Gone to the dogs!

BY : JWilly1992
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     It was a boring Sunday afternoon, and DW was again snooping around Arthur's bedroom looking for his journal. Popping her head underneath his bed, DW noticed something that she hadn't seen before. At first she assumed that these were more action hero comics, but after she pulled them out she realized that it was something totally different. These comics were filled with pictures of grown women, most of them naked, doing things with grown men that DW had never seen or heard of before.
    She was curious as she flipped through the pages and saw picture after picture of different women, naked, or with their legs wide open, either touching themselves or pushing things into their special spot. Suddenly she heard Arthur come home from Buster's place and ran into her room to avoid getting caught snooping again.
    That night DW was still thinking about those pictures, and wondering why those women were touching themselves like that. Nadine didn't seem to know, and being curious herself, urged DW to try it and see what happens. DW pulled up her nightgown and slid her panties off before opening her legs slightly and reaching for her hairless crotch. She tried to emulate what she saw one of the women doing but taking her finger and rubbing her little button that sat between her little girl lips.
    "Wow!!! That feels really good!" She thought to herself and she started to slowly rub her bean. No wonder these girls were touching themselves like that. Why hadn't anyone told me I could do this before? She felt a warm pleasant feeling as she experienced her first orgasm. "WOW! That was amazing, Nadine!" DW had never experienced anything like this before. This was better than anything she'd ever known, Candy, Mary Moo Cow, EVERYTHING! For the next few weeks DW continued to play with her body.
    Eventually she finally got up the courage to slide her finger in her special hole. It felt wierd at first, but soon she loved it. She would slide one finger in while using her other hand to stimulate her clitoris. During school she began to daydream about ways to pleasure herself. Often times her classmates would ask her what she was thinking about when she was stairing off into space. "Oh, nothing.." she would sigh. Eventually DW went back into Arthur's room looking for more naked comics but couldn't find them. Almost as if Arthur was hiding them.
    She was too embarissed to ask him so she just kept wondering about some of the pictures she saw where the boys were naked too. What were they doing? It looked like they were putting their thing inside the women, but DW couldn't know for sure. She decided to take a chance and look it up on the internet at the library. The library blocked a lot of the sites DW tried to visit. She felt frustrated, but evenually she found out that what those people were doing was having sex. She was even more curious but didn't think there was anyone that she could really try it with.
    She couldn't do it with Nadine, she was imaginary. She couldn't do it with Arthur, he might tell on her for finding the comics. Dad? No.. The tibble twins??... No way. DW wondered to herself if it had to be humans doing it together. Appearantly it didn't always have to be, as DW discovered beastiality. She could barely pronounce the word - Best-iat-ly? Bestially? Oh well. She then found a site that appeared to have a guide of sorts. DW absorbed all the information she could. It was so fascinating. This sex thing had to feel REALLY good!
    Nadine and DW came up with a plan. They were going to wait until nobody was home and then DW was going to get some peanut butter and lure Pal into her room. DW watched out the window as it appeared the rest of the family drove away. Now was her chance! DW got buck naked. She liked to do this from time to time when she thought nobody was home even before she discovered this "sex" thing. DW ran to the kitchen, the air running over her naked body felt amazing. She grabbed a jar of peanut butter and got Pal to follow her up to her room.
    DW then opened her legs and stuck some peanut butter on her special spot. "Come on, Pal!". Pal was immediately interested and started sniffing. Then he began to lick. "OH WOW!!" This was way better than her fingers. "GOOOD BOOOOYYY!! OOOOHH YESSSS!!!" DW could already feel another orgasm coming. She moaned and her body shuddered as it experienced yet another orgasm. This one was way more intense. She could even feel a throbbing inside her like her insides were contracting but in an intensly pleasurable way.
    Pal got excited and DW saw what looked like a lipstick tip poking out of Pal. This is what DW was wating for. She got on her hands and knees and patted herself on the buttcheek. "Come on, Pal!" She beckoned. Pal walked up and started licking at first. First he licked her lady bits and then moved his way up to her butthole. It felt amazing! DW had never realized her butthole could feel so good! She moaned in delight as Pal licked it clean. She felt bad that she hadn't wiped better, but dogs great themselves like this all the time, right? And besides, Pal seems to think it's tasty and it's clean now, isn't it.
    She looked back in the mirror just in time to see her butt one more time before Pal started jumping up and down. Pal must have licked up the poop flecks, because DW's butthole was the cleanest it had been in awhile. Pal started jumping and trying to mount. "This is it!!" DW thought to herself as she felt herself being poked from behind by Pal's little penis. Suddenly the penis found its home and Pal thrust inside. DW was taken aback by this. "Whaoh!!!" she felt a sharp pain followed by a warm feeling of pleasure. She couldn't stop Pal now if she wanted, but DW was enjoying the moment too much to care about anything else.
    "I'm doing it Nadine...I'm....Having sex!!!!! Ohhhh!!!! This feels sooooo gooooddd!!!" Suddenly she realized that unlike a human's penis, a dog penis grows as he tries to knot with his mate. DW got nervous but realized it was now too late. Pal was stuck and she could feel his penis swelling. "Ohhh!!!! OHHH!!!!!" She moaned as Pal began to fill her with his seed. It hurt so much, but there was nothing DW could do. She could feel a tear dripping down her face and landing on the floor. Slowly that pain begain to turn into pleasure as another orgasm rushed through DW's tiny body.
    DW Continued to experience orgasm after orgasm as Pal pumped her full of his seed. After what seemed like an eternity Pal slowly began to get softer and softer before suddenly his penis slipped out with a "POP!". DW could feel Pal's cum dripping down out of her and onto the floor. "Oh....Pal......oh....good boy...we're really going to have to do that again somet-"


    DW felt a sharp pain strike her neck and she quickly became disoriented. She had seemingly got her bearings but was confused - she couldn't feel anything at all except for the floor against her face. She looked around - Nadine was standing there with a shocked and horrified expression on her face before suddenly disappearing. Uh, oh. She only disappeared like that when there was trouble. She started to feel lightheaded. Why, though, what happened? She looked the other direction and wass horrified at what she saw.
    Her naked body had just finished crumpling to the floor, blood shooting out of her neck where her head was attached moments ago. She then heard her dad singing out loud to himself.

    "Saleelul sawarim nasheedul ubah"

He continued singing as he picked up DW's head by her hair.

    "Wa darbul qitaly tariqul haya. "

DW instantly knew what had happened. It was an honor killing. She had only heard of it happening a couple times since her family started attending mosque, she never thought it would happen to her. Looking DW in the eyes her dad continued -

    "Fa baynaq tihamin yubidu tugha."

DW began to fade. She knew she wasn't going to last much longer anyway. This all had happened in a matter of seconds. Although she knew it was Allah's will, A tear slide down her cheek. "If only I had never found Arthur's naked comics...none of this would have happend.." DW thought as her eyes involuntarily began to roll back in her head. She started to fade, and so did her father's singing as DW drifted off - free from her mortal coil into Allah's righteous judgement

    "Wa kateem musawtim jamilun sadah... Saleelul sawarim nasheedul ubah... Wa darbul qitaly..... tariqul.... haya...."

She was gone. As DW's consciousness faded, Mr. Reed continued to sing the rest of his hymn as he got to work. Pal was getting really upset and started to nip and bite at him she he grapped Pal by the collar and pitched him out the window. Mr Reed chuckled to himself as the canine hit the sidewalk with a satisfying "crack!". Dogs were not haram anyway.

Despite having to kill his daughter to preserve the family honor. Mr Reed was incredibly horny. What DW hadn't noticed is that her father had caught the tail (pun intented) end of her and Pal's mating session and was incredibly turned on despite knowing that his family's honor was at stake. Maybe Allah would forgive him for what he was about to do.

Mr Reed unzipped his pants, releasing his throbbing boner. DW's body was still pooping and peeing as it fully relaxed. Mr. Reed wasn't going for that anyway, although he did enjoy the view becoming a recent scat and watersports fan himself, he wanted to experience something he knew there was no porn of. He got down in front of DW's neck and found her now exposed throat. He took the head of penis and started to slide it in. It was so tight, it wrapped around him like his wife's asshole - only....tighter...warmer..and..better! He began to thrust deep into DW's severed throat. "Oh fuck....yes.... Allah...forgive me!!" He said thrusting harder and harder.

As much as he was enjoying himself - he knew his family would be home soon and he didn't have long to enjoy this moment. He staired into DW's now vacant eyes as he thrust harder and faster. "Fuck!!" I'm going to cum!!! He moaned out loud as he heard the garage door open. Mr. Reed could feel his cock throbbing as it pumped rope after rope of cum deep into DW's stomach.

Mr. Reed's orgasm subsided. He didn't have much time. He knew what he must do. He grabbed his vest from his bedroom and prayed a quick prayer of forgiveness to Allah as the rest of his family began to make it up the stairs. He ran out to greet them at the foot of the stairs.

"Allahu Akhbar!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs while pulling the cord on his suicide vest.

It detonated.

Before anyone else knew what had happened the entire house was engulfed in a massive explosion.

The end.





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