located just beyond the door and the garden was on the opposite side passing the dance hall which made more than one wonder if there was such entertainment, there was a classic feel to the place like that of the 1950s era. At the far end of the lobby was the reception desk standing in front of a circular set of stairs leading to the upper floors.


Old portraits hanged from the walls making each step echo due to how silent and vast the lobby was, the only source of light other than the chandelier came through a large window just above the main entrance that had a peculiar decoration that resembled a humanoid wearing a black robe, more notable were with the two large horns over its head and tentacles for feet. The vice-principal then orders his peers and the senior students to form lines once more to avoid the kids from spreading apart along with helping the staff have an easier time escorting everyone to their room, yet a cold shiver ran up Lancer’s spine as he approached the front desk was a pale looking woman with short red hair quietly stood.


“Good evening, Mister. Reservation for Casper high school I presume.”- the clerk greeted with a long and eerily long smile as she rang a bell. “Excuse mister Beltran if he can’t help you with your luggage”. The woman added as Lancer saw the woman’s name tag, Penelope.


A short man no taller than five feet walked out from behind a door just underneath the stairs neatly dressed in a grey suit complete with a bowtie though held an upset expression as if he had been interrupted, it was then that Lancer noticed that the clerk was wearing what seemed to be a vintage uniform, similar to those common during the 1950s which in itself matched with the hotel’s style, it made the teacher wonder if the owners were trying to come up with some sort of a theme, something to attract more tourists due to how hard it must be to convince a middle-class individual to make a four-hour-long boat ship to a modest size island in the middle of the ocean that only had a small forest, two beaches, one of which was already occupied by the navy and village with nearly five thousand inhabitants whose main occupation was most likely fishing. In a way, it made sense that the islanders wanted to improve their lifestyles by adding tourism as it was the easiest and most effective way to produce money with very little investment.




Tucker walked through the door whizzing for air while Danny followed up without so much as breaking a sweat despite having walked three flights of stairs while carrying their luggage, it made no sense and bothered the students greatly that there wasn’t such much of an elevator given the massive size of the hotel. Carrying their belonging up to the third floor turned out to be a titanic endeavor though not so much for Paulina and her cronies from the cheerleader squad who had their own team of nerds and geeks to carry their luggage, even the football team made use of the poor boys who eagerly obeyed just to be part of the popular branch.


“Man, this place is old as shit!”- Tucker declared as he tossed himself in the bed. “Check this out, no internet.”- the dark skin boy added.


“Give it a rest, dude. It’s not like we’re on a vacation”- Danny said looking out the window.


There was a vast garden just beyond the window with an empty swimming pool surrounded by hedges and a tall brick fence that had seen better days given the amount of mold growing all over, at the corner was a greenhouse in no better shape than the fence. More impressive than the back garden was the forest that connected directly to the hotel, upon squinting his eyes, Danny could distinguish a sort of path going up the hill yet losing itself in between the tall trees nearly the same size as the hotel, it was the first time that the boy had ever seen such tall trees that seemed almost unnatural. Danny then turns his attention back to the bedroom seeing Tucker was fooling around with his PDA, Cellphone and finally his laptop, trying to make them work even without an internet connection.


The room was much bigger than expected despite having an old-style with dark green walls, wooden floorboards that fortunately didn’t creak upon being stepped on, a few portraits with what seemed to be of witch burnings that Danny found in poor taste, a large in-wall closet by corner next to the window, besides it was another door most likely leading to the bathroom, much to the boys’ surprise were the two canopy double beds that used old beige covers though was surrounded by a red curtain followed by a vintage nightlamp by the sides, just in front of the beds was an old television that the user had to flip a switch to change channels. The boy then headed over to the bathroom chuckling with amusement as he looked at the old toilet that had the water deposit up high with a literal chain hanging by the side.


“At least we have plumbing.”- the boy muttered as he pulled the chain and saw the water swirl away.


A sudden knocking on the door called his attention which forced him to walk across the room after seeing that Tucker was still lamenting his lack of internet while complaining about not being able to update his socials. On the other side, standing in the hallway was no other than his older sister Jazz handing out sheets of paper with she explained had the daily activities and a map of both the hotel and the town along with some emergency numbers, it was then that he noticed several more senior students and parents were also handing out these printed instructions to the unruly crowds of boys who ran up and down the hallway, Danny couldn’t help but feel bad for the senior boys who didn’t get any respect from the football team, especially those who came with their parents.


“Put your stuff in order and meet everyone for dinner at seven, try to be punctual.”- the redhead ordered. “Hey! Be quiet! There are other guests at the hotel!”- Jazz barked loudly.


“More people are staying at this dump?”- Tucker inquired quite surprised people were willing to go so off-land.


“Yeah, Lancer was told by the front desk lady, there’s at least some twenty other guests and expecting a few more during the night.”- Jazz spoke while looking at her clipboard. “We got the third and fourth floors. And before you ask, Sam and all the girls are on the fourth. No, you cannot go up there, there’s gonna be teachers and parents at every stairway to prevent any such attempts, so jerk off in the bathroom or get extra friendly with Tucker.”- the redhead smirk before turning around and leaving her blushing brother.


Dinner has expected was unruly and loud with several members of the football team tossing food across the dining hall onto a poor nerd’s head every now and again forcing more than one tiger mom to rush up and curse the rude teen into submission. Danny couldn’t help but to sigh out loud as he lines up in front of Tucker and Sam reminding him of the school’s cafeteria, just as loud though with much better decorations such as a golden chandelier hanging in the middle of the dining hall, followed by round tables covered by a white sheet and very comfortable chairs only seen in vintage movies that made him and his friends feel like royalty, now understanding why anyone would want to travel so far.


Danny took hold of a plastic tray which kindly broke his fancy as there weren’t enough waiters to serve everyone, Lancer didn’t want to needleless spoil his kids and have them forget they were on a school field trip, not a vacation, hence asked the staff to focus only on their guests while he made sure the kids behave and took their meals by themselves. As the trio walked down the line, couldn’t help but notice the large windows spread across the vast hall overviewing the town just a few miles down the road in between the forest giving a relaxing scenario along with adding to the feeling of belonging to nobility given the allure the dining hall gave.


“There you are, sweety.”- The boy perked up as saw a large steak with mashed potato placed over his tray followed by a soup, salad, a wine glass, and a slice of cake. “Oh, this reminds me of when I used to work at the school cafeteria, everyone used to call me, the Lunch Lady. And don’t worry that’s just juice.”- the fat woman reminiscent.


“You don’t have anything that wasn’t brutality murdered?”- Sam asked offended by the sight of the red meat.


“I can give you extra soup and double salad, dear.”- Lunch Lady replied never breaking her smile yet her left eye twitched a little.


Despite the loud and rude chatter, dinner was beyond delicious. It wasn’t often that Danny had such a luxurious meal that clearly would have cost his parents an arm and a leg which made him wonder how high were the hotel rates truly were after seeing such a fancy meal and luxurious room which he, his older sister and mother only paid two hundred dollars each for a whole week of lodging and food along with their guided tours to the cave systems, forest and to the old fortress that was supposed to become the main island’s attraction though everyone was more interested in spending time at the beach rather than at some old fort.


Danny turned around taking in the hall while ignoring the rude jocks as they made fools of themselves, the boy then noticed his mother along with Mrs. Manson were at the far end of the dining hall eating and chatting while unlike him and his friends were drinking actual wine along with their steak dinner. It came as a surprise that Jazz had several friends whom she was chatting and laughing at her table, one boy, in particular, caught his attention, Thomas or Tommy, the poor boy had a long-standing crush on Jazz who either was tense as oil for not having noticed or wasn’t interested in him, yet seemed to value his friendship a lot as she was seen standing up for him several times, perhaps this gave him hopes of being together with the redhead.




As night came upon the hotel, all the students marched into their rooms wanting nothing more than to recover from the dreadful journey overseas and to rest their stomachs after such a hardy meal, despite it being only nine pm, most students instantly fell asleep upon their heads touching the surprisingly soft pillows, only a handful remained awake, but a knocked on the door forced to go quiet. Jazz discreetly as she could found herself walking down the service stairs, feeling quite excited for breaking curfew, she intended to simply purchase a snack from the vending machine at the lobby and head back to her room after looking around for a bit.


The sounds of soft yet elegant jazz music lured her towards what seemed to be a bar area, several small tables with white cloths and candles caught her attention along with the dim lights hanging overhead that made her heart skip a beat as she was reminded of her favorite romance movies and made her feel like part of the cast, each table had at least two to three individuals enjoying a drink. A few lovers were casually chatting very closely despite the music not preventing them from talking while gently touching each other’s faces. The redhead was more than thankful for having reminded in her daily outfit rather than changing into her nightgown as that would have made her into laughing stock.


“What can I get you, lady?”- the bartender asked, Jazz hadn’t noticed that she was standing by the bar.


The redhead was at a loss for words as she couldn’t think of anything to say, her high IQ didn’t allow for any answer to come to mind, she wanted to turn back but foolish pride didn’t let him, instead looked around for a menu or a price chart so she could get an idea as to what to ask for. As she was about to ask for a beer which she intended on leaving on the counter once the bartender was long gone was that her eyes met with a menu making her feel as if a heavyweight was taken off her shoulder, the redhead then began reading trying to find something cheap that could save her from walking out in shame unless the bartender already knew she was only sixteen.


“I’ll have a glass of wine…”- Jazz said looking at the cheapest option which was at fifteen dollars.


“May I interest you in a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon?”- Jazz turned upon hearing a soft voice from behind her.


The girl blushed as she laid eyes over a young and elegant man allowing her to quietly agree while blushing ever so slightly as the two found themselves walking towards an empty table by the corner where it was slightly more tranquil allowing them to talk with the need to raise their voices as was the case with many of the patrons who were talking almost like children, not a second after taking a seat was that man cheerfully explained that many people from town often came to the hotel for a drink rather than drinking moonshine from the local bars, as it turns out, only the hotel bar had actual liquor ranging from the most common to the most extravagant.


“Oh, I haven’t presented myself, the name’s William Tristan Arnet… the third, but everybody calls the Ghost Writer.”- The man said with a bit of pride.


Jazz smiled for a moment as she heard the strange nickname though soon learned the reason for such an unusual sobriquet as the man turned out to be a local from Amity Park and an upcoming soon to be famous writer going under the penname “Ghost Writer.” The man had traveled to the island of Casper searching for inspiration and research material for his new book though also as a bit of a reward after publishing his first-ever book which made him feel especially proud, the writer then produced his only ever published book clearly impressing Jazz as she saw the back cover with his picture and the editorial brand which further legitimates his claims.


“What’s your new book about?”- Jazz asked rather effusively. This took the writer by surprise as hardly anyone ever showed any kind of interest in his work, including his published book which brought about a tear to Tristan’s eye.


“A romance drama about a female private detective traveling to the far ends of the world to discover the whereabout a rich man’s missing son, only to fall in love with one her main suspect, there’s intrigue and suspense.”- The writer continued while putting his hand over his chest.


“Can I please read it!?”- Jazz asked with a pleading voice as she snuggled closer unto the man making him blush upon his gaze meeting with her celestial blue eyes.


“Sure! Give me a minute and I’ll bring it down.”- Tristan the Ghost Writer offered with a trembling voice.


“Or we could go up to your room”- the redhead offered.




The bed creaked slightly as Jazz’s weight fell upon the mattress followed by the Ghost Writer who gently laid over her, the two stare at each other for a brief moment before sharing a timid kiss, their lips tremble as they parted from one another, followed by a strange tingling sensation at the tip of their fingers and what could only be described as butterflies flying around their bellies. Jazz blushed even harder as she pulled her blouse off lamenting having worn her pink underwear yet feeling relief that she didn’t come down sporting her Crimson Chin nightgown which was her favorite despite its silly and childish theme, it was warm, soft, and comfortable, but by no means romantic.


Even with the dark, Tristan the Ghost Writer didn’t have much to show in the body department after pulling off his button shirt and wifebeater, just a soft belly which he was thankful didn’t convert into a gut followed by thin arms making feel something of a loser as he was sure someone as beautiful as Jazz could have any man she wanted at a snap of fingers. The man was a nervous wreck as he couldn’t take hold of his belt after kneeling up to remove them, much less unbuckled them, from the dark came to a pair of gently hands touching his crotch and making him yelp out, Ghost Writer wanted to slap himself across the face for acting like a frightened schoolgirl despite having already turned thirty.


“Get a hold of yourself!!”- Tristan mentally screamed while trying to calm himself down.


His pants slide down to his knees showing his white underwear and his already harden penis which demanded to be free, the girl gulp down as she felt the throbbing piece of meat hidden behind the soft fabric, both herself and the ghostwriter began to shake, though not in fear but in sheer excitement as there was no going back now. The redhead knew better than to simply open her legs for a man she had only met less than an hour ago, and yet couldn’t help but feel the arousal building up within her, demanding her for the lustful pleasures of the flesh. It was then that also unbuckled her pants though hesitated for a mere second before pulling them allowing for her clothes to fall onto the floor.


“Stop!”- the redhead said as Tristan unclip her bra.


“I’m sorry, I was going too fast!”- the man apologized. “It’s my first time and I…”- Ghost Writer became quiet.


The man turned paled after uttering the dreadful words, “first time,” it was a death sentence in bed since he might as well have screamed far and wide that he’s a thirty-year-old virgin, from his accounts knew that women found that off-putting, even disgusting. Tristan was begging that at least Jazz would have the common courtesy to leave without laughing at him as that would clearly destroy his pride and make the creation of his book almost impossible.


“It’s my first time too, I was wondering if you have a condom… I don’t wanna get pregnant.”- the redhead timidly asked feeling her heart coming out from her mouth.


The man instantly springs off the bed assuring her that he had a condom in his pouch, Tristan couldn’t believe his luck. Jazz was truly a godsend as he figured that a woman like her would have never agreed to spend the night with him having known his little secret, at least, not without having to spend hundreds of dollars beforehand, never before had he been so grateful to his peers about their constant pranking and teasing, on more than one occasion finding condoms and lubricants inside his backpack with a note that read “just in case.” Tristan never knew who ratted him out about his virginity but it was a constant prank that lost its humor from the start.


Upon turning around noticed that Jazz had turned on the canopy bed’s light, both wondered why it had a red lightbulb rather than a white or yellow one, it gave enough light to move but hardly sufficient for reading or other more detailed activities yet allowed for a more erotic ambiance especially after the redhead put on her favorite Blues music album. Ghost Writer gulped down as he laid eyes over Jazz’s naked figure, the redlight made her tenfold attractive allowing for his manhood to stand firm like a rod, even he was surprised to hold such an erection as it throbbed in desperation for the young redhead.


The two kissed once more as Tristan opened the redhead’s legs, the love juice flowing out of her announced that it was ready for penetration as it was drenching the sheets, never before had she felt so excited in her life and wondered if this is what being an adult felt like, sex was something that only adults did in the bedroom. A sharp yet momentary pain overtook her entire body as she felt the man sliding inside of her, a loud gasp escapes the redhead’s lips followed by a spasm that run up her back forcing her to wrap her legs and arms around her lover who unknowingly placed his arms behind her knees pushing both legs up higher allowing for deeper penetration.


“My Nocturne! It's so hot and slippery in here.”- Ghost Writer said as he felt his manhood engulfed by Jazz’s wet cunt.


“It feels so fucking good!”- the girl retorted.


Jazz was under the impression that having her hymen ripped was going to be extremely painful and it would become pleasureful only after a few more sessions, and yet, the pleasure that her lower half felt like nothing she ever experienced before. Sure, Tristan’s movements were clumsy and show a clear lack of experience but her movements were just as awkward and inexperienced. The way that her man was trying to hold her breasts and ass at the same time was in a way cute. The red lights allowed her to see her own feet dangling just above Tristan as she was being humped over and over, she could feel her cunt gluing itself unto the man.


It was then that both lovers let out a deep and long gasp as they reached a climax at the same time, spasms rushed across their bodies while they embraced tightly, Jazz kept her face pressed unto her lover’s neck while closing her eyes as her cunt felt incredible. Ghost Writer groaned loudly as he felt his cum filling up the condom, not a single one of the many hundred times that he masturbated could even begin to compare to this singular moment, there was no comparison between masturbation and actually having sex, the warmth and sensations were beyond words. Both felt extremely tired but at the same time felt oddly satisfied.


“Would you like a cigar?”- Tristan asked as his hand tremble.


“I shouldn’t…”- the redhead said but then recalled all the many movies where the couple shared a smoke soon after making love. “On second thought, yes, please.”- she corrected herself.




Just outside the bedroom window was a fat orange-haired teenager holding on to dear life as his feet tremble while standing over the building’s cornice, his lust took the better of Nathan as he was holding a camera into the window, filming ever an intimate moment that Jazz and the Ghost Writer shared. The fat teen couldn’t believe that out of all people, Jazz Fenton would be sleeping around with a man that she obviously didn’t know anything about, Nathan knew the redhead was obsessed with rules and with always being right to the point of having everything written down just to make sure she didn’t make any major mistakes, never did he expect her to be the first to break curfew, worst yet, picking up a random guy.


“Can’t believe that nerd was such an easy bitch.”- Nathan muttered as he brought his camera away from the window.


The boy smirked as he presses a few buttons to see some of his recordings, there wasn’t much to observe due to the couple having the lights turned off followed by the curtains surrounding the canopy bed that assured privacy, but once the lights were turned on, it allowed for the voyeur to enjoy a show of erotic silhouettes that was more than enough for him to jerk off later on. Nathan already wanted to show off his films to his fellow perverts which made him walk down the cornice yet felt a cold shiver as the rain started to fall making him feel extremely worried as he wasn’t sure if he could hold on to the brick wall, only then was that he understood to have not fully planned his voyeuristic journey.


Nathan originally wanted to film his goddess, Valerie Grey, in the shower but discovered that all the girls were on the top floor with several parents and teachers standing guard at the stair entrance just to make sure no one walked up to the girl’s area, let it be students or hotel guests. Of course, the fat teenager knew that it wouldn’t be like his favorite anime shows where the girls rallied at an “Onsen” to have a bath altogether, yet had made it his life’s goal to film at least one naked girl before the trip was over. It was during the hallway survey that he discovered the redhead entering this man’s bedroom, there was no way they were going to read poetry in there after dark.


“Ok, Nate. One step at the time and its back to the hallway.”- Nathan mumbled as he began sliding his feet across the cornice, clawing his fingernails between the stonewall. “It seemed like such a good idea.” The boy muttered as the rain intensified.


Climbing out the corner hallway window and seeking out the bedroom seemed like a good idea after counting the steps from the door to the window which he thought would make with fair ease especially with the wide cornice. Now it seemed like a rather stupid idea to risk his wellbeing if not his life just to have a candid film of one of his classmates. It was the sudden howling of a wolf in the distance that forced his eyes to look down where he saw nothing, but the pitch-black below, only then did Nathan realize that being at the second floor meant it would be a life-threatening fall, his lust had blinded him from the dangers of walking down a cornice, as he squinted his eyes noticed that the hotel was built over a cliff that he hadn’t noticed before, the fall was easily a hundred meters high meaning certain death. His heart tremble in fear as he felt a tingle at the tip of his fingers.


Even with the growing rain, Nathan heard the most terrible of all sounds, the cracking of the stone. The boy looked down just at the right moment for the edge of the cornice to break making him lose his footing allowing his large body to fall off, nothing short of a miracle prevented him from falling to certain death as he managed to take hold of the edge at the nick of time. Going against common sense, was that Nathan desperately tried to put his camera strap over his head while holding himself with one hand rather than letting it fall and use both hands to grasp the cornice, teens weren’t the brightest bulbs out there but Nathan was especially foolish as he held on to it as if his life depended on it.


“Just a little more”- the fat teen said feeling his own bodyweight pulling him down. “Fuck it!! Help!!”- Nathan yelled as loud as he could, though as bad as his luck turn out to be, thunderstruck the island with a deafening sound that prevented anyone from hearing his cries of help.


The boy finally realized that his life was worth more than his camera, hence, letting it fall despite this breaking heart. Even with both hands holding tightly to the cornice, Nathan found it impossible to move more than a few inches. Fear built up as his hands began to slip making him scream over and over, but the rain prevented his voice from reaching Jazz or any other guest for that matter. In one last effort for survival was that Nathan tossed his heavy body towards an exterior water pipe meant for draining water from the ceiling. A sigh of relief came out of Nathan as the pipe held his weight and all that was left was for him to slide down to safety.


Nevertheless, fate had other plans as the pipe broke and bend leaving the boy hanging for dear life over the forest, his screams couldn’t reach anyone. It was then that Nathan saw a light turn on just in front of him, from one of the first-floor bedrooms, with a little luck this person would raise the alarm and have him rescued, the boy yelled as loud as he could unsure if his voice would break through the heavy rain and thunder, but his time was running out very fast. The window opened making Nathan smile as he was sure that whoever was in there heard his cries, at the window stood a young redhead that he had seen previously, the receptionist.


“Help me!!”- the boy yelled out. Much to his horror, the woman waves him good-bye as the pipe finally gave in.


Nathan looked with shock at the dark foliage above him as rain struck him in the face, his heart began to lower its pace as he couldn’t believe his unbelievably good luck, the many branches, and pile leaves broke his fall. Pain suddenly overtook Nathan now that the adrenaline was finally running off, hundreds of curses came out from the boy as he promised to have the woman fired for letting him die, even if there was nothing that she could have done, the least and most decent thing to do was to pretend she was worried for him rather than waving him goodbye. It was then that a horrible pain struck the boy as he tried to sit up, both his legs were broken in several places making it impossible for him to move.


A pair of glowing red eyes suddenly appeared within the dark sending terrible shivers up the boy’s spine as he had never seen such eyes before, fear once more took over as he began to scream for help but it was obvious no one was coming to his aid. Tears gathered around his eyes as a light appeared from behind the beast, it was then that Nathan let out a long sigh of relief as he was expecting to see a horrible monster and yet was presented with a cute little puppy with the strangest fur he had ever seen before, green, though was sure his eyes were playing tricks on him due to a most probable contusion, behind the animal was a tall slender man dressed in a black coat with a matching fedora hat holding an umbrella.


“Oh dear, what do we have here?”- the man said as he walks closer to the boy holding out his lantern.


“Please help me, I fell out the window.”- Nathan begged knowing how foolish that sounds.


“Those broken legs and bruises seemed to put you in quite the pickle, young man.”- the strange individual said as he poked the boy’s broken leg.


“What the hell are you doing? Are you fucking insane?”- Nathan demanded with tears, though he no longer felt anything which was more terrifying.


“Oh, where are my manners. I am doctor Belt Rand and we have to take you to surgery at once.”- the doctor said with an evil grin. “Cujo if you please.”- the man added.


Nathan’s eyes open wide in horror as the small puppy begins to grow to a massive size similar to that of a car, his fangs grew long and terrible along with a muscular body hardly befitting of a dog, its green fur turns slightly darker sending shiver all over the boy’s body as he began to scream for help while dragging his unresponsive body away from the monster. Despite his massive size, Nathan easily fit inside the giant dog’s snout as he was carried away, his legs hanging limply to the sides while the fangs slightly pierced his skin as they were guided back to the hotel.




Lancer blew his whistle several times while tapping his feet on the ground and looking at his watch with angry eyes, most of his students were still having breakfast inside the hotel dining hall despite being told to be on time for their guided tour to Kruger fort, yet their guide, a strange man with mullet didn’t seem to mind their tardiness under the claims that they were the only one’s schedule for the day which still bothered the teacher. Mister Lancer glared at Jazz who looked as she hadn’t slept at all while holding a coffee mug and a donut, under her pit was her clipboard, never did the vice-principal expect his star student to be late especially during such an important trip.


“Sorry, mister Lancer, had trouble sleeping last night, didn’t even get breakfast saved for this donut.”- the redhead explained though omitted the reason as to why she was truly late.


“No matter, start the headcount so we can go.”- the man ordered as he put on his sunglasses.


The vice-principal watched as Jazz Fenton ran around with her senior peers gathering the students and forcing them up inside the buses, yet noticed there was a slight limp in her movements as if her legs couldn’t fully hold her weight, it reminded him of his rookie football players soon after their first practice.


“We’re missing one, Nathan Robinson from class four.”- Jazz said looking at her clipboard. “I’ll go look for him at his room.”- the girl offered.


“Forget it, he’s probably asleep.”- Lancer replied as he ordered the redhead to board the bus.


To be continued.



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