Get Up In There

BY : JamesRyder
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“You need to get your husband's urges under control.” Francine Smith was scolding her daughter Hayley after finding her husband Jeff Fischer masturbating openly again. She had made Jeff give up smoking pot when they moved in and apparently that caused him to become uncontrollably horny.

“I’m trying mom,” Hayley pleaded. She had been trying and she was exhausted.

“I don’t think you are Hayley.” Francine was always convinced she was right. The kids never seemed to remember that she used to be a freak before she married her one position loving vanilla husband Stan. “You need to get up in there.”

“I have gotten up in there.” Hayley was a little impressed at her mom but also was being truthful that she was trying her best.

“I don’t think you have,” Francine sneered as she slammed a pair of yellow rubber dish gloves down in front of her daughter. “Get… Up… In… There.”

“I have,” Hayley pleaded. “I’ve gotten up in there. I’ve let him get up in there. I’ve done things to him I’ve never tried, and he has done things to me I didn’t know guys would do. For fucks sake mom I’ve pegged him with a ten-inch strap and let him shove it in my ass while he fucked me. I’m out of ideas.”

Francine was shocked. Not just that her daughter just told her about the details of her sex life but also that she really did seem to be trying. She had figured Hayley was just being her usual lazy self but now Francine was not only impressed but a little jealous. She wished Stan was into some of those things, or all of them.

“Well…” Francine couldn’t believe what she was about to suggest. “If you’re out of ideas maybe I should take a whack at it.”

“You know what,” Hayley began, and Francine prepared herself for an angry tirade, “I’m so exhausted and sore if you think it’ll work have at him. As weird as it sounds, he has always had a thing for you so maybe you can be his medicine.”

Francine was already wet just thinking of all the kinks she was about to get to explore. Besides, she thought, it’s not cheating, it’s medicinal.

“Where is he?” Francine sounded a bit too eager, but Hayley honestly didn’t seem to care.

“Up in our room, probably jerking off.” Hayley told her with a wave and a yawn. “If it works though you’ll have to do it anytime he would normally toke and good luck explaining that to dad when he comes back.”

“You let me worry about your father,” Francine told her as she left the kitchen. “You just get some rest while I go get some.”

Francine rushed up stairs then paused outside the door to her daughter’s room. She rearranged her tits in her tight dress to make her cleavage pop and reached under her dress to pull off her panties and cup them in her hand.

She pushed open the door and saw that Hayley had been right. Jeff was in their room, naked from the waist down, with his five-inch cock firmly in his hand jerking away. He noticed Francine and hesitated then covered himself with a pillow.

“Mrs. S,” his voice was laced with surprise and a little lust. “What are you doing in here?”

“If all goes as planned,” Francine mused as she sauntered in and showed him her panties dangling them off her finger, “you.”

She closed the door behind her as she got fully into the room. It was bad enough that she was not only about to cheat on Stan but that her daughter knew. She didn’t need her son or Rodger seeing what was about to happen either.

Jeff wasn’t exactly sure what was about to happen but had watched enough porn to have a good idea. He pulled away the pillow and went back to jerking off.

Francine tied her long blond hair up in a ponytail using her panties and moved almost like she was in a trance. She got to the side of the bed and pulled away Jeff’s hands, and before he could put them back, she was on her knees and engulfed his underwhelming but rock-hard cock into her mouth.

“Mrs. S,” Jeff moaned. “You really know what you’re doing.”

She pulled her mouth off and jerked his wet cock as she fondled his balls and looked up at him. “This isn’t my first time you know.” She went back to sucking him off and took her now slick fingers and worked two of them into Jeff’s back door. With how easy they slipped in she could tell Hayley had been telling the truth.

Jeff had lost all pretense of caring what was going on as soon as her fingers had slipped inside him. He began to rock his hips up and down forcing his dick further in her mouth and her fingers further in his ass.

She added a third and then a fourth finger with ease and Jeff showed no sign of discomfort or slowing down. Francine twirled her tongue around his cock as he kept plunging in and out of her mouth.

Her skills usually made men cum in a few minutes, but she realized part of Hayley’s frustration as Jeff kept going and going with no signs of getting off anytime soon. After nearly fifteen minutes her jaw was starting to hurt and so was her pride.

Francine damn sure wasn’t going to admit defeat. She would make this little bastard blow his load even if it took all night and every position she could think of. While she was at it though she wanted to get off too.

She stopped sucking and pulled her fingers out of his ass. She whipped them on one of Hayley’s shirts. She did the laundry anyways, so it wasn’t like she was leaving a mess for her daughter to clean up. Besides, it serves her right for not using the hamper, she thought.

Jeff looked disappointed but that look lasted for all of ten seconds before his jaw dropped as Francine slid her dress off. She stood before him in nothing but a bra and with a quick squeeze of the front clasp and a shrug of the shoulders that was gone too. He drank in her naked body, something he had fantasized about more than once.

“Lay down,” she told him with a sultry voice and a wink.

He followed her instructions quickly probably assuming she was about to get on top of him and ride his cock. She did get on top of him but in the 69 positions so she could get back to sucking him off and also ride his face.

Jeff reached up and grabbed her ass pulling her down harder on his face. He got to work eating her out and Francine realized one of the reasons Hayley had married him. His skill was incredible. Stan could use some lessons from him.

He knew the perfect combination of using his tongue and suckling on her clit. Stan would barely give her a few licks before he was done but Jeff stuck his tongue deep into her wet hole and wiggled it around. He even used his fingers to keep playing with her clit as he tongue fucked her like a porn star.

Before Francine knew it, she was cuming. It made her blush because she could tell he was still nowhere near cuming. He had to have known she came but he wasn’t stopping, and it simply extended her orgasm from a brief burst of pleasure to waves of utter ecstasy. She could barely keep sucking him as she shuddered so hard her thighs shook.

What Jeff did next took her by complete surprise. He had taken his mouth away from her quivering pussy and repositioned himself a bit. Francine was about to redouble her efforts with her blowjob as she felt him spread her ass cheeks before sinking his tongue slowly into her tight asshole.

She froze with shock. Stan had never so much a stuck a pinky in her ass and here she was with her daughter’s husband’s tongue working its way deeper and deeper into it. Francine was so turned on now she tried something new of her own. She engulfed Jeff’s cock as deep into her throat as she could and opened her mouth wide enough to get her tongue out to lick his balls simultaneously.

Jeff moaned and thrust his tongue so deep into her ass his lips were pressed against her butt cheeks. He kept wiggling his tongue and reached one hand down to finger her and the other to go back to rubbing her clit.

Francine could feel another orgasm building as she felt her jaw begin to lock and finally had to concede she wasn’t going to make Jeff cum with just her mouth. She pulled back her head and screamed in pure ecstasy as she came hard again. This boy had made her cum harder and more times than Stan ever had. Now it was time to give him what he had fantasized about.

In for a pound, in for a pounding, she thought. At first, she had justified this with helping Jeff and Hayley, as well as showing up her daughter a little. Now she didn’t care if it was cheating, she needed to see if he was as good at fucking as he was at oral.

“Take me,” she moaned and went down on all fours keeping her ass in the air.

Jeff pulled himself up using her lower back and hips as leverage. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had dreamt of her offering herself up ever since he had started dating her daughter. Hayley was great in the sack but there was something about her mom that had always turned him on. He looked at both her holes like a kid in a candy store.

“Which hole do you want me to fuck Mrs. S?”

“Take your pick,” she moaned back and wiggled her ass at him. “You did a great job lubing them both up.”

Jeff finally made up his mind and leaned forward. He pushed the head of his cock into the opening of her dripping pussy and with one hard thrust he buried himself into her. He began to pound away as she moaned and pushed back on every forward thrust to make sure his balls slapped against her clit.

He reached under her and started to play with her big tits. It was one of the features on her that her daughter didn’t have. Hayley had nice perky tits, but Francine’s were much bigger. He had thought about asking Hayley to get a boob job once but knew she would have murdered him on the spot for even suggesting it.

“Oh God yes Jeff. Fuck me harder,” Francine screamed in pleasure. She didn’t care who heard her anymore.

Downstairs Hayley shuttered but she couldn’t do anything but sit and stew. She had told her mother to do it and she wouldn’t admit she was jealous. So, she just sat on the couch trying to ignore them and pouted as she watched TV without paying attention to it.

Jeff was fucking with everything he had. Francine couldn’t even scream anymore. Her and Jeff were both dripping in sweat. The angle he was pounding away at was making him hit her g-spot with every thrust.

Francine had hoped the boy could fuck and she wasn’t disappointed. He might not have had the biggest or the thickest cock, but he knew how to use it and his stamina was unreal. She had hoped to get him off but now she hoped he would last forever. She came again and her pussy clamped down on his cock like a vice.

Jeff groaned and he felt his balls tighten as this sensation finally pushed him over the edge. He came hard, filling his wife’s mother with his hot cum. Spurt after spurt until it leaked out around his cock and dribbled onto Hayley’s bed.

He fell back and propped himself up on the pillows as Francine just stayed in the position, she was in. She reached back and touched her quivering pussy feeling his cum leaking out. She was so lost in her ecstasy that she took a few drops on her fingers and then licked them off. She tasted his cum mixed with her juices and loved it.

“Too bad you’ve finished,” she moaned. “I would have loved you to fill my ass with your cum too.”

“Oh, don’t worry Mrs. S,” Jeff panted still staring at her like this had been a dream. “I’ll be ready for another round in fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes.” Francine was amazed.

“Didn’t Hayley describe my condition to you?” Jeff was already semi hard again.

“She failed to mention some of the details.” She admitted with a sly smile. “Anything I can do to help you along?”

“You could go back to sucking on it,” Jeff admitted. He liked the feeling of his dick getting hard as it was getting sucked.

Francine didn’t hesitate. She spun around and started sucking on his cock again. She couldn’t wait to get it hard again and get her asshole pounded and filled.

It was late at night when Stan Smith walked triumphantly into his house. He couldn’t wait to tell them all how justice had triumphed, and Rodger had finally had to face the consequences of his actions. He turned on the living room light and saw Hayley sleeping on the couch.

She woke as he shook her arm and looked at him groggily. As she recognized her father, she woke up even more realizing why she had fallen asleep on the couch.

“Hayley why aren’t you in your room?”

Fuck it and fuck them both, she thought in a fit of jealous rage. “Because my room is currently occupied. Mom’s up there fucking my husband.”

Stan froze. He was instantly angry thinking she must be lying and decided to check for himself. If she was lying, he would throw her out permanently. He crept upstairs and gently opened the door to Hayley’s room. He peered inside and went through a gambit of emotions as he took in the scene on the bed. First, he was mad, then jealous, then hurt, then so stunned he just kind of went numb.

There on his daughter’s bed was his naked wife, fast asleep, in the arms of Hayley’s idiot no good stoner husband, who was also fast asleep and naked. He could see the glint of cum leaking from his wife’s pussy and ass along with a healthy amount spread on her tits and face.

He considered killing them both as they slept but a thought, he couldn’t quiet grasp stopped him. It was like a whisper he could barely hear. He closed the door again and walked back down the stairs in a daze.

“Little bastard. I let him into my home, and he fucks my wife.” Stan said as he made it back to the living room and Hayley realized she had probably just doomed Jeff. “Well, if he wants to fuck my wife maybe I’ll fuck his.”

“Ummm what?” Hayley asked a little disgusted. She did want to fuck someone to get back at Jeff but not her father. The thought of fucking a republican repulsed her.

“Wait, no,” he told her realizing what he had said. “Daddy didn’t think that through.”

Then the thought he had been trying to grasp finally hit him like a shotgun butt to the face. If Francine could cheat on him then he should be able to cheat on her, and he had the perfect revenge fuck in mind. He pulled out his phone and quickly dialed.

“Hey Gwen,” he said as soon as Francine’s hot Asian adoptive sister picked up. “How would you like to come over to my place and help me get back at Francine?”

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