Wendy and Dipper's Sex Connection

BY : Nastyzak
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Like the poet says, two roads can split and go separate ways. Sometimes, though rarely, the paths may rejoin later on. This is one time when that happened.

Part 1

He had hardly sat down to breakfast—it had been more than three years since he’d last had pancakes in Greasy’s Diner—when he heard from behind him, “Dipper? Is that you? No way!”

Dipper Pines almost had to swallow his heart. He jumped off the stool and blinked. There she stood, just inside the door, staring at him. “Wendy?” he croaked. “Oh, my God, I thought you—”

She was laughing. “I thought you—”

They both stopped, awkwardly, and then she rushed him and hugged him. “It’s so good to see you, man! Woo, look how tall you are. You’ve grown up on me, man! Hey, have breakfast with me?”

He tried to disguise how much he was shaking. “Sure, love to. Go on and order and I’ll get us a booth,” he said, snagging his silverware, plate of pancakes, and coffee. At a quarter to six on a Saturday, with the sun just up, not many businesses downtown were open, and the loggers had been in and out by five-thirty, so only four or five strangers sat at the counter or in the booths. They barely looked around. Wendy put in an order at the counter, then came and slid onto the bench opposite him.

“Look at you, Dipper!” Same old Wendy grin, same freckles. Red hair worn a little shorter, but more than shoulder-length. She’d traded in the flannel shirt for a white top under a half-sleeved green sweater. And she was older—twenty-two she’d be now—but her features were still the same, she hadn’t gained a pound and she was the same girl. Maybe a more rounded bustline. Yes, definitely. As the waitress poured her coffee, Dipper darted a look at her left hand.

And as soon as the waitress left them alone, she said quietly, “Yeah, no ring,” holding her spread fingers up. “Still single. I notice you don’t have a wedding band, either.”

Blushing, he shook his head, feeling twelve again instead of nineteen.

The waitress brought over Wendy’s breakfast—a pastry and one egg. “I’ll get this,” Dipper managed to say.

Wendy smiled at him over the rim of her coffee cup. “Oh, wow, buying me a meal! Now I’ll have to spend some time with you. Smooth move, Dipper!”

He looked down and felt his cheeks turn hot. “Um, no, I—I didn’t . . ..”

She almost whispered, “Just a joke, man. Come on, it’s you and me here.”

“Friends,” he said softly.

She put her cup down. “Well—yeah. Hey, I love seeing you, but why are you back in town?”

“I finished college early,” he said. “I took extra night classes and went every summer. Did four years in seven semesters. So I just graduated yesterday. I, uh, don’t want to be that guy who comes back to stay with his folks after college. Anyhow, Grunkle Stan says I can work at the Shack this summer as Soos’s manager, and I don’t have any other immediate prospects, so I’m taking the summer off—”

“Shut up!” Wendy said. “Dude, you’re gonna stay the summer? Why didn’t you even text me in the last couple of years? Hey, I got my degree, too, you know. Took me a year more than it should, but I—” she paused. “Dipper, I’m sorry. Have I hurt your feelings?”

“It’s not that,” he muttered, shaking his head. “I just—they told me you’d moved away, and I didn’t expect to, uh, see you—”

More subdued, Wendy murmured, “Yeah, well, I came back to the Falls myself.” For a few minutes they ate in silence. Then, as they finished their coffee, she tilted her head and asked,  “If you don’t mind my asking, are you busy today?” .

He shook his head. “No. Nothing until I start work two weeks from Monday. You?”

“Yeah,” she said sadly. “I gotta show a guy around town.”

“Oh, you’re, uh—in real estate, huh?” he asked.

She grinned, wrinkling her nose at him. “I gotta show you around, you dummy! We’re still friends, like you said. Right?”

Dipper gripped his cup with both hands. They still wanted to tremble. “I guess.”

“So you want to goof around with me, like old times? Don’t make me sad, man.”

Then he mustered a smile. “Wendy, that would be great.”

Dipper paid for their breakfasts and Wendy asked, “You got wheels?”

He held the door for her and they walked out into the cool morning. “Yeah, up at the Shack. I just walked downtown.”

“Then I’ll drive,” she said. “That’s my Jeep, the white one on the end. Where do you want to go first?”

Into a hole and hide. But he said, “I don’t know. The lake?”

“Lake it is!”

She drove the mile and a bit as Dipper looked around. Not much had changed downtown. The abandoned convenience store still moldered away. The arcade had become a game store, and a new mobile-phone place had taken the spot left by—what was it? He couldn’t remember.

 They got to the lake as the sun climbed past some light morning clouds into a clear sky, but they didn’t go near the water. Wendy parked her Cherokee in the shade, and they sat and watched the glimmering waves. Lake was the same, fuller than it would be when the summer got really hot. A light haze hung over it, fading Scuttlebutt Island to a pale lavender in the distance. Nobody on the beach or out on the lake. Too early for fishing opener, and this early in June, too cold for swimming.

“Nice day,” Dipper said. Then he grimaced. “That was a dumb thing to say.”

“Why? It is nice,” she said, leaning back behind the wheel as she turned toward him and rested her arm on the seat back. “We seem to be kinda tongue-tied here. So tell me about college.”

He shrugged. “Well, I majored in journalism and minored in film production. Got a double degree, which right now seems pretty useless. I’ve got a little in savings, so I’m taking some time to regroup, I guess. For the first time in years, I don’t have a plan for what comes next. How about your college?”

“Meh, it was a slog, frankly,” she said. “But I toughed it out and ended up with a degree in wildlife management. I’ve been interviewing for government jobs, but the economy the way it’s been, it’s kind of hopeless for the moment. Why are you smiling like that?”

“It—it’s just so good to see you. Hear your voice. I, uh, missed this. Missed . . . missed you.”

With her green eyes gazing right into his, she said softly, “I gotta say, you grew up nice, Dipper. Kinda hunky now, and as tall as me.”

“Well . . ..” He coughed. “So, uh, you’ve moved back home?”

“Kinda. Like I say, I don’t have any job lined up, but, luckily I got an inheritance from my rich cousin Steve.” She chuckled. “Hey, it didn’t put me in the Northwest bracket. Came to about two hundred fifty thousand in all, and most of that is socked away in an investment account. With the rest,I’m living cheap and not burning through that, because I might have a long dry spell before jobs open up. So how’s Mabel?

“Still in college,” he said. “She goofed around last year, so this time she’s taking summer courses to make up.  She won’t be back up this year, except maybe for a visit.”

“She doing OK?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said, smiling wistfully. “She fooled around and dropped some classes, but that’s because of her busy social life. She’s got like half a dozen steady boyfriends.”

That word hung in the air for a few seconds. “How about you, man?” Wendy asked quietly. “I mean, you got one steady girl or a fiancée, or are you still playing the field?”

He shook his head. “I, uh, no. I—I don’t have a girl at all.”

The time stretched out thin before she asked, “Dipper, you’re not, uh, gay, are you? I don’t mind, man, you can tell me. Because if you are—”

“Not gay,” he said. “No, I’m—I’m straight, but I just never met a girl, who—” he gulped. “Wendy, I can’t lie to you. I like girls, but I just can’t talk to them. Always mess up.  I’m so dorky and I get embarrassed and—I’m hopeless.”

“I feel you, man. I never met the right guy, either,” she said quietly.

“Really?” He gave her a sad smile. “I can’t imagine that. I mean, you—look at you! And you’re so—” he broke off, mumbling, and blushed. “Uh. You see my problem. I get so dumb around girls.”

“Well, I’ve had a few boyfriends,” Wendy said, looking away from him and gazing out over the lake. “’Bout three. Nothing special and nothing that lasted more than a month, though. Lot of disappointments.” She glanced back at him. “Does that matter to you, Dip? That I’ve had boyfriends?”

He shook his head. “No, of course not. It’s your life, and you should be happy.”

Wendy took a deep breath. “OK, enough of the lake,” she said. “You sure you’ve got nothing to do for the rest of the day?”

“For a couple of weeks,” he said. “If you’re not busy, I’d love to hang out, like in the old days.”

“Yeah,” she said. “In the old days.” Then she seemed to cheer up.  “Hey, you want to see my house?”

“Your dad’s—”

“Nope! Got my own place!” Wendy said proudly. “I think you’ll like it. Want to go take the tour?”

“Well—sure,” he said. “If it’s OK with you.”

“Put yourself in my hands!” she said cheerfully as she started the engine.


Part 2

It was, of course, a log cabin, away from town and in the woods. In fact the driveway wound through a pine forest for about a mile, with no other house anywhere around. “Here we are!” Wendy said, stopping at the end of the driveway. “It’s not big, but it’s practically new and all mine!”

“It suits you,” he said, smiling. It was a compact place, with a stone chimney and beside the porch, a big stack of firewood cut, tarped, and ready for next winter. Unlike the Corduroy house, which was shingled with cedar, this cottage had a brick-red tin roof. “Looks like you’d be at home here,” Dipper added as they got out of the car.

“Well, it’s OK. Got a living room, dining room and kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, little cellar. And an attic. I spent a few thousand for the furniture. It’s just close enough to the city limits for water, electricity, and cable, just far enough off the road for privacy. Got a propane tank out back for the stove, everything else is electric. Come on, I’ll give you the grand tour.”

They entered by way of a porch that reminded Dipper of the gift-shop porch at the Shack. The front door had a four-paned diamond-shape window of pebbled yellow glass, again making him think of the gift shop. Wendy unlocked and opened the door and they stepped  directly into the living room, sort of L-shaped because just to the right as they entered was a closet. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, not full but decorated with knick-knacks as well as books, stood against the wall opposite the closet.

The room beyond had one big window in the east wall, looking out over the forest. A sofa sat a little way in from that and a rustic coffee table stood between the sofa and a fairly big flat-screen TV on an entertainment stand against the opposite wall. Next to that was a fireplace, not huge, but cozy-looking A clutter of mail and dishes half-covered the coffee table.

“Hey,” Wendy said, “Dude, do you mind if I run into the bedroom and tidy up things a little? I get lazy out here all by myself and don’t always make the bed or pick up. Just take a few minutes.”

“I don’t mind a little mess,” he said. “You don’t have to go through all that for me—”

“Nah, I’m gonna do it,” Wendy said. “While you’re waiting, you want another cup of coffee, or--?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“OK, then, give me about five or ten minutes. TV remote’s on the coffee table there. And I’ll take last night’s dishes into the kitchen,” she said, picking up a tray with an empty plate,  a glass, and some silverware on it. “Bad habit, but sitting alone at the table gets me down, so I eat with the TV as company. Just a few minutes, Dip!”

Dipper sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. It had cable—but Gravity Falls cable, which meant about thirty-six channels, most of them blah. He watched a few minutes of a morning news show and then Wendy said from the doorway into the dining room, “Now I feel more comfortable.”

He glanced at her and did a double-take. She had changed clothes and now wore a long cotton shirt, white with blue pinstripes, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows, the tail falling halfway to her knees. His heart thumped, because as far as he could tell—she wore nothing else. Long, beautiful legs and bare feet, thighs flashing in the side slit of the shirt as she strolled toward him, a wide smile on her face.

“Uhm,” he said.

She came and sat beside him. “Don’t choke on me, man. I like to be comfortable. Hey, hey, don’t look away from me, OK?”

He met her gaze with—with longing. “You’re so pretty,” he whispered.

“Dipper,” she said quietly, reaching out and gently stroking his arm, “straight up, man. Do you still like me?”

“A lot!” he blurted.

She leaned toward him. “That’s good to hear. ’Cause, man, I’ve thought of you so often. Like every day, almost. Last time we saw each other, you were, um, sixteen—”

He nodded.

Now she reached down and took his hand. “And all that summer I kept thinking, damn, he’s hot now, and I kept thinking it would be so nice if you made a move, and I sure wouldn’t mind giving it a spin, but like an idiot I didn’t send out any signals.”

Sadly, he said, “I wouldn’t have picked up on them, anyhow. I’m so lame.”

“Well,” she said, moving closer, “can you pick up on this?”

She leaned, in, her green eyes half-lidded and dreamy, and he thought frantically I don’t even know how to kiss!

But then it didn’t matter because her soft lips were on his, firm, pliant, wet. Almost involuntarily, he pressed his tongue between her lips and felt her tongue thrusting back. He jerked away. “Oh, my gosh, I didn’t mean to do that—”

She put a finger against his lips. “Shh. Shh. It’s all right, man. Little French kiss, I don’t mind. So you’re nineteen now,  nearly twenty, and still—you know?”

“Yeah,” he said, embarrassed again. “I think—I know—I’m still in love with you, Wendy! I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right,” she repeated, putting a cool hand on his cheek. “Let’s just sit her for a few minutes. Your face is so red.”

“Sorry,” he muttered again.

“Stop apologizing. Don’t be like that, man! OK, let me tell you about how I got this place. So my brother got married three years back, right? And Dad built this house for him and his bride. Only then before the end of that year, Cousin Steve died up in Washington. He was worth a few million, had a big logging and construction business, and all, and he like really hated his ex-wife. In his will he left her a little bit, but a big bunch of money to Dad and my younger brothers, a smaller bunch to me, and he left my married brother his business up there in Washington. Too good to pass up, three-million-dollar business just handed to him, so my brother and his wife moved up there and hardly stayed in this house for six months. And did you know Dad has remarried?”

“No,” Dipper said.

“Yeah, last year. And I don’t hate my stepmom, but you know, they need their privacy, I need my space, so I asked Dad if I could buy this house off him, and he just gave it to me, land and house and all! So here I am with my own house. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, Dipper. I’ve had guys over here. A few times. They . . . slept over, you know? But nothing serious, not ever. You turned off by all this?”

“You don’t have to tell me anything,” Dipper said. “It doesn’t matter to me, Wendy. Really.”

“OK, I tried to ask this a little more delicately, and I think you missed my meaning, so let me just be up front with it. I’m being honest with you, so be honest with me and just tell me—Dipper, are you still a virgin?”

He took a long breath. “Yeah,” he admitted. “Never even, uh—”

After a few seconds of silence, “Never got close?” she asked.

He nodded. “Too much of a nerd. Too . . . too scared.”

She kissed him again. “No. You are not.” She stood up and held her hand out to him. “You come with me.”

She led him to the bedroom—a lot like her old bedroom, with some posters and a small TV and even the old FALLOUT SHELTER sign from the bunker. Two narrow windows looked out over a gorge with a small waterfall sparkling in the distance. The queen-sized bed was covered by a patchwork quilt. She made Dipper sit on the edge of it. “OK, I’ve thought about  you an awful lot and you say you still like me. Do you want to  . . . do it with me?”

He felt as if he were going to weep. He nodded but said, “Wendy, I . . . I don’t know anything about . . . you know.”

“That’s all right,” she said, reaching for the top button of her long shirt. “It comes naturally, man. You’ll catch on.”

One button, two, three, four—

She wore no bra. Though the gap he could see freckles on the top curves of her breasts.

Five buttons, six—

No panties. She shrugged and the shirt fell to the floor. “Well,” she said, smiling. “This is it. What you see is what I got.”

“Could—could I just look at you?” Dipper heard himself ask. “For a minute?”

She smiled. “Sure, I’ve literally got nothing to hide.” She put her hands on her hips and turned a little, left and right, posing for him, then stood with her weight on her left foot and her right leg lifted a little, toes on the floor, heel in the air. “In case you’re wondering, they’re C-cups, size thirty-six.”

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured. He breasts were full and round, not huge, but perky with coral areolas and nipples that jutted out, stiffly. Her belly button—he remembered how lovely he’d thought it was that summer when they’d gone to Woodstick and she’d worn a crop top—pooched inward. Her pubic area was smooth, the soft twin swellings of her pussy invitingly near.

She noticed the direction of his gaze. “I don’t like a big hairy bush,” she said, reaching out to stroke her pubis. “So I wax. Does it look weird?”

He shook his head. “So beautiful.”

“Stand up, man. Your turn.” She grinned. “Or more like my turn!”

He stood and she pulled his red tee-shirt over his head, then with a wider grin reached for his belt buckle. “Better kick off those shoes,” she whispered.

He did, awkwardly, and she unfastened his belt, unzipped his jeans, and he shoved them down. “Should I take off my socks?” he squeaked.

She nodded. “Everything.”

He sat down awkwardly to peel off the socks, then stood again and hesitated with his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. “Um—”

She reached past him and yanked a pillow from the bed, dropping it at his feet. “Allow me.”

She tugged the shorts down and he stepped out of them. “Uh-oh,” she said. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” he admitted miserably, trying to fold his hands over his embarrassment. “I don’t know how to do anything here, and I’m scared I’ll disappoint you. I don’t know how to please you, and, um.”

“Ah, little performance anxiety. No big deal. Just move your hands and then sit down on the bed,” she said. “I think we can fix that up.”

He did, she nudged his knees apart, and then she knelt on the pillow. She put her palm under his soft dick. “Good size, man. Feels nice and heavy, even when it’s not in a fighting mood. And I like the look of it.” She leaned forward and planted a delicate kiss on the tip. “Tastes good, too. Just lean back, Dipper. I got this.”

She started to stroke the shaft, so gently. He could feel her breathing on him. One hand sliding up and down, the other cupping his balls. He moaned a little as the blood pumped and his cock hardened. “Ohhhh . . ..”

“Shapin’ up very nice, Dipper! You’re bigger than I thought you’d be. Very sweet, man.” She squeezed his shaft. “No girl’s ever done this for you?” she leaned forward and licked the head of his dick as if it were an ice-cream cone.

“No,” he whispered. “Uhh! That feels so good, but I might—”

“Shh.” Her breath was warm on him. “I know what I’m doing. Just relax and enjoy it.”

She licked for a few more seconds as he fully stiffened, and then he felt her lips opening, taking in the whole tip of his cock. She sucked and licked, her tongue swirling, urging him on. He felt his belly tingling. And then she started to bob her head slowly, taking him in deeper and deeper, her mouth warm and her tongue so active—

She looked up at him and—smiled around her mouthful. Her green eyes danced with merriment. And then she sucked and bobbed even harder.

God, her mouth felt so hot, so good! He tried to pull back. “Wendy, I can’t—”

She didn’t answer with words, but took half his cock into her mouth and then pumped it, faster and faster. When he felt the spasm coming, he twitched and tried to pull out—

But she moved with him, refusing to stop, and when he came in her mouth, she pushed down so her nose pressed into his pubic patch, and she continued to suck, finally pulling away and swallowing. A thin silver strand of cum connected her smiling lips to his cock for a moment before breaking. “I liked that,” she said huskily, laying her cheek on his thigh and watching as she continued to fondle his dick. “Was it OK for you?”

“It was so great,” he said. “Uh, can I—would you let me--?”

“You can do whatever you want, Dipper,” she said. “I’m all yours.”

He moved over in the bed and tugged her arms. She lay down beside him and reached to play with his dick, still semi-erect and getting harder. “Whatever you want,” she repeated. “Why’d you try to push me away?”

“I didn’t want to, uh come in your mouth. I thought you wouldn’t like it.”

“Dipper,” she said, “One rule, OK? And that’s all. Here it is: You only stop me if I’m hurting you or making it physically uncomfortable. Same with me. If I don’t stop doing it, that means I like it. I like the taste of your cum, Dipper. And if I want it in my mouth, give it to me in my mouth. Now—like I said, man—do anything you want.”

He kissed her, then worked his lips and tongue down her throat, kissing and licking.

“I like that,” she said, almost humming. “Yeah, my boobs, you like ‘em?”

He didn’t respond in words, but lovingly suckled each of her nipples, back and forth. They throbbed between his lips as he sucked and tongued them. With her free hand, Wendy began to ruffle his hair and then gently urged him downward.

He thrust his tongue in her belly button, and then he was kneeling between her spread thighs, nibbling at her pussy lips. “Feels nice,” Wendy said. “Lick me, Dip. Here, I’ll help.” She reached down and spread her lips for him with two fingers. Meanwhile her other hand gently guided his head, directing his movements. “Yeah, get your tongue in there. Like that. Now lick me up and down. You can suck on those lips, yeah. I like that a lot!”

He couldn’t talk—he was afraid he was going to come again from the sheer excitement of eating her out—but he loved the taste of her, tangy and a little salty and increasingly slick beneath his tongue, not just with his saliva but her own flowing juices.

“Mnngh,” she moaned. “Little—little bit higher, now—yeah, that button you just hit, that’s my clit. Suck it. Go on, be rough! Unngh! And put—put your fingers in—inside me—oh, yeah!”

She’d said “fingers,” and Dipper, with his left hand supporting her right thigh, squirmed and slipped two fingers on his right hand inside her tight opening, She moved her hips, and he got the idea and began to pump her. She was grinding into his mouth now, rhythmically. He felt her clit swelling beneath his tongue, and she pressed his face harder against herself. Her hips moved faster, and she was fucking his fingers. He wriggled them, sucked her clit in and polished it hard with his tongue, and suddenly she arched her back and yelled, “Dipper! Ahhh!”

She jerked and then mewed almost like a kitten and trapped his head between her thighs, warm and a little damp against his cheeks. Then she sighed and opened her legs, releasing him. “Oh, man, you’re good. That was great, Dip—especially for a first time. Never—never had anybody do so good. Come up here and kiss me.”

It was a little weird, but he stretched out beside her and they kissed lasciviously, open-mouthed, hungrily, their tongues tasting themselves in each other’s mouths.  As they lay side by side, Wendy said, “Don’t worry about impressing me, Dip. You already have. OK, now you’ve graduated to technical virgin. Ready for the big step?” She reached down and squeezed his cock, now fully erect again. “You didn’t come that time. I owe you!” She started to fap him. “Aw, yeah. OK, now, seriously, and don’t be embarrassed—you want me on top or on bottom?”

“You choose,” he managed to gasp.

She chuckled. “My man! All right, don’t let this hurt your ego or anything, but I’m gonna get on top and ride you this first time. I can help you along better that way. Then after we finish, we can rest, maybe have a shower, and you can get in the saddle.”

He nodded. He would have agreed to anything.

She rolled him onto his back, then swung her right leg over him. “Little lubrication always helps,” she said, moving down and beginning to suck him again. She reached up and tweaked his nipple. “Ah-ha!” she said, rising. “It’s nice and hard again, and I believe we’ve struck a rich gush of pre-cum!” She put her finger up to his lips and moved it side to side. “Feel how slippery? That’s gonna ease the way.”

Unexpectedly, he sucked her finger.

She shivered. “Ooh, kinky, but I like it! Now let me show you how to enter a lady properly.”

She moved back down, took his shaft in her hand and then, kneeling astride him, settled her pussy over the head. “A dry fuck’s no fun for anybody,” she said, smiling. “So lube is always the way to begin—gonna be easy, I’m kinda juicy again, too—so we rub this big round glistening  purple bulb up and down and all around, slippy-sliding in its own precum. Oh, yeah, I’m gonna love this. OK, get ready. Never just ram it in, Dip. Go real slow at first . . . like this . . ..”

He felt her open to accept him. “Oh, Wendy!”

“That’s the tip,” she said in a lust-hoarse voice. “Now you wait a few . . . seconds . . . let me get used to it—then push in slow—doesn’t hurt, feels good, so push a little more—you’re getting the idea!”

And before he knew it, she had settled fully on him, sitting on his upper thighs, leaning back. “Look at us, dude,” she said.

He raised his head and saw that she had taken the whole length of his dick. She stroked her lower tummy, just above her pubis. “Dipper Pines, you have got a big dick,” she said. “I can feel the bulge." She pressed. “You feel that? Feel my fingers?”

He felt her pressure through her flesh and against his shaft. “Y-yeah,” he said.

Now she was taking deep breaths. “I love the way you feel inside me, Dipper. Now we’re gonna fuck. There’s a rhythm, like dancing. I’ll teach you. Here we go.”

Using her thighs and knees, she started rising and settling, gently. “So good,” Dipper said, trying hard to control himself.

“I like this sweet start. Always nice to start slow and then build up speed,” Wendy said, smiling down at him. She leaned forward a little, cupped her breasts, and started playing with them, rubbing her thumbs over her nipples. “When you’re on top, I’d love a little titty attention here while your dick’s inside me. Now we go faster, like this. How does my pussy feel to you?”

“Tight and hot and slick,” Dipper said. “Wonderful.”

She dropped her hands down to his sides. “Watch this now. You can try this, too, when you’re on top.” Clutching her lower lip between her teeth, she began to gyrate her hips as she fucked him. He could see his shaft, shiny with her juices, gliding in and out, in and out, and the circular squeezing motion made him gasp.

She chuckled in her throat. “This is why it’s sometimes called screwing,” she said. “OK, gonna lay on you now.” Carefully, she changed position, her thighs lying outside his, her stomach pressing on him, and then her boobs. She came in for a kiss and sped up her hips at the same time.

“Good for you?” she asked as their mouths parted.

He panted, hot all over and could only nod and grunt, a wide smile plastered on his face.

She quivered. “Nggh! Oh, yeah. This—this is real fucking. God, I’m so close already!” She reached up and braced her hands on the head of the bed and her movements became faster, harder. "Nearly there, Dip! This is so—mmph!” She kissed him again, and he felt her shudder. Her pussy clamped down on him, and she thrashed. “God, yes! I’m comin’! Come inside me, Dip!”

He was moving his hips now, as much as he could, pumping into her. Her pussy clenched him, almost milked him—and then he yipped as he shot inside her. “Wendy, I love you!” he blurted.

“Aw, yeah, feels so good.” Wendy breathed hard, too. As their last spasms passed, she lay stretched atop him, nuzzling his neck, and he enjoyed her long, soft warmth.

He could barely catch his breath. Finally she rolled onto her side and his softening dick popped out of her, leaving a trail of cum on her thigh. Gradually the daze passed, and he could talk again. “Oh, Wendy. That was better than I even dreamed it could be. Uh—do we—need protection?”

“Dude, I’m protected,” she whispered in his ear. “And I wouldn’t like it as much if you wore a rubber. Nothing’s better than doing it raw! And I love feeling your hot cum spurting deep inside me. Told you you’d learn fast. You’re gonna be fantastic, man.” She hugged him, her cheek on his chest. “That was a ride!”

“I love you,” he murmured.

She moved her head up onto the pillow and pressed her forehead against his. “Really great for me, too,” she said. “In fact—OK, not trying to build up your ego here, just the truth—I never came so fast and hard before. You’re good at this, man.”

When their hearts had slowed down, Wendy invited him to see her shower. “It’s big,” he said. The bathroom itself wasn’t huge, but the shower took up half the floor space.

“Yeah, don’t have a tub, but this is pretty cool.” She opened the stall door and showed him how the shower head was on a hose and how it adjusted from a rain-like spray to a throbbing massage. “I’ve used this lots of nights when I’ve been feeling lonely and horny,” she confided. “I got a couple vibes in the nightstand, but this gets me off every time! Maybe we can play with the vibes later, but right now  I’ll show you the shower.”

Under the spray and the pulsating massage setting, they washed each other. Dipper got hard again, and she laughed, patting his dick to make it bob. “Dude, you’ve got great stamina!”

“I’ve been holding it in for a long time,” Dipper said.

“OK, never done it in here with a partner, but let’s see if we can pull this one off.” She hung the shower head in its bracket, then turned around and braced herself against two of the tiled walls, sticking her butt out. “Get behind me. Closer.” His erect dick slipped between her buns, and she playfully squeezed him. “Not butt stuff! Bend your knees a little. Little more.” She reached between her spread legs and grabbed his cock. “Stand up, slow. Let me just—move this to the best place—there we go. Now, remember, gentle at first. Put in in me.”

It was a good thing the floor of the shower stall had a slip-proof texture. Gripping her hips, Dipper felt his cock glide into her welcoming pussy again. He started a slow fuck beneath the spray of water. “Yeahhh,” Wendy said. “I like that. You like my ass pushing against you, Dipper?” She wriggled.

“It’s like all the rest of you. Beautiful.”

Her voice husky, she asked, “Can you reach my boobs and pussy with your hands? Don’t slip!”

He hugged her, his left hand playing with her breasts, pinching her nipples, and his right reaching down to her pussy, middle finger (as she instructed) centered over her clit and pressing it in tight circles.

“Aww! You’re driving me crazy!” she yelped  before hitting another orgasm, pushing hard against him and clutching his hand to her breast. As soon as her climax subsided, she moved off his dick, rinsed it and her pussy with the spray, and turned off the water. “Oh, poor Dip, you didn’t come yet,” she said. “Let’s do another position. Dry off first—don’t want to soak the bed yet!”

As soon as they had toweled off, she grabbed his dick and used it as a leash to pull him back to the bed. “OK, on your back again,” she said. “You know what sixty-nine is?”

“I’ve, uh, seen videos,” he told her.

“It’s one I think I’m gonna like. OK if I’m on top again?”


She reversed herself and lowered her pussy to his mouth. With one oral exam under his belt, so to speak, he knew to spread her wide with his thumbs and lick her in the right places. He felt embarrassed looking at her pink asshole, but then he saw it clench into a rosebud and it mesmerized him. “Uhhh,” she moaned. “OK, Dip, those—ahh!—those frilly sort of folds—suck them between your lips. Harder, lick them, and then move to m-my clit. I’m gonna suck you off again. Don’t try to m-make me come this time. This is for you.”

And yet, when after only a few seconds he felt his cock twitch and another, diminished load jet into her mouth, she did come again.

For a long time they lay together, this time head to head, caressing each other and drifting as they came down from the summit. “Dip,” she said after a while, “uh, dude, when you hollered out that you love me—was that just your dick talking?”

“I love you,” he said for the third time. “I love you with my heart and soul and all of me. I always have.”

“So if I warned you this is just a one-time thing—?”

It took him a while to answer: “I’ll always remember it as the best day of my whole life. But—does it have to be just a one-time thing?”

“OK, this is gonna sound fake, but—wait, I know!” She got out of bed and went to her closet. “Close your eyes!”

He did. He felt her climb back onto the bed. “Now open ‘em.”

He did. And he laughed and then he hugged her.

She was wearing his old pine-tree cap.

“Kept it all this time,” she told him. “And when I was down in the dumps, I’d take it out and put it on. And play with myself.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Nope, lay there with my fingers or a vibe masturbating and pretending you were fucking me until I came. And I felt silly, but I did it—so many times I couldn’t tell you. Because I wanted you.”

“I wish I’d known,” he said.

She reached to fondle his balls. “I always regretted that I missed my chance with you, Dipper. I hope this doesn’t make you feel bad, because, now you got to believe me, this is the truth—I guess I love you, too.”

“I don’t feel bad. That makes me feel like I’m in heaven,” he said.

She squeezed his dick. “Corny line. But I love you anyway, man. You a little bit cool in here?”

They got under the quilt and cuddled. He stroked her breast, she trailed her fingers over his cock. “I don’t think I can go again just yet,” he said.

She raised on her elbow and gave him a saucy stare. “Then you can’t leave this house until I’m fully satisfied. You’re my prisoner, Dipper. Let’s take a nice naked nap and then maybe I’ll scare up some lunch. I’m betting you’ll recuperate faster than you expect. You still have to get on top, man.”

It was a great experience, falling asleep with his arms around his naked crush. They slept for three or four hours, and when he woke up, he was gazing at her smiling face, her eyes closed, strands of red hair falling across her cheek. He reached up to move them aside and tenderly caressed her face. She half-opened her green eyes and smiled at him. “Wanna fuck?” she whispered.

“Love to,” he said.

They lost count. He moved on top and learned how great it felt to have his lover’s long, strong legs lock themselves around him as she bucked and yelped with pleasure. Before night had fallen, they’d done it doggy-style and with her sitting on his lap and facing him  in a kitchen chair. They scared up lunch and then dinner, and she asked, “Stay with me tonight?”

“Is it OK?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Long as you keep fucking me so good.”

When night fell, Wendy put on the shirt again and slipped her feet into moccasins. She went outside and came back with a single fire log and some kindling. “Not really cold out,” she said. “But just for the atmosphere.”

He had kindled fires at the Shack, and he had no trouble getting this one going. Soon the log crackled and smoke drifted up the chimney. He sniffed. “What kind of wood is that? It smells good.”

“Hickory,” she said. I love the aroma, too. Wait here just a minute.” She went to the bedroom and came back with two heavy quilts. “These are really for the winter,” she said. “Nice and thick. But—” she spread them out, one atop the other, on the floor in front of the hearth—“they also make lying down here comfortable.”

She turned off the lights and waited for him to come to her. “No fair, you’re naked and I’m not. Fix that. Undress me, man,” she said.

He did, this time without his fingers shaking. In the dark room, the fire sent flickering waves across her body. After they kissed, she said very quietly in his ear, “OK, we got so enthusiastic that my pussy’s a little bit sore. But if you wouldn’t mind giving it a little lick, I think I’m good to go again. Want me lying down, or—”

By way of answering her, he knelt on the quilts and pulled her to him. “Better aroma than hickory,” he told her. With his hands on her ass cheeks, he started to nuzzle her and then to lick her slit, very gently.

“Yeah, like that, make your tongue soft. You know just what to do,” she said, her hands stroking his hair. “Yeah, that’s good. That feels so good.”

“Mmm,” he agreed, because his mouth was busy. Wendy bent her knees a little, letting him spread her, and he discovered that, just above her clit, there was a fantastically smooth and slippery little sensitive patch that he teased with the tip of his tongue. Something ran down his chin. He touched her slit with a finger but did not press.

She knew what he was testing. “Yeahhh . . . you got me really wet again. My knees are shaking, Dip! I can’t take any more of this. Let’s . . . move on.”

She knelt, too, and lay back. “I’m still sort of  sore, so let’s not be rough this time,” she said. “Let’s take it real slow and sweet. You know, when you fuck me fast and then start to take long, slow strokes, it feels like your dick just got longer. And it’s long already! Let’s make some magic.”

His dick just glided into her that time. Her pussy was still snug, and she instantly started to moan. He moved differently this time. If earlier they had done a wild tango, this time it was a slow waltz, her hips moving to match his. She bent her legs and rested her heels on his buttocks. “Ride me slow,” she said. “I can’t believe how quick you can make me—oh God, yes!”

He came at the same instant. They collapsed and lay there for a while, all fucked out.

When the fire died down, they went back to her bed and under the covers they had one last slow, sweet session that seemed to go on for a long time. He realized that he was running on empty—he just couldn’t come again without resting. So he slipped out of her, went down on her, and gave her one last shuddering orgasm.

But she pulled him back onto her, wriggling her whole body. “Your cock’s still hard enough,” she said in his ear. “You don’t have to fuck me. I know you’re tired. But just . . . put it in me. I love having it inside me.” They fell asleep with his cock still in her pussy.


Part 3

The next morning, even before the sun was up, she woke him pleasantly. Though in sleep they had separated, she had felt his morning wood and had gently removed the covers. Now, kneeling next to him, she was giving him another slow, adoring blowjob. She glanced up when he moved and popped his dick out of her mouth long enough to say, “I owe you another one. You can put your hands on my head to guide me, man.”

So he did—and she refused to pull away but with her eagerness urged him not to lie passive, but to fuck her mouth aggressively until she greedily swallowed a huge, juicy load. Then she licked her lips. He had filled her mouth to overflowing, and she wiped her chin with her finger and then sucked it clean. “Mm, your tank’s topped up again. Better than ever, man, sharp and tangy this morning, tastes good.”

She lay down and ran her palm over his chest. “OK,  I woke up a while ago and thought over the whole deal, and it’s settled. I can’t get enough of this good stuff, Dipper. Tell you what, let’s get dressed and I’ll drive us someplace where we can have breakfast. Then we’ll go to the Shack and explain to them.”

“Explain what?” he asked.

“That you’re moving in with me,” she told him. “You’re gonna pick up your stuff and drive your car over. Hey, that reminds me, we gotta fuck in both of our cars, rite of passage, sort of christen ‘em! But don’t argue with me, this summer you’re definitely gonna live here.”

It took him a few moments to process that. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

She gazed into his eyes. “Oh, dude, I shouldn’t have told you about my inheritance. Now you just want me for my money.”

He looked so stricken that she laughed and burrowed her head against his chest, giving him sharp little nips with her teeth “You doofus! I was kidding, man!” She pushed up and braced her hands on either side of his shoulders, her tempting breasts swaying, the long nipples stiff with desire. “But marriage? Big step, Dipper. Tell you what, for a few months we don’t have to go anywhere or do anything but make love and get to know each other, inside and out. We know that physically we fit together good, but let’s make sure we can live together with all the dumb stuff like cooking and cleaning and shopping, OK? Don’t look sad. I’d say it’s a definite maybe, man.” She reached to caress his cock. “Odds are in your favor and growing. Just give me some time to get used to the idea.”

His dick started to stiffen again. “So—ask again, down the road?”

Dipper looked so hopeful that she had to hug him, and then she rolled onto her back and lay beside him, holding his hand.  “Yeah, little bit down the road, and then I think we can make plans to stay together. Least we’re on the same road again. I’ve never met anybody else I’d more want to travel on it with. But being realistic, let’s just start out by setting a few short-term goals before we make that big commitment. So—what’s first on your list?”

He thought about it and reached his free hand over to cuddle her breast. “First,” Dipper said in a serious voice, “I’d really like to fuck you again.”

She laughed and spread her arms—and her thighs. “Be my guest,” she said.

The end

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