The Cuck and The Slut

BY : JamesRyder
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Kif had been angry at first when Amy had confessed to being unfaithful. They had fought on the phone for hours before she had apologized, and he had forgiven her. He had been even madder when he had discovered that there was video of it and that the video had been uploaded to the web. That had been especially upsetting because he had discovered it by walking in on his commanding officer Zap Brannigan jerking off while watching it.

Then he had watched it and a strange new feeling took over. Now he was on his third viewing of it and was busy pleasuring himself watching his wife get plowed by some random guy. He had to admit he was just relieved it wasn’t Zap again.

The video on his screen paused right as Amy was looking at the camera seductively because he had an incoming video call. It was Amy and he answered right away.

“Hey Kify…” Amy trailed off as she noticed what he was doing. “Oh, want to have a little phone sex?”

Amy didn’t wait for a response as she unzipped her pink midriff hoodie and let out her perfect tits. She seductively licked two of her fingers and put her hand down her matching pink sweatpants.

“So, a live show rather than the sex tape of you I’m watching now?” Kif smiled but immediately regrated saying anything as Amy froze and stared at him.

“The what?” Amy sounded confused and angry.

“The sex tape one of the guys you’ve been unfaithful with shot and posted,” Kif confessed as he felt his manhood go soft.

“Kif… I’m so sorry. I never meant to…” Amy had completely forgotten about their phone sex and was nearly weeping.

“Actually, I think it’s kind of hot,” Kif admitted. “I’m not exactly happy that you slept with some random guy but I kind of like watching.”

“Really?” Amy didn’t seem as shocked as he thought she would.

“I’d rather not have found it on the web,” Kif began honestly, “or because Zap was watching it, but watching you get off really gets me in the mood.”

“I never knew you were a cuck.” Amy seemed to be getting horny again and Kif noticed the hand in her sweatpants had begun to move again. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

“Because I didn’t know,” Kif admitted as he began to jerk himself again. “I didn’t even know it was a thing, or that there was a term for it.”

“Oh right,” Amy moaned as she moved her free hand up to play with her tits while she watched him jerk off. “I forgot how sheltered you were growing up.”

Kif had already been closer to getting off before she called and watching her live with her face in the video paused in the background was more than he could take. With a final stroke and a full body shutter he blew his load all over himself and his uniform.

“Wow, you really did think it was hot.” Amy marveled at how much he had cum, and she continued to play with herself.

“I did, but please, no more random guys and no more videos on the web.” Kif wanted more videos for himself, but he didn’t want the universe to see them.

“Okay, I promise,” Amy moaned then had an idea. “When is the next time you have some leave to come visit?”

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that anyway.” Kif had been considering this for a long time and had made his decision after he and Amy had gotten married. “My contract is up at the end of the month and I’m not going to resign. Do you think you guys could use another crew member?”

“Of course Kify,” Amy squealed happily and not just from what she was doing to herself. “And when you get home, I’ll have a special surprise for you.”

A month latter Kif was done with the military. Zap had begged him to stay but Kif had refused and actually shown some backbone doing it. Now he was standing outside the door of the apartment he and Amy shared ready to start his new life as a civilian. He unlocked the door, walked in, and dropped his bag on the floor.

“Kif!” Amy came running into the room wearing her usual pink sweatsuit and jumped into Kif’s outstretched arms.

She kissed him passionately and Kif reached up and slid his hand under her top. He had been dreaming of this and he couldn’t wait. To his surprise though Amy pulled his hand back down and broke the kiss.

“All in good time,” Amy said with a sly smile. “For now, though I have a surprise for you.”

Amy took Kif by the hand and wiggled her ass at him as she led him to the bedroom. Kif had almost forgotten she had promised him a present when he got home but he was so horny already he was ready to explode just from her ass wiggle.

Kif’s jaw dropped as he walked into their bedroom behind Amy. The lights were low and there were a couple of strategically placed lit candles adding to the ambiance. The part though that had really made Kif stare was the sight of his friend and Amy’s coworker, and ex-boyfriend, Philip J. Fry standing before the bed dressed in his usual blue jeans, white t-shirt, and signature red jacket.

“What’s Fry doing here?” Kif asked with a smile even though he was almost certain he already knew the answer.

“Amy said you like to watch,” Fry answered quickly. He hadn’t gotten any in a while and had jumped at the opportunity to have sex with Amy again.

“Don’t you like your surprise?” Amy was worried she had misread something and made a mistake.

“What do you think?” Kif pulled off his clothes as the two watched. He was as hard as Amy had ever seen him and he walked over to a waiting chair on one side of the bed.

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be,” Fry commented, missing the point as usual.

“Fry,” Amy elbowed him. “He means he likes his surprise.”

“Oh.” Fry still sounded a little confused but the only thing he was focused on was getting to have sex with Amy. The rest of this situation didn’t matter much to him.

Fry grabbed Amy and pulled her in close kissing her hard on the mouth. Amy kissed him back and opened her mouth to let him slide his tongue in. When they had dated, they had spent most of their waking hours either fucking or making out, so they knew each other extremely well.

He reached up and unzipped her top letting her tits free. He had always loved groping them and his hands were all over her seconds after they were exposed. Amy shrugged her shoulders to let her top completely fall off.

Fry switched from kissing her lips to gently nibbling her ear like she had always enjoyed. Amy was really getting into it now and as she moaned, she reached down and undid Fry’s pants. She pushed them and his underwear down as Fry moved from her ear to her neck. She began gently jerking Fry’s already hard cock as she looked to the side and saw Kif was slowly jerking off to the show.

Amy decided to take it to the next level for him and in one smooth motion dropped to her knees and finished yanking down Fry’s pants and underwear. She grabbed Fry’s cock and licked up and down the shaft while she fondled his balls.

Fry let out a low moan and tossed off his jacket before pulling his shirt over his head. He stepped out of his pants and underwear kicking them to the side. Now he was naked except for his socks.

He reached down as he decided to take charge of what she was doing to him. He grabbed her head with both hands and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. Amy took her hands away, surrendering control, and used one to fondle her tits while she shoved the other one into her sweatpants to rub her clit.

Fry wasn’t a generous or gentle lover and he had missed hearing Amy gag as he pumped in and out of her throat without mercy. Kif on the other hand had always been a gentle and giving but watching Fry use his wife’s throat like a fuck toy was an incredible turn on to him. He resolved that the next time he wouldn’t make love to her but instead fuck her like a whore.

“Come on Amy,” Fry hissed as he pushed himself all the way down her throat and held himself there. “I remember you being better at this, or maybe Leela’s just superior to you.”

She hated being compared to anyone and it always made her push herself even further. Amy brought up her hands and grabbed Fry’s ass pulling him further forward until her nose was poking him in the stomach. She even moved her tongue around in her mouth to add to the sensation.

Amy held herself there until her vision began to darken and she was about to black out. Just at the edge of unconsciousness she pulled back spluttering and gasping for air as drool spurted out of her nose and mouth making a mess of her face and the floor in front of her.

Fry kept his grip on her hair and pulled her roughly to her feet as she tried to catch her breath. He pulled her to the bed and bent her over it. As Kif looked on jerking his own dick harder and harder as he got even more turned on knowing the real show was about to begin.

Fry yanked Amy’s sweatpants down roughly halfway down her thighs. She had gone commando, so he had instant access to her dripping shaved pussy. He didn’t hesitate and lined himself up before he thrust all the way into her in one smooth motion.

“Yes Fry,” she screamed, “use me.”

It wasn’t like Fry needed any encouragement as he began to fuck her with quick rough thrusts using his grip on her hair to pull her back harder onto his cock. He used his other hand to slap her ass cheeks one after the other with every stroke until they were both glowing red.

Kif was so turned-on Amy could have been screaming for Fry to stop and he would have continued to jerk off. This was so much better than the video, the sounds, the sights, and he could smell the sex stank in the over the candles. Amy looked at him and blew him a kiss as he kept on going harder and faster as Fry went harder and faster.

Amy was now just grunting and panting as Fry continued to pound away. Fry wasn’t the biggest dick she had fucked by far, but his stamina had always more than made up for it. She could feel her pussy juices dripping and the sweat forming on her body. She wanted to reach back and play with herself, but she couldn’t find a chance to move her arms.

Fry let go of her hair and used both hands to grab her hips for a bit more leverage as he tried to drive himself deeper and deeper into her. Amy managed to prop herself up on her elbows and her tits swayed along with Fry’s thrusts. She finally managed to reach back and pinch her own nipples letting out a little squeal.

“Oh right,” Fry panted remembering. “You like a little pain.”

Without waiting for her to acknowledge that fact Fry pulled himself out entirely. This time he pushed the head of his cock into her tight little asshole as he reached forward and used his fingers to fishhook either side of her mouth. He yanked her back as he thrust forward, and she let out a scream as he invaded her tightest of holes.

Her screams turned to moans as she stretched to accommodate him. He continued to fuck her ass but unlike when he was fucking her pussy, he was using slow and rough thrusts. He also pulled back with his hands, and she was forced into a semi standing position that gave Kif a great view of her body.

Fry slowed a little and Amy recognized the signs. She moaned even deeper as with one last vicious thrust Fry buried himself in her and came deep in her ass. It had been a while since he got off and he dumped spurt after spurt of hot cum in her ass until it came gushing out around his cock.

Amy collapsed on the bed as Fry let her drop and he popped out of her violated asshole with a wet pop. He stepped back and looked over at Kif.

“You look about ready to burst too.” Fry nodded to Amy lying half off the bed. “Why not dump your load in your slut wife?”

Kif got up from the chair and moved forward. He decided to cum in her pussy so that she would have cum in both holes.

Amy moaned as Kif pushed himself inside and she noticed he was less gentle than usual. She felt a wave of pleasure as he bottomed out in her and she finally came. As she came her pussy tightened on Kif’s cock and that was all he could take. She felt another hole filled with cum and she shuddered in pleasure.

Unlike Fry after he had cum Kif laid down next to Amy to cuddle her and gently kiss her naked skin. He seemed to enjoy this as much as she did, and he would always leave himself buried inside her until his cock deflated enough to slip out on its own.

“That was amazing,” she sighed feeling slutty and fulfilled.

“It really was,” Kif agreed.

“Well, I have to go catch up with Bender at the bar,” Fry told them both as he put on his clothes again like nothing had just happen. “See you next time.”

After he had left Amy and Kif continued to lay on their bed in utter bliss and contentment. Kif was already feeling horny again and knew that he would be trying for round two soon. This time he would use her ass like Fry had.

“So, I was thinking,” Amy began with a sultry mischievous tone. “Next time we do this, I have a different person in mind.”

“Anything you want my love,” Kif told her and then thinking about it quickly added, “so long as it isn’t that idiot Zap.”

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