Gwen T(aking)10

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Disclaimer: All characters are over 18 even if they claim otherwise. Parody work so have fun with it.

As their summer holidays ended gwen and ben started to argue with gwen teasing ben saying “you going from super hero to super geek have fun back at school” with ben answering “a good thing of school is you don’t go there” after hitting the road for a while they finally reached ben home with grandpa saying his farewell to ben as he was received by his dog and his dad and mom,as ben mom said her greetings to gwen saying she hoped she got along with ben but gwen answer just left her speechless as she said “well one or two of his personalities weren’t disgusting”,gwen started to blush and moving her butt from side to side pointing grandpa to go, after that grandpa max said he needed to rush and take gwen back to her home since he said “I promised I would take gwen home hours ago” after that grandpa max got on his camper with gwen following .

After they finally left gwen said “I can’t take this anymore I need your adult cock grandpa” as she rushed as grandpa kept driving “wait until next stop gwen there is no rush” with gwen answering “what is even the point of having a high tech camper when you don’t use it,i just want hot semen milk grandpa if you want more after this just use the auto pilot” as she said this she started rubbing grandpa max from outside his clothes which made him grow in size “grandpa you really like kids like me” said gwen as she aproached the top of the huge bulge and started licking it from over the clothes putting the tip of the cock with clothes and all in her mouth “is not that I like kids...but a huge obscene slut like you is welcome at any time” and it wasn’t a fake statement,despite being 10 years she grabbed anyone attention orange hair tending to fiery red,tanned skin,green eyes with her measures being breast 58 cms,waist 45 cms and hips 70 cms,she was well proportioned and was really attractive,what lead to that relationship was grandpa max seeing gwen naked taking a bath,her curvish body and seeing gwen massaging was enough for anyone to get an erection so grandpa masturbated there seeing his granddaughter and using her as fap material,he never noticed how gwen body was before since she normally wore loose pants and loose shirt yet he always found weird the way gwen slept,sleeping face down on her belly,raising her butt the more she could and shaking it even if he could take advantage of her since she slept on the top bed in the van but the consequences could have been bad or so he thought so he didn’t do anything then yet he got tempted by gwen obscene body,groping herself,her erect nipples,her perfect butt,her body didn’t even had a tan line so he started masturbationg furiously letting his voice out “aaahhhhh...ooooohhh….mmmmmppppphh...oooohhh...aaaaah”! As gwen noticed the voice she watched the surrounding thinking ben was watching her or someone else and found her grandpa masturbating to her but he didn’t notice that because he was focused on masturbating (I never thought grandpa thinked of me that way,well this is great and I won’t have to get random guys on town or wait for hours to get a cock) thought gwen as she continued pretending she didn’t saw him teasing him even more after a few minutes grandpa max cummed and left the place “such a waste” said gwen as she aproached the place and pick up the leaves covered in semen “the smel is really strong and the load is huge I wonder how big grandpa is” said gwen as she took the leaves and started to lick the semen and swallowing it.after this gwen returned to the camper and grabbed grandpa max and started begging him to buy her a doll she wanted yet he refused saying her parents didn’t send him money “what do you think would happen if I start screaming you raped me” said gwen which made grandpa max confused as he said “what are you talking gwen? Police will find out the truth” said max kinda nervous as he heard gwen saying “my mouth and pussy have rest of your cum grandpa,you are a really bad grandpa masturbating to your 10 year old granddaughter” laughing after she said this “fine I will do what you want” said max,which was the start of their relationship.


As grandpa max kept driving gwen home he was surprised by how skilled gwen was at sucking cocks,even if it was sucking him through his clothes it felt good enough to make him reach the climax “i’m about to cum gwen so hrry up take it out” as he said this gwen rushed up and took out her grandpa cock “everytime I see it it impress me how big it is” saying this she started deepthroating him (is so big my mind is numbing by the smell,it always makes me so horny) thought gwen as hot splurts of semen started splurting down her throat “mmbh!….nngh!...nngh!...achf…. I thought I was gonna die” said gwen as she coughed and squirted from sucking the huge cock “as always it was delicious grandpa” said gwen yet felt dissapointed seeing how it shrank in size “grandpa why don’t you take some drugs to make it harder more time,is always the same either we have sex once or you get a fella and that’s it” said gwen in an angry tone as she started the cleaning fellatio to see if it could get up again but no luck well at least she was returning home soon,after a month of 5th grade starting gwen moved to bellwood due to her dad moving in since he got a job there her mom was in another city yet gwen preferred to go with her dad so started going to the same school as ben.

While everything looked the same ben noticed her cousin changing a bit wearing clothes really tight which ben took advantage to mock her and tease her like saying she was getting fat while the older boys tried to get closer to her a 10 year old with a perfect butt,waist and hips that didn’t match her poorly developed body yet she looked more attactive then any older girlin her school ,she didn’t wear any bra so her erect nipples were always visible without effort thanks to her tight shirt that showed midriff,her tight pants didn’t left anything to imagination the pants molded to her perfect 10 year old pussy,the form of her butt was impressive it was like was wearing nothing not only that the pants barely covered half her butt which made the guys try to get close to her sadly ben was still a little child so he didn’t understood the attractive gwen had and didn’t thought that much since he saw her a lot during the summer so to him it was just gwen and maybe he was seeing things,yet gwen didn’t try to get close to anyone since all of them were children in her eyes the top they would do is take her hand,kiss her and that’s it.

After a week or so ben noticed gwen was drifting away and avoided getting along with him like in the summer not only that gwen was avoiding invitations of ben to his home to play games,used spells against ben mom when she scolded gwen for wearing such revealing clothes,not only that nobody knew the place she lived,she was distant now,not only that unlike before she wasn’t studying and dedicated to joke with the older guys and not paying attention at all playing with her ceelphone as she received lot of videos which she replied with her own making weird faces like sticking her tongue out and moving it a lot,or making videos of herself eating bananas with cream as she licked the cream and put the whole banana on her mouth without biting off “maybe she hit puberty or something,nah I doubt it gwen is just being weird as always” sad ben as she watched her cousin.

After some days gwen left her cellphone behind which other girls on her class grabbed “someone left her cellphone behind,what is this? Said one of the girl as she opened one of the videos that was received “wow is this really how a man thing looks” said another girl which grabbed ben attention “he is so huge ,my brother isn’t even close to that” said another “wow seeing this black man doing this makes me feel tingly” said another,after hearing all that he aproached them and said “ that cellphone is from my cousin gwen so I will keep it for her” after hearing this the girls gave ben the cellphone and said “i knew there was something off on gwen but she could teach us lot of stuff” said the girls.

Ben left school really quick and went to his home curious about the contents on gwen cellphone,as he reached his home he went to his room and checked on the received messages seeing lot of videos of black men grabbing their penis as they peed themselves some white slimy liquid “why is gwen watching this kind of stuff,how did she met those adults,why are they sending her videos of them naked” said ben as he noticed several videos of older black men doing the same,as he watched he failed to react in time as the door on his room blowed up “ben give my cellphone back” said gwen “why are you receiving videos from older men” said ben which made gwen more anger at him as she prepared a spell “don’t worry you won’t remember anything from today” which ben answered “those girls saw the videos I bet they told you I took your cellphone” gwen was impressed by ben yet she answered “you are really dumb they will remember and will learn a lot from me so I don’t want you to rat on me so goodbye to your memories ben” as she finished this she launched a spell on ben that made him forget about the cellphone contents.

At the next day everything continued as always ben didn’t remember anything from what happened before yet there was a change in the classroom,lot of girls started imitating gwen ,as gwen taught the girls stuff boys on their class weren’t interested on,showing the other girls some videos she had on her phone and saying “those choco bananas are so delicious,the clotted cream taste really good so you have to eat all of it,the bitter taste is proof you are an adult but I’m addicted to the salty flavour” conversation none of the boys in class understood.

As the school ended ben decided to follow gwen to find out why she was distant,as he followed gwen for around 30 minutes walking a big black man on his 30s waved his hand at gwen “hi!! did you wait too much” said gwen to the man once she aproached him she hugged him “you are as big as I thought” said gwen in a flirty tone as she rubbed the man “leg”,ben seeing how she barely reached the man belly he thought she referred to that yet gwen meant his cock size which was clear as day due to tight sport pants the man was wearing,the man picked up gwen and said “you are really light I wonder if you can take it as you claim” gwen took advantage and grabbed him by the neck as she started kissing him really passionate in a public place,ben was wondering “why is she so friendly with that man,what the hell is going on?”,seeing how they kept talking and joking around ben thought maybe they are friends which wouldn’t be weird seeing how they passed time with grandpa max not minding how gwen was groped y the man as she kept kissing him and rubbing her crotch in the man leg,after that another black man showed up which gwen greeted really friendly in the same way she did with the other man,he talked with them for a bit and got up into the other man car,ben lost them from sight after this so decideed to ask her next day.

In reality gwen used an invisibility magic so she could see ben there thanks to another magic that made him stay in the same place she was making out with the two black men.

At the next day ben asked gwen about the men she was with gwen said “did you follow me?,well those are my boyfriends,what else and they are not my only boyfriends” hearing this made ben feel a pain in his heart like something was piercing him “look dweeb you better keep quiet or I will introduce you to them,don’t worry you will enjoy it because I will transform you into a girl” said gwen in a menacing tone “but gwen those are older men!!” said ben yet gwen keep menacing him into transforming him into a girl until ben gave up and kept quiet

Gwen continued her adventures alone as ben kept the secret in his heart.

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